Molly G.
Reviewed May. 22, 2021

Get ready to walk!

Okay so. My friend and I were desperately looking for a place to spend the weekend, and with Covid making it a little more difficult to rely on walking in and finding a campsite, we made a blind reservation for site 8 on Grout pond. Here's what we wish we knew before hand: 

Although BEAUTIFUL, the first campsites are a bit of a haul. Getting to the campground alone was crazy- dirt roads and very deep potholes that you can just barely avoid. Our site was a half a mile away from the lot, and while this wasn't a problem, we would have packed completely different if we had known we would have to be hauling all our stuff that far in. the alternative is to boat in which wasn't an option for us but seems like the least strenuous way to go! 

The path is VERY muddy. I cannot imagine traversing it in the rain without full on boots. totally trashed my sneakers(no biggie) but just a good thing to keep in mind! Although boasting food lockers (To keep the bears away) There were none at any sites. this increased the amount of trips to the car to ensure everyones safety against (And for) those pesky (And adorable) black bears. Again, no biggie, just good to know.

The bathroom(Yes, one bathroom) was horrendous. it went days without any attempt of cleaning or restocking. There were two days where we just had to bring in our own TP. Highly suggest bringing your own TP just in case and also making sure you don't skip leg day(Squats for days, you don't want to be touching that toilet seat in this climate!)

BRING BUG SPRAY. We were there in late May and the bugs ate us alive. It was miserable. Smoke seemed to work the best, so we just kept a smoke fire going while we were at the campsite and bathed in OFF when we weren't.

Despite these things, the campground was breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful and private! we loved our site so much, it was HUGE! My dog had an absolute blast swimming and playing catch at the site. We didn't need to leave because it was exactly where we wanted to be, could have looked at those views all day.

(Check out Sticky Fingers cafe about thirty minutes away for the best baked goods, coffee and friendly faces!!)

  • The last hike up to our site
  • New Wentzel 8 Person Tent! Thanks The Dyrt!
  • Love a Lean-to
  • Checking out her domain
  • Awesome Site
  • Happy Place!
  • No hammock trees but I made do
  • steps from the site!
  • Not great.
  • Really Not great...
  • Lies! get ready to walk the food back or tie your food to a tree!
  • Happiest when camping :)

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