Dave V.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Oct. 31, 2019

Close proximity to natural attractions

Hocking Hills State Park, Oh-Site 89.

Hocking Hills State Park offers close proximity to most of the popular natural attractions...Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, etc....but for a tent camper that prefers solitude and space, I found it unappealing.

I did arrive late on a Monday evening, mid-October and got one of the last available sites. Packed on a Monday night!

I found the camping sites a bit cramped both in depth and width. Site 89 and 90 shared the same parking pad. Limited flat locations existed for a tent and my tent footprint is fairly small. You do have a firepit and picnic table with all three in fairly close proximity, so you must be extremely cautious with wind direction when deciding for a fire, else you’ll have embers dotting your tent and picnic table. Even though the neighbors were trying to be respectfully heard every conversation and saw their every move.

No electric, which is fine in my book...the water spigot is centrally located on the loop and happened to be next to my site.

The restroom/shower facilities were not well cared for upon my visit. The floors were very muddy and trash was piled up in the corner of one stall and out of necessities.

Construction and dump truck noise started early with a project behind the restrooms.

The visitor’s center was well-stocked and the employee was pleasant. Cell service is unavailable and even sketchy at the visitor’s center. Wood can be purchased at the visitor’s center.

Close proximity to local attractions and a swimming pool are likely the big draw.

Knowing that I prefer solitude and distance when camping, I’ll likely not return but choose nearby Lake Hope State Park for my local visits.

  • Obligatory State Park Entrance sign
  • State Park Visitor's Center/Office at Park Entrance
  • Visitor's Center
  • Site 89 nighttime arrival, set up and meal prep
  • A sickly fire, but I was too tired from traveling and too cold to nurture it to a healthy raging blaze.
  • Campsites were squeezed on narrow strips along both sides of the park roadway. While it appears a decent distance to the camper in that direction...we were less than 20' from the tent camper on Site 90. All line of site. Terrain behind the sites was thickly wooded and descended into dense brambles.
  • Site 89 was sufficiently level and directly next to the water it worked out for a night, in a pinch.
  • For October, I thought it was unseasonably cold.
  • Old Man's Cave is a must see and a trail you must walk in its entirety.
  • All the trails down in Hocking and Licking County are well worth exploring. Most Ohioans would never believe the natural beauty they have in their own back yard (or relatively close)
  • A clever diorama to remind campers to care for their waste properly
  • We had much in common...donuts...Cracker Jacks...but our friendship was severed when he insisted on not sharing the prize.
  • Sandstone formations make for many a photo taking.
  • While it may not be Aladdin's Cave of Wonders, it is remarkable, the work of the CCC.
  • CCC bridges are the best
  • Always amazed at the functional beauty of CCC bridges, walkways, walls and steps...and the wonderful history behind it all.
  • Incredible adaptation and ability to survive in a shallow to nonexistent root base.
  • One of many informative signs.
  • The Sphinx Head
  • Numerous incredible bridges along the trail
  • A local snapper the size of a garbage can lid.
  • Endless exploring nearby
  • Numerous informational signs
  • Waterfalls or trickle...they are all beautiful and transfixing.
  • Great trails and nearly always shaded, along with several degrees cooler than above the "canyon" trails.
  • If only the stones could retell the history that occurred in and around them.
  • The infamous "haunted" Moonville RxR tunnel...beware!