Reviewed Sep. 28, 2020

Small, beautiful campground

We really, really enjoyed our stay here (end of Sept. 2020). It is a small campground on a really nice point/peninsula. The water is very clear! You can see probably about 5-6 feet down. We were on site #75, right on the shore line. Several sites are waterfront. (The section we were in did have a sign that said larger RVs might have difficulty.) There is a small playground, several sandy beach areas and a boat launch. Numerous picnic tables throughout the park. It was really quiet while we were there but we got the impression that during peak summertime, it's probably pretty crowded. The park has day use access. It's in the middle of "nowhere". An old general store is 5 min away (sells firewood, basic food items, some camping/rv supplies and some souvenirs like tshirts & hats). It has a deli/grill inside. None of the staff were wearing masks (just FYI). The closest gas station is 11 min away in the opposite direction of the general store. We loved it and can't wait to go back! (There was a huge rain storm just before we arrived so that's why there is some standing water in a few pics... particularly around the playground.)

  • Campsite #75. Only about 15-20 feet to the water.
  • Campsite #75 view from the water.
  • I believe this is considered section 2. Note the sign on the right!
  • Very clear water!
  • 5 min away from campground. Sold firewood. No gas.
  • (Huge rain storm caused standing water.) My kids loved this little playground!
  • Tip of the point/peninsula at Kimball Point. Only three campsites out here (2 of which are not level at all)!

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