Amy G.
Reviewed Jun. 27, 2019

Bliss in the middle of the country

In the middle of the country, in a tiny town called Brownsville, you'll find a little slice of awesome in the form of a hobby farm with campsites, a cabin, and oh ya...the remnants of an old brewery! Patty and Michelle are nothing less than hospitable, knowledgable and gracious.

Shady Rest Acres is owned and run by two women who are nothing less than the the perfect example of what property owners/business owners should be. Beyond being kind, their property is clean, tidy, beautiful yet rustic and home to so many animals that are all exceptionally well cared for. They have donkeys, Scottish Highland cows (a family of them), sheep, goats, chickens (and they'll even pick the bugs off your car), bees, horses, ducks, cats and dogs (I hope I didn't miss anything!). You have to be "pet friendly" if you stay here, because the the chickens roam, the dogs make friends and the cats meander, just as cats tend to do. If you want to meet the barnyard critters, please only look at them from the outside of the fence unless guided and escorted by the owners.  They are happy to let you meet them with their presence. 

There are 2 campsites, if you wish.  One is in the middle of the pasture (that's right...near the goats) They will pen up the larger animals if you stay at that site, but it's perfect for stargazing!  The other is nestled in the woods.  Both have fire pits and access to wood. There is an outdoor shower, if you wish, and also a composting toilet.  But there is also access to an indoor bathroom and shower inside the main house.  The cabin is delightfully lovely with beautiful decor, two full sized beds, space for a few kids to crash, small kitchen items (microwave, mini fridge, coffeemaker) as well as a wood stove for cool nights and some A/C for warm days.  The cabin is attached to the main house by way of a small deck (although the cabin is free standing, but sitting above the garage). And some local beverages in the fridge! You will have access to the deck chairs and gas grill, if you want to cook some dinner. For potty stops, you'll have to use the bathroom inside their home, but it's very close and private, as they have another one that they use when guests are staying the night. 

At no time did we feel like we were invading Patty and Michelle's space, nor did they invade ours.  It was extremely comfortable, and I thought that we could have asked any question without silly looks and even participated in chores, and we would have been welcome to do so. Even though it rained while we were there, it seemed to be just perfect. Beyond the obvious, they are earth conscious, eco friendly in many ways and fully aware of their food sources, which is one reason why they raise their own food.  So they know where it comes from and how it was treated.  I love it. 

This is rustic slice of hospitality is not only peaceful, but friendly, warm and comforting as well as therapeutic.  Just what the soul ordered.

  • This is a mom and her two young ones!
  • The chicken coop through the window of the cabin
  • Inside are gorgeous furnishings, including this chest at the end of the bed.  So perfect.
  • An outdoor shower is refreshing!
  • This is the entrance to the old brewery cave
  • Just outside the brewery cave, you can relax with a campfire!
  • The male duck talks softly as he guards his mate, sitting on a nest of eggs nearby
  • This is the beautifully kept garden.  The one on the right is a lasagna garden (a type of layered mulch garden).
  • The chicken coop from the deck of the house.

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