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About Camp 4

Camp 4 Yosemite features 36 shared walk-in sites for tents only (sleeping in vehicles is not allowed)

Parking is available adjacent to the campground (it's a very short walk to the campsites). A parking permit is required from spring through fall. You will receive a free parking permit upon registering.

Each campsite contains a fire pit (no grill), picnic table, and four shared food lockers [35"(D)x43"(W)x28"(H)], and is near a bathroom with drinking water and flushing toilets., and is near a bathroom with drinking water and flushing toilets.

Reservation Info
There is a 30-night camping limit within Yosemite National Park in a calendar year; however, May 1 - September 15, the camping limit in Yosemite is 14 nights, and only seven of those nights can be in Yosemite Valley or Wawona.
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Max Length: 25 ft.
Camp 4 is located in California
37.7414 N
-119.6034 W
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29 Reviews of Camp 4
Social Camping & Sharing At It's Best

I am a tent camper and I am not a climber.  And I usually have some "youths" with me when I camp.  I stand in line for Camp 4 for a reason.  It is where most of the campers are climbers.  You share your site with others.  It is a great place to learn to share and also a great place just for campfire stories and to meet your neighbors. Best climbings stories ever are shared here.

When I feel socialable this is a good place to be. You will share a site, probabaly a food storage locker and be close to your neighbors.  If you do not store your food in the locker you will have visitors.  The large bear kind or the small aggressive ground squirrel kind.

You are in Yosemite Valley on the bus line.  You can get anywhere from here.


Felt like Ansel Adams

Climbers Haven Campground

Traveling to Yosemite there are many options for camping. Even with in the park itself you will find numerous options. However one camping area is vastly more coveted than others. If you are a person who enjoys climbing camp 4 is your camp. 

I explored the camp to find out what all the hype was about. I noticed quickly that there is a sense of camaraderie that comes with a stay at this location. All of your items must be brought to your campsite from the parking lot therefore there are no RVs. The vast majority of those staying at camp for are those who are hoping to scale the Rocky crags of El Capitan and other large faces. 

The camp itself is not so different than other camps. In this area there a bear warnings posted everywhere, bear boxes available, standard restrooms, picnic tables and fire rings. 

But something you will only find at camp for our campers with a single voice. Your next-door neighbor maybe your climbing mate. You may end up sharing a meal with someone you have only met at the camp. Typically there is a waiting list to camp here during peak season so I don’t recommend coming on weekends or during the summer months expecting to find a walk in site here. 

From the camp access to the park is limitless. The trolley system will take you around the park to various locations of interest. You can access visitor centers museums and theaters within only a few moments. Special programs are featured in this area within walking distance. And for those staying for an extended amount of time laundry services are featured on premises within only a short trolley ride. 

Waking up in this camp is waking up to the heart of Yosemite. You’ll find the Fog of morning rising to meet the horizon, the shadows of the mountains casting down late in the afternoon and the whispering winds which once inspired John Muir himself. 

With all the pros of comradely there also come a lot of cons due to the overcrowding of this area. Many times in this area people seem in such a hurry to get out and about for the day that they often, despite animal warnings being posted, leave food within the camp. It is not uncommon for camps to be over run with smaller animals or even bears catching a scent. 

In addition, sometimes because of this same crowding the site lines can become a bit blurred. This is by no means a private site. If you are wanting something more remote, private or isolated there are many more options throughout the park which can accommodate those needs. 

This location is more about the access than the spacing itself.

Insanely packed and animal filled

Normally I don’t mind animals around the site, but the critters here are known for their scavenger abilities and getting into the bear cans.

The bathrooms are well maintained considering how many people come in and out of this campground. Don’t try to get a site here on the weekend without some patience. We were infiltrated by another group who tried to take over our site. We had to have a discussion with the ranger in order to set the boundaries at the site.

There were also many bear in campground sitings in the area due to food being left out.

The views were incredible from the site and it was easy to get to trailheads from the campground.


great views, clean sites, bears

We extended our stay it was so beautiful and well located in the valley

Come early! There were a dozen people already in line when we arrived at 4:30a. These are shared sites meaning there are 6 people assigned per site to share a fire ring and it was $8 per person per night. Fires are regulated and strictly enforced- no fires 10p to 5a. The rangers will site you if you leave trash or food out unattended. There are reasons for the bear proof boxes provided and they take their bear safety seriously, which is appreciated. The ground squirrels were begging by day and racoons by night so it is keep loose items stored. There are no showers onsite but you can find some at neighboring campgrounds. We recommend the Green Dragon trolly tour. We got to hit all of the POI's while learning some history in 2.5 hrs or so. We saw plenty of deer along the way and slowed for all the best photos. Rangers offered coffee in the mornings by the Raffi Memorial Boulder across from the bathroom. We had a great site with access to an open area for some frisbee or just taking in the view. This is a park then walk-in campground so be prepared to walk a few hundred feet to your tent site…well worth it for the view up El Capitan from our site and Yosemite falls view from parking area.

Mecca of Yosemite climbing

This iconic campground, situated in the middle of Yosemite Valley, was once home to many of America's early rock climbing pioneers. It is so historic that it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places! While the campground is no longer home strictly to climbers, you'll still see many of them walking through, whether to find partners, or to project many of the classic boulders within the campground limits. It is the absolute best campground to stay in if you're climbing in the valley.

The facilities are top-notch (running water, toilets, trash bins, picnic tables, fire pits), as is the access to nearby climbing and hiking. It also happens to be one of the few campgrounds that doesn't take reservations in the park, so for these reasons, be sure to show up EARLY in the morning to snag a site. It is extremely popular. In June it's pretty hot, but fortunately there is ample shade.

Walk in campground at Yosemite

Only walk in campground in the valley, the line can form the night before. We got there at 11pm the night before we wanted to check in, but most people show up early in the morning and are fine. You share a spot with a few other groups, bathrooms and water are at the campsite. Perfect for exploring the valley.

Great Basecamp Spot

We were on a long motorcycle ride through Yosemite and crashed out for a night here. It was perfect

just what you need in the valley

great location in the valley, super close the the yosemite falls trailhead and the lower falls loop. there are spots here that are fairly shaded. it's first come first serve! we saw a little bit of wildlife and had a great time.