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Beautiful location, but.....

This park was in an absolutely beautiful area, but it needs a lot of TLC. Many of the sites were overgrown and there are a lot of rundown permanent sites here.

We had a full hookup site and are not pool users, so I’m not aware of bathroom or pool conditions. This is a very peaceful park and a short ride to the Horicon Marsh which is a must see for bird-lovers.

I hope the owners are able to put some more time into caring for this campground and turning it into the exceptional park it has the potential to be.

Open grassy area near fishing and boating lake

This place surprised me. It’s relatively close to town and yet it’s miles down a dead end road so it’s really quiet. The host was super nice. Friendly welcomes are the best! The sites are large and open. We were here when it was empty so filled sites might make a different experience.

Sites have electric and there is a dump station so it’s set up for RVs but there is space for tents too. Flushing toilets and showers were an unexpected treat. 

The lake is just across the road so bring your fishing gear or canoe. There is a small park by the shore but not really any place to walk my dog. We did laps and Dakota was perfectly happy. 

This place is worth a stop if you want a quiet spot to enjoy life.

love this park

This park is a GEM!  Honestly, the campground is a bit busy for my liking during the summer, but it's a great place to camp in winter!  Facilities are decently maintained. 

The cord walk trail is great. The beach stretches so far and makes for a good afternoon of walking.  Nice nature center. Fun programs during the summer as well.  Lots of wildlife, especially birds, but we saw deer as well.   

*For a rainy day or chilly winter day, I like to check out the art museum in Sheboygan. Not big, but some unique stuff.

A Unique Slice of Wisconsin

We chose to stay at Kohler-Andrae state park on Memorial Day weekend as it's close to Milwaukee (home).  This camping trip was for our family of five plus a (crazy) dog.  We reserved our site well in advance (9 mos).  We were tent and hammock camping, and situated at the far east of the campground.  The camp sites are pretty close together with not much between sites, but they were sized to fit a large tent and had enough room for us all.

There are a couple of miles of trails at this park, and I think we covered them all, some are though the woods, another through a marsh and few that straddle the beach.  One of the most unique parts of this park are the sand dunes, and the trails through the dunes are actually boardwalk trails.  None of the hikes were strenuous, and all trails were very well maintained.  But we found ourselves completing all the hikes about 1.5 days into the camp, but we were all happy to just go back our site and relax.

Overall we had a great time, and were happy to choose this park.  The unique landscapes were well worth it, and I think we'll be back for some day hikes during different seasons, or to just hang out at the beach.  A few drawbacks, the park is small(er), and the sites are pretty open to the world.  But if you're looking for a short jaunt from Milwaukee - this is a great option.

GREAT beach!

The campground and campsites are pretty standard.  Nice amount of space and privacy. 101 Walk in site was quite nice. Level ground, nice tree cover so it didnt feel too open. 

Loved being close to the beach and playground area! The kids really appreciated it :) The beach was very clean and even though it was a warm, busy day we didnt feel like it was too crowded.  The earlier you arrive the better chances you have of getting a picnic table in the shade ;)  

Enjoyed the walk around the lake, some parts are still a bit muddy, but overall it was a nice walk and the kids actually made it without too many complaints ;)  Nice variety of scenery!  Even caught a couple frogs.

Definitely a place to visit again! 

*checked out some of the trails near by which were really great as well!

Close to wonderful Lake Michigan

while not directly on the Lake - this campground is just across the road so you never feel far from the water.  The sites are relatively secluded with ample room.  We were tent camping the in fall which is a spectacular season to visit as the crowds are less, the colors are gorgeous, and the beaches go on forever.  There are many trails in the forest, including part of the Ice Age Trail - as well as miles of sandy shore.  We were glad to not be right next to the bathrooms as the fan noises were evident and that's not our idea of a peaceful night under the stars. Nearby in Two Rivers, there is an excellent Wood Type Museum, and in Manitowoc - the Maritime Museum - fun area to spend some time in.

Overlooking the lake - just barely

Nice campground - It was a May spring day - so filtered light through early foliage.  We had a cliffside site - non electric - (so very private as most were in electric sites) We could see the Lake through the new growth - but no clear view.  Imagine later in the season- there is no view.  Large site - with easy access to trails right from the campground.  And consequently we also had many hikers walking right in front of our site - especially towards sunset.  The trillium were in full bloom and added some magic to our site,  the limestone formations are really interesting and close to the site.  We did not have reservations but the campground hosts were very helpful and were also able to sell us some firewood (nice on those cooler May evenings).  The trails in the park are varied - from accessible (a lovely hike around a pond with MANY birds) and a more challenging hike along the cliff side and Lake - but lovely - especially this time of year.  Mayflies could be heard near the lake but we didn't run into any major issues with them (which we have sometimes experienced at Devils Lake) The history of the park is also part of the intrigue with the defunct lime kilns.

Easy lake access

Autumn camping along the lake - we chose an electric site even though we tent as it was in mid autumn and it gets darker earlier - it was mid week so no issue getting a site. Love the hiking here and easy lake access - Plus it's near Sheboygan and Kohler with all they have to offer

First-come first-served sites available year-round

I was looking for a campground open in March to try to see the aurora (unsuccessful due to lack of auroral activity) and Point Beach fit the bill. Only a couple loops in the campground were open for winter, including sites 1-20 which are non-reservable year-round. These sites are close to the picnic area near the beach and lighthouse. Every site except the one I stayed at were still mostly snow-covered in late March. There was only one other group of campers the night I went, so it was nice, quiet and secluded. I imagine in warmer seasons it's a much more crowded, noisy campground.

Lots of downed trees, but nice and quiet in shoulder season

I backpacked the IAT with a group and we camped for the night at Mauthe Lake at the beginning of April. There are lots of downed trees at the campground, which sort of detracted from the landscape (tornado damage, I'm told). Pit toilets were open, but water had not yet been turned on so be prepared to filter if you go this early in the season. We perused different sites/loops for a while to find adjacent non-electric sites large enough for multiple tents at each and were able to fit 8-9 (small backpacking) tents between 314 and 313.

Door County Camping

This was a nice (Big) campground. We had a large, private pull through site. There was a pool and a slow water slide for the kids. Didnt spend a ton of time there because we were there in mid June and it was still chilly. The campground had fun activities for the kids. Bathrooms were nice.

Long lake

Even after a major storm that uprooted trees, the park was still in great conditions don’t the service team/rangers did an excellent job getting it back in good order. Great little lake, nice sites.

Lots to do

We were there Labor Day weekend huge campground of course it was very crowded. I didn't like our site no tress I felt like I was in my front yard. There's plenty to do 3 pools , Mimi golf, outdoor movies, the weekend we were there they had a band. The race track is very close by and the noise from the cars can be pretty loud but not a deal breaker. We would probably go back.

Beautiful Forested Park on Lake Michigan

It's a one-hour drive from Milwaukee. Nice, easy hiking trails. Facilities are kept clean. LOTS of RVs, so check out the photo of site before you reserve if you want to ensure your site has at least some privacy. They have one large teepee for rent that sleeps several people with cots provided, situated on a large wooden platform at the top of a hill with views of the lake beyond for $40 a night. Make sure you attempt to reserve it well in advance.

Great for kids

Took our kids on their first camping trip here. Nice, small lake. Ice Age Scenic Trail is nearby. Exhibits at the VC. Overall a very nice time.

Small, secluded campsite with great trails.

We came here this year in place of our usual annual camping destination. The camp site was very small. We rented two sites side by side and they were the size one site at other camp grounds I have stayed at. That is my only complaint however! The trails are great here!! There are lots of rock formations that reminds the kid in me of castle ruins. The group of us joked about how much it reminded us if scenes from The Lord of the Rings. Speaking of ruins, they have Lime Kiln Ruins to observe and learn about as well as Indian Burial Mounds. The trails wrap around a lake and provide great views. I'm looking forward to coming back here again!

Great location on Lake Michigan

Sites (135 family, 68 of them electric, 2 group sites and one teepee) are generous in size with varying amounts of privacy. Two loops have bathrooms with flush toilets and showers while two just have pit toilets. Bathrooms and showers were clean with expected light water pressure. There were also laundry facilities, something I’ve not seen before in a state park campground. Trails, a small marsh boardwalk and the dunes cordwalk provide a nice exploration of the area. We were there on a rainy weekday in September and it was quiet but I expect that would not be the case on weekends and in the summer.

Ranger Review: RōM Pack at Devil's River Campers Park

Campground Review

Every year it seems there are changes at Devil's River. The campsite are still nice, though if you want privacy, there's not a lot. This is great for camping with friends or family. We usually have 4 sites with family over Labor Day weekend. This year they've added a deck off of the bathroom/shower building. It seems like it was almost done.

One night there was very loud partying at some of the seasonal campers sites. It was a bit obnoxious, but they were mostly quiet by 11pm. There were a lot of seasonal sites with Trump flags and I saw one Confederate flag…so interesting cross section of humanity.

One of the season campers had some giant inflatable climbing/bouncing things for the pond, so that kept the kids and some adults occupied. The same person also projected a movie in the new covered deck. He's a generous man, willing to share with the other campers.

We played cards and lawn games and Slammo and frisbee in all the open space and also swam in the pond. It was a great weekend, as always.

Product Review

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time, this time I got to test the RōM Pack from RōM Outdoors.

I'll be upfront and honest…this might be the most disappointing product I've tested for The Dyrt. It definitely isn't all bad, but the concept, in my opinion is a failure.

The RōM Pack is a convertible backpack that can unfold into a poncho or a blanket.

As a backpack…

What I like:

  • It is stylish
  • The material quality is heavy duty

What I didn't like:

  • It is very heavy…when empty
  • The main pocket isn't very large due to the excess material needed for the poncho/blanket

As a poncho…

What I like:

  • It is a poncho

What I don't like

  • The snaps don't stay snapped
  • It is too short in the front
  • It is too warm….it has a fleece lining
  • The hood is small
  • It looks a bit funny when you where it with the backpack straps and the flaps…I was laughed at by my family

As a blanket…it is great. It is warm, large enough and water resistant.

Overall, the concept doesn't seem practical. If I'm hiking and I expect rain, I'd pack a raincoat or a lightweight poncho to wear over my regular clothes. I'd dress for the weather. I'd never need a fleece lined poncho. I likely wouldn't need a blanket either…and if I did I could roll up a blanket and put it in a regular backpack.

The RōM Pack is also quite expensive at $120. The build quality is very good, but the execution and the concept are where it fails. The best "mode" is blanket mode, but I can recommend any number of cheaper blankets. I wanted to like this, but I'm afraid I can't recommend it.

Point Beach is an amazing campground

Point Beach campground is amazing. It is a well kept campground, very ckean, right on the shores of Lake Michigan. Sites are huge and not on too of each other. There are numerous trails within the park. Beautiful spot!!!

Small but quaint

A nice little campgeound near the river in Fredonia, WI. The campsites are inexpensive and comfortable, though there aren't as many amenities that a larger campground would have. Overall, a nice little getaway.

Great group site

This is a wonderful park for family get togethers. The group site is separate from the single sites. Very nice showers with soft water. There is a great water park just on the edge of the park. We have stayed at the single sites also and there are several secluded ones. Over all a very nice park.

Ranger Review: Mountain House Turkey Dinner Casserole at Point Beach

Campground Review

Growing up in Two Rivers, it is surprising that I never camped at Point Beach. I've only ever been there a few times, and never for camping. Overall, the campsites we were on were on the smaller side, but not too small. There was just enough privacy with the trees. You could hear the lake if you listened, you were very close.

The park is beautiful. The beach is very nice. It isn't a big swimming/volleyball beach like the nearby Neshotah Beach, but there is enough sand and space to find a spot and the swimming is fun. Nice big waves on the Great Lake.

There are some trails along the lake and some other hiking, but we spent most of our time at the beach relaxing.

The firewood for sale was bad, we had a hard time keeping it going. Most of the pit toilets in the park didn't have ventilation for the vault, resulting in very smelling restrooms. The flush toilet building was fine, though, and pretty central.

I'd definitely go back!

Product Review

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time, this time I got to test the Mountain House Turkey Dinner Casserole.

I've eat a fair number of Mountain House meals in the last few years and this one is near the top in taste. It tastes just like Thanksgiving. MMMMMMMMMMMM. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. Mountain House meals aren't cheap, but if you can find this one on sale or just need something easy, definitely try this one. So good.

Large state park with tons to do

This was quite a large campground/park on Lake Winnebago near Appleton, WI. We had two nice sunny days and the rest were rainy. I hope to go back and visit the park again as there was many different trails and a lookout tower we were unable to visit due to the weather. This park also features Indian mounds on some of their trails. The nearby area offers many different things to do. We went to Skyzone, the Children’s museum and the mall. If the weather had been better we would have gone to Bay Beach in Green Bay. The bathrooms/showers were nearby and clean. The only issue we had was with the notorious raccoons!! We only had the issue the first night as we wised up the second night and forward.

Pick site 20

Site. 20 is the ideal site in this campground it is the biggest it’s on top of the hill private on three sides and has beautiful views it is a pull through site which makes it even better

Drained marsh

Went To this campground to specifically use our kayaks but the marshes were drained to replicate drought conditions. Make sure you check if the marsh is filled when reserving this campground. Otherwise it is just swamped muck. Plenty to do around this one as well. They have an 18 hole disc golf course and a nine hole soccer ball course. Brand new play ground added. One spigot for every four sites for water so 100 foot hose is required. Very close to this is the cave for tours at ledge park. There is also a very nice Indian museum down the street

love mauthe lake

lots to do at mauthe lake. big campsites. not too close to neighbors, good fishing!

love this place!

lots to do at mauthe lake! one of my favs. good fishing.

barely camping

if you’re camping to be in the outdoors, wouldn’t recommend

love this place

lots of people but a great place to camp. lots of things to do throughout the day

childhood favorite

this was one of my favorite places growing up. beautiful river access.