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Most Recent Denver Camping Reviews
Sweet lookout

We visited this lookout on a wilderness Excursion.

While we did not stay here we had a great time.

We always make it a point to visit the lookouts in any areas where we are visiting. The lookout was originally built to be a lookout tower for wildfires.

As such the building is very high and has stunning views.

Great for RVs and Day use

I visited but did not stay here because I could not hang my hammock at the sites.

Overall I found the area to be nice, especially the day use areas. I would plan a bbq here in the future and plan to return if they are still open when I’m done with my backpacking years. It looked very accommodating for people who don’t get around so well.

Great dispersed camping areas

My favorite price for a camp site is free. After buying all my camping gear (including winter gear) I have preferred to get out and rough it.

There’s a doc on a small pond that’s great for fishing or drinking a few in some camping chairs.

This place is open in the winter. I want to come back and have my try at ice fishing but I’m waiting to buy a nice pair of snow shoes to be able to get in during mid-winter.

Not surrounded by the city dwellers.

This is a bit from Orofino but it’s far enough away to where you really feel like your out there in nature.

We come to this area every summer around the time of logging sport competitions, and we opted to stay here after a few years of staying closer to town with a not so great camping experience.

They had fire circles, and restrooms as well as tables. There’s a nice little creek nearby which really makes this spot a cute and comfy area for a campground.

Good area to hang out for a few hours.

We checked this area while scouting spots for our logging sports team.

There were very few tent site cams but a lot of RV areas.

When we scouted it out, it was totally full. Because there’s so few spots for what we wanted we decided our chances of getting a spot elsewhere on the first show was more likely.

Great for day use

I came here to hang out during a logging sports event and I really enjoyed the doc area where I sat with my feet in the water. We did not swim (except my dog), but we enjoyed the landscape and the lush green grass they were growing.

I do want to camp in this park but we were camping at another location with the logger sports team.

A very nice area

This spot is killer! A tad pricey but it’s really oriented towards RV camping so it’s not that surprising.

Undeveloped free campgrounds near the falls.

These are free campgrounds and are accessible as long as the roads are clear and the camp site before it is open.

But I only recommend this area for young and able bodied people in shape as the terrain gets tougher and tougher the farther out this way you go.

We hiked up this area without gear in a scouting weekend, and while we liked the area, it’s a lot to get there. It take more than an hour after you start of the gravel and dirt roads to arrive at this location as traveling is very slow and it’s more than 15 miles out on these roads.

After exploring we prefer to go to some of the earlier campground about 30 mins down this road (Boyd’s and the dispersed areas near there)

Very scenic area with a spot by the river suitable to sunbathe or have lunch

When my partner and I came to this campground while exploring how far the roads went, we found a camp site that was just right to the road. The roads are not busy but it is a bumpy long drive to this area with 45 mins on gravel roads.

To the left of the campground entrance there is a small hill and then a flat small field where we lounged and are apples and cheese while sucking up the sun. The ranger here is in a motorcycle and stops by the formal campgrounds (like this one and Boyd campground) frequently. But he does leave the dispersed camping all around unattended.

We ran into him 3 times and chatted while we explored all what this area had to offer. They are well versed about both the campsites and the dispersed areas so if you come and it is full, like when I went, flag him down as he can likely point you to somewhere you can find a spot.

There was cover in the later campsites, but the campground is seasonal and when it does close you can’t access the remainder of the road from this point.

Sparse trees for this region.

On the way here there’s a rocky show like pullout that I’ve frequently seen RVs parked at. It has two sites leading up to the campground with fire pits.

Both the spot just before the campgrounds at the trail head. All the sites appeared to be free but for certain the RV spots by the river are.

While this is a nice area it’s about an hour drive down a gravel road that is often pretty rough driving.

Lots of people go in this area to ride ATV’s and shoot guns.

If you make a right over the bridge there is a campground with more services but is also a long drive on a somewhat rocky road with potholes.

It’s like a pothole mine field where at times, there’s so many it’s Impossible to miss them.