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My favorite campground!

Beautiful campground! Lots of hiking & fishing opportunities!

Great camping for all!

My family of five camped for a few nights and loved it all. There is hiking close by either good for kids up to challenging for adults. It’s right by a river, several good shaded sites and even large ones for horses. It’s close to natural hot springs too.

Right by N fork of Boise and lots of solitude

This campground lies near a beautiful stream and has seclusion all around you! The area is best explored by motorized vehicles as theres not many hiking trails. This is one of the areas where we haul wood from so it's great for fallen and standing dead timber

Great spot with seclusion most of the time

A great spot to camp if 5 points if full and you dont have horses to take up to the horse camp north of here. Theres hotsprings nearby to the east and a little outpost at the 5 points branching. If you have an ATV you can cross the creek to the north which has a pretty washed out roadbut leads to old mines and beautiful views

Great campground just in the foothills

WWith this campground you'll get solitude most weekends as most people heading into the Sawtooths go to the Sun Valley Area. Since it is so remote you can also ride around on ATVs pretty much anywhere. A good escape if you dont feel like going a little deeper

Beautiful but busy

Rredfish Lake is absolutely gorgeous but with that beauty draws pretty big crowds. Be sure to reserve or arrive very early to get a walk in spot anywhere around the lake. There are many hikes nearby and some decent fishing but not as nearly as many salmon as when the lake earned its name.

Great place to set off

It has great campgrounds nearby but is also a great place to set off into the vast Sawtooth wilderness! If you want to set off and get away from clouds or sit near a beautiful lake then this site is perfect!

Beautiful area with access to amazing hiking

Gorgeous area with access to amazing hiking and views. The campground is surrounded by a lush forest and has good seclusion of you're looking for isolation. For more solitude it also makes a good spot to set off into the vast Sawtooth wilderness. We made a trip to the beautiful Sawtooth Lake and only saw a few other hikers. Usually go to the south side of the Sawtooths but glad we made it to this side of the Sawtooths!

Tons of beach area, not many people!

Be careful as the drive is a little sketchy. The water is clean and there is tons of beach area! Bring the kayaks and get paddling!

Be careful the drive is crazy!

Many people have died driving back in this dirt road on the edge of the reservoir. So be very careful. Once you make it though you have a very nice spot only 45 minutes away from town on the river!

Easy access with amazing views and hiking!

This is my personal favorite campground to hike from on redfish lake. There is a 4 mile trail that will take you to the other side of the lake. Be bear aware while hiking here! We’ve seen black bear both times! The views are amazing and the access is easy.

Amazing views, hikes and wildlife!

You have to take some form of boat to the other side of the lake to access this campground. It has many spots and it is seasonal. This tends to be the only campground with walk up spots available in the prime summer months.

Sooooo beautiful

I can't wait to come back here one day – stayed here one night while passing through the Sawtooth area. The sunset over the lake was spectacular – the water was so clear and peaceful, I could have sat there all night. The campground was clean and had good facilities – flushing toilets, table and fire ring at our site, and firewood available for purchase.

Stunning, Free, Within 15 Mins from Amenities

A good friend of ours brought us up to Stanley, ID to explore for a week on horseback, hiking, and camping. I have been a professional photographer for many years, although I have seen stunning jaw dropping landscape photos in magazines I had yet to find myself in a location that would take my breath away… Until the day we set up camp at Decker Flatts.

I wont rattle on about how we were within 2 mins of a hiking trail that leads you to "Hell's Roaring lake", or about the amazing Trout fishing within 10 feet of my tent, or even the stunning sunrises every morning. I wont even describe the Beauty of the 5 other lakes that were all within a 10 min drive and a 5-10 mile hike or horseback ride from our camp. (Upper Marshall Lake, Alice Lake, Petti Lake, Alpine Lake & Sawtooth Lake) I'll just let you see the photos attached to this review and hope you'll make the life changing camping trip we did.

a few things to know:

  1. The trails we took are not per-say beginner trails, the shortest one is 10 miles Round Trip and it leads you to Hell's Roaring Lake, (My wife and I Hike quite often and it was a most the day trip)
  2. All the other lakes we visited were on Horseback, they were all day long rides. i could not imagine making those trips in ONE day on foot, although we passed quite a few people whom have hiked up, spent the night, and hiked out the next day.
  3. Decker Flatts is really easy to Miss, passing red fish lodge turn off headed south keep going 12.8 miles till you see a creek crossing bridge called "4th of July creek", take you next left, cross the one lane bridge, follow the road to the left, your next left will enter the different camp sites available

The Sawtooth Mountain camping areas are designed for self-sufficient camping. the USFS campgrounds do not offer trailer hookups for water, sewer, or power. Because of heavy winter snows, most area campgrounds are open only from mid-May through Labor Day. The area you'll find Decker Flatts will amaze you when you see that the terrain flattens and broad meadows push back the forests. This sprawling preserve encompasses four mountain ranges, several large lakes which i have only explored a few. It's the sort of place that begs you to unplug your phone chargers let them die, lock the car, and put some ground under your feet, maybe even get knee deep in the crisp cool water of the river nearby.

Natural Features:

Dispersed campsites are stung along the flat river side, find yourself between pine and spruce trees that tower in stark contrast over the surrounding sprawling meadows. Although, this area is inaccessible during the winter months the meadows are wide and utilized by local ranchers to rise cattle.

Visitors may want to keep their eyes out for elk, deer, coyotes, and hawks as you take in the surroundings. Bobcats, mountain lions, and bear do live in the park, however they are rarely seen near humans.


Hikers, fisherman, photographers, mountain bikers and the average nature junkies flock to the Sawtooth Mountain range for the variety of available activities of the park.

First to Review
just a place to stop and rest

convenient. right off the highway. no frills. good fishing in More’s creek.

Very Clean and Friendly

Friendly folks and very clean facilities. Exactly what you expect from a KOA.

Crowded and Loud

This campground was recommended to me by some Boise locals. I arrived at dusk and it was very crowded. Short walk to the hot springs. They’re not that hot, and there were 50 people scrambling for a spot. It is right off the road, so it’s at least convenient. Facilities were clean.

Ranger Review—Matador Pocket Blanket

Felt like absolute royalty at this backcountry campsite i the Sawtooth Mountains! Backpackers looking for the money spot, this is your jam. One must be willing to hike 9 miles to get this spot. It it is absolutely worth it, views across Middle Cramer Lake and the waterfall flowing down from upper Cramer lake. Tent sites a plenty, trees galore for hammocking, a fire pit in place and some downed logs to make seats for everyone to kick back and take a load off after the long hike.

Take the shuttle across Redfish Lake for $18 RT per person or it’ll be 11 miles!

Brought along my new Matador Pocket Blanket and let me tell you, I doubt I will ever backpack without it. Such a tiny little package that upped my backpacking game SO much. I set my blanket up right outside my tent and found myself sitting there a ton during my trip. I used it to keep my gear clean (instead of everything sitting in the dirt), for standing on while changing, and I sat there and drank my morning coffee while taking in the beautiful views. When it was time to break camp, I laid out all my gear on the blanket which made repacking my bag so much easier than normal. The Matador pocket blanket has earned a spot in one of my front pockets on my pack so I can easily access it at any time! In fact, this little pocket blanket is going to stay in my truck in the camping “off season” (is there such a thing???) because it is so useful. Put Yourself Out There

Right on Alturas Lake. Water is COLD!

Small campground right on the shore. Nice camp host, bathrooms are clean. Tons of wildlife. Many great hiking areas nearby. We have heard wolves howling before.

Dispersed sites right on the creek!

My family has camped all along this creek and we love it. It has a lot of dispersed camping spots of varying sizes. There is a big group spot (or spot with a little less privacy for those who don't mind camping near other people) at the beginning of the road and at the end. There is a trail head sort of at the middle point of the road, and it has a pit bathroom. There are another two trailheads at the end of the road with some parking, and there is a pit bathroom there as well. So, camping near these two will provide a bathroom within a minute or two walk. 

The spots here are really fun because they are right on the creek! My family loves walking through them and exploring them (most of the creek is shin deep, sometimes there are little swimming holes that could come up to your waist). Be warned, the water is freezing! The sites also all have very fine dust so embrace the dirty camping spirit! 

There is a spot that has a steep decline right off the road into a camping spot, but if you cross the creek right there with your truck and high clearance towable, there are more cool spots right on the other side of the creek!

Great views!

This is a first come first served campground. We had a reservation at another campground and when it was up, we scrambled down to sockeye around 9/9:30 in the morning (late enough that some folks who were leaving had packed up and left) and we didn’t have trouble snagging a spot.

Gorgeous view!

Reserve early, but it’s worth it! Our site had an amazing view and great host.

Just north of Stanley

Located on the banks of the salmon river beautiful spot just outside of town. Several sites located right on the river. Water available in the campground, firewood from the camp hosts, and clean bathrooms.

Beautiful hiking and lake

Bring a swimsuit and hiking shoes

Small, near highway

It’s close to the highway 55 so it’s kind of loud with traffic. Very close to the river so bring your swimsuit

Perfect getaway. Woods, hikes, and water

Lots of caterpillars!!!!! Water is fairly dirty near the shore as there are cows roaming near-by

big sage

great camp spot with restrooms and easy lake access. smaller sites with little to no shade but only really effects mid day. camp fire pits. very beautiful spot.

Chapparal Campground

This is a great this is a great Campground out of town little bit Dusty but beautiful scenery

Quite a trip to get here

It is a nice place and there is a lot to do if you have a boat. There isn’t anything around so take what you need and just enjoy the simple life while you’re there. The road is dirt for some 10 miles to get you there, and it was washboard at times. The campground is clean and the hosts are really nice. We went when the caterpillars were hatching so they were everywhere but it wasn’t a big deal. We had a really quiet spot. All sites were big.

excellent camping experience

Short drive off the highway but no highway noise. Found a beautiful FCFS spot the first weekend in August. You have nice white noise from the creek and there's nice shade. The outhouse and camp site was very clean, and the camp host very friendly. It's a quarter mile hike to the hot springs. There's a stocked fishing pond 6 miles down the highway.