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Perfect for family reunions

The park has new showers/restrooms that are absolutely beautiful! Only one in our loop- so quite a jaunt. Playgrounds. Near a lake for those who love water sports.

Checking in wasn’t the best experience. The lady at the desk was cross. When we mentioned we had stayed four nights at a previous location she went off on a tirade asking if we realized that we could only spend 14 consecutive nights in state parks.

We arrived at noon and got the last spot and it was pricy ($35.74). Checkout was 1:00pm but we were not allowed to bring our Popup trailer into the loop before 2:00 because they said the site had to be cleaned and that the hosts got mad if people came earlier.So we sat in the hot parking lot by the visitors center waiting for 2:00pm… only to be told we would probably need to move our vehicles before the lot filled with RVs which were coming in. Where ?
At the campsite, we gave the table a good scrub down.
Walk in sites are rare during peak season. You need a reservation. We were lucky but were told we can only stay one day. We won’t return.

Brand new RV campground.

Nice new RV park with level concrete pads and grass.

They have ruined my childhood spot

We used to camp here in the 80s and it was always peaceful and beautiful. And we liked it because its got free showers and the bathrooms are very clean for camping. However,! There used to only about 34ish spots and now there are 51 spots. Its very crowded and people feel like they are right on top of each other. Your fire pit area is right next to your neighbors picnic table and/or their fire pit. They also clear cut all the bushes between spots and threw wood chips down so there is no privacy at all. I know they are worried about fires but good grief. Hence the reason it feels like you are right on top of your neighbors. The day use area is still pretty much the same as it's always been and the lake is just as beautiful but not the camping part. Thanks a lot Idaho fish and game! :( UGH!!!

Super busy.

Stayed for only 1 night in a tent camping spot. All spots were occupied, lots of kids running around and screaming. Showers were great and clean. They do have structures for weather which was nice to consider it started to rain. Also there’s construction going on next to the fence for tent camping… not fun

Love camping here.

Gotta float the river! Early june

Great swimming!

Huge park! Lots of things to do. Great swimming area. Tent pad at campsite was raked and flat. Junior Ranger program available Fri, Sat, Sun nights. 5 min drive to Silverwood! Downside, all playground equipment was removed due to being outdated and unsafe and no soap in the bathrooms.

Unexpected bliss

Super clean, great back-in spots for RVs, awesome walking trails around the lake.

Nice spot for a quick stop

Rose Lake campsite is a nice spot minutes right off of the highway. The original posting has the public access area for the camping but the camping area is near the boat launch(take your first left when going to the public access). Near the public access there is a outhouse. When you get to the correct area there is a mowed area to park your travel trailer, setup a tent or park your RV. This area is very buggy so be prepared, we stopped in late July. There is no cell phone service too! Check out our blog at or follow our journey on facebook or instagram at Unnamed Adventures.

Cute RV park

Cute little RV park off the highway. Very quite with a small lake. Families can enjoy fishing, swimming, yard games, fire pit, and very dog friendly with a fenced dog park. We are tent campers and had a nice spot on lake. only a few tent sites. Super clean bathrooms with hot shower.

Old and dirty

Perverted staff

Ranger Review: Rebel Stretch Shell Jacket/Red Ledge at Pend Oreille Park

Campground Review: 

 Pend Oreille County Park Is a deceptive name as it is really a large piece of beautiful forest land off highway 2 run by the county. There are miles of hiking/biking trails in this dense forest. The day use is free and has plenty of parking. There are also a large open picnic shelter, ADA accessible vault toilet, Picnic tables, grills/fire pits, and potable spigots. There is also a nice little stream that runs through the day use area during the spring. 

The campground is only$10 a night per site, which is a great deal for what you get. There are 26 sites that each have A picnic table, firepit and area for a tent. There are no defined pads but plenty of cleared area. The best thing about this place is how dense the trees overhead are, the whole area is well shaded for those hot summer days. Another great thing about this place is that I have yet to see it packed, which is strange as it is right off the 2. Even though it is close to the 2, there is enough forest in between that you don't hear any cars. Overall great campground for weekend getaways!


Product Review:

 One great benefit of being a Ranger for The Dyrt is that I get to try out products occasionally- today the product I am reviewing is.. Men's Rebel Stretch Shell Jacket from Red Ledge. To start I have to say this is the neatest rain jacket I have owned. It is super light weight and rolls up to fit in a ziplock bag! I was impressed with the way it kept water out during a freak monsoon I was in. The zipper is a very cool waterproof design that has 2 separate zipper heads, I found this useful to leave the bottom unzipped a little for easier access to pants pockets. Another great feature of this was the design of the pockets. They are VERY large and secure. There seem to be velcro and cinch cords everywhere ensuring a great sealed fit. The hood has a built in bill which was really nice, though I have yet to adjust the hood correctly so it doesn't flop forward a bit too much. The shell is actually very warm so I will be using it as a full jacket, this will be nice come winter. 

When purchasing be sure to order a size larger if you plan to wear a full sized jacket under it. My XL wont fit over most of my xl jackets but will fit over a large.

 Over all this is a super well made jacket and you can tell the design was a labor of love. I would recommend this to anyone buying a raincoat for backpacking or just all around use. Thank you Red Ledge!

Ranger Review: Firebiner/Outdoor Element at Jerry's Landing Resort

Campground Review:  The campground I am reviewing today is Jerry's Landing Resort and Campground. It is a small family owned resort just 45 minutes north of Spokane Wa. I chose this place to camp for many reasons. One of which is the medium sized lake it is located on. With a boat launch, fishing dock and several row boats to rent, it's a great spot for fishing. In the day use area there are picnic tables, grills, and full flush bathrooms. The family also provides a great little store on premises that offers bait, tackle, food, camping/boating supplies and more. The prices are quite reasonable for the different ways they provide for you to stay at the resort. They have small cabins for$60 a night or larger cabins for$85 a night. Both tent and RV spaces are only$19 a night plus electric if applicable. The day use is only$3 a person and$17 a day for boat rentals as well. One of my favorite things from this experience was no defined tent pad in the well groomed grass camping area. It was one of my better nights sleep while camping. While here I didn't end up catching any fish but have seen pictures and heard stories of bigger fish in the lake. I can believe it with all the wildlife that drops in during the day. I Like to use this place for the day use fishing all the time and would highly recommend you check it out if you are in the area.


Product Review:  One of the benefits of being a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to try out products occasionally- today I am reviewing.. Outdoor Elements Firebiner

The first thing I have to admit is I was buying different gear and got the Firebiner as an addon. My delight with the product made me switch the focus of the review to the Firebiner. This thing is pretty awesome! Not only is it super light at just 0.09 lbs, but it is rated at 100 lbs carry weight. This little guy has replaced the carabiner I use for my everyday key ring due to the low weight and strength. Another great feature of the Firebiner is the small flathead screwdriver/pry tool. Its great to have a screwdriver on your side for those pesky things that take less time to fix then going to the tool box. I have already used it this way a few times this week alone. The Firebiner also has a small seatbelt cutter that has come in SUPER handy cutting fishing line and may well save my life one day to boot! One cool thing that I figure falls under the feature category would be the 2 hang slots at the bottom. It would be easy to dismiss this feature, but I found it useful. It has been really helpful to add my home keys and a tinder tube in order to keep them seperate and more permanent than the keys that I take off regularly. The last feature I am going to talk about is perhaps the most notable one. This is, of course, the Everspark Firewheel. It is thick and durable with a replaceable spring-loaded ferro rod. The flint delivery system is like those in a zippo, where you can unscrew the spring from the back. The big difference is the smaller light-weight size and the firebiner uses a ferro rod instead of a flint. Because they use the ferro rod it will spark completely wet as well as in wind.It also comes with a micro tool for the spring removal and to change the seatbelt cutter, which I keep on one of the hang slots. With all the positives I tried to look hard for something that could be better. The only thing I could think of would be to tighten the tension of the clasp. It works just fine on my belt loops through all activity. I did however loose a set of keys in my girlfriend's purse when she had them in there all day being jostled around. Overall I love the Firebiner and Outdoor Element for over designing this great product for me. I honestly would and will recommend anyone getting one of these for themselves.

Very Clean!

Close to amazing fly fishing and has firewood available for cheap with bathrooms!

Good for big groups

I have had multiple large family reunions in this area and all of them have successful and enjoyed by everyone young and old.


Amazing views of Bull Lake. We went in late July and there were a few sites left when we arrived. The camp volunteer is super sweet! Awesome stay.

5 stars for beauty

However , yellow jackets are swarming you. Nobody was stung when we were there and I find that amazing. Other than the yellow jackets the place is beautiful

Great hike or boat in campground on beautiful Upper Priest Lake

Nice isolated campground at the North end of Upper Priest Lake. We hiked in from Beaver Creek campground on Priest Lake (9 miles, round trip) and found another great spot to hang our hammocks side by side. It's an easy trail and well worth the walk as it gets you away from the busy lower lake. Fantastic mountain views across a lovely lake.

Next time we're going to kayak in.

Nice campground on a beautiful lake

The tent sites are private and not too close together. Very nice campground host and clean restrooms. We spent the night in the upper section and it was peaceful and quiet.

Great Location

The RV sites are very close together on a gravel lot, but are full hookup. The location is right next to the biking trail and river boardwalk a short distance to the city park. The management was helpful and friendly. Not much ambience, but a great location.

have fun

take the kids and relax

Not my first choice

I should start off this review with a disclaimer that I'm not a fan of private campgrounds. We stayed here because it was close to family that we were visiting.  

Campsites are very close together, we could nearly reach out and touch our neighbors.

The campground is located right in town on a fairly busy street, it was a convent to walk to the grocery store, cafe, gas station, department store etc.  Bathrooms were nice and clean, utility hook ups were available. there was no price reduction for not using them however.  

We stayed two nights over the 4th of July weekend found the place to be a little noisy and rather expensive.

Good for rest, not recreation

Bathrooms were immaculate, and the sites are spacious and not right on top of each other. Other then the creek (not available from our site) there's no recreation. If you're looking to just set up and relax, it's wonderful. If you want some activities such as hiking or more, it's not your best bet.

First to Review
Boat access

Nice little loop camp ground, 3 sites that were pretty spacious all include a fire ring and picnic table. Free camping for up to 3 days. Right on the lake! Nice dock to go out to fish on as well. 1 vault toilet. Nice big parking lot for boats and trailers! Right off of i90.

Small but Beautiful

We enjoyed our stay here in our tent. The spaces are close together but many were empty during the week. A very nice trail runs completely around the lake and nicely maintained.

A great place on the Saint Joe River

We enjoyed our stay and would do it again. Quiet and close to the St. Joe River. There was even a pedestrian access to the river by our site where we could step right into the water!

All sites on the river side of the access road are reserve only, and in peak season it is usually full. There are some walk-in sites as well that are open in the middle of the week.

Electric hook-up an water is available at all reserve sites.

Busy is an understatement!

This is the main launch for floating down the river and going to the most popular unpaved campground. ( If some is paved, continue on into the woods, there are endless possibilities along the river .)

I have camped here probably less than 5 times in my 25 years here. The last time was Aug 2012. I just came back from Mexico and had a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge. Let’s just say it was my best friends’s 1/2 drunken birthday celebrations. At the time, not many camping sites were taken because it was a week day. Now picture two witches celebrating in the moon light next to the biggest fire, streaking, dancing, and to top it all of, fecal matter all along the perimeter of our site.

A night to remember!
Back when I was 19, I stayed at Farragut back around June 2013. I was with a friend’s family and I guess we didn’t bring a tent. We only had sleeping bags and a fire to keep us warm. We ended up burning every pine needle/leaf in our area. The night was very long and cold. 

In the morning, I ran to the hot showers. While my best friend chose to stay in her sleeping bag cocoon, on the ground. Thank goodness they have showers!! I drove away around 7am, it was so foggy it seemed like Silent Hill, and deer were in large groups jumping across the foggy road. Leaving my best friend to go on my first date with my now fiancé. 

Other than the cold, the camp ground was beautiful and quiet for how populated it was. We even were invited to a game of volleyball with another family. Fond memories even with such a dreadful night and tear inducing morning!

Pretty and quiet

Nice quiet camp ground! The creek was dry when I visited unfortunately but the sites were nice and it wasn't overly crowded.


It is a gorgeous area. Our spot was about 20 feet from the water. Sandy campsite is a nice change of pace from dirt ( although I love dirt😁). The staff were incredible friendly and welcoming. I am a solo camper +🐶 and I felt very safe here. Very family friendly place. I really just wish more places would allow dogs at the beach or even have a nice sectioned off part for the doggies. Very heartbreaking to be so close to that beautiful water and not be able to enjoy it because I couldn't bring my bestie. 😕 Otherwise, I love it and will return!!

Great spot!

Stayed here for nine nights this spring, and had a great time. Excellent access to the river, small walking trails led to fishing areas, and we saw beavers, turkeys, and deer. Beware of ticks and mosquitos, but that's pretty common for this area of the state.