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Impromptu wonderful overnight!

Couldn't find a spot in 2 other campgrounds around Las Vegas Valley so decided to try Boulder beach and must say we were delighted and suprized! Wonderfully beautiful campground with super clean restrooms! Watched the super moon! Perfect night!

Busy and Hot but BEAUTIFUL!!

We luckily got the last spot in the campground on a hot day in May. The goal was originally to spend the day on the lake and then end the day hiking the Fire Wave so it wasn't super hot. Well, we woke up at 7:30 and it was already getting hot and busy so we decided to head up to the Fire Wave to start the day. We finished the short 1 mile round trip hike before 9 am and it was already 90+ degrees. By that time of day there were hundreds of people hiking all around out campsite so we headed out for the day.

I think coming here when it isn't a break or the weekend would be ideal. We just happened to pass through during the busy weekend when the Vegas vacationers came out for a day trip.

I drive through here during the week in March and it was silent and desolate. Absolutely beautiful to be out there solo. Water is scarce so be prepared for that. Also, swim beaches are not near Valley of Fire so be prepared to drive through the beauty of Lake Mead Recreational Area to get to a place where you can jump in. This place is amazing! The igneous rock takes your breathe away.


8 mile is just like Government Wash. Free boondocking with a 7 day limit. There is a dumpster at the front but no bathroom or other facilities. Hike out what you hike in. You could tent camp here or any size RV so long as you find a level spot to park.

Coyotes are very present so I personally wouldn't tent camp anywhere here but I saw several people with no problems tent camping.

There is a no break law in effect but some people still seem to leave broken glass around so be mindful. The water is close. I didn't go far enough to see of this road leads to the water. The road is very rough so I parked as soon as I was able in a class B. There were some fast trucks coming in and out as it was the weekend and the weather was perfect.

Nice and quiet.

The campgrounds themselves and the bathrooms were clean. No showers. Only cold running water. No service, but it's just a short walk to the marina where you can get signal or they offer wifi. Each space has a picnic table, fire pit and grill. Not much space between them so it isn't a whole lot of privacy but that wasnt an issue because it wasnt packed while I was there. It was nice and quiet, great view of the stars at night. First come first serve, $20 a night. I would definitely come back again. Downside is there is little to no shade in the grounds.

This is a world class RV resort .

What a great place, beautiful in every way. Lots of activities and maintained immaculately. With all the amenities that you would expect.

Very clean and secure

The neighborhood was a little sketchy BUT once inside the campground it was awesome. You felt like you were in a resort, gated, clean, and the shower facilities were great. Sam’s Town Casino was not in the best shape. So we would just go into town to eat and sightseeing. Great experience

First to Review

Google says this place closed in 2012. I tried to click on the website and got a 404 response.

Nice clean campground to bad it doesn't have a better water access

Awesome parking spaces roads are wide easy to maneuver with even a big Class A bathrooms are clean dog friendly and the host is really a nice person.

Nice stay

I was here on a business at the casino next door Staff was friendly especially mike. Campground was very clean except the cigarette butts around my space 210. This was my second time staying here and I wasn’t disappointed. Great stay

Too many things to do in one trip!

This RV park has everything! The spaces are large and mostly pull-through. There is lots of shade, which is very important in Las Vegas. There are two nice swimming pools with hot tubs, a bowling alley, a casino (which by the way is much friendlier than down on the strip and cleaner too). There is a dog park and an 18 screen movie theater (first rate movies for $5). There is a TGIFridays and several other good restaurants in the casino. The shuttle bus is large, air conditioned and comfortable and you don't have to worry about parking and paying the high fees to do so.

On a side note, we went without our RV last year and stayed in the casino hotel. We had a beautiful room and paid well under $100. a night (in fact less than $50. a night).

We have not stayed in a nicer campground anywhere!

Pull Thru And Unwind

I don't drive an RV but I have moved around a larger rig before so I know that sometimes being able to get into a site is half the battle. With this park they keep that in mind and have all pull thru sites to make the journey into camp easier and your unwinding begin a bit more quickly.

I checked this site out when in Vegas and compared it to many other RV sites. While living there I often had friends who would ask about where they could come to town when vacationing in RVs but then be able to get out and do things. My best suggestion to them was find a park then take an Uber or Lyft to the strip or Fremont for the action. Keeping your home on wheels at a peaceful location allows you to rest better at night so finding a place like this is key to a great trip to Vegas within staying in a hotel or casino.

The staff here is very friendly. Since I was only going to check out the facility they offered to take me around and show me the location and told me plenty about the park and amenities. There is a special interest put on security of campers and the property is gated. They offer high speed internet and cable at each of the sites and they focus on your experience by having both a pool and fitness facility.

But they also are friendly to your pets. I think that was one of the most interesting things to me, the lady mentioned that a lot of people travel with their furry family so they wanted to accommodate them not just with their own dog run facility but also with a wash station so if it happens to be muddy they can be washed with warm water. That was pretty cool to me. All in all I really liked this place and ended up recommending it several times.


  • If you are going to be at this location you can get both nightly and weekly rates. There are many snowbirds which choose this location as their home away from home. Prices are nightly starting at $35.

  • If you are an avid golfer they have not only a putting green for you to practice but also a driving range at this location.

Level Of Decency Depends On Your Location

Let me just start off by saying, this casino itself has mixed reviews. Never has it been one of the most popular or known for the highest level of security, but on the flip side it isn't poorly patrolled and there isn't a lot of violence or homelessness that floats through the parking lot regularly. But again there are a lot of mixed reviews, maybe it is just a casino thing.

With that being said, depending on where you are located at this spot you might have a peaceful night or you might be irritated by the sound of cars and the parking garage. The placement of this parking area is not terrible for getting in and out, though the spaces seem a bit narrow and I can't imagine people with a lot of slide outs being comfortable moving around their rig.

When I stayed in Vegas I came to check it out and it just seemed like of all the locations in Vegas this one was better than some but less great than others. You do have access to all the amenities of the casino itself when staying here, that is a nice addition to your stay, however some of those amenities are outdated.

I see this more as a place where retirees go to enjoy things than younger people so if you are wanting something a bit more lively in way of an updated pool or booming bar experience it isn't here. If you are wanting something more to focus on relaxing in the casino itself and playing games then it might work better.

The Place You Need To Live During Fall & Winter

I stayed in Vegas for several months and found this to be one of my homes away from home. Sure I was close but I also wanted to get out of the house and camp where the weather was nice. During fall and winter this place is great, even into early spring (although rain can get you from time to time then). I visited with my friends constantly and hiked many of the trails.

I loved the camping spaces out here because they opened right up into the park itself and you could literally hike from there to an adventure or drive into the main entrance and find something deeper into the park.

While those are the pros, with that also come a few cons. Coyotes are very predominant in this area so you will want to make sure if you travel with pets they are not left unattended and you will also want to make sure you put food away.

Snakes, during fall and winter these are not bad because they are not out and about, but come spring they start to resurface. These aren't your nice little garden snakes either these are the really scary bad ones.

Spiders! yep they have all the scary things out here and they are the spiders which create webs that look more like they are taking over a tree. Again this begins in late spring so that is when my hiking always stopped.

During the right time of year this place is a goldmine of opportunity!!!

Great Access To Colorado River To Launch Your Adventure

I had been staying in this area for a while searching for various campsites and had been to the Arizona Hot Springs a couple times, continually seeing people pulling in via boat and never knew where they were launching from, until I found this place. it seems like this place is where it all begins for those adventures.

With much of the area being desolate looking around, this was like an oasis just waiting to be discovered. It isn't that there is some magic lawn that spawns up out of the desert sands and makes it look like something it isn't, though there is grass that isn't what I am speaking on. Instead it is that this place is very commercial in comparison to almost every other campground in this area, much of which are barebones and basic. This site however has nice showers and bathrooms, a restaurant, gift shop, a marina, fishing dock, boat rentals and a laundry. Unlike so many campgrounds the sites here are also WIFI ready.

The tent site I checked out was $30 but included access to the ramp which is why a lot of people choose this site for their adventures. This is one of the best launch areas in way of well maintained sites you will find on this side of the Lake Mead Recreational Area.

I enjoyed a great shower here with amazing pressure, had awesome night sky views down by the water and finally was able to figure out just where all these people were getting their water fix. Not to mention there was some great access to rock scrambling along the shore line for some amazing peaceful places to relax and take in the clearness of the water.


  • Come early or call in advance, there are only 6 tent sites. Everything else is set up for an RV.

  • Check out their discounts available for veterans which is a great deal.

Hemenway Harbor

Technically, there is no "campground" here at Hemenway Harbor, but you can camp overnight along the shoreline, within Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Primitive camping in areas accessible only by boat is allowed in all areas except for those marked with "no camping" signs.  There is a full service marina & store for all your needs.  Cell service too!

Boulder Campground Lake Mead RV Village

For camping at Lake Mead, this is as good as it gets!  Full hook-up sites with concrete slabs, picnic table, views of Lake Mead, and cell service too!  There are also manufactured/mobile homes with full-time residency, but the residents are very quiet and welcoming to visitors.  Lots to do in the area with biking/hiking trails and scenic overlooks in the near vicinity.

Las Vegas Bay Campground at Lake Mead Nat'l Recreation Area

The best parts of this campground is that there is cell service, restrooms, and an RV dump station. It's a very dry and sad campground, with no view of the lake as it has receded too far with the low lake levels. It used to be a convenient place to camp close to the Las Vegas Bay Marina. The marina is now closed to docking, but there is dry storage for watercraft. There are also day use facilities: Shaded picnic areas and public restroom. For a campground that doesn't remind you of a ghost town, try Boulder Beach Campground, just south of here.

Very nice campground close to strip but not on it.

Nice resort sites, spaced nice for a resort. The 2 swimming pools are great.

LOVE IT! Best on the Strip

Home away from home. Great employees and security around the clock. Cleanest restrooms ever.

Nice if you want to be on the north end of the strip

Its all paved and very warm in the summer. Full access to circus circus ( if you want it 🤮)

Beautiful view

Love being close to the lake, but beach is far. No utv riding and boat launches are in need of repair.

Best views

Great area to bring the family also has the best views of the lake

Dry Camping Near A Signature Piece Of Las Vegas Art

Just a short way outside of Las Vegas stands an area known for a very unique and signature piece of art "Seven Magic Mountains" just off I-15 toward California a small turn off leads to a huge piece of wonder at this site. People come from miles around to see it, but those real die hard also come here to camp in the wilderness surrounding the wonder itself. It has become an ATV an off road haven, a place to test your ability to camp fully removed from comfort and a nice way to change the pace of what people typically think of as coming to Las Vegas.

Its blistering hot during summer, spring sees an influx of snakes as the cool weather transitions and there are no creature comforts to rely on when camping here. But for those wanting an adventure, the is one of the best.

There is a large section of land to choose from when coming here and it is pretty much all fair game as it is a part of the BLM. You can drive in or hike depending on your desires however I wouldn't recommend a RV in many of the areas which get a little rough. Near the lake bed itself s a good place to do some off road vehicle camping or bringing a tent. This ares is known and you have probably seen it in more than a few fashion photo shoots you have seen because of its terrain. This is iconically a dry lake with large cracks in the soil and shifting small gravel strewn about. It is mostly hard packed and even. Ironically if there is a chance of rains however this is also the only area really prone to flash flooding so make sure to check the weather before an adventure here.

I found on my visit that the wind here was quite gusty as there is no break from the winds in way of taller standing vegetations. I went in late April and noted that there were several reports of Rattlesnakes in the area which start around this time so that was a major concern and I was much more cautious.

This is one of the few dispersed campgrounds I have visited in the Vegas area where I still had cell signal with AT&T, it wasn't great but at least I was able to reach out if needed in case of emergency unlike other sites in the area.


  • Check the weather before coming here for both winds and rain. if you are going to experience rain make your selection of site wisely a bit further away from the "lake"

  • Stay on "roads" with your RV, some of the are, despite being hard packed also has a quick transition to a shifting sand, unless you are equipped for off roading try to avoid these areas.

Resort Style RV Stay Just Off Strip

For those traveling to Vegas in an RV it sometimes might be a bit difficult to find something which offers the glitz of Vegas with the space of an RV Park. This site offers both to those wanting a quick jump into all the action, deluxe accommodations and views and sensibility for their travel style.

I visited this park when staying in Las Vegas to see what I could expect if returning as a mere traveler instead of resident. They do offer daily and monthly rates which was different than many of the RV areas which offer only nightly pass through accommodations. Depending on the size of your rig prices vary as well as day of the week or holiday. From $47 to $84. I noticed that the sites I liked most were closer to the pool but also were a bit more costly. Those seemed to have the advantage of being closer to the action but with that also game some negative in that sometimes people tramp through your site on the way to the action.

This park has a monthly event calendar much like a resort so you always have something going on, a huge plus in the city that never sleeps. They also offer promos to those staying who want to venture toward the strip in way of discounts provided by the resort to shows, shuttles and such.

The pool rivals the pools on the strip with beauty and comfort and is divided into an adult and family style pool for those wanting to enjoy a day out with or without children.

All in all for the feel of Vegas I feel this place is better than other RV resorts or parks. As a whole it provides a more complete Vegas feel and while it might have a higher price tag than some the quality of experience is much higher. the level of maintenance is better and perhaps the most impressive is the security of the facility. Many lots are exposed to the traffic of homeless population of Vegas, however this lot has full security as well as seclusion from those elements which could make RV experience a bit less comfortable.


  • Take advantage of the shuttle service to the strip rather than detaching from your rig and taking your own vehicle. Parking in Vegas is a bit tough to find and unless you are wanting to pay to park there are only a couple of free lots (Fashion Show Mall, Miracle Mile Shops and Circus Circus)

  • Check out one of the Cirque shows with discount tickets from the resort. The shows are about an hour and a half to two hours long and are one of the most unique things you will see when in Vegas.

Great campground during the summer

Lots of sites here. Nicely spaced out. Camp hosts are nice. We go here every year.

Love this campground.

We go camping here every year. Campsites are spread out nice. They have 3 walk in sites that are away from the other sites, those are our favorite ones. It's not far to walk your stuff up to the sites.

Friendly and very well maintained. A real gem in the Desert!

Very large and security patrolled. Excellent pools with gym and morning cafe. Closest non hotel on the Las Vegas Strip

A great spot as a base for visiting Las Vegas!

We have been coming here since 2003 in our 38’ Monaco Diplomat. By far, this is the nicest, SAFE campground in Las Vegas. It is pricey though but worth the money. All concrete pads with different levels of closer to the pools, more expensive etc. Located in the south end of Vegas at I-15 and Blue Diamond Rd. Park landscape, restrooms and facilities are immaculate. Security is on 24/7 at the front entrance and all about thru the park. It is a “5” Star Park without a question. Too much to say about here other than give it a try. It is a resort and well worth the peace of mind.

barren campground provides access to epic nature (nature part is 5 stars!)

This place gets the most barren campground award. Almost zero vegetation. Periodic headlights and sounds of cars motoring past on the road which is right there (~60 yards away from some sites). Night was frigid and windy (we were there late fall)- we burned through a load of wood trying to be social around the fire and then settled on being social from our sleeping bags. You definitely don't come here for the campground itself, but as a launchpad to get to the stunningly beautiful park. The campground had a faucet to fill up on water, which tasted like a swimming pool but had all the hydrating properties one hopes for in water.

Secret Vegas Oasis

Located 45 minutes outside of Vegas, Emerald Cave is an absolute beauty. If you’re looking to get out of the city, enjoy the nice weather and warm lake water, this is the place for you. Oh and did I mention, there’s a cave to explore nearby???!!

We decide to rent a kayak for the weekend so we can explore Emerald Cave and it’s surrondings.

Ended up camping nearby, on a sandy beach area. No permit required or reservation. Free of charge, primitive campsite. Make sure to get there early as the area fills up quickly!!!