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About Government Wash Boondocking - Lake Mead National Rec Area
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Government Wash Boondocking - Lake Mead National Rec Area is located in Nevada
36.131 N
-114.837 W
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5 Reviews of Government Wash Boondocking - Lake Mead National Rec Area
Fav Vegas Boondocking site

Completely off grid but 40 mins to downtown Vegas. Great views, easy access to the lake. Cell service is good for hotspotting. Coyotes are in the area so keep an eye on pets. There is a 15 day limit and then you have to move atleast a 1/4 mile and 90 days a year total camping time. Rangers and Game Warden frequent the areas. It is truly my fav camping area around Vegas. Some areas require 4x4 but plenty of spots do not and have access for smaller vehicles.

Government warrrsh

I’d give it 2 1/2 stars. Here on Veterans Day which happens to be on a Monday…. packed full. I decided to take the R-pod down a hill to the waters edge to get away and there were still people. LOTS OF TRASH. And I can’t stand that. Picked up a full garbage bag in a very short distance. The stars are for the water, and free camping. Easy access too I guess. Photo from my bed window tho.

Nice place but beware of others

The location is one of the best I have ever seen. I was able to camp with amazing views of the lake. For camping this was the penthouse. I couldn't ask for a better site.

The problem is others also want to enjoy this location. I thought that camping during the week would be less crowded, but I was wrong. While having others camping or visiting near me isn't a big problem, the level of courtesy from others makes it unlikely I'll ever visit this site again.

Monday night someone maybe 75 yards away felt it was their privilege to blast their gangster rap for all to hear. This went on until about 11 at night, and they finally left. You would think I'd finally have peace and quiet, but no, some drunken girls moved into their spot and decided to karaoke sing mariachi music until 1 am. At this point they finally left, and we finally got some peace and quit to go to sleep.

Now Tuesday morning was great. The place was near empty and the weather was great. We fished and swam in the lake all day. We had occasional guest but they were courteous. This was looking like a great day, and everything was until 9:30 pm when two half running cars pulled up and parked in front of my camper about 20 ft away, and decided to start a late night fire. Of course they spoke another language and pretend we were not even there, and didn't even consider the half dozen other sites around me. Even the drunken karaoke site from the night before was free, but they thought it was best to get up and personal.

Now there were about 4 kids between 4-6 years old, and 8 adults. Keep in mind this was a school/work night. Now these kids were bored and liked to explore and mess with my stuff, while the parents drank and talk around the camp fire. Now you would think these parents would control there kids, but at best all I heard was an occasional comment to tell their kids to leave my stuff alone. So I had to stay up and guard my stuff, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to leave, but being nighttime and set up in a pop up trailer there was no way I could move my site. They ended up staying until midnight and finally left; however they did leave the camp fire still blazing.

Needless to say the next morning I left to find a another site.

Government Wash

This is a beautiful spot to visit for the day, as there is no camping allowed by the water or the "boat ramp" but you can camp anywhere along the dirt road leading up to the lake. Follow road signs for Government Wash, you will drive along a dirt road for a while and then encounter a restroom with flushing toilets and a sink, but no drinking water. Continue through the parking lot onto the next dirt road. If you are looking for a place to launch your boat/jetski this is the perfect place! It was a large, flat landing at the bottom, but there are multiple ways to get down to the water depending on the dirt roads you take. There is hiking where ever you want to walk, make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and and shoes as there is some broken glass and trash laying around. The water is cool, clear and refreshing. Beware of coyotes lurking around fire rings looking for food!! I have two dogs that I take with me to run around, and swim and they love being able to play off of the leash.

First to Review

We loved staying here and were able to get in with a 2WD car. You must drive in about a mile before you see signs saying you are able to camp. We had great views and good cross country hiking. No ammenities. You are boondocking here.