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About Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area - Red Rock Campground
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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area - Red Rock Campground is located in Nevada
36.1357 N
-115.4273 W
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12 Reviews of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area - Red Rock Campground
Newer, Clean Desert campsites

No thrills but clean and newer sites that are perfect for trekking into Red Rock.

The Place You Need To Live During Fall & Winter

I stayed in Vegas for several months and found this to be one of my homes away from home. Sure I was close but I also wanted to get out of the house and camp where the weather was nice. During fall and winter this place is great, even into early spring (although rain can get you from time to time then). I visited with my friends constantly and hiked many of the trails.

I loved the camping spaces out here because they opened right up into the park itself and you could literally hike from there to an adventure or drive into the main entrance and find something deeper into the park.

While those are the pros, with that also come a few cons. Coyotes are very predominant in this area so you will want to make sure if you travel with pets they are not left unattended and you will also want to make sure you put food away.

Snakes, during fall and winter these are not bad because they are not out and about, but come spring they start to resurface. These aren't your nice little garden snakes either these are the really scary bad ones.

Spiders! yep they have all the scary things out here and they are the spiders which create webs that look more like they are taking over a tree. Again this begins in late spring so that is when my hiking always stopped.

During the right time of year this place is a goldmine of opportunity!!!

barren campground provides access to epic nature (nature part is 5 stars!)

This place gets the most barren campground award. Almost zero vegetation. Periodic headlights and sounds of cars motoring past on the road which is right there (~60 yards away from some sites). Night was frigid and windy (we were there late fall)- we burned through a load of wood trying to be social around the fire and then settled on being social from our sleeping bags. You definitely don't come here for the campground itself, but as a launchpad to get to the stunningly beautiful park. The campground had a faucet to fill up on water, which tasted like a swimming pool but had all the hydrating properties one hopes for in water.

Love this campground!

love this campground!!!! A lot of nice hikes to go on and things to see. Always very clean and quiet and well! Just be careful if it's windy as the dust can kick up pretty bad. But overall it's amazing!

Great escape from the city (a climbing mecca)

Tis place has nice campsites and well maintained bathrooms. The rock walls sweep straight up to the sky and look as if theyve been stroked by a paintbrush. There are also a ton of climbs here both trad and sport, from single pitch to multi! If you want to just plan a day trip escape from the city this is well within reach

Clean and spacious. Plenty of clean bthrms, no fires but used sml gas grill

Campsites are super nice with sand pads for your tents and clean bathrooms nearby, but no showers. Not all campsites have a shelter for shade. Extremely dangerous in the summer if you have no shade, so I would bring pop up tarp if you have one. The views are beautiful and Red Rock is astounding!

Boondock Galore!!

No better place to boondock! The canyon is majestic, the trails here are not in the National Park loop so all are free to access. Abundant wildlife all around us. A ram, owls, rabbits, lizards, butterflies, etc. we primarily boondock or hike into a camp. This is the place for that. Many of the tails are day use only though so ensure you watch the markets at the top of the trailhead. Also it is super dry now so fires are out. Spring Mountain Ranch Nearby was once owned by Howard Hughes and has a secret room. The ranger was super cool and after a great conversation he allowed us to hike on non public access trail to an old cemetery. Incredible. Be cool, share the wine, and hope you can go too!

Great Escape from the gambling

Vegas is great, but it's not really my kind of town. I prefer getting out of the city and getting back to nature. Red Rocks is a great place to make that happen. It's right outside of Vegas and offers a huge amount of pristine desert beauty. The trails vary in terrain from rocky to nice flat sandy treks. There is climbing available and if you're patient enough and have a quick eye, you can spot wildlife. we were fortunate enough to see a Kit Fox running around. I highly recommend getting out of Vegas and having an adventure here.

Full when we were there... had to stay at the overflow

Unfortunately, we went to visit at prime climbing time so the campground was full of climbers. Instead, we had to camp at the overflow area which is about 10 minutes away and a little rough for a 2WD car to get to. We had to take it very very slow. Otherwise, Red Rock Canyon was beautiful!

Great escape from Vegas

I went to Red Rock on a whim to get out of Vegas while visiting my boyfriend, who was working in Death Valley National Park. We both weren't super into Vegas and Red Rock was close enough to walk/hitch hike so we figured we'd go. What an amazing experience! We were both completely in awe by the natural beauty of the area and loved rock scrambling our way up the canyon walls. We found a sweet spot to set up our hammock in between the wall of a canyon and another rock and spent the day listening to all of the animals in the canyon and exploring the natural bridges and structures around us. At night, you could still see the light from Vegas but we had a pretty awesome view of the sky regardless. This entire area is so amazing, I highly recommend camping up here.