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Remote campground

I love this campground because it's off a dirt road, quiet, and small. Mostly for tents, small groups, or 4x4's. There is a clean vault tiolet with a garbage receptacle. Rv's could get stuck.

ideal For RVs or Tent Campers With Great Wildlife

A stay here is like a stay right in the mountains where you can see everything around you and truly appreciate the atmosphere. Up at this camp anyone can come and enjoy stretching out and enjoying a day or weekend away at a reasonable rate with good company all around you. There wasn't a single camper that I met here that wasn't pleasant, maybe it is that mountain air.

When I visited there were not any events going on here so it was a typical day in the middle of the week, there were still plenty of other campers here but it did not feel overwhelmingly full by any means. I opted for a site without water because there were plenty of spigots around so I didn't figure it was a must have at that moment. My site was pretty basic with a picnic table out of stone and a grill but it was nestled in the mountains and seemed like my own little piece of happiness. Only $17 for my site seemed more than reasonable and I felt like I had plenty of room to really spread out.

This campground has a little piece of history being a part of the jobs created during the Great Depression. At that time they put people to work etching out paths through the mountains, some of those are still in use today and as you hike along the many trails here you are hiking along the path with such an appreciation for the beauty that you tend to forget that this once was a place which reminded people of hope in the midst of tragedy through minimal wages.

While there I checked out the Aspen Peak trail which was awesome and I recommend it as a must see!!


  • Sites are first come first serve so get there early on busy weekends.

  • Check their site for special events, they often host off road events here because of the terrain in which case sites fill quickly.

Great Access To Colorado River To Launch Your Adventure

I had been staying in this area for a while searching for various campsites and had been to the Arizona Hot Springs a couple times, continually seeing people pulling in via boat and never knew where they were launching from, until I found this place. it seems like this place is where it all begins for those adventures.

With much of the area being desolate looking around, this was like an oasis just waiting to be discovered. It isn't that there is some magic lawn that spawns up out of the desert sands and makes it look like something it isn't, though there is grass that isn't what I am speaking on. Instead it is that this place is very commercial in comparison to almost every other campground in this area, much of which are barebones and basic. This site however has nice showers and bathrooms, a restaurant, gift shop, a marina, fishing dock, boat rentals and a laundry. Unlike so many campgrounds the sites here are also WIFI ready.

The tent site I checked out was $30 but included access to the ramp which is why a lot of people choose this site for their adventures. This is one of the best launch areas in way of well maintained sites you will find on this side of the Lake Mead Recreational Area.

I enjoyed a great shower here with amazing pressure, had awesome night sky views down by the water and finally was able to figure out just where all these people were getting their water fix. Not to mention there was some great access to rock scrambling along the shore line for some amazing peaceful places to relax and take in the clearness of the water.


  • Come early or call in advance, there are only 6 tent sites. Everything else is set up for an RV.

  • Check out their discounts available for veterans which is a great deal.

Closest Camp To Oatman and the Infamous Burros

I wanted to find a site as close to Oatman as I could. It took me three trips that way to find this campground and finally I was happy I did. Located only about 8 miles away from Oatman, it allowed me to have a full day to explore Oatman and surrounding areas including the many mines which are closed but "open" to the person wanting to really explore.

This place is a smaller park and though mostly they do have RV campers they do accept tent campers. The owners are very friendly and you meet them when you check in, this is not a chain so they take pride in what they give in way of service to those passing through.

My space was clean and level for camping in a tent. I only paid $15 which was very reasonable and like I said location was key!! My site had a picnic table and was pretty basic but it was peaceful and I had a great night there as a result.

They do offer long term RV camping at a very reasonable rate, however when I was there it didn't look like they had a ton of that traffic at the time. I will say that unlike a lot of long term lots which appear to be a bit trashy this one was maintained.


  • Use this as a basecamp for going to Oatman where there are a lot of stores, a great cafe, mines to explore and of course pictures to take.

  • Bring what you need with you. The closest full grocer is in Kingman which is about 25 minutes away so if you don't want to have to drive into town then just pack it in your car.

Great Place For Events But Very Barebones

If you are looking for a good camping spot this is a spot with very limited amenities. Dry camping to say the least. I would regard this more for the events they host here which include impromptu concerts, biker events and gatherings.

I liked the location because it is the closest thing I could find at the time to Oatman, I have since found another site which is ok as well.

Port-a-potty is about as close as you will get to amenities although they do have vendors at the events. Some tables are around camp but mostly what you bring is what you get.

This is a place you go to be social. It’s only about 15 minutes from Kingman and 20 from Oatman (all the winding roads).


  • Come with everything and be prepared to socially share.
  • Bikers, RVs and Tents all welcome
Quaint RV campground in the middle of AZ

Small campground for RVERS all gravel but easy off and on on highway. Great rates showers and store also there . Fast food available after short walk

Great escape from the heat

Wooded campground with some full hook up sites. Large playground for kids. Lots of wildlife and rzr trails.

Beautiful forest outside the desert!

Cheap, clean, well maintained, lots of wild life!

senior friendly

ice cream truck usually comes on friday afternoon or saturday morning. horse shoe pit. pool is one of the cleanest. hot.

At least it’s close to the water

not much to say it’s a campground behind a hotel that has “beach” access. most of the beach is taken up by people day camping on the beach the section reserved for hotel/rv guests is small and rocky.

Not for the 2 Wheel Drive

I found this campsite on a map when living in Vegas and wanted to check it out, but when I actually went out there in my car, well needless to say I felt like I was cringing the entire trip. I would recommend a 4 Wheel Drive especially after any weather. You can make it in your 2 Wheel Drive but lets just say I wouldn't even think about trying it again.

The area is rocky and pretty intense but the experience of being at this point was a place of quite and solitude which was pretty remarkable. I love finding sites like these because they tend to be so difficult to get to that no one really goes there just to mess them up.

The views from the mountain are great and you get both the first part of the sun and last part of it each day.

Not to mention this place isn't expensive. Slightly upgraded from primitive camping in the dispersed wilderness you only pay $8 an evening, which is a steal for the location and the sky view of the valley.


  • Do not attempt in an RV of any kind. Miles and miles of difficult winding roads will not work well with your high top heavy clearance.

  • Bring cash for fees, there is no credit card system.

  • Check out some of the abandoned mines scattered throughout this area. If you look hard enough as your drive you will find some great little places to check out. Just be safe and DO NOT try to go inside them.


I love going to this site because you can camp near the Colorado River and go kayaking or boating. It is such a nice campground

Wonderful for kids

This a great experience since we were originally not planning on camping on our way back to California, but it got late and we were tired.we got a KOA basic abin which fit my husband and I and a bunk bed which our son loved. The campground also had a pool, hot tub , play ground, mini golf and a little train that kids to ride in around the park starting at 9:30am. I am glad we stayed here, it was a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly and helpful and the on site store had everything you could need. Like all KOA’s the showers and bathrooms were like nice hotel rooms.

Not as exciting during the off season

I wanted to find a place that was close to Oatman so I could make a daycation away from the house in Vegas. Everything I saw implied this one was the most reliable and closest to the site. I did see along the path however a few others, but my reservation had already been made and for $30 nonrefundable that meant I was keeping my claim on my site.

The site was not a deluxe site like some KOA's have but it was a non-primitive site and I had hook ups so I was excited to see what it was this campground had to offer.

I was staying during offseason so I knew I wouldn't have access to the pool or hot tub, the hot tub would have been nice however. I was expecting to maybe play some mini golf but the course looked unmaintainted like it too was in the off season, a little disappointing.

Since there wasn't anything to do really at camp I went and explore the Historic Route 66 in Kingman to follow up my fun in Oatman on the same journey. it was quirky and bold and had some really nice stops. I was very happy with having proximity to the options I got to see so it made the campground worth it. I was given a few tips from the office as to the must see locations and I managed to check them out before it got dark. (pictured)

All in all, I wouldn't say I wouldn't give this place a shot again during a different time of year, but during the early months of the year it wasn't all I was wanting it to be and more.

Not heavily used

One of the best things about Nevada and Arizona are the numerous areas which offer dispersed camping. There are a lot of BLM lands in the area as well as Recreational areas so it is really quite easy to find a place if you are willing to look. Since I have several full-time friends who spend the maximum of 2 weeks at each site before moving on, someone suggested I check this space out when I was on a trip to Nelson, NV.

It was along the same stretch of highway and not very far away at all. While it was vast and open, there wasn't a whole lot to really say about it other than just that, it is what you make it when you visit.

So what is the benefit of staying at one of these remote locations you might ask? It is about 45 minutes from Vegas, so that isn't terrible if you want to go into the city itself and explore, but part of what makes these spaces a bit more exciting is that they are removed from everything.

I took a moment when I was there to check the basics like what is there to do closely that does not involved the city itself. I could quickly see why my friends recommended this location because it was not far from Lake Mead Recreational Area in an area which was a non-pay station entrance, it was relatively close to Searchlight and not terribly far from Boulder City so if you did need supplies you could easily get out to get them without issue and I think the most intriguing was the proximity not just to Nelson Ghost Town, which is free, but also the many abandoned and never sealed mines.

Lots of activities in the area to keep you busy. Sure it doesn't have amenities but it was a perfect canvas for making the world around you all yours. The friend which recommended it also happens to meet up with other full timers at locations like this so they have a sense of community so I could see how something like this would be a perfect space for that kind of traveling community to set up and enjoy.


  • Be able to sustain fully off grid living. There is plenty of sunshine to keep your solar panels full.

  • Check out the surroundings and bring a motor bike if you have one to explore so you will not have more options for driving around some of the more remote areas.

  • Be careful of mines, though they are fun to explore, some of these are not as stable, I would check out the one just past Nelson which is more heavily trafficked and also stable.

Temporarily Closed

I tried to check out this campground when I was there in April, it was one of the last places I attempted to check out only to find out that it was in fact closed. A lot of the Lake Mead area has seasonal closing however this was unrelated to the heat and instead was closed for camping because of a flood control zone they are monitoring.

It is positive to know they are raising a heightened awareness to the area and working toward making sure those visiting are safe. Flash floods are something you don’t think of often when in the desert however they come out of nowhere with a short rain and because of the dry conditions and since the ground is so dry it does not absorb quickly.

I would love to go back and rerate this at a later time when it is open however for the time being there is not much positive which can be said for the site in way of camping.


Check the lake mead website before traveling to this site to see if closure has lifted:

Pick Your Spot...

This site we stumbled upon when traveling to Nelson Ghost Town. Along the way we discovered an abandoned mine and thought if we could find something so cool why not see what else was lurking out there to be found. The road dead ends here and you have an option to go downward into the canyon or stay up top at an observation point. Either location you can further hike and enjoy views or even take on some dispersed camping.

We first went to check it out and explored the lower section which had a stone beach and several people enjoying the cold waters. They were not camping but had come out for a campfire at dusk and it inspired us to come back another day and do even more exploring.

This time we took to the upper path and explored the rocky mountainous terrain before uncovering our own private beach to enjoy. We set up there and found old reed to burn for our campfire and settled in.

This place was remote and amazing to just relax and have a moment of meditation and clarity. The beach was wedged between two towering cliffs which sheltered us from discovery by anyone else exploring and gave us privacy to enjoy, although it did also stir some cold winds as the sun hid behind the edge.

This was an untouched paradise with a sandy base perfect for a stay and limited waves so no worry of being swept away in the night.

The only thing we did notice was there were some mountain goat droppings in the area, though we never saw a mountain goat while there. We were completely unbothered by anything in nature which could harm us at this site.


  • Bring plenty of water as there is no water available in this area you will want to come prepared. Though the hike to this particular site was not far for cooking and cleaning up after you need to make sure you are prepared as you will NOT want to leave anything that can attract animals out.
  • Bring your firewood in, there is reed to start the fire but nothing in this area to substantially keep it going throughout the night.
Great Place To Camp In The Desert

We wanted to check out ZZYZX but there was no camping there so we had to explore other options. Really wanting to be as close to the dried salt lake area where you can literally yell out and hear your voice echo for miles we discovered Hole-In-The-Wall. It sounded a bit funny considered it was in the middle of the desert and everything is like a hole in the wall as you pass through miles and miles of nothingness, but we gave it a shot and were very pleased.

It is a first come first serve campsite but when we were there that wasn't an issue there were only a few campers. It made for a quiet night in the desert where we were surrounded by low laying vegetation and views of the mountains around. It looked like a pretty large campground overall with lots of sites each with a picnic table and fire ring.

There was no potable water when we were there and only pit toilets. Pretty basic, no hook ups and no showers.

It was pleasant though and I would say it made us happy that we had stumbled upon it. It was $12 fo the night for our site and I did notice that those having the senior card could get a discount, so something to look forward to when I get older!!

It was pretty no frills camping. But since we always come prepared we had firewood ready to go and were able to enjoy setting up then venturing over to ZZYZX to check out the "abandoned" site, which is actually partially used as a research facility and partially a ruin of times passed. Really unique experience from every angle.


  • Pack extra water since there is none available and if you are interested in a shower make sure you have an outdoor shower bag already filled before you arrive.

  • While you can have a generator they do have a quiet hours policy for other guest. The campground is so quiet at night and everything echoes in the canyon.

  • Do not camp in washes because even though it seems dry when rain comes it quickly moves across the desert and will flood these areas and create very scary conditions.

Excelant and Peaceful Campground

This campground is an excelent place if you like basic and secluded campgrounds. Each campsite is just the perfect size for 1 tent/RV. With the site you will get a picnic table and a fire pit. The fire pit also has a gril bar so you can use it for cooking/bbq if neded. Campground is super peacful and relaxing. Situated at the botom of a clif with desert views on other three sides. It can be pretty windy, so do look at the weather channel before comming and plan accordingly. You can still stay there even in the windy nights, just be ready for a lot of noise as the wind bangs on your tent pretty loudly. We were here at the end of May, just before the temperature started climbing too much and even though it was Memorial Day weekend there was enough empty sites. The campgroud is First Come First Serve, but it seems like it's never fully packed, and it's been pretty easy to find a spot everytime.

Kelso Depot, Mojave Cross and the largest Joshua Tree Forest, as well as Kelso Dunes are all within an hour ride from the campground.

First to Review
Hot Hot!

We pulling in very late, and it was still very hot! They have the swimming pool open all the time! we rented a cabin and there was no air condition on when we arrived and we turned it on and went swimming at 10:30 at night and by the time we got back to the cabin it was cooled off! nice clean but hot!

First to Review
Remote campground where you wouldn’t expect to find one.

Although you can make it to the campground in 2wd, I wouldn’t take a car. SUV/truck preferred. Tent camping/car camping only, no RV sites at all. The road is steep, winding, dirt with loose gravel 11 miles off the paved road. Camp sites have a great view because of the elevation. picnic tables and fire rings in each site as well as many trash receptacles and clean toilets. no other amenities. Rough off-roading in the areas surrounding the campground leading to old mining areas. Awesome views, we went in June when it was probably 110 degrees at the base of the mountain, mid 90s up at the camp site.

Windy Hualapai

So windy in the parking lot RV Campground. Thus was in June 2018.

Easy and pretty hiking, crowded campground

We tried to stay at the campground, but it doesn't take reservations and all the sites were full by Thursday afternoon in February. We did explore the hiking trails, which were nice sandy paths with pretty easy terrain. The river is very pretty and fast moving. It was too cold for swimming in the winter, but the beach was clean and would be great during the warmer months. The bathrooms were also clean and there were some nice picnic pavilions, which included wheelchair accessible tables. This would be a great place for a family trip, but definitely have a backup camping plan during the busy season!

Amazing views

Very limited shade, but sites are very close to some really neat hiking spots like one where you have to climb down a small canyon by holding metal rings that were attached to the rocks. Since there's no city lights to pollute the sky, there's amazing views of the night sky.

Decent county park near Kingman with good hiking, cabins and ge group sites

This is a Mohave County park near Kingman AZ. We had a rough start, but it ended up being a reasonable place to stay. And the hiking was excellent.

A couple days before we arrived, someone called to tell us our site was not going to be ready. The caller wanted to move us across the road to their RV park. We explained we had a teardrop trailer, and they moved our reservation. When we arrived, we realized the RV park was a big parking lot (albeit with a nice view) but there were no bathrooms. It is, however, a full hookup park. If you don't mind camping within a few feet of your neighbors and have a bathroom with your unit, this is a good option. That doesn't work for a teardrop with a living compartment with a futon that folds down into a bed plus a kitchen on the back. A trip back to the office led us to a site across from group camping with a nearby bathroom. (There were two other group sites deeper in the park. All group areas looked nice and were appropriate for large groups.)

Showers were up above where we camped, but we quickly found out these were locked units that were only for people in some of the cabins that didn't have showers. Oh well, there was a wellness center in Kingman with a gym/shower. That's a good option for occasional showers because we planned to stay multiple nights. Cabins looked nice from the outside, but we didn't see the inside.

There were a couple camping areas that had nice sites but the road to get to one area was steep and deeply pitted. We would not have wanted to take our trailer too far into those areas. Tent campers, campervans and truck campers would be okay. I don't think they intend for people to tow anything to those spots, but they were very rough (even for a car).

But….we found an excellent hiking loop and were able to do a 7 to 8 mile hike in varied mountain terrain. There is a good map online that shows all the hiking options. On our way to the trailhead, we passed the area where we had made our reservation. I'm not sure why they waited to call us until a couple days before our stay because this area was not even close to ready for camping. Not sure if it is new or just being redone.

Wildlife in the area - deer and elk. I was running on the road in one direction while an elk was headed for the campground in the other direction.

Clean and Beautiful

This is a great little campground. Especially since it's so close to a really awesome hike the Rings Trail and others in the area. Each campsite was clean and flat, the bathrooms were basic pit toilets but they were very clean also and there were water spigots through out the area.

Back too the roots

Saddle Sore Ranch is a rustic camping area in the middle of no where. But only 15 minutes to Kingman, AZ. I love to go and enjoy the absolute quietness and the stunning star filled sky. Prefect for escaping the daily grind, or having a social gathering with 200+ of your best friends! There are events here year round so call ahead or check the website if you just want to be alone. If not, come join us at some events and meet new friends!

Simple, yet amazing....

Private, secluded. Amazing sunsets and sunrises. Perfect place for groups, or to just have the place to yourself. Only follow the roads on the map that is provided at their website. GPS will get you stuck.

Night Drive

Gorgeous open plains/canyons make for awesome star watching. Nearest city about 1 and a half out with lights. Honor system. No showers. Hole in the ground outhouse toilets. No water, so bring your own. Coyote visits. Sweet sunset and sunrise views.

Winter Camping Without the Snow

Having camped here twice this year, it's a favorite of mine. Temps are decent, even in January (mid-30s for lows) and perfect in April. Tree cover is still a bit sparse and hiking options are limited, but it's a great place to set up camp and do absolutely nothing. Normally, water is available, but they are revamping the water system and the result is that there is no water available at the campground until Spring 2019, so be sure you bring plenty with you.