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Nice place

The other reviews pretty much cover the high points. But, since we pull a big 5th wheel I'll add some big rig details. We tow a 40' 5W with a 4x4 dually. It's a little over 4 miles on a dirt road to get to the beach. We had no idea how often the road is graded or when it was last graded. We dropped the 5W in the huge RV parking lot between Aquarius and Riverside Casinos. It is conveniently located directly across the street from Riverside RV Park, where water is free, dump is $10.

We are on the road full time and our rig is our only home. So, even if it's free and beautiful we won't risk damaging our rig. As of the time of this review, the road in was not a big deal. If you have a big rig but no 4x4 you might want to check it out first, although there is a huge toy hauler here now being towed by a 2WD truck. There are a few rather steep-ish hills when you're leaving, but nothing even remotely resembling "hair pin turns." Just take it slow.

There's a seven day limit, but we didn't see any sign of anyone actually tracking it. If you have a choice, don't park near the dumpster. Flys and the smell were an issue in the first spot we picked. When a "clan" moved in next door (four generations, ten tents, kids and dogs) we were lucky enough to be able to move farther to the left side of the cove. As other reviewers mentioned, that is where there is a fairly good Verizon signal. 17.1 mbps download, 2.22 mbps upload on a weekday morning.

It does get busy on the weekend but it was not unreasonable while we were there. A neighbor was there two weekends earlier and said there was a large group making a lot of noise late into the night. Apparently there were complaints and the police rousted them the next morning. So it can be hit or miss. But on the weekdays it was a really lovely spot.

We've never been to the area before and were surprised how much the area has to offer. In Laughlin there are numerous casinos, a large entertainment venue (Brad Paisley and Toby Keith are upcoming celebrities), movie theaters. Security Postal Systems in Bull Head City offers $5 package pickup. There's also a Home Depot, Lowes, and Super Walmart. Grapevine Canyon, off Christmas Tree Pass, is lovely and has tons of petroglyphs. Walking trails in Laughlin lead to nice overlooks of the dam. There is also some nice hiking right from the cove.

It's an ok place

We made reservations for this park 6 months in advance, for an event at the casino. We were issued a campsite number when we made our reservation. Some friends also made reservation and reserved a campsite right next to us. When we checked in, we were given a different campsite. When I asked why, I was told that a campsite is not guaranteed and campsites are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Why even give a campsite number then? Since that was the case, I asked if I could then choose my own campsite, I was told no. I'm sorry, but this is not a TRUE first-come, first-served system then. The site they gave us was shallow, even though I told them I had a 40' rig when I made our reservation. Our friends were not given a site next to us as promised. Our site was directly in front of the casino's main maintenance yard. The service entrance for that yard was literally four feet from our street-side slideout. There was a constant parade of service vehicles speeding by us, which all started at 6:30AM. The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH, but this apparently doesn't apply to the maintenance yard employees, who drove around at 20-25 MPH. We clearly heard machine shop equipment from inside our coach, beginning at 7:00AM. Now the good: most of the back-in campsites are fairly large. A shuttle comes around every 15 minutes to provide transportation to/from the casino. The campsite hookup's were well organized. The park offers a cable TV connection, but we didn't use it. The park has WiFi, but it was too weak from our campsite to be of any value. The restrooms were exceptionally clean. This rating would be much higher if the park's reservations system made any sense and the employees drove through the park at a safe speed. This place definitely needs a new manager. I would stay here again, but I would not accept the same campsite, which was 498. I would stay away from any campsite between 495 & 505, because of the close proximity of the maintenance yard. We camped at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort RV Park in a Motorhome.

Great place

I wanted to stop here and see this Nevada state recreation area.  There is a fee but I have an annual pass.  I have ridden the Colorado from Laughlin to Lake Havasu City in a jet boat and I wanted to experience this area from the shore.

Beyond the fee booth, there are three options.  At the stop sign, a turn to the right will take you to a sandy beach area which would be a great place in July but not on a very windy December day.  

To the left at the stop sign is a road to a picnic area.  Finally, straight ahead brings you to the scenic overlook.  It is somewhat of a big bend but nothing like Horseshoe Bend far north of here.

It was pleasant enjoying the sunshine and the blue sky even though there was a lot of wind.  The river is always a great sight especially when one lives in the desert 45 miles from the river.

This would be a good family day spot in the summer.

Nice place

My review encompasses both the KOA and the Avi Casino/Hotel, as the Casino/Hotel is a Significant part of the KOA experience here. 

Yes, the KOA is dusty and hot. You're in the middle of the friggin Mojave Desert. Staff keep it very clean. It's quiet. People are exaggerating the fireworks. In the Summer, I'd avoid the whole area completely. I have a great A/C in my 33' Winnebago, but it couldn't defeat 122f. If you're forced to stay in the area, this place is a great value for the dollar in comparison to the other local RV places. But if you don't NEED to stay here in the summer, I'd keep driving. 

The Hotel part: not so great. Casinos in Vegas haven't smelled this bad since the early 90's. Get with the times, Indians. The restaurants are low quality. Roaches are common. The pool is nicely designed, but overcrowded on weekends. The river beach is a nice touch, though. The movies were expensive. The movie staff were VERY nice, but slow as molasses in January. The valet staff at the hotel will drive you to/from the Avi and they are very courteous. Kind of hard to get them on the phone from the KOA, but once you do they are very quick 

All in all, I'd call it a "B-"

I've seen worse, and I've seen better, but all in all, a good experience.

Nice RV park

Clean and affordable.

Willow Beach experience

Nice cold water, WiFi, clean bathroom, Fishing, rental kayaks, picnic area, and very clean willow Beach.

A great stay

The hosts were helpful. The park was clean and everyone was friendly. The pool was refreshing and I was excited to not only see activities my 3 year old could do, the park also got pizza and ice cream for all the kids.

Unbelievable Experience!

This was a last minute decision while driving from CA to IN. It’s a 35 site campground, no reservations accepted. We had a back up plan in case it was full, but that wasn’t necessary, there was only one other person there. We chose a campsite on the opposite side from where he was. We stayed on the west side, which was beautiful, as we looked directly at the canyon walls. There are pit toilets and trash receptacles at frequent intervals. There is non drinkable water available. No firewood on site, and you can’t collect. You are roughing it here, but if you are okay with that, you can’t beat this experience! We paid $6 for the night with our ATB pass, it’s $12 normally. It was crazy windy through the night, I don’t know if that’s normal or not. So windy we left the pop up trailer hitched to our Jeep because the gusts were incredibly strong and we were worried about the trailer being tossed. All kinds of critters about, including in the restrooms, so be aware.

Good times at AVI KOA

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet you might want to skip this campground, but if you’re looking for some fun and a late night out this is a great spot. The KOA campground is nothing special, very basic, barren wasteland with full hookup sites. The cool thing here is that the AVI casino is directly across the street and is the only thing around for miles, so you’ll most likely be spending your time there like we did. We did not hang out at the river as it looked like total mayhem (fun but chaotic), crowded beach area with boats everywhere, and loud music. The pool area was also crowded but we managed to find a table and lounge chairs and let the kids loose. You can’t bring in your own drinks unlike the beach area but we were able to order a couple of rounds of over priced mediocre cocktails/ beers. After the sun went down all the parents decided drop off all kids at the kids care play center where you can leave your kid in there till 2am, yes that’s right 2am. All of us parents laughed at that but then went out gambling and eating out late and ended up picking our kids up close to 1am. The kids loved it, it was a bit of a lord of the flies situation in the kids center that late at night (just running around wild and crazy) but they were safe and had a blast. After getting back to the camper and putting our zombie kids to sleep we noticed that it’s still a party outside with fireworks going off throughout the night. It wasn’t terrible but fireworks are legal there and people set them off late into the night. Again, if you are looking for a fun night with friends and family check this place out, but if you’re looking for a peaceful place look elsewhere.

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No amenities, more sexluded

Mid-Basin cove is more secluded than its sister site up the road but much more secluded and enjoyable. Dispersed camping on the beach, fires and pets allowed.

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Great mid week dispersed camping.

Pit toilets, calm water, on beach camping. Come during the week for the most solitude. Can get busy on the weekend.

Great campground

Not far from Vegas lots of amenities the water in lake Mohave is way cleaner and clear bring your scuba gear kayak canoe boat can’t go upriver towards the dam on Sunday’s with a motor paddle only keep that in mind great fishing and spear fishing no limit on carp great for target practice invasive species and don’t hurt the channel catfish or Razorbacks I’ve seen big horn sheep around the camp and waters edge fish cleaning station small store boat rentals everything in one amazing spot go for it !! You won’t be disappointed but keep in mind it does get crowded get your spot early unless your launching a boat and find a spot on the river I recommend way better some old mining equipment upriver to see and hot springs

Clean and Clear Water

My husband and I have been coming to Lake Mojave for years. This is our first campground we ever stayed at together. Marina is nice and has everything you’ll need. Water is so clear you can see the fish underneath as you paddle out. We have many favorite beaches outside the marina to paddle to for those hot summer days.

Super clean RV park

Awesome RV park. Paved road, clean gravel sites, beautiful pool, dog park fenced in. Small but big enough for pups to get exercise safely. Staff super friendly and helpful. CLEAN, CLEAN PLACE!


Took the back roads fun drive we miss the guard keeper

Nice campground

Had plenty of room for multiple tents on one campsite. The campsite was well maintained and was great if you like to do some plain and simple camping. Very close to several good hiking trails and not far from several other desirable locations within the national park.

Lakeside Desert Camping

What can I say. You’re in the desert. Don’t be looking for a shady campsite. The sites are fine with fire pit / bbq, picnic table. Nearby water access and clean bathrooms. Friendly camp host. Great marina with all the bells and whistles. Friendly staff at marina, market and cafe. Dogs not allowed waterside but a nice cove (6 Mile Cove) is just a short drive and dogs allowed there.

Found a more accessible site.

Tried to camp here on May 20, 2019 and couldn’t access the site because it requires a legitimate 4x4 with big tires. It is no joke. Our group of 4 instead followed big wash rd to the top and there was a fire pit already there and a solar panel. Beautiful view of a city. Don’t go if it’s going to be windy, we had to move our tent 3 times but much easier to access in my Chevy Equinox and worth the views.

Very updated and free WiFi

Just bought my camper so this was the close place to test it and it is wonderful. No cell reception but free WiFi is a bonus! Bathrooms were very clean and new. Half of the camping spots were pull throughs which are nice if you are still practicing to back in. Trailer spots are next to the tent spots. Can walk down to the water a little ways where there is a small place to eat. Very dark at night and great to see stars!

Perfect location

Perfect place to ride your side by sides or ATV's. Lots of outdoor activities. Friendly staff and guests.

Quick Vegas Getaway

Facilities are clean and spots are plentiful May-September due to the extreme heat. All sites are pull through RV sites that easily accommodate 2-3 tents (4man). Rumors have it they are clearing sites to create a tent only section but it will not be ready until fall 2020.

Until then expect to pay the $20/night + $10 utility hookup.

The River Between Two States

Along this gorgeous stretch of the Colorado River downstream of Hoover Dam, you will find numerous backcountry camping options on both the AZ and NV sides, many with existing fire rings. In addition, you’ll find emerald green waters, hot springs/hot waterfalls, sauna cave, slot canyons and interesting features along the sides of the canyon.   All camping is first-come, first-served and no permit is needed.  Water can be filtered in an emergency, but it is the Colorado River; so we’d recommend bringing 1 gallon of fresh drinking water per person per day. Please Leave No Trace by bringing Wag Bags or other poop removal method, including your toilet paper. 

Weather & River Concerns: 

  • If you are camping in a wash, be sure to keep an eye on the weather as flash flooding is a major concern during the rainy season.  
  • We launched from Willow Beach marina (AZ side) and paddled up stream to the dam and back over 4 days. We had an amazing weather window, but have heard from locals that this place can be VERY windy (25-50mph), making it impossible to travel against the wind. 
  • When the dam releases, it can also make upriver travel quite difficult (not impossible but difficult depending on your boat and paddling skills). Also, the river can rise 4-6 vertical feet when the dam releases water from Lake Mead, so haul your boats at least 50 feet up the washes and don’t camp close to the water or you’ll find yourself floating downstream in the middle of the night.
  • Cell service in the canyon is very limited. We found a bit near the dam, but otherwise it was emergency calls only.

Note: If you’ve never done backcountry kayak camping, hire a guide or go with a group. There are numerous companies taking groups down the river each day.

Like Camping on an John Wayne Movie Set

Halfway between Kingman and Bullhead City, on the western side of the pass, is this BLM land that will knock your socks off!  Many places to pull over for a night or for a week or two along the road. No services, no water, no toilets, just beautiful open desert with quintessential AZ mountains. Closest towns with supplies are Kingman and Bullhead City, about 20-30 minutes from each.

Beautiful campground

We stayed at one of the tent spaces that are walk up but it is a small walk. Wonderfully views, clean bathrooms and showers. Loved this campground the beach is a short drive but super nice. The store is super nice, didn't try the restaurant but will next time.

Beautiful beach

We camped with a group out on one of the points for some good off roading. LOTS of nice trails to go, lots of desert to cover. Some sand, some rocky areas, a nice assortment. When we came back we would hang around the beach. They had a nice store where you could buy almost anything. A nice bar and restaurant, with good food. The only complaint I have is it was a little pricey. $70 a night, granted full hookups, but a little high.

Campground is right next to Avi Casino

This KOA is right next to the AVI Casino. Looks like a great place to stay if you don't want to pay casino room prices, but have all the convinces of staying at AVI. Journey is literally right across the street, and you can walk over for many things to do at the AVI resort.

Right next to the Laughlin casino, and everything on the strip!

Nice place to RV if you don't want to stay in the casino. It's right across the street of all the nearby casinos, mall and eateries of all sorts including in and out burger. Basically you can stay in your own home while enjoying all of the luxurious of staying at many casinos and indulging in their buffets.

Cell signal for t-mobile is awesome here!

Nice and shady but too many drugs and druggies

The people that run the place are horrible. I thought it looked like a great place but found out quickly that it was much safer to go somewhere else. Will never use that place again

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Fun themed park!!

What a fun place for you and your kids! Lots of River activities and ATV trails. If you don't have the toys, they have all types of rentals available for purchase (1/2 day and full day increments).

The cottages were beautiful, the on site restaurant was huge and inviting! There are tent sites, RV sites, and boat docks.

I have T-Mobile, and didn't receive any signal while I was there.

More permanent trailers than RV-ers

This is a smallish lot with more permanent housing than your average RV resort. It is on the Colorado River, and does have a case on site that has great bar foods and drinks available as you watch the traffic moving along on the river.