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Beautiful spot

We went in March. They don’t have hookups but it is a beautiful spot to stay in the park.

yearly campground

When we start planning our trip every summer we plan it around Red Canyon Campground. Unfortunately last year they had an unusual amount of rain and they had a slide in the upper campground trapping some campers in rock. After digging them out, they closed the upper campground and said they would fix it over the winter.

My favorite campsite

doesn't matter if your tent camping or using an RV I guess I'm kind of partial to this campground my family has had our reunions here for 100+ years. There are freshwater places where you can hook up and get fresh water and there is a RV clean-out spot, and there are restrooms.

For those that need it DuckCreekVillage down the road has a store, gas station, and cabins you can rent. You can also go online and reserve a spot if you need to or a cabin or whatever you like in the area

Quiet and Beautiful

This campground is quiet and out of the way from nearby Zion National Park. This is a great place to stay if the campgrounds near Zion are booked or you want to avoid the crowd, as long as you don't mind the 45 minute drive if you are going to Zion before or after staying here. The ground is mostly sand, except for the paved parking and driving areas. There are plenty of trees for shade, and a picnic table and fire ring are provided. Modern restrooms and showers are provided, but they are not the cleanest, though they are acceptable for a smaller campground in a secluded state park.

The real beauty of this campground is the nearby sand dunes. A short walk from the campground is the pedestrian entrance to the the Coral Pink sand dunes, which seem to go on for miles. There is a small shelter with informational plaques, and a path to where you can walk down to the dunes. Be careful though, because the dunes are very popular with dune buggy and off-road enthusiasts.

Well Kept Sight, Decent View

This campground was well kept and the employees were great. The community kitchen, restrooms, and showers were close enough to the sight to be convenient, but far enough away to not wake you up at night with people walking by. The tent sights in the upper portion are on different levels from neighboring sites, so you are separated from your neighbors, but they are close enough if camping with a large group. The upper tent sights have no trees around them, so you get a great view of the stars on a clear night, and you can watch the sun rise and set on the cliffs, but if you look to the left of the cliffs, you get a great view of an industrial-type area. Because there are no trees around the upper sites (and it's nearly impossible to drive a tent stake into the ground), windy nights can get really crazy. I had weighted the corners of my tent with everything I could (camp chairs, suitcase, even some rocks), but the tent still blew around and collapsed on me. Overall a great campground with KOA standards, I just have an old tent and some bad luck.

Amazing! Site 002

Devil's Garden is the most beautiful campground I have stayed at. It is very hard to get a spot, the slots fill within literal seconds of being released. All of the sites are unique and beautiful. This campground is set up so there are no sites backed to each other so you get views behind you, not neighbors! The bathrooms are well kept and have flushing toilets. There are 2 site hosts as the road is fairly long with 52 sites. When we were there the hosts were selling firewood, but the next day they were no longer selling wood in the park so make sure to check ahead. There is no store for other supplies. There is access to a few trails along the end of the of the road in the small loop. This is a fairly long walk if you are at the front of the campground. There is access to trails before the entrance to the campground, which is walkable along the road, but a definetly not close. For the most part the even number campgrounds are backed against red rock formations, the odd numbers are along the canyon side with further reaching views but less protection and privacy, and the highest number campgrounds seemed largest along the back of the loop at the end of the campground. In my experience I was not able to pick the site I wanted because of how quickly they go. I lucked out because I thought our site was the best.

Site 002: This site is the first site past the camp host house. There is a good distance and a very large rock formation between the host and this site. There is no site across the road from this site either, leaving it fairly private on 3 sides. The next site is close but there are several spaces to set up tents. I would say you could fit 3 tents throughout the site. The site is on a hill but the tent areas are fairly flat, although separated from each other. The lowest area was flooded during our stay, as were many areas of the entire campground(and park) from unusually heavy rain. The bathrooms are very close. If I had my pick of sites I would choose the one again.

beautfiul spot

Absolutely stunning spot. Sites had ample space for two tents. Want to come back with more time!

Beautiful lake camping

the drive in takes a while- slow on gravel. Lake is absolutely beautiful. The vault toilets were clean and the hiking was pristine. We'll be back when its better swimming weather!

a place to sleep but nothing to write home about

for how epic Bryce is, this place is pretty blah and overpriced. Points earned are for clean bathrooms and premises. All in all pretty dull experience. Come for the park, not for the campground.

Lava Point or Try the Back Country

Lava Point is a First come First Serve campground. It is small so get there early. You will take Kolob Terrace Road North. This will get you away from most of the crowds near Springdale. My suggestion is get a back country pass and take you pack and tent on one of the many side trails off of Kolob Terrace Road. You will see some beautiful country and you won't have to fight the crowds for a campsite. You are also at a higher elevation so it is a little cooler than down in the main park.

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

South Camp Ground is amazing, but it doesn't take long term reservations

South Campground is gorgeous. It is great if you are willing to take the risk for the first come first served. I am traveling from too far away to take that risk so I always stay in Watchman. If I lived closer I would take a shot at staying in South Campground. My advice, get there early because it fills up fast!

I used my Sony Camera rather than my Iphone for these pics. I think they turned out much better than my Watchman pics.

Quiet spot

Nice, peaceful spot in the National Forest. Not much in the way of amenities, just a toilet. Really liked the sites being more set back in the trees.

Nice and quiet!

This spot is right off the hwy but very peaceful. Lots of great tree cover. Best part is you can have your dogs here!

Large campground

Larger campground with several loops off of the main hwy in Bryce. These campgrounds have some good privacy and good distance between sites.

Great spot

Beautiful new campsites with partial shelter. Newer part of the campground features group sites. Great access to the park and shuttles!

Small But Great Location

Let me just start by saying if you are trying to make it to this spot you might want to make sure you do so early, it is very small and with only 6 spots it gets packed quickly. If trying to get here on a weekend, GOOD LUCK! I recommend weekday excursions here since you cannot reserve and it is first come first serve.

So what makes this spot so appealing?? Well to start with it is FREE!! Yes, in all the camping which you have to pay for out by Zion this one is one of the few you will find that have limited amenities and is in fat free to visit. Of course with that being said it is popular.

Not all vehicles can make it out to this site and depending on what the weather has been a smaller lower car might struggle in some places if there is wash out in the region. I made it in my small Nissan on the day I visited only to find it was already occupied.

The sites here are pretty basic, no running water at the sites at all. Pit toilets were well maintained and stocked. Each campsite was large enough for comfort from your neighbors and had a picnic table and fire ring. The camp is at a high enough elevation that it gets pretty cool up there at night. I'd say at any given time it is probably 10-20 degrees cooler than the lower areas of Zion. I had on a light jacket exploring the camp and a wind nearly cut right through me mid day.

One of my favorite things about this camp was the access it has to the West Rim Trail, you can access it quickly from this area. Along this trail you can get some of the best overlooks in the park at some of the highest points. You can also use this trail to walk almost entirely around the park from big trail to big trail.


  • Bring everything!! Make sure that includes lots of water because you will not find a water spigot anywhere near you and if you plan on hiking from this camp you will need it.

  • Try a solar shower here, there are great sunny spots to set up a solar shower and let it heat up midday.

  • Check weather conditions. This area has signs posted about frequent lightening, you can avoid this by simply checking the weather to see if you are at risk.

great place to stay in arches

This campground is an awesome place to stay within Arches. It's at the very top of the park, so be ready for a long drive in. The sites are really nice. Plenty of space and pretty secluded. Be aware that the ground is hard, so difficult to get tent stakes in the ground. Also, the weather can change pretty quick here, so just be aware.

The sites all have fire rings and picnic tables. I stayed in a tent, so not 100% sure, but I don't think there are hookups for RVs. There is access to fresh water and toilets. No showers though.

My favorite part about camping here was how far away from everything it feels. The stars are crazy here. Also the hiking around is awesome. Even for those of you who aren't avid hikers, there are some cool shorter trails. The trail to Mesa Arch is only about a mile long and pretty easy. It's one of the coolest places to view the sunrise in the park. This being said, its also one of the most popular, so be ready to see other people.

Really unique national park and an awesome place to stay within it.

Close to Grand Staircase Escalante, private, open, free.

The site is on BLM land. Pack it in and pack it out. No amenities. Free. I liked this place. It was large area, open and clean. It is easy to find. From Highway 12, go south about a quarter mile on Hole in the Rock road. Then you will come onto three paths to take. Take the most east path and this will get you to the BLM lands. From there you will spot lots of rock fire rings to park near. Really there was lots of space to pick from. The drive on Highway 12 is incredibly scenic and beautiful. The ranger at the visitor center in the town Escalante told us this area is called "Tin Can" because of all the RVs the are sometimes there. We did have to get a permit, which we usually don't have to, at the visitor center. The permit is free. The area is open with lots of pinyon pine and juniper trees around. The ground is level. Plenty of privacy. Being so close to Grand Staircase Escalante was a plus. That area of Utah is well worth the time to see. We took a hike to a waterfall in the National Monument.

Quiet, Close to Zion

This is BLM land so its free, and no amenities. Pack it in and pack it out. You drive down a gravel road into a ravine. There's a large gravel lot to the left and a bit of a half loop near a river on the right a little further down the road. There is shade here from plenty of trees. Continuing on the road, there are horse corrals on the left and beyond that, a large group site. There were lots of scout tents up there. Beyond this, the road turns sandy and hard to navigate unless you have a 4x4. We turned around here and stayed at the first lot we found. There was a big RV already there and a passenger car. Plenty of space for the three of us and maybe 2 more. Being into the ravine made it a quiet night but a very cold morning. No shade here. This BLM area is close to the east side of Zion and Mt Carmel town. Good restaurant in Mt Carmel.

tiny but useful

Lava point is pretty deep into the park, so it takes a little while to get here from the south entrance. It's a very tiny camping area, with like five or so sites. Also, I think its only open during the on season and closes around the fall time.

While you're in Zion, you gotta check out some awesome trails. Angel's landing is a great hike. Don't do it if you're afraid of heights though, because there are some pretty sketchy spots. Also check out The Narrows. You're walking through water the whole way, so make sure you get some good socks and shoes. Also check out the museum in the park.

hot hot hot

This is a really nice little campground. Sites are pretty small, but nice. They're also right along this little river that runs through the campsite. The best part about the campground though, is the trail that begins in it. It leads to lower calf creek falls, this little water fall that dumps into a small pool. It was the most picturesque thing I've ever seen. Also, along the trail are these cool little markers that tell you stuff about the area and the national monument.

It does get super hot in this part of Utah though. I was there in May and it was already in the high 90s. If you hike the trial, bring plenty of water.

Surrounded by trees.

This is a self check in campsite, you need to go find your spot then go back to the entrance and pay for your spot. Make sure you get all your tags right. We endedicated up picking the perfect spot were we can see straight up to the universe. That night there was a meteor shower, just amazing. We ended up making new friends, enjoying the long weekend and having a great time. I truly recommend hiking pick a boo trail. Take plenty of water and be prepared to make several stops to be able to enjoy the scenery. Can't wait to do it again.

Beautifully Quiet Camping Spot

This is one of our favorite spots to camp in Utah. It's fabulously close to Bryce Canyon NP and a reasonable distance from Zion NP and Grand Staircase Escalante. Kodachrome is also a good destination in itself. Campsites are surrounded on three sides by beautiful cliffs and mountains and there are plenty of trails to hike and explore. We'll be back here again!

Beautiful! High up on a mountain, on a lake

Beautiful campground on a lake. During the winter there's alot of snow, so it's hard to camp up there then. Perfect during the summer. No reservations & free camping.

Great for Kids

Lots of fun for kids. Horseback riding, putt putt golf, pad boards, cabins, tents and Rv sites.

Good in a pinch!

Stayed here one night in our camper van. Not a lot of rv spaces (completely full when we showed up late on a Saturday night) so we opted for a tent site which was cheaper anyways and they had plenty of open slots for a Saturday. It probably helped that it was rainy for the tent sites.

Good location, about 5 minutes down the road from Zion's east entrance. And zion is just amazing! Highly recommend taking a few days here!

The grounds have nice showers and restrooms along with coin-op laundry and foosball tables. Decent wifi (writing this review here) and nice couches in lounge area.

And the view is amazing to wake up too here! See photos.

Just Wonderful!

Sunset is the more secluded of Bryce Canyon's two campgrounds. I LOVE that there are separate RV and tent loops and that generators are not allowed in the tent loops. 

I ended up in B loop which is the smallest. Each site is well defined and separated by some vegetation, but not enough to provide privacy. 

The campground host was nice and took her job very seriously. She was happy to ask RVers to leave the tent sites as needed. During the day I could hear but not see the road. The free shuttle system helps minimize traffic in the park. It's an easy walk from the campground so some amazing viewpoints and there's a shuttle stop right at the campground entrance if you want to check out some further sites. The shuttle system was a little confusing when I visited because they had just switched to winter hours that day and were still figuring out the timing and system. 

Each site has a table and fire pit with a bathroom nearby. The bathrooms also have well maintained rooms to wash dishes in, something I haven't seen before. 

Bryce Canyon is incredible! If you're looking for an easy but breathtaking hike I suggest doing some of the Rim Trail. If you do this hike while the shuttles are running it doesn't have to be an out and back, you can just choose two shuttle stops to hike between.

Great Location in Zion

The South Campground in Zion is less popular than the Watchman Campground. There seemed to be less RV's in South, which for me is always a plus. I visited at the very beginning of October and if was still very warm, the temperature never seemed to drop at night. All I needed to sleep was a blanket, and not even my sleeping bag.

Upon arrival, the campground hosts chose a spot for me based on the current availability. The challenge with camping in the park is that as soon as spots are empty they are taken so there is a constant turn over and you just take what you can get. 

The sites themselves are not all the private but a conveniently located to bathrooms, water, and trash. Unfortunately I was placed right behind one of the bathrooms and the sites are such that people were walking through on their way to and from the bathrooms. 

There is a river that runs along one side of the campground and if you're really lucky, you may get one of those sites. There are a few spots where you can access the river to relax or for a quick dip. 

The Pa'rus trail runs through the campground which makes is easy to get to the Visitors Center and shuttle stop (roughly a 5 minute walk). The town of Springdale is not far away and easy to get to through the southern pedestrian entrance.

If you're looking for a hike and want to forego the shuttle lines and/or the crowds of Angles Landing (or maybe it just isn't your thing) I suggest the Watchman Trail that leaves from the Visitors Center.

Great spot for a quick overnight.

Good spot for those who plan on hiking “the wave”, buckskin gulch, or wire pass.

Ranger Review: Humangear at Lava Point Campground in Zion National Park!

Campground Review:

We loved camping here! The campground is around 7000' so it stays fairly cool even in the blistering heat of the summer. and even if the summer temps are too hot there are plenty of canyons to explore nearby as well as Kolob Reservoir. The most famous canyon nearby is the famous Subway route through the Left Fork of North Creek aka "The Great West Canyon" Due to recent increased popularity the park only allows 80 people through a day combined from both the top down routes and the single approach from Left Fork TH. In order to go through it from top or bottom you'll have to apply for a permit at the NP website and then pick it up at a Ranger's Station before heading in.

The campground itself is pretty small but each has it's own picnic table, fire ring, and mini dumpster. There are 6 campgrounds and they fill up fast, real fast! We got there at noon and by 2 there were no campgrounds left on a Monday in September. Some other awesome bonuses about this camp is that its free and offers a great nearby lunch spot at the namesake Lava Point which is a basalt point that overlooks much of the main canyon of Zion National Park and the West Rim Trail!

Product Review:

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