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Family and pet friendly year-around campground

We tried this campground a few times for short stays and ended up going seasonal last year and will do the same this year. It is a little off the beaten path but is great for families (plenty of activities for kids) and pets (our dog LOVES it there). They have a pool, fishing pond, hiking trails, mini golf, playground, large grassy areas for kids to play, and horseshoe pits. There is a store (stocked with grocery staples/snacks but also TONS of RV specific supplies/parts), laundry and showers (a new and improved bath house is currently being built). There are planned activities almost every weekend during the 'season' but they are open all year with some winter sites available. They have all sites available from tent right up to 50 amp full hook-ups. I can't wait for the new season to begin in April!

My favorite close to home spot

Certain sites allow pets. My favorite site does, plus I can launch my kayak right from there! The only drawback is no alcohol allowed, but most State Parks are like that I think. All photos below are taken from my site.

Family fun

Campground is based around kids, there’s a lot for them to do!

Very primitive, but enjoyed the seclusion

I would say that Steam Mill campground was much quieter and more secluded then the rest of the camping options in Stokes State Forest. They had a fairly nice and well maintained bathroom facility. Each of the camping spots were big and outfitted with picnic benches and fire rings for cooking. The biggest negative was that the waters spouts were near the entrance so if you are staying deeper into the campground, I would consider this. Of the camping options in Stokes State Forest, Lake Oqcuittunk and Steamill were each a bit closer to High Point which offers more hiking options which was nice.

RV and Cabin Rental Only...and a miniature horse!

It is important to note that there is only RV and cabin rentals offered at Pleasant Acre. The grounds are up on top of a mountain and is quite beautiful and quiet. This is a great place to get away and bring your family and dogs. They offer several planned activities for kids and they have nice facilities like a great swimming pool and ping pong. Important to not miss: the amazingly beautiful miniature horse that wonders around its huge pin located in the middle of the campground.

Loved, but be ok with a little seclusion

This was one of my favorite campgrounds in this area if you don’t mind a little seclusion. To get to each campsite, you have to drive up a big hill that circles around the entire grounds (and eventually the lake). The campsites peel off as you drive around. Each site is fairly secluded from the next so it offers lots of privacy. If you want to be closer to other people. there are options to camp closer to the lake. There is also a large covered patio down near the lake.The campground is big and quiet which I liked. There is a great lookout point that you can walk to and they also have a memorial that is worth checking out if you stay here.

Nice camping, but disappointing lake

The caping set up was nice and I enjoyed the proximity to available hikes in the area. The ‘lake’ however, was kind of a disappointment. It was much smaller then I expected and a rather underwhelming. Of the camping options in Stokes State Forest, Lake Oqcuittunk and Steamill were each a bit closer to High Point which offers more hiking options. Each campsite was set up with a picnic table and a fire ring. One big positive was the covered picnic area which was a nice place to bring food and eat and hang out during the day to get out of the sun.

Away from main road, quiet and secluded

I really enjoyed camping at Shotwell. To get there, you have to drive about 2 miles down a road away from the welcome center. This is nice because it is quiet from traffic from cars. Each campsite is fairly big and far enough away from each other so you feel like you have your own space. Some of the sites had a platform to set up your tent on which is nice, especially if you are going after it recently rained. Our site had a picnic table and fire ring. There was a communal bathroom which was fairly well maintained and a large dumpster near the front of the site to drop off your trash. They did have a cabin-like option but I did not stay in it and do not know much about renting those.

Amazing! Loved!

WOW! What a place to camp! Swartswood State Park is a very large complex that is extremely well maintained with nice facilities. The campsites are slightly separated from the lake (maybe 8 min walk to lake) but that also means you aren’t bothered by day guests. The lake is beautiful! Great for swimming and fishing. There are several trail hikes that you can do from the campsite. The longest is 3 miles but you can connect between each trail to make a longer hike. There are picnic spots right on the lake if you want to spend the afternoon at the lake. They also have a concession stand that serves hot food down by the lake. They have a water fill station near the campsites that is shared between all the campers.

Crowded and Unfriendly

Was not a fan of camping in Harmony Ridge. Our campsite felt like it was on top of the people next to us and we didnt feel like we had our own space. They did have general store in the welcome center that offered ice, food and drinks, but we did not have the friendliest encounter with the store staff. There is a small lake/pond that is nice to fish on, but didn't seem clean enough for swimming. They had a pool which was probably the nicest thing about the site. It had plenty of umbrella seating area and a large mushroom shower thing. I would recommend camping somewhere else in the area as there are several other close options.

Great lakefront campground

This campground was nice. The campsites themselves were a bit small, but the lake and boating were great and the showers were good

Manicured campground

This campground was extremely manicured. There is no eating at the campsite, they would prefer you cook and eat by the showers, the lights go off at a certain time. The road is asphalt and well maintained to to campsites. They place wood chips all around. The setting is beautiful, it just feels more like glamping.

Ranger Review: humangear FlexiBowl and GoBites at Steam Mill Campground

Campground Review

Stokes State Forest has four campgrounds. The Steam Mill Camping Area is tucked out the of the way and is the most primitive. It is the smallest of the campgrounds with 27 sites only suitable for tents or small trailers/campervans. No pets or alcohol allowed.

The campground has a pit toilet and a well. Each large campsite has a picnic table, fire pit, and lantern hook. Some sites also have a tent platform. Many sites are a bit rocky.

We selected site T219. It was a solid choice: private but close to the toilet and water. Some sites located around the opposite side of the ring back up to a babbling brook. The rushing water will soothe you to sleep.

Remember, this is bear country so proper food storage is a must. Bear lockers are not provided. The area also has ticks and rattlesnakes.

Outdoor activities in the area abound. Go fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and more. There are 21 marked trails that cover over 63 miles within the boundaries of Stokes State Forest. Twelve miles are part of the Appalachian Trail. Pick up a hiking map at the park office or download the Avenza Maps app.

This visit we hiked the Tillman Ravine trail (tip: make the trail a loop and visit both the ravine and the nearby old cemetery).

You can also drive or hike to Sunset Mountain Scenic Overlook for a view of High Point Monument. High Point Monument is the highest elevation in New Jersey and is located in High Point State Park which borders Stokes State Forest on the north. High Point State Park also offers camping, hiking, sightseeing opportunities. And, on the western border of Stokes State Forest is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. So, there is lots of outdoors to get out and explore!

Product Review

We camped at the Steam Mill Camping Area in Stokes State Forest in our campervan over a chilly autumn weekend. We had the opportunity to cook some soup on our stovetop and chill out by the campfire. And, as Rangers for The Dyrt, we get products to test from time to time so we were psyched to try out some new dinnerware and cutlery. This included the FlexiBowl and GoBites from humangear.

What made these humangear products pretty awesome? Well, the fun colors to start. I mean, seriously, my orange bowl rules. The FlexiBowl also has some neat features: it’s flexible - just like the name suggests - and foldable. The bowl can be squished and stuffed anywhere. And, the top section can be folded down to create a smaller bowl. The FlexiBowl is versatile yet durable. It held my hearty, warm soup just perfectly.

I paired the FlexiBowl with one of the GoBites utensils (the Uno model). The Uno model is my favorite - it has a fork on one side and a spoon on the other side. Very simple and convenient. The other GoBites models include the Duo (separate fork and spoon that can snap together) and the Trio (a fork, spoon, and knife - with bottle opener - in a case).

PRO TIP: I keep the Trio GoBites model in my travel pack at all times. It recently came in handy on a (non-camping) trip to Sardinia. The knife on the Trio allowed me to slice some delicious local cheese to pair with bread, jam, and wine that was purchased from the grocery store. YUM.

Lots to do!

Worthington had wonderful grassy sites and clean bathrooms. Unfortunately when we were there the bathroom closest to us didn't have any warm water so the showers were a no go but, there was another bathhouse nearby. Lots of trails to hike and they have a boat launch so you can canoe or kayak down the river. Our site had a lovely view of the Delaware.

The only negative experience was that we had a lot of noisy neighbors who ignored the quiet hours by playing loud music into the night and yelling in their drunken states. It would have been nice if the Rangers had properly enforced the quiet hours.

A small family run campground on a farm

Large levelled spaces but a little muddy. Good for a quiet, relaxing weekend; not very close to attractions otherwise. My daughter loved the horses and goats.

Lots to see and do

This park has a lot to offer in the way of things to do like hiking, visiting scenic lookouts or visiting the moment. Also close to Port Jervis for an excursion away from the park. Sites are private but sound carries over the water. Bathrooms have chemical toilets.

Beautiful Picnic Spot on Lake Minnewaska

Good for skinny dipping and other fun things! Most acidic lake in New York but completely safe.

Great place for the new camper

This campground is perfect if you have small children or just have never been camping before. They habe showers and a laundry room onsite if you plan on having an extended stay.

Great Primitive Camping Backpacking Adventure

From the parking area of Giant Ledge/Panther Mountain this was a fairly decent and semi challenging hike. We took our dog too. Bring a bear bell and bear mace can to be safe. We did not see any but definite signs of them. Get tracking poles if you don't already have some. Very helpful here.

This was one of my favorite weekend backpacking trips. Getting a campsite up at the Giant Ledge area is hit or miss, as I only know of two. Both were empty when we arrived however. We opted for the one before the first ledge. You will see a yellow little circle sign on a tree with a tent on it, a short distance down that side trail there is the site. It has rock benches and a fire pit. Primitive. Bring biodegradabe toilet paper and a shovel; as there are not toilets up here.

Unfortunately, I only had my phone along for photos here and did not get any of the actual camp area since the battery died while taking pictures of the ledges/views which are breathtaking. Not too far down the main trail after this camp area, is the first ledge. Lots of day hikers just turn around here, but there is much more to see if you keep going! We hiked all the way to where it starts going vertical up Panther Mountain, and turned back to our campsite as it was getting dark by then.

I want to go back and go all the way up Panther. Looks like a great hike. Not that I'm complaining, Giant Ledge has several awesome lookouts as you can see in my photos, spectacular views at every single one! Go in fall for leaf views but be advised, its REALLY busy at that time. You might not be able to camp up there. If that's the case, there is a normal campsite called Woodlands nearby that has a ton of sites and RV sites.


Nice. QUIET. Great pool with beverages for the adults…. Making this a yearly trip as well.

Perfect getaway

This campground has been our favorite by far. The spots are huge, and mostly private. When we go camping we don’t want to be right up against our neighbors and at worthington we pretty much had our own little island. Bathrooms were clean and showers are separate and private. Plenty of beautiful trails with lots of wildlife! If you enjoy kayaking or canoeing they have sites which have river access right from your site. I believe they offer electric and rv sites As well. But the best part is that you’re close to some beautiful hikes like Mt. Tammany, and Crater Lake!

Next to no amenities but nice

This is a cute little campground between the Peekamoose Road and Rondout Creek. It’s actually a set of 4 campgrounds, the lower field, the middle field, the upper field, and the trailer field. All of the sites are walk in except for the trailer field, which I didn’t look at. There are fire pits at each marked site and one port-a-poty at each of the four campgrounds. No cell service whatsoever (Verizon). I did a bit of picking up litter and broken glass while I was there.

Spent one night here and enjoyed it a lot. It was nice to walk in but still be close enough to leave the food in the car rather than hanging the food up. Will be back soon!

Family approved

Going into this camping trip I had little clue what to expect. With my sister in-law leading this adventure I buckled up and made the 500+ mile drive as prepared asi thought i could be. Driving to the campground i was unsure if our camping trip was going to be in a remote area or in a subdivision. With lots of shopping, restaurants and really whatever you could ever need just 15 mins or less away I was skeptical of if I would even feel I was in the mountains. With lots of twist in the road on our way, we were getting excited. I was at peace upon our arrival as we entered the long private road entrance with the beauty of nature all around us. The owners and employees were so wonderful,helpful and relaxed, that we immediately felt at home with mother nature. We had a pretty large with grandma in tow so the staff put is near a restroom with full plumbing for convenience, greatly appreciated. We were also right at the bottom of a trail that lead straight up the mountain (Pocono) with beautiful sites and of course photo opportunities for my family and I. There's nothing like yoga on huge rocks you could fall off of to get your blood flowing and test your true abilities. The playground at the campground was small but left plenty of grassy space for our kids to play safely and for us all to yoga since our actualcamp site was basicly rock. I didn't take into account we were camping on a mountain when i packed. (TIP: I highly suggest stakes made for this type of ground. I was unprepared) The pool was decent and the restrooms and showers for the women very clean but for whatever reason for the men, well let's just say they didn't look as good as the women's. Overall our week camping here was very present and all of us from ages 18 months to 76 years old say "Cranberry Run Campground family approved!"

Family friendly campground

Nice, family friendly campground with 3 levels to camp at. Top level has a pool, showers and bathrooms with laundry area and game room. Middle level has open field with bathrooms with sinks and running water. There is water and electric on the sites at the middle level. River level has more primitive bathrooms and some bathrooms with running water. You can camp right next to the river and it has a great view.

quiet and off-the-grid

Oquaga is a great campground if you want to get off-the-grid for a little while. There are plenty of well-marked trails to hike. Bathrooms were clean and well stocked. The staff were very friendly.

Great campground lots for kids to do

This north western NJ campground has fantastic scenic views and plenty of planned activities to keep you occupied.

Mid range car camping

Just finished up two nights in site 123. These sites are RIGHT AGAINST THE ROAD. Other state parks tend to make their sites deep, whereas these are wide.

They dont seem to enforce quiet time after 9, which would be fine if each campsite wasn't right up on the neighbor. Bathrooms were clean enough, and they have coin op laundry which could be nice for families. They only had one utility sink to clean dishes, and the faucet was a poorly working motion sensor- time consuming and annoying.

The park seems best suited to families who want to fish off of a dam, hand out at a "beach", play volleyball, or let their kids run around with some freedom.

Decent hiking trail nearby, in state game lands 122, but this park is centered around the lake with no great hiking on site.

Didn't hate it, won't be back.


Beautiful State Park!! Great beach area for swimming and kayaking. Beware of bears!!


Nice hiking trails!


Cute little park. Nice lake for kayaking but not for swimming although there is a big pool. Nice trails for hiking.