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Our favorite place to camp. So much to do, hike fish,golf, geocaching and more

Nice lake campground with trees and beautiful water

We've wanted to check out Lake Murray since visiting there years ago. Didn't really think we'd be able to find a spot for Memorial Day Weekend, but apparently someone cancelled and one opened up a few days earlier. We stayed at Buzzads Roost without knowing anything about it and we we weren't disappointed. We didn't get a waterfront site but it was still a nice stay. The campgrounds were clean and quiet. It appeared that all the RV sites were level concrete pads with picnic tables, grills, and fire rings. Our was nice and wide. We don't have slideouts but they wouldn't have been a problem.

We were able to get out and kayak twice. On Saturday the boat ramp for the campgrounds was crazy busy so we drove up the road to Tipps Point and launched from there. They have a nice beach area along with some camprounds there as well. On Sunday we got up with the sun and beat everyone else to the boat launch area. If you're in the tent camping area there are plenty of places to launch a kayak but if you're driving down and don't want to walk throught people's campsites there is a small area on the left side of the boat ramp that is a easy place to launch and land a kayak. Parking can be tough at the ramp area. There's not a lot of spaces and many of them were taken by folks who have boats at the marina.

The trip over to Tucker Tower is quick and there are coves on both sides with glassy water. The tower has a dock if you want to take the tour (we were there before they opened, so no tour for us). Oklahoma is often known for its red/brown lakes, but Lake Murray is an exception. Green/blue waters that were clear enough to see the tip of my paddle when stuck straight down 4-5 feet. 

The water and surroundings were beautiful and even for a busy holiday weekend it didn't feel too busy or crowded. Lake Murray is definitely on our return list.

Visiting Post Rainfall, Lake Is At Great Level For Activity!!

Nestled in North Central Texas, the LBJ Grasslands is one of several locations in the state named for former President Lyndon B Johnson. The Grasslands are a vast piece of land set aside for the preservations of the native plants and wildlife which allow visitors to get out and enjoy the wilderness uniquely through hiking, camping, fishing and exploring. 

The grasslands are marked by green gates scattered throughout the country, indicating any entrances to the usable area. In many of these areas farmers are allowed to share the land, thus you will often find cattle roaming in the areas. For this reason, the Grasslands are a bit different than a typical experience at other National or State sites. 

Within the Grasslands you can find many camping options. Most notably you will find camping near some of the smaller lakes. Black Creek Lake, is one such option, which allows visitors to enjoy the lakeside access while also making a night or weekend of their endeavor. 

Primitive camping can be found on the back side of the lake, as locals call it, this is the area which has absolutely no improvements, no official fire rings, and nothing more than a nice place to access the area. On this side you will find many spaces which have been used throughout the years, typically with grasses pushed down and make shift fire rings dug into the ground.

 When the lake is low, this area is a bit harder to launch a small vessel from, however it does provide wonderful access for fishing. Large shade trees create a wonderful retreat from summer heat and a small access path hiking trail lines the banks and allows you to explore. 

To access this camping and outdoor location you will want to drive slowly, the road in is a bit bumpy in places, but otherwise well maintained. During rains they do experience frequent washout. 

Once you have arrived, there are no kiosks, no maps, no ranger, and for this reason, they do ask that you be very mindful of the area and take with you everything you bring in. A large point at the end of the road is perfect for day use patrons as it allows ample area to turn around and when lake is higher is considered to be an excellent primitive launch area. 

Throughout the years, I have visited this location numerous times. It often is available for camping with the rarity of closure. This area is known by locals as a great fishing locations, so it does fill up on weekends with day use, especially when the improved camping and launch zones are closed. 

In the area in addition to the occasional cow, you will note that there are many other animals which call this more remote location home. Amongst those be very mindful of snakes during much of the year. Awareness is key. 


  • The closest communities are Alvord or Decatur, make sure you stop in one of these to pick up supplies before coming to the area. 
  • There are no toilets here so make sure you are able to remove your waste from the area. 
  • Bring a kayak! This lake is a smaller location and perfect for kayaks. From this area you will easily be able to launch a kayak when the waters are higher and from the hiking area just a few hundred yards from the parking area the ground is a bit lower making it great for when the level of the lake is a bit lower.
Nice campground

Attentive staff. Pleasant breeze. Family friendly. Some RV spots are right by the water. Reserve online. Can’t wait to go back!

Crowded but it didn't feel that way

Lake Texoma State Park has a few different campgrounds. We stayed at Catfish Bay for a quick little weekend getaway. 

The campground was nice, quiet, and clean. There were a lot of families and about 50/50 RVs and tents, although most of the tents were in a separate area further down the peninsula.

The RV section has both full hookups and water/electric hookups. The prettiest sites are the ones without sewer, and the next time we go for just a weekend we'll pick one of those. Most of the RV sites have nice, level concrete pads (except the one we choose … spot 11 … crushed granite). The full hookup sites are packed in like a row of dominoes but there's plenty of room for awnings and slide-outs.

The park has a marina where you can get ice, beverages, chips, etc. You can also rent boats and tubes for the day.

All-in-all it was a nice weekend and we will probably go back.

Great campground.

Very clean and quite. We are going back next weekend.

Very clean, very well maintained park with great Wifi

We parked at Winstar RV park(FunTownRV) at the beginning of the"Covid Closure Days". The casino was absolutely closed, but the Chickasaw tribe elected to keep the RV park open. Fortunate for us!

The park is very large. The sites are excellent and at least half of the park is comprised of large, pull-through sites. These sites basically have two grills, two power poles, two water hookups, two picnic tables. More on the good stuff, but to be clear, the only reason we left Winstar RV park was because they wouldn't offer us a monthly rate. We parked there while selling our sticks-n-bricks in Dallas. The manager said they had too many monthlies and it was too much work for them. I didn't(and still don't) understand that. But there it is. After three weeks, we relocated to a park that did have monthly rates. We did, based on our Winstar players card usage, get the first 4? 5? days free that we stayed there. If we had to rely on getting it from the casino, that might have been difficult. I didn't actually have the cards, but they looked us up.

Back to the good. Just near the entrance(1/4 mile) is a Sonic, which was very convenient during Covid days. You could technically walk to the casino(note, this is the WORLDS LARGEST CASINO, and it's huge) but I wouldn't. There is a shuttle, which I assume runs when the casino is open. (We have spent many, many hours at Winstar World Casino and we very much like it. Lucky for us it was closed or we'd be broke!)

We had zero problems with package deliveries. Sometimes they even called us to let us know(but of course, I watch tracking numbers, so…). Everyone was very polite. There is a bit of a store in the office and there was more of a store behind doors that weren't open, I assume closed by Covid.

Each site has a nice grill and nice trash can on a pole, with a trash bag. These are emptied daily. There are also large dumpsters. The power is available at the large sites in 50/30/20. Water was great pressure. The only negative, for me, at least, was that this is SOFT water. I have never been a fan of soft water. In addition, we used the water a couple of times to make ice, and I didn't like the taste of it. After the first couple of times, we went to bottled water for ice and drinking, though I didn't mind the boiling of it for coffee.

The entire park is very clean. The grass is very well maintained. The caretakers never nicked my water hose or sewer lines, defaulting to leaving grass a little taller around those hoses rather than risk it.

The campground Wifi is very good, better than most any other place I've visited, in an RV or otherwise. We were never blocked for too much usage, and I was re-installing a lot of large development and server software on a new laptop while I was there. There are a large number of repeaters throughout the park.

The laundry facilities were clean. (There are two separate buildings in the two"wings" of the park.) You have to get a card from the office to gain entrance(like a keyless hotel card), which we weren't provided with upon check-in, so be sure to ask upfront, or make sure you try to wash clothes during the office hours, which I think ran to 9pm? I think it was about $2 for a wash/dry. Yes, $1 for the wash, $1 for the dry, obviously assuming normal run times.

There's a nice sidewalk that runs around most of the park, with doggie bag/trash stations along the way. In addition, the park was clearly planned as there is a definite drainage system. You don't get large puddles after a rainstorm. Lots of birds around, I think there was a family of three rabbits that my dog would smell and chase(if I would've let her off the leash!) Several small'ish (not yet mature) trees are around the park. Some of the grass was so great, I was jealous! Winter rye or something, but it was so great it looked fake!

If you were boondocking, or not hooking up, there IS a dump station at the exit. There is also a pool and a meeting room. It was closed off for winter(and Covid) while we were there in March-April 2020.

We would most definitely stay there again. I didn't want to leave, it was only their refusal to give us a monthly rate, otherwise, we would still be there.

For location, though, f you're visiting for any reason OTHER than the casino, you're out of luck. Thackerville, Oklahoma is absolutely nothing to write about. You're two hours from Oklahoma City and an hour from Dallas. (Though Gainesville, with a Home Depot and Walmart, is about 15 minutes away.) I would also nick on price if that were a category, but price is subjective, so… and really, $30 most days($50 Friday/Saturday) isn't shabby for water, sewer, and 50 amps in a clean park.

Great place for a quick overnight from DFW

This is a nice little state park with good camping. The bathrooms are clean as are most Texas state park. There are small hiking trails that are kid friendly. I think the longest was 3 miles.

Nice Escape from Covid-19

Everything is true as others have reviewed. Friendly and helpful staff. For RV site, some require at least a 50’ hose for water. Others are closer to the water. Electric is located close by sites. Some sites also have sewer. Nice place, I shall return one day.