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By the sea.

Loved this campground.

Nice area and plenty of activities

It's a nice area, but has been overrun with homeless people and garbage.

Close to beach

Large campground with lots of people but still feels like you’re camping. Great beach access.

Wonderful Beach

Camped here in May and managed to get one of the 2 Yurts available.

This is RIGHT ON 101  its a mere sliver of forest between 101 and the beach.

The yurt was amazing and at least kept the road noise to a miniumum.

The reason to come here is the magnificent almost empty beach..its breath taking great.

We strolled around the campground and it seemed to me they got it all wrong, they had the RV sites nearest the beach and furthest from 101..while the poor tenters were right up against the highway.

As a tenter there is no way i would stay here it would be unbearable without ear plugs, they should have the big RVs next to the road as tbhey dont hear a thing inside and the tents next to the beach.

But still a well maintained fanily campground with a beautiful empty beach

Average Coastal RV type park

I have stayed here a few times mostly when the kids were younger, but recently stayed here in a Yurt.

Its basicalky a RV type place..crowded sites, no privacy  and tons of screaming kids.

Its clean and there are some trails ( one very easy ) to the beach which is quite nice.

The hosts are excellent if busy.

The Yurt was great , but be prepared for the fog horns going off all night on the jetty.

Good for RVs and kids,


Used to camp here now and again, but not my thing anymore.

I am at heart a tent camper and used this park when the kids were younger because of the amenities.

But the last time the noise of huge RV generators going for hours and hours was the final straw.

This is a great campsite for huge RVs  for tenters its pretty useless

Nice and Easy

This is  simple, primitive campground mostly centered around a small picturesque lake.

There are a few other sites dispersed in the area. One of the best ones is just around the bend from the lake sites and its of the road and gets more sun, if thats your thing.

When i visited mid week in July it was empty. 

Its quite a distance on sometimes very rough gravel roads, with no tirn outs and sometimes large drops on one side, so be very careful with log trucks .

But i made it OK with my beat up old Grand Caravan.


Great all year.

Have camped and"yurted" in this park ever since i came to Oregon at least twice a year.. Its a great campground if you have younger kids as there are hot showers and nice bathrooms for the little urchins.

As you can imagine its very busy and crowded in the Summer..almost like a small refugee camp sometimes. But when you have kids thats a good thing. During the off season most of the tent loops are closed down and its much more peaceful. You can enjoy the natural splendors of the park.

 The park is basically built along the banks of a lush creek and many of the areas between loops are marshy and quite natural. The nature walk along the crek is cool also but watch out for speeding mountain bikers. I was there this month( Feb) and it was great. Will always come back. Great park great memories. Also i guess its not camping but have found AT&T has good coverage( 4 G 3 bars) while Verizon has nothing at all.

Beautiful Campground with Huge Trees and Lots of Waterfalls

Since we had a wedding to attend in Oregon, it gave me a chance to visit Silver Falls State Park. My first impression was how crowded the campground was during the middle of the week. The bath house was more than I expected, especially for a state park. I don’t know whether or not the other Oregon State Parks have modern bath house facilities like this one, but I was impressed. The campsite that I chose was flat and had plenty of shade, and the trees were huge. As a lover of all things natural, especially trees, this was great. It hadn’t rained in a while, so I couldn’t judge how well the site would drain, especially since there were no raised tent pads. The main attraction for this large state park is obviously centered on waterfalls and trails. I didn’t get a chance to explore all of them, but the ones I did get to see were impressive. South Falls is a short hike, and you can walk behind it. From the bridge facing the waterfall, it looks like the Garden of Eden. You can also walk to the top of the waterfall. North Falls also is a short hike. Although it is not as high as South Falls, it is one that is worth the hike. The main campground areas were booked, but the group camping area had quite a few sites available the first day we were there. However, the next day, the group camping area was also filling up since it was getting closer to the weekend. Overall, I was impressed with this campground. Unfortunately, I probably will not get to visit it again for quite a while since I live 2,500 miles away. With that said, I do highly recommend this state park and campground.

Wide open large sites

Great campground, easy to get in and out with level sites. Facilities were nice, right on the river, close to town. Would stay here again if in the area. No complaints

Amazing campsite close to even more amazing trailheads

We stayed at a rainy day at this state park's camp, it was a good choice though. The campsites are really well maintained, it has clean bathrooms with showers (!) You can get firewood there and sites are not to dense so you get some privacy.

The best part about the campsite is that it's located in the middle of the statepark, there are plenty of trailheads around. We did the whole trail of ten falls - about 10 miles, and we definitely recommend it. The day-use area is also recommended. As it was raining the whole day, we really appreciated, that it was one of the rare places where we found covered grill area so we could prepare lunch here without getting wet.

All in all an A+++ location

Amazing campsite close to even more amazing trailheads

We stayed at a rainy day at this state parks camp, it was a good choice though. The campsites are really well maintained, it has clean bathrooms with showers (!) You can get firewood there and sites are not to dense so you get some privacy.

The best part about the campsite is that it's located in the middle of the statepark, there are plenty of trailheads around. We did the whole trail of ten falls - about 10 miles, and we definitely recommend it. The day-use area is also recommended. As it was raining the whole day, we really appreciated, that it was one of the rare places where we found covered grill area so we could prepare lunch here without getting wet.

All in all an A+++ location

Close to Town

Definitely felt like town camping. Sites are close with limited privacy. Sitting around the campfire, we could see into other people's trailers. We took a drive around and decided the outside sites next to the nature trails would be better than in any of the loops. It was perfect for our Newport plans though! Very close to town, jetty, dock and beach.


This one s a great beach campground with a handful of tent camping spots and many RV spots. The beach is very easy access and during the week, there were only a handful of people using the beach. After 5 days of camping throughout the area, I was thankful for the availability of a warm shower. The only drawback was the constant noise from the 101. Just a tip for you tent campers…A11 has a great ocean view

Nice site

The campsites felt decently spread out with lots of trees and well cared for. The water pump says water is safe for drinking but the water does come out murky. The highlight is the access to the river. Will have to return during the warmer season. The road noise did keep me up at night, the river wasn’t flowing enough to drown it out. It’s still a beautiful area and I plan to return.

Okay, Not Great

So much potential being right on the Willamette River, but unfortunately there is basically no view of the water. We had a rough visit that I’m sure was an anomaly. We had a change of itinerary that brought us to Woodburn and had to arrive with no reservations. There were sites available (after Labor Day) so no problem. Were were told to “pick any unreserved site” so we did so. Got unhooked, leveled, and fully set up, then went to register for the night when the ranger told me that the site was reserved. IT WAS NOT TAGGED. So, we had to pack up and move. Total bummer. Beside that, the park is unwatered and was just dry and unattractive. Upside was spacious sites in B loop, but we just had the view of a dried out field. Paved sites, level, with plenty of electric/water sites. I wouldn’t stay here again unless it was in the spring.

Not Camping, Nice Park

Okay, this isn’t really camping, it’s more like parking in a parking lot so don’t have an expectation that it’s a camping atmosphere. That being said, this is a very nice place to get off I-5 and park an RV with all the amenities. You can walk to several restaurants and the outlet mall. There is a great laundry room, clean bathrooms and showers, pool, pet areas, and nicely paved, level, but crowded sites.

Crowded but nice

South Beach SP Oregon Site B1 Memorial Weekend Crowded but nice. Some loops very narrow rods and lots of kids on bikes. We were in a back in end site. A bit more room but beach access walkway next to us meant a lot of foot traffic. Large open beach with small waves. Access is ADA friendly. Level asphalt pad. Minimal privacy from trees but they do provide some shade. So.e skeeters but not to bad yet. Large trees at rear or site. Average bathhouse close by. CG has yurts, and tent sites too. Great restaurant close to SP has fresh crab, salmon, halibut and cod. Right next to it is a fresh cherry stand

Very nice privacy

We tent camped and LOVED having bushes separate each tent site. Really enjoyed having privacy! Nice little walk down to the bay.

Waterloo County Park

Campground with something for everyone! Right on the river for swimming or fishing. If you drive up the road, you can float down the river to your campground! This park even has a disc golf course to enjoy while you camp. There’s a park area with a playground for the kids to play. Spaces are large, and nicely spaced out.

Equestrian Trails!

Great trails that have a little bit of everything. Some of the hills are long and great for but muscles 😂♥️ There were a few issues with bees, or some kind of but that bites, the last time I went (late August) so maybe bring extra fly spray and/or bug replant.

Great beaches.

Some amazing ocean front spots. The highway side can be quite noisy from Hwy 101. Ocean side is near enough to the waves that it overpowers the Hwy.

Easy, popular campground

A loop - you can hear highway 101. Lots of RV spots. Best tent sites are on the outer (north) sides of the loops. Especially C,D and E loops. Ranger station and junior ranger program. Great family campground.


No matter the time of year, Silver Falls State Park is an Oregon must visit! 

Top reasons I love this campground: 

  • SOOOO much to see and do! 
  • Amazing waterfalls (keep in mind they won't be rushing in the heat of the summer).
  • Great programming 
  • Beautiful lodge 
  • Vast parks and play areas 
  • Swimming
Pretty spots, helpful rangers

Love to stay here when all the other campgrounds close. Nice hiking trails. The rangers are very nice. Beautiful scenery. Only downside is some of the people who stay here make it uncomfortable for others and destroy the bathrooms. But other than that I'd stay again.

Fun at the Oregon coast

Located just south of Newport, this is a really great place to stay. Good spots to camp. Clean and spacious.

Convenience, Rogue, Sand and Trees...also a campground.

The South Beach State Park Campground is at the mouth of the Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon. The first thing you'll notice is the wind on the way in. Generally, north to south in the summers, the wind is strong, always strong, like 30 mph or more pretty much all the times according to the locals. It felt like it was raining, but it was just water being blown off the ocean. However, once you're in the campground you don't notice it at all since it is well protected by surrounding dunes and tree line.

There is a Tim Burton-esque trail system surrounding the camp leading out in all directions to the beach and bay. Some trails are blacktopped, some sand, and some horse accessible. Google maps struggled to get me to the correct entrance so pay a little more attention when arriving.

My visit was during Oregon Parks day so camping was free. The Hiker/Biker area is just inside the camp entrance across from the hospitality yurt where you can get hot tea, coffee, ice cream, wood bundles, stickers and Oregon Parks merchandise. The camping (all of it) area itself is pretty open with minimal privacy or separation from your neighbors, but everything is very clean and organized. 

The campground was packed, and the RV/Tent area was essentially a parking lot. It seemed like a lot of families to come to the same place, the same weekend every year. However, it was a well regulated, and well behaved campground. The nice thing about this campground is the location. There are hiking trails, beach access, and it is close to all the amenities of Newport. Once you left the camp on a trail you could wander the trees without seeing anyone for awhile if you needed to get away.

Hiker/biker area had faux fencing built up to separate sites and wood platforms to get tents off the ground which I haven't seen in any other hiker/biker camps. The fences were a bit weird but made it easy to lock up a bike, hang some laundry and would a good stop if I were traveling with a hammock.

Amenities include:

  • Camp Store
  • Storage box with usb charging station
  • Raised wood platforms for tents
  • Flush toilets
  • Hot free showers
  • Access to beach & trails
  • Walking distance to Rogue Brewery, Yaquina Bay State Park, South Beach State Park, 
  • Bike Stand and tools
  • Fire pit and picnic tables

Pro-Tip: In Newport, just across Yaquina Bay, is the Newport Bike Shop. It is one of the few bike repair shops along the coastal Oregon Route. If you get a $35 bike tune up you can take a break in their upstairs lounge with tv, wifi, fridge with beverages, and washer/dryer.

Welcome to Partytown.

Devil's Lake State Park Rec Area Campground (it's a mouthful) is right on the edge of town. That is convenient if you're trying to access things in town. It really sucks if you're trying to actual "camp". This is a party spot for local ruffians, and an RV parking lot for people who want to get away without losing any sort of amenities whatsoever.

The Hiker/Biker area is just a little patch of grass on a hill just inside the entrance to the left. The hill makes it hard to find any flat ground for a tent, and you are adjacent to a road to the north and a single family home to the east. The coast highway is a block to your west. Basically, it is a lawn. 

There is lake access but the lake is more of a pond. Ocean access is across the highway about 15 minute walk. You can also just walk into town for a beer if you want. Being so close to town makes it an easy place for people to go and get rowdy too. 

The camp hosts here have given up on enforcing any sort of rules in the park. There were people openly doing drugs. The site across from the host had a keg and set up speakers blasting some terrible classic rock. On a trip the the bathroom I saw the camp host looking out the window at the loudest site in camp, and then just pull his shade in the RV down. And not even joking, at one point a group (college age?) woke me up with shouting as they cheered on their friend who was getting laid in the tent. Another group was doing night skateboarding through the park in loops.

However, if you're just passing through you'll have everything you need to get through the night here including a hot shower, bike tools, and charging station. 

I gave this place two stars because the amenities are there. If based on my experience alone it would be zero, but I am sure there are days when it is fine.


  • free hot showers
  • storage boxes with USB charging stations for phones and lights
  • Picnic Tables
  • bike racks
  • bike repair station
  • flush toilets
  • Wetlands nature trail
  • lending library

Oregon Hiker/Biker Camps are $7-8 (this one is $8)

Pro-Tip: If you're heading south stop at Big Mountain Coffee Roastery. It is decent, a little kitschy, and has AC/Wifi. Plus it is a very small, local business to support.

Clean & Near McKenzie River

More of a motor home campground, although there were some tents. Nice dog park at entrance. 

Pretty quiet.

Great Beach Side Campground

You can walk right onto the beach from the campground. There are Pull-thru and tent sites. Pet are also allowed here. There are some recreation trails close by. The restrooms are always clean. They have both 30 and 50 amp hookups for the RV camper . I would recommend that you reserve a site during the high season. It is a popular campground without all the extra 'fluff'.