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Most Recent Climax Camping Reviews
Stayed at campsite #8

.3 miles to the site from where you can park. Follow the markers for the site. The campsite was a nice quiet site. There was a little bit of trash in the fire ring but seen that more times than not. The ground was a little slanted everywhere we looked although we set up our tent in the dark arriving after dusk. Do not recommend that ever really!

As the other reviews state and are correct, go to the ranger station/kiosk in the park and fill out a park and pack camping registration sheet as well as signing the sheet hanging for picking a site. Check what sites people have reserved before you and double check when they are departing so you don’t reserve the same one they are staying at.

IMPORTANT: Personally the directions on the kiosk where you sign in are misleading and to me really just plain wrong. The directions were correct once we got to the trailhead BUT there was no way to know where the trail head was or what the name of it was, nothing. So we wondered around for like an hour walking a random trail in the dark and not finding anything. Finally we got online and found a handy dandy pic with the location of all the sites and trailheads. I updated the location of the trail head to the campsite for the posting here on the app. Again you must still register in the park which is a solid 5-10 min drive from the kiosk to the trailhead. The trail head is for campsites 8, 9 &10. We will post the picture and your life will be easier than ours. Enjoy and Happy camping!

Favorite Park in Ohio

We love this park! Lots of hiking! Even saw a bald eagle this trip.

Another Thanksgiving spent in our camper and it was so nice and relaxing. There were more campers than a expected this weekend. I guess everyone likes to social distance in there campers too.

Camping in the off season is our favorite time of year. This particular park has potable water on by the dump station and the dump station is open. The water at the full hook up sites are turned off.

No cell service with Verizon at this park.

Not for me

This is an amazing place. I felt like I had arrived at a cult gathering. Lots of kids on bikes and families having fun. Sounded like live music after dark accompanied by whooping and hollering and people having fun. I hiked with my dogs before leaving and got lost for awhile. The place is big. Did not go into shower or any Other facility. This is a certain kind of place but not for me. Sites on top of each other.

Boring spot with lots of horse poop!

I got to Mohican a little late. Decided to do this free spot to save money. Well hidden with no view. Also had to dodge lots of horse manure. I definitely should have gotten a paid for spot.

Park and pack site #4

Near the bridal trails you'll find Park and Pack site #4. It's a great spot if your legs are tired after a long day of hiking or if you did too many hills that day. Or if you're a beginner camper, or family that want to try something new, it's easy to walk into and out of. You'll find campsite #4 near the horse pavilion and a large wood barn where it looks that wood is provided. The trail itself is flat, wide and conditions depend on recent rainfall and horse use. It was mostly dry with some muddy areas to navigate around. You'll need to transport it back to camp somehow by pack or a cart/wheelbarrow… It has creative man made benches from logs/branches, a great view for sunset. Per paper maps it looks like it's among the other campsites but actually it's on its own and the opposite side of the multiple bridal trailhead.

Large spacious Covid19 friendly site

Take a walk down a dirt beaten path with mature trees towering and hang a right and the path gets more eroded from rains, then you go up a slight steep hill and a big area is open for several tents to be set up, a few safe spots for hammocking. Lovely spot for after work camp set up.

Very nice park

We called last minute and it was on a 1st come, we hit the road quick. Great Lake close to rafting on Mohican river. The lady across from site 188 was a bit crazy however manageable! She called us weekenders lol she was a permanent. Park is doing a ton of remolding looks to be mostly seasonal sites…we didn’t care.

Campsite 10 large and beautiful

Make sure you get a reservation at the kiosk by the ranger station in the forest. Do not go to the state park as that is completely different. For the forest office I go to Co Rd 939, Perrysville, OH 44864

Do not camp illegally or without a reservation. They do post signs and ask other campers to report the illegal camping.  

The sunset photo is by the entrance of the parking lot to the campsite.  This is the 2nd easiest campsite to walk into out of the 10.  If you have any mobility issues this is the second best camp site to go to as most of it is along the wide access road and mountain bike trail. The parking lot was clean and easy to access. 

I had limited cell phone signal while here but this had the best signal out of the 10 sites. 

All of the Park and Pack camp sites do not have a bathroom. As you can see from this site I took the time to take a picture of the moon pole.  So do leave no trace of your bathroom habits. 

This site was great for both hammocks and tents.  You could have a small group here and not feel crowded. The camp fire set up is awesome. We had another camper over by that spot so I didn't take pictures of his gear.  He had a hammock and tent set up. He was camping at the spot for a week for his vacation. On our last night at this site another backpacker came through and set up.  Make sure you get a reservation and look closely at the board at the kiosk.  Our main camper at this site was gracious as he had booked the site for the week most folks didn't realize the site was taken as his name was so far up the clipboard.  We weren't alone in not realizing that and he enjoyed the brief company we provided as good neighbors to each other.

Mystery is solved (Park & Pack Campsite 4) Mohican Memorial Forest

First off this campsite was the hardest for us to find but it is the easiest to get to in terms of walking.  How does this happen?  We took the main trail head at the bridle parking lot but this isn't where you should go. The main trail head gets you to sites 1- 3.

You need to be in the same area but instead look over by the pavilion you will see the trail campsite marker for #4 campsite marked.  You will never ever find it on the loop. The map is misleading. We naturally did the whole red loop looking for it and never did find it. 

So once again go to the pavilion and look over by the firewood shed. You will see the trail to campsite number 4. 

This is the easiest and safest to get to if you have any issues with mobility. It is almost a rails and trails walk into this campsite. I have a friend with mobility challenges and can walk on wide open trails. It is gravel but this site and number 10 is what I would pick for her. 10 does have a slight up and in that could be a challenge but it is largely flat. 

It is close to the trail but we only saw two ladies pass us by when we were camping here. We did arrive to the campsite late as we did a loop that we didn't need to hike as we were looking for this in the wrong part of the bridle section. 

Cell phone coverage with Verizon was very limited out here. Download your maps before you go. No near by water source for this campsite. 

I will come back to add "captions" to my videos in the picture description boxes down below.

Tucked away and hard to see but awesome

Campsite number 3 is also on a short creek crossing. Nothing to worry about with your pack on this August sunny day. It had plenty of space for tents and hammocks. It was close enough to hang out by the creek if you wanted. 

No cell phone service for Verizon. On this post for the Park and Pack I focused on the forest postings.  Do register before you do the long walk out here (depends on which way you do the loop). 

You don't want to do illegal camping at the Park and Pack sites as they do keep an eye out for it. They also want folks to call it in to discourage bad behaviors.  I spoke to such a guy in the Park and Pack parking lot as illegal campers had taken up a spot for another park and pack camper that did register. 

It is nice no official check in and check out time like you have at the state park campsites. However, the early bird does get the worm or in this case the camp site. It is harder for folks that live further away to get their hands on a site. As there are only 10.  

The ranger office is closed at this time. Make sure you go to the Mohican Memorial Forest office and not the Mohican State Park office. They are located close to the covered bridge in the park.  I use the GPS address Co Rd 939, Perrysville Ohio to locate the ranger office.  That being said going here you can register and see where everyone is going by looking at the clip board. 

As always keep the local numbers handy and take photos of the map. They do have a few at the trail head kiosk but no maps were at the registration kiosk.