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About Mohican Memorial State Forest Park and Pack Site 1
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Mohican Memorial State Forest Park and Pack Site 1 is located in Ohio
40.6095 N
-82.2936 W
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1 Review of Mohican Memorial State Forest Park and Pack Site 1
Mohican Memorial Park and Pack Campsite 1 Review

A well hidden campsite. We almost walked past it and didn't even know it. Toledo another hiker on the trail was still looking for it and never found it.  This is one of the smallest camp sites.  It would be hard to put a big tent here so make sure you use your smaller tents. You can easily hang hammocks back here.  If I were to pick which way I would go for this site it would be hammock camping hands down. 

This one does have a creek crossing after you leave the camp site.  It was the deepest part of the creek and muddy leading up to it.  This is because the trail is also the horse trail in the forest. The water is muddy so I wouldn't creek at this spot but it does have easy water access.  

This was nice on a hot day and if you needed to filter water it would be super easy. However, do be aware that horses are going through the water.  Horse poop and pee is not distracting from the camp site as it is far enough away.  No real bug issues at this site. 

You have the official fire ring and also the fire ring that folks have created from river rocks. You should use the official fire ring as rangers will not be pleased with other fire rings. I never did see a ranger but folks talked about them. 

Make sure you register for your site and do not camp illegally. It is an issue here and they are looking to make sure folks did register at the kiosk at the ranger station.  It is currently a clip board system. The actual office is closed due to COVID-19.  Do get to the clip board early as these sites are popular.  No reservation system so you really don't know which one you will be able to get when you drive up to the forest. 

Also, make sure that when you use your GPS to the kiosk/ranger office that you do so inside of the forest.  Many folks accidentally end up at the Mohican State Park which is right next door. 

For my GPS I use the phrase Mohican State Forest Offices to get to the right spot. This is Co Rd 939, Perrysville, Ohio 44864

Your cell phone signal (Verizon) will be limited back here. It will work at some of the high points. I use the trail app AllTrails to help me navigate back here.  You will want the Mohican Red Bridle Trail Loop, Mohican Blue to Red Bridle Trail Loop, and the Mohican Yellow Bridle Trail Loop. When you look at the paper map that is provided at the kiosk it doesn't have all of the waypoints/letters that the use back in the woods. I had to use my app, paper map, and an earlier photo of a map to identify what a certain point was on the loop.