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Loved this Park! It’s a come-back.

Very nice and clean park. The older side arranged in semi circles has larger spaces, but the newer side is really nice. We ha a pull through with full hookups. The staff is very friendly, and on arrival we were escorted to our space. Very nice showers and laundry houses - the showers are individually lockable. My only complaint was that the electrical pedestal was very low making my surge protector lay on the ground, and the night time security lights are way too bright. But yes, we would happily stay again.

Successful camping trip

Nice site. Easy in and out. Close to the water. Store employees and park host nice and friendly. Pet friendly park. July camping is a little extreme. But spend the day by the lake and leave a/c running in trailer and you are good to good.

No vintage Airstreams

Would have loved to stay here but they only take 2000 and above travel trailers. We have a 1967 Airstream. 😢

Nice place

my RV n travel trailer ppl there are NOT many options to stay when you come to Las Vegas that are safe resort style but here are two gems I highly recommend.. Desert sands RV resort on Boulder and sunset has just been took under new management/ownership  and bathrooms showers pool have all been remodeled looks fabulous also dog parks WiFi great location great price same goes for the Riviera RV resort also on boulder also newly remodeled great prices they Have awesome dog parks beautiful views super friendly if you're coming to Vegas with your RV or trailer I highly suggest you check out these 2

Decent place

$18/night FHU for first 3 nights and $22/night after that. They do have weekly and monthly rates. Although sites are small, 75% of them are pull throughs at same price as back ins. CASH only. No credit cards. 

Park felt safe and secure. No seedy characters. Had plenty of long term people but seemed like people from construction who came home from work and were quiet at night. 

Nice laundry room and showers. Pet friendly at NO extra charge.

Overall for our needs it was close to places we needed to go and two casinos nearby and also the Longhorn Casino for old small town vegas feeling. 

Would have given them 5 stars but no wifi. 

Front office (Cookie) was not exactly warm and friendly but she was professional. Manager was a lot nicer.

Great place

I was a little unsure after reading some other reviews about this location, but we have found it to be an absolutely lovely spot. We camped right on the lake front at the end of the road. Probably not possible for a larger rig as the road is quite Sandy and steep, but perfect for us. The weather was idealic everyday. Mid 80's during the day and high 50's at night. We saw people daily come down to fish and a few campers, but everyone was quiet and respectful, although some did not pick their trash up which is always sad to see. There are a couple dumpsters on the road coming in, so really no excuse. We enjoyed lots of wildlife while staying here! So many ducks, some herons, storks, hawks and roadrunners. We have also seen and heard coyotes almost every day, but they have kept their distance and seemed wary of us. I would recommend locking up garage overnight however. Verizon and ATT both have great signal. 4 bars at an average of 35 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up

Beautiful place to picnic and hike

Such a short drive from Vegas & not many places you can leave triple digit temps in the valley to go hiking in a tank top & wish you had brought gloves when you're sticking your fingers in snow to scramble up to the cave by the waterfall. How have I not come here before? This was a great hike this year with our cold May weather to keep snow around even in June. I need to come back to Mount Charleston more often since I am a waterfall junkie.  A bit steep, hiking pole could come in handy but otherwise an easy to find and enjoy hike

Beautiful scenery

Stayed here back in 2009 at Thanksgiving time. I cannot remember the site number but it was on the far right end and I believe generator free loop. It was very quiet and peaceful and I enjoyed the smell of the huge eucalyptus trees and feeding the doves and quail when they flew in at dusk. Got bird feed at WalMart. The restrooms were very clean as was the campground and the host was very friendly. WalMart was an easy drive of about 20 minutes to Henderson and also a Chase bank ATM in the same lot. Will be heading back that way. this winter with a new 12 foot kayak to explore the lake as well as the Colorado River downstream of the dam. Also want to check out the Callville Campground which looks very nice and I think it has a basic store on site. Saw some coyotes in the washes and also sunning themselves over on the boat ramp parking area. I walked very close to them and they never moved an inch. Happy camping!

Great place

If you're a mountain bike rider or a hiker, this is one of the places to start your journey.  Several years ago, the parking area was redone.  It now has two parking areas--one on the east side for horse trailers and over-sized vehicles--and regular vehicle parking on the west side.  There's also restroom facilities on the west side.  The parking lot has some nice interpretive signs explaining when this area was used by wagons as part of the Santa Fe Trail.

I came here to do a hike for a quarterly hiking article I write and to see if the hike was something our group might want to do.  The trails are fairly well marked but if you're just exploring it might be good to have a GPS unit with you so you can get back to the car.

There are approximately 140 miles of trail that can be used by mountain bikers, hikers, and horse riders.  There is signage that's relatively new for the main trails.  The other side trails have small wooden signs at almost ground level and since there are so many, you might want to check the Cottonwood Valley mountain bike trails website before going.

As a starting spot for you outdoor adventure, the Late Night Trailhead is great!

Beautiful place

Red Rock Canyon is a gem just west of Las Vegas on State Route 159 (SR159) or West Charleston Blvd. The 13 mile scenic loop is inside a fee area, so expect to pay to enter. If you possess a valid National Park Access card, it will work for RRC. State passes are not valid for entry. The variety of colors is the most striking aspect of this area. The scenic loop is one-way, so you don't have to worry about opposite direction traffic EXCEPT for runners and walkers and the occasional bicyclist. Speaking of cyclist, this is a very popular riding route so don't be surprised to see lots and lots of them. When driving, take your time and stop only in designated areas. There's plenty to see, so get out and explore. CAUTIONS: Summer temps easily exceed 100 degrees and often above 110F, so go early and bring plenty of water. The speed limit is 35 MPH and 25 MPH is some areas. This is enforced and warning are not usually given. Go early, the scenic loop is often closed on weekends by mid-morning due to over crowding.

Nice place

Every time I come here the campgrounds seem to have more amenities. There are more covered awnings over the picnic tables(although there are many sites that  are  still uncovered) and now there are little wooden benches around the fire pits of each campsite.

The pit toilet restrooms have solar panels on top so they power bright white lights inside that help you see in the dark night. Pretty fancy stuff for a bare boneseque campground. You should check out the camp host's solar set up. Impressive!

There is running water outside the bathrooms to fill up if you run low and your phone will get cell reception in certain areas. At night you can see the Luxor's beam of light shooting high up in the Vegas sky from the campgrounds which is kind of a comforting in a strange way. Nice to know that if you want to party with the people it's a short drive away.

The close proximity of the fancy schmancy Albertsons which offers decent pre-made sushi and a large selection of craft beers makes campground meals pretty posh when you can easily make a run for steaks or salmon to grill up for dinner.

$15 a night. 2 cars per campsite and as many tents as you can fit into your tiny little plot. As this campground tends to cater to climbers you will often see up to 5 tents crammed into one site. People from all over the world come here to camp and climb. Ive met many people from  New Zealand,Japan, Germany, Switzerland, France and Canada. During shoulder season the campgrounds seem to be completely taken over by Banff Canadians. Good thing Canadians are friendly as we've asked to share a site of some strangers but now friends because the campgrounds were full.  They let us squeeze one more tent on their site.

Great place for camping

Good offroad campground. Very nice sights around. Definitely need a high clearance vehicle probably with 4x4 but the trail isn't too hard overall. We got stopped on the way back the the 15 but it was because the rain previously messed up the road so we had to turn around back to the 95 freeway. Still totally worth it. I would say it takes about a day to do the mormon well trail from one end to the other but that's with stops and eating as well. The campground is amazing and we are definitely going back to camp. It's very close to vegas overall and still the sky is amazing at night and super quiet like vegas isn't even there. There is a bathroom. No running water so bring some to spare.

Willow Beach experience

Nice cold water, WiFi, clean bathroom, Fishing, rental kayaks, picnic area, and very clean willow Beach.

Great for hiking

I only spent one night here because of rowdy tent campers on the beach. I moved to Crawdad Cove, down the right fork of the same dirt road from Northshore Rd. It was noisy there too, but it's a nicer and more spacious location that Boxcar. I won't come to back to either location again.

The rules I got from the visitors center clearly state that RVs can camp only in "designated" campsites. (Tents can camp anywhere.) There is no definition of "designated", and the folks behind the desk suggested that it meant "established", ie. obvious to look at, and most likely with a fire ring. By that definition, I could only find one RV campsite at Boxcar, and that was at the end of the road by the beach (coords in site number above). I did pass three RVs camped along the road, but they were all off-road in the sand, and the Park Service paperwork says there's a fine of up to $5000 for doing that.

The campsite was level and clean. There was not much space to turn the truck and 21 ft trailer. Verizon 4G was good, with 11 MBps down and 0.7 MBps up. There were numerous tent campers along the beach, and a lot of evening and night-time noise.

Awesome place

This is a well-planned and well-maintained RV gated resort with fabulous amenities (pool, gym, showers, laundry, cafe). We appreciated that it's gated, and people have to identify themselves before they can get in. That's a good safety feature.

We also appreciate that bathrooms/laundry facilities are conveniently located in various parts of the RV park, so it's not a long walk to get there. The bathrooms are exceptionally clean. They're unisex, and each bathroom is directly accessible from outside ---- ie., no common hallway entry --- and each bathroom is lock-able from inside. We didn't need combination locks. That made me feel safe. The resort is nicely lit, so I also felt fine walking my dog late at night when she had to. 

The wifi is zoomingly fast which we appreciated since we didn't connect to cable, and merely used our ipads for entertainment, etc.

The location is good ---- it's a short distance to a premium outlet mall with high-end retailers and fine dining.

My only beef with this place, and the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is that the dog "runs" are essentially cages. So dogs really can't "run" around. As big as this place is, it certainly has enough room for a long run, perhaps for off-leash purposes for our canine companions.

Great experience! Loved this family owned & operated campground

Fell in love with this campground! Needed a quick stop & safe place to sleep on my way to grand canyon I was so sweetly surprised! Wasn't expecting much, there weren't any reviews. This campground was just taken over… by a kind family who now owns and operates the business with their children… I was greeted by "the boss" little miss scarlett who gave me a tour, fun facts, and cupcakes she had baked. The LOVE creativity and passion the owners have, for this work in progress campground is apparent. Seems like they are working their butts off to provide amazing experiences for their guest… like wild horses and glamping! I rarely write reviews but felt it so important and wanted their hard work to not go unnoticed.  I can't wait to revisit on my next road trip in Arizona!

Awesome Campground

Awesome place to stay! Amazing view of the Grandwash Cliffs! Nothing can compete for star gazing at night! The sky just lights up with a trillion stars at night…HUGE rv spaces big enough for our rig, boat and atvs!  Lake Mead is only 10 minutes away! This campground is perfect for those with the outdoor bug like us. Hiking for miles atv trails everwhere you turn. We had a blast. Owners and staff where helpful and informative. WE WILL BE BACK!


Large pull thoughts Horse, pet & desert toy Friendly… Owners are amazing and Scarlett (the Boss) is the cutest kid on Earth.

Overnight camping is back!

CAMPING HAS BEEN RESTORED HERE!!  …Once upon a time, this area WAS a campground; however, in 2015 it was converted to Day Use only due to flash flooding that occurs in heavy rains.  In June 2019, we confirmed that camping has returned!  USDA Forest Service website info has not been updated yet, but the new sign posted at the campground confirms that camping overnight is allowed. (This campground is also not included with the collection of campgrounds found on  The new sign states that sites are recommended for RV use only.  That's because when the campground was converted to day use, they removed the tent pads, but you certainly can find a site that will accommodate a tent.  The host said some sites were supposed to be left for day use only, but campers are taking all the sites (27), and no one is enforcing it either way.  All sites are first come, first serve, with a picnic table, grill, fire ring, but no shade structures.  Restrooms, water on tap, and concrete benches are scattered throughout.  $12 Mon-Thurs; $18 Fri-Sun & Holidays.  Campground is located close to the main Kyle Canyon Rd, so noise can be an issue, but wear earplugs and enjoy the pine trees anyway!  This is great news for the Mt Charleston recreation area, as this camping location has been very missed.

Relax and Glamp

Easy drive/ stroll this campground, large sites with full hookups and concrete pads for easy level setup. Fun times at the separate swimming pool area for adults and kids which is open late for some night swimming. 18 hole mini golf course, restaurant, and mini mart onsite. Easy taxi or uber ride to the strip. Not scenic by any means but comfortable, safe, quiet, and secure location.

Always super clean and friendly people. I love that it is 20 minutes from my house to the campsite!

Walking or biking distance to the lake. No dogs are allowed on the beaches there. That is a bummer!

First to Review
No amenities, more sexluded

Mid-Basin cove is more secluded than its sister site up the road but much more secluded and enjoyable. Dispersed camping on the beach, fires and pets allowed.

First to Review
Great mid week dispersed camping.

Pit toilets, calm water, on beach camping. Come during the week for the most solitude. Can get busy on the weekend.

Its Vegas what else can you expect?

Koa Sams Town Las Vegas is a clean tidy place to park your R.V or Travel Trailer. They have very clean restrooms a d showers. Also cheap to stay here only its not much like camping here. Only it is in a much better part of Vegas than down off the strip or down town and Sams town casino is w/ in walking distance. So it beats staying off the strip or near Fremont St. Experience , because alot less traffic to fight thru. Koa is on Boulder Highway and Nellis blvd. Not far from the I-15  freeway.

Road runner RV park

The RV park was easily accessed from the interstate fairly close to the road but very nice lots of trees the staff was very friendly and except Good Sam

Great campground

Not far from Vegas lots of amenities the water in lake Mohave is way cleaner and clear bring your scuba gear kayak canoe boat can’t go upriver towards the dam on Sunday’s with a motor paddle only keep that in mind great fishing and spear fishing no limit on carp great for target practice invasive species and don’t hurt the channel catfish or Razorbacks I’ve seen big horn sheep around the camp and waters edge fish cleaning station small store boat rentals everything in one amazing spot go for it !! You won’t be disappointed but keep in mind it does get crowded get your spot early unless your launching a boat and find a spot on the river I recommend way better some old mining equipment upriver to see and hot springs

Was a good spot

I’ve used this area to camp since I was a kid I’m almost 30 now over the years it’s been a great local spot with few people around and you could usually find a nice secluded spot to get away from everything and fish let the kids play play some tunes and keep to yourself in the beauty of nature and the lake over the last few years this spot has become more popular and is now overcrowded with people cramming into every little section of beach leaving their trash diapers plastic bags anything you can think of especially broken glass its unfortunate I’ve had to evacuate our camp once because someone wouldn’t leave us alone and made us uncomfortable and we didn’t feel safe sleeping there at night with this weirdo bothering us we found a spot far away from everyone again with no one around and then another stranger decided to park right next to us and set up his camp deliberately next to ours so we left again we come out here to getaway from the Vegas weirdos but they have found their way out there as well Guns are allowed anywhere in lake mead so feel free to bring protection I recommend it NV and Lake Mead is 2A friendly checked with the rangers to confirm and they also agreed it would be wise to be armed while camping in this area there are Large packs of Coyotes as well that do not seem to fear humans as much and will lurk around your camp even in the daytime to be weary if you have kids I had to chase one off camp a few times and never let my kids wander off keep an eye on them also small dogs keep close the coyotes don’t like big dogs when I took my full grown Male German Shepherd we never seen one or even heard them get close but my dog is well trained and constantly patrols the camp and marks his territory definitely helped keep them away besides that if you get lucky you can find a sweet spot enjoy lots of fishing great views nice beaches swimming animals and everything else nature has to offer enjoy

Quick, Easy, AWESOME

We pulled into the campground at 1am on our way from California to Colorado. Just $20 for vehicle entrance with camping included. Woke up to an amazing red rock landscape of varying heights and climbability. HEADS UP: Park in spot #8-10 because they are shaded longer into the morning! We woke up to scorching heat in spot #4.

Hidden gem

This is a tiny State Park that you can spend a couple hours, a day or a week exploring. Scenic drive is spectacular. Endless red rock formations and slot canyons to explore. I was here end of December, which is considered a popular time to camp here. It was busy. Comfortable camping. One of the campgrounds even has showers. Some really cool spots tucked deep in the rocks. My spot had a level gravel camping pad and a covered picnic table. Evidence of big horn sheep all through camp. Great hiking, views, petroglyphs, dog friendly. Hard to believe it's an hour from Vegas!

Safe with easy access to the Strip

After having had our car broken into at a hotel parking lot on The Strip we didn't feel safe leaving our RV in a hotel parking lot while we attended a concert.  Not only felt safe but liked the very clean shower/ restrooms, full hookups and level concrete pads. Lots of amenities from pool to onsite cafe.   Not our normal place to stay and more than we would normally pay but really enjoyed having a place to leave our rv without worrying.  Conveniently located for an easy Uber/Lyft to The Strip.