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Campground with small pond

When you pull off at Paxton Nebraska, there is a campground with 12 full hook ups next to the gas station(the Lodge). There is a car wash and hotel there too. The Rv sites are pull thru so easy to park. Each site is spacious with a BBQ grill but no fire rings or picnic tables. You register at the hotel and sites are $22/ night and include cable. If you are tired and need a place to pull over this area serves its purpose.

Neat place to sleepover

Sleepy Sunflower RV Park is a neat place to stop over. Although it is right next to the interstate which is noisy, it has a cute western feel. It has a little area they call the town square wtt a wagon and carriage. It has tables with umbrellas, an area to BBQ, fire pit and outdoor kitchen. There is a office/market, free WiFi, playground, and a small pet run. The 28 RV sites are on rock, with full hook-ups, picnic table and some have fire pits. The 8 tent areas have grass with sand area for the tent to sit on, there are also 2 Tee-pees to rent. The bathrooms are extremely clean, as is the campground in whole. We did not have a reservation and showed up after hours hoping we could get in. It was nice that there was a place to check in and pay after hours. The office and campground was decorated nicely and owners (DuPeire family)live on site. There is a book and puzzle exchange, recycle bins and access codes for security.

Great location

Found a very secluded place right in the lake. Close to town if you need anything. The lake is huge and makes for a great place to paddle board. We had such a good time and experienced great help from the park rangers.

Fairground rv Park

The RV park is part of the fairground so activities can be busy. The layout is poorly designed but as long as the aren't busy you can occupy as much area as you want  but if they were busy you would not have room for you slide outs. they do have plans to expand and allow for more room. Rates for FHU is 25 for first day and 15 q day after that.

Beautiful Lake

Great Lake! The camping is okay. There’s not a lot of trees, so you’re just kinda out in the open. The showers/bathrooms were really clean.

Beautiful Vistas, Sandy Beaches, Starlit Nights, Absolutely Marvelous

We loved this camping area and have been dreaming of returning.

The view was spectacular from the tent site, but there are plenty of full hookup sites available.

Though most lakes in Nebraska are man-made and muddy, this manmade lake is in the sandhills so it is all beach and clear water. The showers are free and there are plenty of hydrants for non-hookup sites.

There is good trout fishing here and excellent bird watching. We saw the Long-billed Curlew, Burrowing Owl, and several other birds checked off our bucket list.

The towns of both Ogallala and Lewellen both had plenty to see.

The camp host was exceptional and helpful beyond what is typically expected.

Hidden gem

I stopped at this campsite on a cross country road trip from NY to NV, as I didn’t know anyone who resided in the great state of Nebraska. Talk about a total hidden gem!! This campground is one of the most beautiful, quiet and serene campgrounds I have ever been to. There are lots of sites right along the water and perfect for fishing!! Absolutely some gorgeous views here.

Nice campground on the Sutherland reservoir

Lots of RV sites but we were able to pitch our tent by the beach and there was plenty of space. Got super windy by the reservoir. The woman at the golf course clubhouse, which is also the front desk of the campground, let us cook dinner at the tables behind the clubhouse and use the outdoor bathrooms there.

Very pretty

Really nice little lake for kayaking and fishing. There was some people swiming in the lake but it was too cold to go in there. Watch out for biting flies.

Great spot for when the west side of the state is in Fire Ban!

we stayed for two nights and really had a great time. soft ground made it an easy set up for camp. Nice and quiet during the evening and a great spot for paddleboarding too!

Quiet camping next to a fishing lake.

Clean restrooms with showers. Well wooded and below the dam so there is not much wind.

Nice campground..close to the beach

We camped here in Mid-July 2018. We were originally going to camp on the beach, closer to the dam and I'm happy we didn't. These were nice sized sites and we had a great spot a few steps from the beginning of the beach. Camp host was very personable. Bathroom could be a little cleaner but not the worst one I've ever seen.

Ranger Review: Matador Base Layer Camera Bag at Oregon Trail GC&C

Campground Review

Also known as Sutherland Reservoir North Shore Recreation Area, I found this place in Nebraska not long after a terrible thunderstorm came rolling in along I-80. The golf gods we're with me on this one, because I didn't even know until I got there that there was even a golf course. The storm was bad, but not bad enough from keeping me playing 9 holes the next day!

This place is surprisingly popular given how basic the amenities are. As a golfer, sure, it's a plus there's a course but this place is also on a huge reservoir lake and has a launch point nearby. Lots of people staying here had some sort of boat or jetski for fishing or recreation. As a tent camper my toilet options were two port-o poties on one end of the grounds (it's not a big campground) or a toilet with a sink attached to the golf course clubhouse. No showers. The staff at the place were very nice and even though they were full, they gave me a spot just on the grass somewhere so I could spend the night. It was cheap - only $10 all-in. You can also buy snacks and refreshments from the clubhouse.

The camp spots were tightly packed in and not a lot of space to roam around that wouldn't be on someone's campsite. Best enjoyed it seemed by big groups.

Ranger Review

As a Dyrt Ranger I am given products to test from time to time. I photograph a lot on my adventures with a DLSR and noticed the Matador Base Layer, and a lightweight, protective case for my camera would be GREAT. I was a big fan of the built-in rain fly as well. Matador makes a few products friendly for wet weather and conditions, and this is no exception.

  • Video Test of the Matador base layer in a rainstorm below

The bag is easy to take on and off your camera, and its 'base layer' fabric is very reminiscent of a base layer jacket. It's well stitched so the insulated padding doesn't clump up in one area and keeps it well placed for protection.

Speaking of protection - yes it is a great bag for weather protection (rain,dust). No, it is not the best for high impact situations. It is a light case, and by default of that, it's protection is going to be limited. I wouldn't use this to wrap my DSLR + lens in if I was going to then put the camera in a larger bag and carrying/transport that around, but I would use it in situations where my camera would be out a lot and the impact risk is low.


When you need to use the camera, simply unclip the buckle and pull from the bottom. Very easy, very fast. One issue then is now you have a bag in your hand and you want to use your hands to take a photo. It's a little awkward trying to find a pocket big enough to stuff it. if you clip it back to the camera strap, it is awkward to then try and use your camera. You can clip it to a bag, sure, but what if you're not carrying a bag? I don't always and just hike with my camera and a water bottle.

I have enjoyed using this on day hikes in Colorado in Rocky Mountain National Park on easy trails, but would be worried about this as it swung from my neck/shoulder and then slipped on some trail and as I regain my balance (hopefully), it's swinging from my neck and knocks into some side wall or rock/tree. When you hold it in your hands you can tell it is super well made immediately, but I do wish the material was a bit thicker.

Version 2.0?

In a future iteration, I would love to see a camera sling bag made out of the same materials and buckle + rain fly system. Just a little thicker for more padded protection for higher impacts. Also, an integrated shoulder sling strap. On that strap there could even be a hidden pocket or inlet to clip camera lens covers to or something multi-purpose, like a stash cloth to wipe off lenses. Your NanoDry fabrics are pretty cool, perhaps some integration there would lead people to want to test out other products if they liked the base layer, like the towels or teardrop bags. That all-in one bag would still be lightweight and still have water/dust protection, but could then stay slung over my shoulder, leaving me hands- free for taking shots.

Fishing area

Lake Ogallala Trail is a 9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Ogallala, primarily used for hiking. The lake itself is pretty small (large pond) especially compared to its neighbor Lake McConoughey

The camping area was a little on the primitive side. Morning catfishing right off the banks is excellent!

Quiet, Fun and close to home

It’s a wildlife refuge so it’s a little different to stay than say North Sterling Reservoir. For now anyways…

This is the perfect place to go to stay close to our home and not a long road home. You are able to schedule time with friends and head down and save your camping spot a day or two in advance.

Pets and fires are allowed. Just keep them on a chain and put them out!

They recently restricted up by the water camping which is awesome for parties that have lots of kids! They aren’t running into traffic unknowingly!

There is practically no beach but if you know that going into it, it’s fine!! You pick your passions!!

Great area with wonderful siteseeing

Lake Ogallala and it’s campground was beautiful! Plenty of fishing, great area for walking, and you can hop right over to lake McConaughy for even more water action, restaurants and beautiful seeneri! The camp sites of most of the campground we small and very close together though.

Less crowded than lake McConaughy

there are two campgrounds, one on the east and one on the west sides of the lake. The east side has electrical and water hookups the west doesn’t. We stayed on the west side toward the south end in a unnumbered site. There are Porta Potty’s fairly close to all sites but water is a little more sparse. The west side is next to Kingsley Dam and is less populated but there is road noise during the day. The west side is non reservable. This lake is quieter than McConaughy but is only a couple minutes drive away. McConaughy is loaded with activities.

Open spots

Find a spot set up Camp that’s it. No real sights there. You are on the east side/backside of the damn. Sun sets a little earlier. Lol. Fishing. Bird watching. And you are rights at the foot of Mebraskas largest lake. Where boating fishing and beach’s are abundant.

No water

The campground is nice. There's hardly any water in it and it's very Rocky to put a boat in

Great place to stop on an X-C road trip

I live in Denver. I sail in Maine and commute in my minimalist camper van. Returning West, I was tired and it was getting dark and a big storm was about to bust loose. I looked at my map and saw a patch of green with blue in the middle, right off the highway and headed for it. Sutherland Park State Recreation Area is on a lake formed by a dam with a small hydropower plant. There's a campground away from the water, but it was deserted and creeped me out. The other camping was by the lake. Nice breeze. $7/night. Pay at the bar/golf course club house serving the locals.

Fun weekend getaway location

Stayed at this campground a few weekends during college as a getaway. College was in northern Colorado and it was very conveniently located for a quick weekend getaway, not to mention it felt good to lake the big lake access again, as I miss that living in Colorado! Great camping and beaches. Campground was "ye same old campground" so I recommend it knowing you shouldn't be disappointed with the amenities, but it was such a fun couple weekends for me that I can't recommend visiting enough.

Awesome Beach Camping

Heads up - 4WD or AWD vehicles necessary. I had my first opportunity to drive my car onto a beach, and it was the coolest experience. What's also a cool experience? Car camping on a beach! Although the campground shows on a specific part of the map, our experience would be similar to anyone camping along the beach of huge Lake McConaughy. The way it works here is there's a main entrance to the State Recreation Area, then you choose between a few designated campgrounds. One would simply access the beach from different points along the road, probably at each designated campground. We found access to this gem by the Little Thunder campground, via a 4WD beach access road. Campfires, fire ban permitted, are allowed. You'll want to bring your own wood, but there's kindling. Visibility here for star gazing is supreme. For the lake's size, there's accommodation for a lot. That said, there can be a lot of people on a a nice weather weekend. That's not as much a privacy concern since it's easy to give each campsite plenty of space, but at night if there's people with their boats out on the water partying or chatting, the sound will carry so bring some ear plugs for the night. Great place for regular beach stuff. I also saw a lot of water sports being enjoyed, from paddle boarding to water skiing. A cool thing one family did was they had used the main entrance to the state park area to load their boat into the water and had driven the boat and anchored it close by their beach side campsite. Well done Nebraska.

Ranger Review: Xero Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandal at Little Thunder Campground

Campground Review: A great place for beach goers and those that want to take advantage of the huuuge Lake McConaughy for boating and fishing, as most campers have something with them for their aquatic adventures. There's boat load ramps. The campgrounds are large too. 4 stars since ground plots for primitive camping didnt offer much cover. Primitive and electrical hook ups available. There's a combination restroom and shower facility and half of their 42 sites are reservable. There's also a basic jungle gym for kids in the center of the grounds. Within the State Rec Area, this is a good site for access to the lake and if you need the electrical hook ups, and probably the best bet for anyone with kids so bathrooms are close by. Of course, you are steps from beach, so if that's your thing you'd be well served here.

Gear Review: The Xero Umara Z-Trail Sport is designed to be a lightweight performance sandal and I wholeheartedly agree. As a Dyrt Ranger, I get products to test and review in the field, and I've had these on my feet for about 3 weeks now. They're so light you'll forget you're wearing them, and the comfort is hard to ignore. I've done everything in them from hikes in the Rocky Mountains to cruising the urban concrete. Performance: The tread has serious grip. Doing descents on mountain trails in these wont keep your feet from getting dirty, but it will keep them on the ground and not above your head because you slipped. The thin sole allows for you to massage your feet on curved rocks too, so yeah - Bonus. These aren't my first choice running shoes, but barefoot-style runners have totally found their holy grail. I ran along the beach with them in the morning and it was awesome because it felt like I was running on the sand but I knew I was getting better support at the same time.
Fit: I highly recommend using the size guide online. If you're going to be really active (runners and hikers), your feet will swell slightly so give yourself some room to play with. The straps against my skin were great (probably because they use a process where there's no edge seams rubbing against you), easy to adjust, and there's a flexible loop to put any excess strap through so you're not tripping over yourself. Clever design too because your foot sits in a slight footbed well, rather than on top of a total flat piece of material, so your foot is well 'cushioned'. Verdict: Great sandal for around camp and on the trails. I've hesitated about taking a second pair of shoes for use around campgrounds because of the weight it would add to my pack, but not only are these roll-able so it makes packing easy (or lash them to your pack with a caribiner) but now, my second-pair shoes are so light, why wouldn't I? The grip means foraging for firewood or exploring around camp are no concern. My belongings seem to be just as accident prone as myself, and so far they're up to the task. The value with the Xero Umara Z-trail Sport is totally there. Check out the sandals here. Men's and Women's sizes available.

fun people watching

This beach was tons of fun not only to go swimming in, but there was also great fishing, as well as camping near the lake. The people watching was also great, because there were many kite surfers, which i rarely see anywhere else. such a great place to both camp, or simply just day trip.