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About Colchuck Lake
$10.00 - $25.00
USDA Forest Service
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Colchuck Lake is located in Washington
47.4916 N
-120.838 W
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2 Reviews of Colchuck Lake
Absolutely Stunning, mind the goats though...

One of the most beautiful places on this Earth. Be mindful of mountain Goats. They're mostly harmless but keep food sealed away and don't get between them and their babys or they might get pissed. Speaking of piss, they LOVE it, something about the salt, I don't know, but they will, no joke, fight each other over your pee spot.

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Colchuck Lake

This campsite is hike-in only. It is located near Leavenworth, WA. It is a popular location, so permits are hard to come by. You can try to reserve a spot in the lottery in February to reserve a permit, or you can do what I did: show up the morning of at the ranger station and hope for a day-of permit. We lucked out, we were one of a few groups vying for the one permit available, and we got it!

The trail access is up a steep pot-hole ridden road and the parking lot, while large, was full. We had to park down the road and pull off as best we could and hope that would work. You need a parking permit, which you can get at the ranger station, or an America the Beautiful pass.

The hike is a challenging one, especially if you are carrying an overnight pack. It's all uphill from the start to the end, but there are many scenic spots to stop and take a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

When you get to the lake itself, you have to keep hiking around to find the open campsite. Be aware, trying to camp here without a permit is not advised: our permits were checked by a ranger up at the lake.

We found a great spot with incredible views, a place to set up the tent and hammock, near the toilet (there are no walls on toilets up in the back country,so be prepared). It was cold and I was glad I knew this.