Six Rivers National Forest, CALIFORNIA
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A little pricey but beautiful! Close to the town of Trinidad. Nestled in the redwoods and absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful campground

Great campsites and clean facility, plenty of great places to see in the area and wonderful lake access

Great campground

Beautiful scenery and clean facility and sites are setup well with good privacy. Lake view is beautiful as long as the lake is up

Loved this campground

Not too far from the river and it's a quiet campground with great sites. Beautiful location

Great location and close to Redwoods National Park

Nicely kept and affordable campground. Easy access to the Pacific Ocean, Klamath River, and Redwoods National Park.


This is such a cool camp spot. The road is unpaved and has potholes but go slow and you'll be fine. The sites are right next to the beach and the view is to die for. There are many surrounding trails you can hike up the redwoods to. There's a 21 foot limit on the road and campground.


There's a heard of elk that roam the campground which is pretty cool. There's limited cell service in the camp ground. The spots are pretty close together. Paid WiFi connectivity.


There's a heard of elk that roam the campground which is pretty cool. There's limited cell service in the camp ground. The spots are pretty close together. Paid WiFi connectivity.

Large nice sites

Nice clean campgrounds greenery everwhere

Forest meets the beach equals Magical!!!

This beautiful campground mixes in both the beach and the forest. The drive down to the beach can be quite bumpy so make sure to have an SUV, but get there early claim a spot right on the beach and enjoy a beer in this hidden gem of a campsite!

Beautiful place . Grassy nicely kept

Excellent. Near redwoods, the beach and sites are nice with a river view.

More like a city park, that you can camp on

We were hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and came off the trail to get food/resupply in the town of Etna. At the grocery store, we were told we could camp at the City Park. It's a rather small park. Tent camping is ok. There is no room for RVs. The camping area is to the left back corner of the park, around a loop. But people were setting up tents in any green space on the right side too. There's a large shelter with picnic tables and electric plug-ins to charge your phone. Another plug set was on a post near other entrance of the park, opposite the bulletin board The bulletin board had city park rules, and numbers of locals that will help hikers out. Also there were envelopes requesting a donation of $5 per person to stay at the park. It works on an honor system, as there is no one there to monitor the park. There's a playground and restrooms. The restrooms were ok, looked like they get cleaned enough. But the dumpsters on the side of the building were near full and unfortunately left a terrible stench if you were upwind. There's a shower room behind the restrooms. You need to get tokens at the grocery store. The shower room is clean. I was the first to use it that particular day and the water was cold, until the very end. Every hiker after that had hot water. So I would make sure you aren't the first to shower. There are lockers on the side of the restroom you need tokens for at the grocery store. The grocery store, in fact the whole town, is all within walking distance. The town is small. Enjoyed the restaurants and coffee shop. Good food. Good coffee. We didn't use it but heard there is a community pool for free public use. Town is very friendly towards hikers.

Beachside campsites with redwood trails you can walk to from your tent!

Campsites encircle bathroom buildings with private bathrooms (with flushing toilets) and private shower stalls. Very well maintained. Miner's ridge trail passed through several groves of redwoods and minor altitude changes.

Great site, but long drive back

This is a great Nat Forest campground with a beautiful view of the great creek below. The water is crystal clear (and cold) with a nice pebble beach. Access to the beach is a short walk down fairly steep hill. The outhouse was clean as were all of the sites, with a good firepit and table. There is water available, but a sign warns to boil water before drinking. It is a pretty long drive down basically single lane roads to get to the campground, and you should make sure you have all supplies and no stores/supplies close by.

Four cabins in addition to campsites

We stayed in one of the four cabins. Showers in the campground were hot and free. Beautiful location.

went to look for big foot just for food but great place to bring family

It awesome and just beautiful and the town of willow creek it great too

Mountain fresh

Camp right above the river. Most likely, you will have a campground to yourself. Not too far from a glacier lake, so good for hiking. Bears not too far away.

Rustic. Serene. Camp smart. Trinity River awesomeness.

Find a spot and enjoy. No cell service. BOLO for bears and possibly wild boars. Trinity River access, so enjoy swimming, kayaking if the rapids aren't too intense. Pan for gold if you're so inclined. A wonderful area to reconnect with nature.

Probably my favorite so far

We stayed at two different state park campground in the redwoods and this one was my favorite. Out of our whole two week camping excursion, this was my favorite. The landscape was just amazing, such massive awesome trees. Did not see any elk but there is always the possibility at this campground. Several hiking trails to explore. There is a visitor center and you can buy firewood from the camp hosts. Th restroom were decent and had nicer showers then the other campground we stayed at. Our campsite was nice and spacious. If you get the chance to go here do, and take the scenic highway to get to it. Also check out fern canyon, the road to get there is narrow and crappy but totally worth it.

Favorite Spot!

I have been along camping the Nor Cal coast at least twice a year, my entire life. Flint Ridge is a little farther north than I normally go, but I’m so glad I stumbled across this campground a few years back. My only “complaint” is that the pit toilet has been AWFUL the couple times I attempted to use it, but everything else about this campground is beautiful, secluded, and perfect.

AMAZING Campground

This is one of my favorite campgrounds I have ever stayed at.  It offers easy access to the Redwoods and great views of the ocean.

The campground is nice and small and all the sites are well spaced out.  There are bathrooms with full plumbing and potable water.  

Great views for sunset as well!

First to Review
Secluded Campground

Nice little campground right next to a pretty river.  When I stayed I was the only one at the campground.  The sites are near the road but it seemed to have light usage and I never heard cars in the night.  

No running water (unless you filter from the river) and no trash services, just a pit toilet.

This campground is a great place to stay before heading into the Trinity Alps.  A 20 minute drive on a dirt road leads to the China Gultch Trailhead, a popular trail leading to Grizzly Lake.

I would definitely recommend this site to anyone headed into the Alps.

Beautiful walk to the lake and close to trailheads

I love Trinity! This is a great place to camp if you’re planning on day hiking since it’s central to a lot of trailheads.

Campground in the Redwoods

Nice state park near the amazing Redwoods National Park. Oftentimes if the national park is full you can find spots here. Camp itself is nice and overlooks the ocean.

Beautiful forest, dramatic coastline. What's not to like? You can take showers with quarters (often cold). Last time we we the bathrooms were extra filthy, but that's the exception rather than the norm.

Junior ranger programs, hikes, and activities are all throughout the area as well.

Relaxed Northwest beach

Gold Bluffs Beach was a respite from the wildfire smoke of summer 2018. 8 miles from the 101, 2 of which is a rough, unpaved road, sets this unique campsite away from the hustle-bustle of the human condition. The constant marine layers and cool winds ensure that only those wishing solitude or a challenging camp environment will visit. The brisk ocean beach is stunning. Nearby Fern Canyon legendary. Campsite facility shockingly has both showers and WiFi - perfect for your adventurer who needs to check on the status of their other life. Oh yes, don’t forget about the elk. 😉

beach camping

The old growth redwood forest is spectacular. The dirt road to our campsite was 6 miles long winding and narrow and beautiful. Camping as close to the beach as you can get at Gold Bluffs Beach Campground at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. A very nice campground. Nice bathrooms. A favorite and we will for sure go back.

Tent camping: Very dark with uneven ground

We stayed here one night last year. We’d hoped to stay at Patrick’s Point State Park, but it was full. The woman who set us up with a tent site here was super friendly and helpful. She offered advice for where to eat in the area and points of interest.

My daughters and I checked out the Bay Area and hiked the Trinidad Head. It was a beautiful afternoon. We had dinner at the Trinidad Bay Eatery and Gallery which was nice with a friendly server and good American fare.

After we returned we looked at the little arcade area in the cabins area. It reminded me in a nostalgic way of the arcade area in the 80’s movie Starfighter. Very fun.

Although it wasn’t quite dark yet when we headed back to our site, it was VERY dark in the back area with the tent sites fue to heavy tree cover. Finding our spot was difficult in the dark. The path is winding and doesn’t exactly match the campground map and the ground was very uneven. I was glad we have four wheel drive.

The campsite was also very uneven and had a steep drop off to a creek bed on the side. Luckily we’d planned to car camp and only had to fold down the sleeping area in our vehicle. I can’t imagine trying to set up a tent on that site in the pitch blackness. I’m not sure that the site had any amenities like a picnic table or water or a fire ring. I couldn’t see anything!

Overall I’d stay here again, but I’d get there way before dark and set up camp first before adventuring in the area. I love the Trinidad/Eureka area. There’s lots to do and see. I gave the three stars because the tent site area ground is so uneven and so unlit.

Glorified parking lot with transients and rude neighbors

I stayed at this campsite twice two years ago. The first time was in the spring (April) with my daughters and the second time was in August that year. This is not a campsite per se, but rather a parking lot in which you chose a parking spot directly next to someone else and if you have a tent pitch it directly behind your car in the scraggly grass and sand sticker plants. There is zero privacy or distance between campers.

The fee is $20 per night. The bathrooms are disgusting. The best thing about them was a family of nesting birds above the door to the ladies restroom. We were able to watch the babies for a while which was fun, but there is also the chance that you’ll be pooped on while entering or leaving the bathroom.

The first time was just okay. We camped inside the back of my Toyota Highlander amongst mostly RVs, most of which left their loud generators and bright outside lights on long after quiet hours. I finally had to knock on our neighbors R.V. door to ask them to turn out the outside light which was shining directly into our car.

This wasn’t terrible and was completely outshone by a half day spent on the beach in the dune area. Locals surfed as families. The community seemed so tight knit and inviting. We left deciding that we’d definitely come back to spend a day on the beach later in the summer. Also, the local Samoa Cookhouse is nearby with family style breakfast, lunch and dinner served. It is a historic site and museum that used to serve the loggers in the area the food and service is awesome and has become a much looked forward to stop on our road trips to California.

When we came back we came with my husband, choosing to camp at the boat launch area again because of its proximity to the beach. The late summer campers were a very different crowd. Mostly they seemed transient. There was garbage everywhere. Beer bottles, wild pets - even an actual pig, run down RVs that were clearly full time housing for large, loud families filled the parking lot. There was loud partying far into the night.

I had my daughters car camp and locked them in while my husband and I slept in a tent behind the car. We kept being woken by a loud noise that I couldn’t identify. I thought it sounded like a bear, then maybe a plastic barrel being pulled across the concrete. Eventually - after very little sleep - we discovered it was our neighbor who had some sort of terrible sleep disorder. It was bizarre. After he woke in the morning he proceeded to urinate in from of my daughters onto the water spigot rather than in the restroom which was 50 feet away. My husband was horrified and asked what would ever possess me to bring him there. Lets just say that the beach was not reason enough.

I would not stay here again. I did not feel safe or that this was a sanitary. The price seems to attract people who are not camping so much as homeless. The bathrooms don’t get serviced often and even if they did I’m sure they’d be trashed in a matter of hours.

nice location but don’t believe the Good Sam rating

the campground was nice except for the bathrooms which were dirty no matter what time of day. not sure how they got a 10 on Good Sam

Magical place!

I absolutely loved staying here! I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t closer to the beach, and didn’t have a view of the beach, but it was still awesome, and a very short walk to the water. The campground was almost full when we got there in the late afternoon, but it was spacious and didn’t feel crowded. The fog rolled in pretty quickly that evening, and we woke up to a magical, misty view of the bluffs the next morning! It’s just a couple minute’s drive to the trail that goes to fern canyon!