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Samoa Boat Ramp County RV Park is located in California
40.769 N
-124.218 W
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3 Reviews of Samoa Boat Ramp County RV Park
OK for tents

The spots are best suited for trailers, with little dirt area to pitch a tent. The spaces are cramped if the area is full. There are two indoor single showers and men's and women's bathrooms (two stalls in the latter) in a facility on site. $25/night. Camp host was friendly and informative.

Glorified parking lot with transients and rude neighbors

I stayed at this campsite twice two years ago. The first time was in the spring (April) with my daughters and the second time was in August that year. This is not a campsite per se, but rather a parking lot in which you chose a parking spot directly next to someone else and if you have a tent pitch it directly behind your car in the scraggly grass and sand sticker plants. There is zero privacy or distance between campers.

The fee is $20 per night. The bathrooms are disgusting. The best thing about them was a family of nesting birds above the door to the ladies restroom. We were able to watch the babies for a while which was fun, but there is also the chance that you’ll be pooped on while entering or leaving the bathroom.

The first time was just okay. We camped inside the back of my Toyota Highlander amongst mostly RVs, most of which left their loud generators and bright outside lights on long after quiet hours. I finally had to knock on our neighbors R.V. door to ask them to turn out the outside light which was shining directly into our car.

This wasn’t terrible and was completely outshone by a half day spent on the beach in the dune area. Locals surfed as families. The community seemed so tight knit and inviting. We left deciding that we’d definitely come back to spend a day on the beach later in the summer. Also, the local Samoa Cookhouse is nearby with family style breakfast, lunch and dinner served. It is a historic site and museum that used to serve the loggers in the area the food and service is awesome and has become a much looked forward to stop on our road trips to California.

When we came back we came with my husband, choosing to camp at the boat launch area again because of its proximity to the beach. The late summer campers were a very different crowd. Mostly they seemed transient. There was garbage everywhere. Beer bottles, wild pets - even an actual pig, run down RVs that were clearly full time housing for large, loud families filled the parking lot. There was loud partying far into the night.

I had my daughters car camp and locked them in while my husband and I slept in a tent behind the car. We kept being woken by a loud noise that I couldn’t identify. I thought it sounded like a bear, then maybe a plastic barrel being pulled across the concrete. Eventually - after very little sleep - we discovered it was our neighbor who had some sort of terrible sleep disorder. It was bizarre. After he woke in the morning he proceeded to urinate in from of my daughters onto the water spigot rather than in the restroom which was 50 feet away. My husband was horrified and asked what would ever possess me to bring him there. Lets just say that the beach was not reason enough.

I would not stay here again. I did not feel safe or that this was a sanitary. The price seems to attract people who are not camping so much as homeless. The bathrooms don’t get serviced often and even if they did I’m sure they’d be trashed in a matter of hours.

First to Review
Very dirty, garbage everywhere!

We were very disappointed with this campground. The view was nice but there was garbage everywhere. We had to spend our first couple of minutes there cleaning up our site just to place our tent. The bathrooms were very dirty too and didn't really work well. We wouldn't have stayed but the kids didn't want to travel in the car anymore.