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Almost deserted

Beautiful campground, very few spots with hookups . Restrooms clean, showers available bring your quarters. We stayed right on the levee 🤗 Bonus bike trail!!

Great for Families

This campground is less than an hours drive from San Francisco. It is along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard which takes you through a bunch of very cute tiny towns. It offers easy access to the Bay so plenty of beach access within a short drive. There is a fantastic grocery place at Pont Reyes Station so stop there for fresh bread, wine, cheese from Cowboy Creamery, then head to Hog Island for shuck your own oysters.

The campground itself is populated with families so it’s lively and full of children. Make sure you bring bikes as the bike paths run along Lagunitas Creek are great. You can walk along the fish spawning area but are forbidden from accessing the water November to June to avoid disturbing the spawning season. This campground is not good for dogs. Leave your fur babies at home.

The wildlife are clever and tenacious. Two squirrels worked together to break into my food locker and partied down on some magic mushroom chocolate. Bastards.

Try to score one of the creek side spots. They are small but the proximity to the running water helps to cover the road noise.

Nice setting

It is impossible to complain about the Redwoods. The park is beautiful. It is a fantastic place but crowded most of the time. It is relatively close to UC Santa Cruz so it’s full of drunk college kids. Don’t expect peace or solitude. It is best enjoyed in the off season during weekdays. There is a store and deli on site selling ice cream and sundries. There is plenty of lovely spots on the water and several little spots to swim or at least splash, depending on the time of year. Dogs are not welcome at the water.  There are sites on the hill that require a wagon to haul gear. They are an exhausting haul each time you leave the site but offer an incredible amount of privacy.

The Best Group Campground!

This campground is magic! It’s also expensive so make sure you have a big group chipping in. There are two group spots. Group A holds 50 people. There is a kitchen area with a huge grill and a large canopy covering a dining area. Group B holds 25 and has more privacy. We had Group A and had a ton of day hikers invading our site. It isn’t clear that the site is private so I highly suggest that you show up with ways to indicate that it isn’t public. We ended up making“Reserved” signs for all the tables. After a family invaded our Camp Dinner to complain, we had to rope off the stairs to the site. 

There is plenty of space to spread out and have some privacy between tents. The restrooms are well maintained. The area is gorgeous! So many trails. We visited during a rain storm so there were waterfalls everywhere.

Amazing campsite!

Been coming here for years. Just 40ish minutes up from the town of Woodside. Camp sites are spacious and well kept! Bathrooms are easily accessible but showers are a bit of a walk maybe 5 mins from your site. The only reason it gets 4 starts is because the quality of the showers and bathrooms could be much better. Starting October 20, 2019, memorial park will CLOSE UNTIL SPRING 2021. They are updating the bathrooms and showers and roads. Roads were not bad in my opinion and the roughness added to its charm :) It’s a beautiful park under the redwoods and Kim the lady who runs the camp store is amazing. She has everything you could possibly need and if she doesn’t, pescadero is a 15 min drive towards the coast. There used to be a general store just up the road from memorial, but it’s been going through renovations and was not open yet. Hopefully it will still be a store! We will always come here every year.

great and they're making it better

great accommodations. the bathrooms and showers were always clean. there was some construction going on, since it was the off season. it looked like they were renovating some of the bathrooms and aisle end sites to add grass and decks. the location was close to the freeway, which was a positive and negative. you could hear some traffic from the freeway or nearby road at times, but usually not. no complaints.

So pretty

I loved this campground! So many wild animals

Beautiful campground and park

I tent camped here and really liked it. There is also an RV section. It has flush toilets, showers and WiFi. For recreation you have the park behind the camp with great hiking trails and the whole Napa region. The people who work there are nice and do a great job keeping it up.

Loved the nature!

We went this past weekend. Beautiful weather, not too hot. It was a hike-in camp site called sky camp. It was a 1.3 mile hike uphill so that was pretty rough. It was our first time going to a hike-in camp site. The site (003) was perfect. You couldn’t see the next camper, very secluded, you could hear them, but it wasn’t an issue at all. The site we had was a short walk to the restrooms and water fountain with potable water. We did a morning hike and the trails were absolutely stunning. It was quite a ways to be able to see the ocean, so we didn’t actually complete the hike but got very close. We probably won’t be doing a hike-in any time soon, because our kids are not fan of it (13,11 and 8) but for adults it’s doable. The seclusion and beauty you get is well worth it!

Lots of things to do!

Very cool place.lots of history. You won't be able to see the whole place in a day.i have still ot been able to make a reservation to camp there I not sure they allow RVs. Dogs are allowed they have picknic area's and a kite area.thete are several different entrances. My boyfriend's family owned the property yrs and yrs was The Jordan Family Ranch. we have the proposal to his Grandpa from the city and Jordan pond was named after them

Lots to do

There are plenty of things to do for your kids but be prepared to spend a lot of money for a site for the weekend.

Nice Campsites, Hot & Buggy

We stayed in Sites 78 & 80, which were enormous, and could’ve easily fit 20-30 people, not the 8 people the sites were limited too. Careful though, many sites, including these, were mostly exposed with very little shade. Camping Labor Day weekend, temps were in the low 90s, and there were LOTS of mosquitoes. Most people in our party came back with upwards of 20-30 bites, even with lots of bug spray, screened enclosures, and other precautions.

Campsite amenities were great, easy access to water and bathrooms. Bathrooms were spotless the whole weekend, even though it was a holiday weekend and every site was booked. Park staff came by each evening to invite us to programs at the amphitheater. A firewood truck drove by at least once a day. You can also make purchases at a little camp store (in a shipping container), plenty of ice and firewood, but we didn’t see any alcohol for sale.

Check the rules ahead of time, they are quite restrictive and very different from many other campgrounds. No hard alcohol? No hammocks? No entry after 10:00pm?

Also note, the lake isn’t really in walking distance. If you have a dog, you have to head to East Shore (~5 min drive) and the Dog Run trail to let them in the water. Be prepared for a steep scramble down to the lakeside, and very limited beach.

Campsite In The Sky

Nice, quiet, and secluded camground. They have 2 bathrooms and drinking water. The hike to the campgrounds from the Bear Valley Visitors Center is about 2-3.5 miles depending on the route.

Beautiful and close

So amazing and super close to the city

Great campground.

Nice Campground, drive-up access with ample room to park. Space between campsites so you're not on top of each other. It was packed and there were some people making a lot of noise well into the middle of the night. Other than that it was great, some good trails for hiking that Branch off from the sites. There were also walk-in campsites. We did purchase firewood from the campground, and saw quite a few large banana slugs.

Living in the trees

Great setting, awesome trails to trek,  can get busy during the weekend. Redwoods galore and look out for the slugs please don’t step on them. If you need a place to chill this is the spot.


Nice spot. Gotta either bike in or hike in.

Unique and private campsites overlooking SF Bay!

Angel Island is a California State Park, but it's surprising how many visitors do not know of the 10 campsites scattered around the island! Regular campers probably appreciate this, though more and more people are learning of their existence. Campsites are all reservable on the reservecalifornia website and they are highly recommended due to the small number of sites available. Most visitors use the ferry from Tiburon or San Francisco to get to the island, though boaters and kayakers can make the trip on their own as well. A paved perimeter road surrounds the island and campers must hike into their sites, bringing everything they need with them. All of the sites offer differing views of the bay, with the three "Ridge" sites giving campers views that stretch from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge with the city and Alcatraz in between! Sites are pretty primitive but depending on your site choice you will have a vault toilet or modern bathroom at your disposal. Drinking faucets are available at each site as are trash cans and food lockers. Picnic tables are also present. No fires are allowed but the sites have a free standing small bbq, and charcoal fires are permitted within them. If you are looking for an exciting and unique place to pitch your tent then Angel Island is a must see!

Amazing camp sites

No matter what site you reserve, all the site are amazing! We had #108. Near the bathroom, wash room, garbage dumpsters. The only con was the windy road! I eat sour patch kids to help with getting car sick. Easy to find. The site is pet friendly. You can only walk the dogs at paved areas, no trails. Our dogs still had fun. The redwood trees were amazing! Definitely an experience you will never forget!

It'll do

If you're just looking for some place to park your RV with hookups around the Delta or pitch a tent, this is a great place. Nothing special really as far as amenities and atmosphere, but it's less expensive than some of the other places and while there are a lot of people living there in their RVs and boats, everyone pretty much stay to themselves and are relatively friendly. I recommend going here if you plan on traveling around the Delta or nearby area, not as your main hang out location.

Make a reservation

Make a reservation. If you don't have one, come super early to add your name on the waiting list. They'll let you know by 5PM if you got a spot and have a back up plan.

An Explorers Camp

With all the hiking available in the area this camp is a wonderful place to spend the night. It's also a great place for the campers with less hiking experience as the nearest parking lot is 1.7 miles away. That said it is 1 mile up a gravel road (not overly steep but def up) then it levels out for the remaining .7 miles.

Site 3 is quite secluded and can easily fit 3-4 tents nicely depending on size. For larger parties site 5 and 6 and 12 are nice and also very shaded.

I would avoid site 1 as the winds tend to Cary the smell from the restrooms.

Site 9 fully exposed to sun.

The area is peaceful and relaxing.

The area is peaceful and relaxing. We had a great view of the lake. The campground is very clean a the staff is super helpful. Great trails to walk on or bike. Great for families and dog friendly.

Perfect campground

Stayed here in summer 2016, this place was perfect. Hidden from the winds on the beach just over a hill, this place had super flat spots and a great spot with space for our huge Mercedes Sprinter. This is honestly my favorite campground I’ve ever stayed at. Highly recommend!!

Community Description: Short and Long Term RV and Mobilehome Park Community

Community Description: Short and Long Term RV and Mobile Home Park Community. Located on an peaceful island in the California Delta, Santiago Island Village is set amidst an 18 hole golf course. A refreshing change from urban noise and smog, this peaceful community has several restaurants within a 5-10 minute drive and is centrally located between the cities of Oakley and Brentwood where all major shopping can be found. Spacious lots, quiet streets, rustling trees and large grassy areas all add to the ambiance and country atmosphere. 

Community Amenities: Clubhouse Pool Community Laundry Pets Welcome On-Site Management Shower Facility for RV Residents

Mobile Home Sales: Santiago Sales(888) 563-3003

Lots of good things here...

Camped here for three nights over Fourth of July holiday (site 52).  Because of the holiday and the proximity to Oakland/San Fran, the campground was in FULL EFFECT with a gang of variant families camp site hopping.   Unfortunately, the site across from mine was the epicenter of all things July 4th and the aforementioned multivariate families.  Had I chosen the site to my left, or a few more down the road, I would have barely noticed them at all - sites 47-44 had no one across the way, more private, set back.  Aside from the crew across the way playing the LOUDEST game of cornhole/bags I have ever heard (think gunshot every time a bag struck the board), the group(s) were mostly awkward lively teenagers and their parents (think Riverdale without the murders).  To the teenagers' credit, I didn't hear a curse word from the group, just pure spaz.  I think they really did create some rad summer memories.  Having said all that, if I returned I would snag site 44.  Just trust me on this.  Most of the sites are pretty decent, but 44 was the best. 

In terms of cell service, I had pretty good range, was able to listen to the Cubs win one of four games against the Pirates (the series started with a brutal take down of the Cubs 18 to 5 - don't worry - Cubs managed a 3 game sweep of them a week later).

Bathrooms are decent, not the cleanest, but well stocked and had hand soap.   Coin operated showers were also a treat (again, not the cleanest, but…).  Potable water close to sites.  Raccoons, Chipmunks and Blue Jays were NOT SHY but also not a harrowing issue.   

The win on this campground is how close it is to Point Reyes National Seashore, San Rafael, Olema, Novato and Marshall.  I would highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch in Olema for horseback riding, Hog Island in Marshall (snag a picnic table and shuck your own oysters - definitely a highlight) and Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station.  Oh, Point Reyes Yoga - yes to this!  - also in Point Reyes Station.  Novato had the most adorable 4th of July parade complete with a pancake breakfast.  And San Rafael - home of Terrapin Crossroads - music venue of the one and only Phil Lesh was also a highlight.  There is also Kayaking in Tomales Bay which is okay fun.

Overall, this is a campground that checks a LOT of boxes.

One thing to note, the night is COLD up this way, and mere miles will cover several different weather systems.  Bring layers.  

Happy camping!

Good walking park

Good walking park for the locals. As for camping I wouldn’t recommend unless you want a lot of foot and car traffic.


This place is by far the worst park. I was there one evening and there were multiple teenagers drinking alcoholic beverages. Shortly after I left I heard gun shots in the area. Unknown what happened.

Very beautiful, a few downfalls

We went out to Lake Chabot this weekend for an extended family trip. First off, I think we lucked into the best sites in the place. We had sites 69-72. These four sites are down their own little loop so if your looking to do some group camping but dont want to pay for a group site, this is a great option for you. And site 69 butts up to one of the main hiking trails down to the lake. This is both good and bad. The views were amazing from these sites, but there are people walking through all day. We even had someone walk straight into our campsite with their dog to take a picture of themselves at the lake, and another person sat at one of our picnic tables to enjoy their lunch watching the lake while my entire family was sitting around them. I'm big on campsite etiquette and that left a lot to be desired here, which is why I gave 3 stars. The worst parts about this place though is that you cant swim in lake, which we knew going into it, and that you cant use your generator. Didnt make sense to me on the generator part but whatever. The eucalyptus trees were really cool and kept out the mosquitos which was amazing! If you are planning on going and want a place to swim, Cull Canyon Lagoon is a neat place and it's only 8 miles down the road (although itll take 20 mins to get there) and you need to get there by mid morning before they stop letting people in. Overall a neat place.

Very cool view, don’t miss walking down to the falls!

Good sites, reasonably separated and level. Can be windy, but low brush provides some protection. Very peaceful and well worth the hike in.