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Family friendly campground offering a peaceful outdoor experience

Duck Creek Campground is very family friendly. They have weekend themed activities for kids and adults, a clean swimming pond with inflatables, volleyball & basketball courts and play structures for the kids. The food served in the restaurant is delicious, my favorite is the gyros! The bathrooms and shower were clean and warm! We were surrounded by friendly people and welcoming owners and employees.

Love love this place

Very friendly and clean campground. I prefer staying here over the hotels when going to the dells, right on strip and your walking distance to a lot of attractions . Kids love it


Absolutely adored. Stopped by on a road trip from Minnesota to Maryland and was my absolute favorite stop!

Family friendly, lots of activities, many camping style options

Activities every week. Pool. Pond. Playground. Mini golf. Options for tent camping, cabin camping (both basic and deluxe), RV, seasonal sites. Friendly owners. Great gift/supply store.

One of the best WI state parks!

The good news about camping in the “off” season is fewer crowds; the bad news is that many of the perks (concessions, boat rentals,etc) are not available. After summer during the week, the only campground available is Quartzite (I believe there are two others plus a group campground). The bathrooms in Quartzite were new and very clean. Trails are plentiful and some are quite challenging but offer fantastic views. Trails are well marked. We were there on a cold, cloudy day but I think it is the best time to visit.Of all the Wisconsin State parks we have camped in recently, Devil’s Lake is the best!

Very pretty...very quiet...very clean...incredibly nice campground

We got there late in the evening, but the check in/self pay process was very simple and straight forward. Fees were incredibly reasonable for such a nice campground, and it was very quiet, even though there were lots of people enjoying this campground. Lovely atmosphere!

We arrived late, so we had to self pay. But all that paperwork and payment took place inside a little heated shelter house of sorts. Bonus! Most of the time, the pay envelopes are outside and you have to duck into your car, fill it out, and dart back into the dark to the drop box. There was even a campground map showing which spaces were taken and available (at the time the attendant went home for the day). This was nice, but the space we thought was open had been taken by someone moments before. So not fool proof, but a decent guide for those arriving after dark. We still found another space and made it our home for the night. Not to mention, they had one of the best maps I've ever seen!


$5 per adult

$5 per car or vehicle

$5 if you didn't have a park sticker

$5 if you made the reservation online or by phone.

$5 for electric

Soooo…if you had 2 adults, one car and needed electric, then it would be $20. And so forth…

This place is so quiet! The campground was very full that night, but we heard almost nothing from people at all. Just a little chatter from a couple guys nearby, but at a very respectful level. We actually got to enjoy the night sounds of pitter patter rain and the occasional owl in the distance. No road noise.

The sites are spread out enough to make this peaceful and private, but close enough to make the campground functional and cozy. Electric sites (designated with an "E" beside the number) were scattered with non electric sites. Electrics were more plentiful, though. Tent sites were also available, if you like. They were grouped together in a different area. Our closest neighbors site was within view of the fire ring, but no one was there this night. The sites were deep, so you could pull in and nestle in the trees, even if you had a neighbor, and it was more private. There was a nice picnic table near the fire ring, which was quite nice for a fire, but no grate for cooking on. The pad we pulled into was fairly level and covered in pea gravel. We were using our teardrop trailer this night instead of a tent.

There were bathrooms scattered around with very clean pit-type toilets, and there were multiple toilets in "mens" and "women's" rooms. There was also a shower house with pay showers, but prices were very reasonable. I think it was 25 cents for 5 minutes, and the more quarters you put in, the more time you got. There was also a row of sinks and mirrors under a sheltered roof as well as a pay washer and dryer, something I've never seen before at a campground.

Beyond the other lovely amenities, they had picnic tables everywhere, drinking water spigots, fire pits at every site and a playground for the kids.

Overall, definitely one of the more perfect places to camp. And if you had extra time, there was a lake at the other end of the park. And equestrian trails and an equestrian camp, but it was closed because of mud.

Located in gorgeous Amish country, the drive back to the interstate to head north again was incredibly enjoyable and a great way to end a great camping adventure.

The sites are secluded, quiet and easy to access - And you might see elk!

Some of our favorite camps are State Forest campgrounds. The fees are reasonable, they are generally quiet, and are very well kept. This was no exception, and in fact, was one of the best we've seen.

It's about a mile drive off the main road/interstate, and the road is a bit bumpy (older pavement), but very accessible and very well marked with park signs. Once you get there, it appears there is a booth to pay, but it wasn't manned This time of year, although "honesty is the best policy" applies and there is a place to drop money. Also, if manned, you can purchase what they call a "rack" of firewood for $3. Seems very reasonable, but not sure what the bundle looks like. Immediately, there is a picnic area and playground with BBQ pits and a sandy beach. Lovely! Also seems to be some sort of scenic trail around the lake.

There were quite a few sites…maybe 40. But each is private. Each one is nestled in the trees (with very few exceptions). Each has a fire pit, picnic table, very easy access for a car or trailer to pull in, and they all seemed fairly flat. Pit type bathrooms were scattered around, and were very clean. About 2 toilets per little structure, and they all had hand sanitizer at the door. Water pumps were also scattered…a nice addition to the area.

A very nice place to jump off the highway and put up camp for the night.

as a fun little addition to the state forest campground, they had a few signs at the beach where you could set up a camera and take a selfie. Then, they had instructions to tag the photo in a particular way and post it on Instagram at the @TravelWisconsin page. Kinda fun!

As another side note…Elk were re-introduced to this area a few years back and you may get to see some while you are here! But please keep your distance, they are delicate as they establish and grow the herd

Midwest Surprise

Growing up in the city of Chicago, I didnt realize there were "mountains" in the midwest! My first time going here, I was in awe of the lack of flat prairie land, as I was used to for the area. My friend and I reserved a tipi several months in advance. We spent two nights and it was spectacular. We rented a canoe, which I highly recommend, enjoyed the trail that went around the entirety of Devils lake, and also hit up Devils Doorway for a sunset hike. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in the midwest!

Also, as most camping in the area, the raccoons can get aggressive, so keep your camp clean and food stored away. Keep a flashlight nearby and look out for glowing eyes in the trees and bushes!

Its very family friendly, and if you are looking to go when its more quiet, then try to go off-season, or rent a canoe and go far out onto the water ;)

Well Visited for Good Reason, a Must See in Wisconsin!

I've been camping at Devil's Lake Campground for 23 years now. I've camped primarily in Quartzite, but also in the Northern Lights section. I've been there to camp in spring, summer, and fall. Besides my camping trips I take numerous day trips to DL because even after all this time I can't get enough of it. So what should you know?

The Bad: It is CROWDED!!! Especially in the summer, especially on the weekend, if you're looking for a wilderness getaway this is probably not it.

The new warden situation is interesting. Things have gotten a lot more strict in some areas (ex. You can only have 2 vehicles on a site at any given time), and are a lot more lax in others mostly because instead of a team of rangers there's now only a few wardens. We had an incident the last time we camped and rhe wardens did take care of the situation quite well, but it would have been nice had it been avoided/prevented beforehand.

The fire pits are often in very bizarre places, and usually not moveable.

The good:

Despite the crowds this place is drop dead gorgeous. Large fish, great blue herons, turkey vultures, loons, and bald eagles are just a few of the things I enjoy spotting at DL. There's so many trails to hike. The beaches are great, though the south shore has always been rocky it is much improved. Personally I prefer for it to stay as natural as possible anyways. There's great chalets on the north and south shores that sell souveniers, food, including cedar crest ice cream, and more! Paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats are available for rental too. There's also dog friendly swim areas on both shores which I am so thankful for. Dogs are also allowed and just about all the trails! Modern recently redone bathrooms with flush toilets and showers are available in the Quartzite section. In Northern Lights sites are much more wooded, and there are still flush toilets and showers, but they are a bit older. Both areas are beautiful and have their perks. Honestly they feel like 2 totally different places which is very neat. Ice Age is similar to Northern Lights I believe, and there's also group sites on the South Side of the lake. I'd have to say DL is the closest to mountains you can find in Wisconsin. The sites are well maintained. I love this place. It really is my home away from home. I wish it hadn't gotten so crowded, but it does go to show how amazing it is!

Camping on a mountain!

We kayaked the Kickapoo river and stayed here for a night. We didn't reserve a site so the only spots left were the walk-in sites. There were carts to use and parking wasn't too far so it wasn't bad at all. We were close to a vault toilet and the flush toilets/showers weren't too far away. It was recommended that we keep all food in our car, but we were drinking and too lazy/drunk to take back all our food to the car… so we woke up in the middle of the night to find some smart raccoon (or whatever it was) had enjoyed our breakfast. We kept it in a cooler, but it figured out how to open it!

Hiking trails were pretty close and we had quite the exercise going up/down the mountain. We drove a truck so getting up/down the mountain wasn't a problem, but if you have a low car, the front end is going to get scraped at the bottom of the mountain.


Not much in the line of modernization. Trees separate sites. People talk with one another. No big towns,so not a wide selection of groceries. Mostly swimming, boating, socializing, campfires. Lots of bugs

Nice campground

wet and rainy very packed labor day weekend but still had a blast.

Central Wisconsin campground

LOTS OF TICKS be aware to check yourself and any pets you may bring. Site was nice, hike felt transformative and lake was incredible to jump in after.

Mosquito Haven

We stayed at site 17 which is a backpack site about a mile walk in from the nearest parking lot. The walk to the site was on a very nicely maintained trail, however we almost didn't make it there as we were all nearly carried away by mosquitoes. It didn't get much better when we got to our site, as they were everywhere.

Aside from the bugs, this was a great site withe a private beach access and great water to swim in on Castle Rock Lake. We didn't really treat this as a "backpack" site and we had enough gear for our family of 6, water toys and other accessories. That was a long walk with all that equipment.

For traditional backpackers, this would be a fantastic site, just make sure to bring the OFF spray.

Kayak Life

This was a trip where very little of our time was spent at the campsite, and most of our time was on kayaks on the lake itself. The campsite was very open, and very close to neighboring sites. The site has many tall trees and a very high canopy with little to no underbrush for privacy from neighboring sites. Many other campsites were hammock camping due to the abundance of size appropriate trees.

Bathroom and shower facilities were close by and well kept.

For us this trip was about the time on the water, and the lake was calm and beautiful. The campground has an easy access boat launch for power boats and paddle boats. The steep cliffs and rock formations make for some great views while paddling.

First Camping Adventure for the nieces

My husband and I picked this park because of it's friendliness towards kids. We took our 2 9 year old nieces on their first tent camping adventure. We chose site 28 because it was a walk in site and on the water. When we arrived and checked in we grabbed one of their pre-loaded GPS units for Geocaching; It's something the park offers for free. They give you a bag, GPS and information book on all the Geocaching sites. We drove to the site and started loading up the cart to walk in. We walked past a very open campsite that was right next to ours, could be bad if you have loud neighbors but ours were great. There are 2 other sites in this location but far enough away and they don't walk past your site to get to them. The site was spacious and has a great fire pit for cooking. There is a small trail leading to the water with an extremely small beach front but it was enough to keep the girls entertained. Set up camp and started our geocaching fun. We hiked to the kids fishing pond & the tower. Trails are easy and well groomed. Following hiking we made our way to the beach; unfortunately, the algae was in bloom so the water was caked green! However, it doesn't do any harm so we made our way out into the more clear portion of the water and had a blast! The beach area has showers and a great area to have a picnic. The evening presented itself with an amazing sunset from our beach and lots of crickets chirping. It made for a peaceful night. In the morning we took the girls fishing off the dock and then over to the kids pond; the park also offers free poles and tackle. We ventured into the campground area for fresh water. From what we saw the sites were spacious and fairly private. The shower area was well maintained and is also accessible for anyone with disabilities. We will be coming back to this park; it was great! We didn't run into any issues with mosquitoes or other bugs while there.

Our anuall family camping trip is here

Over all a great campground. Tons of rv spots and maybe a couple dozen tent sights have a minigolf course and a shop and can rent cabins as well. Have kayakes paddleboats and canoes for rent as well. Also have a beach with lifeguard on duty.

The cons tons of people and the lake more like a large pond is not to big u canno put any of your own boats on it and cannot wade in the creek but it is a beautiful place if u love tapps u can here it from the military base nearby several times a day

Basic, but welcome!

This is a straight forward, few amenities campsite. There is a pit toilet, water, garbage and recycling. Campsites are large, so if traveling with a group would have room for 3-4 tents in one site. After biking 47 miles was a welcome respite on our first day of biking the Elroy-Sparta State Bike Trail. We spent a second night on our out and back along the trail. The site is close to I90 so traffic noise is great, particularly during the week. Our first night was a Thursday and truck traffic was loud all night, our return stay was a Saturday and traffic noise was considerable less.

County park with camping

This a small county park in Portage County, camping was $14 per night and was not full. There was shelters, playground and a lake to swim. But the trail to the lake was down a hill, either by stairs or another route. After having fun on the beach, you got to remember you have to go back up that hill with all your beach stuff. Sleeping at night, better hope you use to noise! Highway 10 and the train runs right near this park, so not quiet at night.

Clean with Beautiful views from the trails

What a gem in central Wisconsin. Clean campground with wooded sites, great hiking trails and crystal clear lake with great beach area. This is the nicest park I’ve been to in a long time. Highly recommend. The balanced rock trail is not for the faint of heart but worth it for the views on the way up.

Good campground for families with kids

A central playground and pool are the biggest draws for families with kids. There's also a prospecting 'sluice' that you can buy for the kids to look for 'fossils' and interesting rocks.

The campground is located just north of the main attractions of Wisconsin Dells.

Campsites are not overly generous in size -- typical KOA, where some are 'stacked like cordwood'. Don't go there if you want any privacy from your neighbors.

Cabins are available for those wanting to 'camp' without a camper.

Very small dog park area.

Friendly check in staff. However, we were given a map with our campsite noted and told to wait for a person driving a golf cart to escort us and help us get situated. We waited…and waited…and waited…golf carts came and went, but passed us by. We finally gave up waiting and found out site by ourselves.

Crowded, loud, not private

Where to start.

Camp sites are in quadrants. Making it hard for the last person to get to the available spot. Basically you camp with 3 other families you don’t know. We felt like we were camping on top of other people.

The campground is loud. So many announcements over the PA. Tons of activities for kids makes for chaos.

Bathrooms were fine. Nothing to rave about. Pool was nice, not big enough for the amount of people they pack into the sites.

There is a beach and fishing pond with some fun things but we didn’t use. We ended up wanting to leave early because the band/dj they have on Saturday nights was so loud that we couldn’t sleep. There were parents walking their babies in strollers at 10:30 pm desperate to get the kids to sleep. We felt horrible for them.

we won’t be back.

Quiet, clean, fun

This campground is perfect for families with young children that don’t like the chaos of other campgrounds that are made for children. This ultra clean campground has amazing shower and bathroom facilities. All the camp sites are shady and super well kept. On site there is a small swimming pool that is clean and not too deep, as well as a giant beach and swimming hole. Campers me use the beach for free, but the inflatable‘s that are on the water cost extra . There is also an electric wakeboard Experience for cost. The beach is clean with a lot of shade pergolas, picnic tables, and seating. There is a restaurant on site that is not part of the campground, but makes for a good place in case of rain. They are currently building a new office which will improve the look at check-in a lot. The owners are kind and respectful, the grounds are very well-kept and bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day. The showers take quarters, but they are hot, have good pressure, and a quarter gets you a lot of shower time. Our kids bring their bikes and have a nice time on the quiet and slow paths.

There is firewood for sale on site as well as ice, a few necessities, and ice cream!

love this place

big sites, not too close to neighbors, mini golf, fishing

Phenomenal park, some campsites are full sun and NOT tent friendly

The trails and the views at this park are phenomenal. Find pictures of the campsites if possible, because some of the sites get a LOT of sun, and as we tent camp, it can be unbearable for our children. (We’ve camped with them yearly here since our littlest was 2, and that was the year we got a not so shaded site. Lesson learned.)

Halloween weekend #1

campground is older in downtown Wisconsin dells , power set up is bad ,1box for 4 campsites . People are friendly , facilities were clean but campsites had small litter in the ground

It's a camper's campground...quiet, reasonably priced, and clean

This campground is close to the Wisconsin Dells and has a Bar/Restaurant that is opened on weekends

Hidden Gem

We were impressed by this little gem not too far from the Wisconsin Dells. At has amenities similar to the larger resort campgrounds but keeps a charming in the woods campground feel. We enjoyed walking and biking around exploring over 200 sites. Our site was nestled in a woody area with plenty of shade and trees blocking neighbors. We also enjoyed the playground, swimming pool, and Friday Fish Fry. They delivered our dinner, ice, and wood to our site at no extra charge.

Great campsite!

We had a great campsite that was in the corner. We had our two dogs who normally bark when people walk past but the site was secluded with good tree coverage that we didn’t have any issues! We drove across the highway and got some good hiking in. Really great views!