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Lower Wisconsin Riverway is located in Wisconsin
43.309 N
-89.7284 W
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Ranger Review- COAST headlamp on the Wisconsin River

Spend another amazing weekend on the Lower Wisconsin Riverway! We did 15 miles this trip- put in at Lone Rock (Otter Creek) Friday and canoed about 6 miles until we found a nice high sandbar near Gotham Jack Pines Burren State Natural Area. We spend Saturday just hanging out and fishing, then paddled out 9 miles on Sunday to the Muscoda boat launch, where Wi River Outings gave us a shuttle back to our truck. Water was very high this trip- not many sandbars out there, but also not as many people. Fishing wasn’t too great either due to the high water, but we did get a bunch of catfish. Beautiful scenery, very few houses until we got closer to Muscoda. The Riverway goes 92 miles from the Sauk City Dam all the way to the Mississippi River and sandbar camping is free the entire way! Make sure to keep an eye on water levels for the area you will be on, and also the weather. (Shout out to the Midland weather radio that I’ve reviewed for the Dryt before that alerted us to the severe weather when it blew up out of nowhere!) I use the Wisconsin Canoe Company’s website for a lot of information for planning trips. They have detailed maps and guides for the entire Riverway. Remember that no glass is allowed on the river because the fine is pretty steep and no one wants to step barefoot on broken glass! You need to pack in everything you need, including water. The river is very sandy and eats through water filters quick. This is wilderness camping, yet close to town if you need supplies or assistance. Some firewood can be scrounged from the islands, or you can get some from many roadside stands or an outfitter. It was pretty hot this trip so we didn’t do a big fire, just a little one in the stick stove for some ambiance. The nice thing about being right on the river is being able to take a dip in the cool water any time it was too hot! Be careful of drop offs, especially on the downstream side of islands and make sure kids and people that aren’t strong swimmers always have a life jacket on when wading- the currents can get very strong. There are many loaner life jackets at many of the landings as part of a DNR program. Also be sure to bring lots of sunscreen and something to make some shade- it’s very sunny out there! As a Ranger for the Dyrt, I occasionally get gear to review. This trip I had the FL1R headlamp from Coast. Right out of the box I was surprised by how light it was- about 1 oz! I’m not too worried about weight on the canoe, but the small size meant I could shove it in my bag with no worries and not taking up a ton of space. The 200 lumen light really lit up a huge area. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but it doesn’t really show up as good as it looked in real life. The battery lasted the entire weekend with no problem. Before the trip I tested it out at home and it lasted at continuous high power for over 3 hours. The red light feature was my favorite. It allowed me to do all kinds of tasks while keeping the bugs away. I also appreciated that it came with a hat clip if I preferred to use that instead of the included band. The splash resistance was also a must for on the water or in bad weather. Overall a very good headlamp and I would definitely order from Coast again.