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Medicine Creek

Well maintained park with excellent facilities! The cabins offered through the game and parks are very tidy and are stocked with cooking utensils.

Boat Ramp

Good boat ramp with a nice parking lot as long as it hasn’t rained heavy

Main Campground

Large well kept kept campground! Very easy to get in and out off and all facilities are top notch!


Clean and well kept campground! Great bank fishing very nice boat ramp right next to one of the most productive fishing spots on the lake!

Nice quiet spot in the middle of Nebraska.

Bathrooms nice and clean. Nice pool. Campsites are large and very clean. The campground is outside of town so it’s very peaceful, especially at night

Ranger Review: Banner & Oak At Jeffrey Canyon State Park

Campground Review:  

Traveling through Nebraska there are several areas you might be interested in exploring, amongst those Jeffrey Canyon State Wildlife Area, a primitive site with a rich history and a unique location.

As you travel down the road to Jeffrey Canyon the corn fields abound and thrive, the terrain begins to climb then you sharply turn to access the area.    The area is clearly marked, but the areas which you are allowed to camp are not.   As a part of the hydroelectric power area there are many unique features including a large lake with plenty of land around it.   The problem lays in that there are no maps delegating areas which are able to be camped on.    One area beyond the park is privately owned and marked for no entry, but the historic looking outbuildings, while interesting are not marked by any specific markers.

It was not until I left the property that I knew what exactly I had been looking at while there.  The historic buildings are gems to say the least but without marking or description they are mere photographable relics.    It was a bit sad to visit and have little to no knowledge of what was abounding.

The reservoir itself is a fishermen's haven with many coming to the area to fish and enjoy sport.  While visiting I noticed many navigating the lake on various sized boats.

As for camping this is where there was more than a little confusion.    The steep uneven terrain just beyond the road/dam was open for primitive camping, however it would be a bit awkward to access for many vehicles.    With road wash and loose gravel it was not  ideal and I could honestly say I was a little worried about driving down toward the camping area which was not much more than a slurry pit area.

It was very sad to see that such an area with great promise was not better equipped for those coming to the area to appreciate it.   There were no services, which was somewhat expected but the potential of the site and how well manicured the outbuildings were and the vast difference in the actual camping area allocated was very disconnected.   

When approaching town I asked someone and they said many use the woods, however this is hike in only and very limited parking along the major roadway are used for this.   I personally would not recommend this.

The grounds were beautiful and deserving of a much higher rating but the camping itself was limited and deemed the lower rating.   Perhaps visit for fishing or just a good stop in Nebraska but steer toward one of the other locations within 30 miles of this location for actual camping.

Product Review:

I was very excited when I was asked to review some of the items from Banner & Oak on this trip and found that the variety and styles of hats offered was so vast.    I selected the "Freedom To Explore" hat which was very fitting for the adventures I take on while traveling.   I consider myself to be a nomad at heart and go wherever the wind blows me so the theme of this hat was a mirror of myself.

The hat is a snapback with a unique feel to the material used.   The black and grey fabric is a great suit for most looks as it is muted and can appeal to many.   The customizable size is perfect for someone like myself because my head is a bit smaller so this allows me to really fit the hat and keep it secure even in a windy day like the one I visited this location.

The quality of the Banner & Oak brand is very high and I love that the hat is not only versatile but durable.    

I personally prefer hats during summer for sun protection wince I have such short hair and this hat did not disappoint at all in this regard!   I would easily give this hat by Banner & Oak a 5 star rating.   It was just ashamed that the hat completely outshined the location!

Quiet and Peaceful, Great Camp Hosts!

The park is a quick hop off I80! Quiet, scenic and spacious! Camp Hosts are SUPER HELPFUL & kind! The shower/bathhouse is older but well kept. $25 for RV parking and showers are free! I would stay here again & I would recommend this park for families/hikers/nature lovers.

First to Review
This is now called Wooden Castle

Wooden Castle is right off the highway. The sites are Electric/water and are located behind the motel. The are run down RVs that look like they h just been left there and others look like they live there. To be perfectly honest it was unappealing, I saw signs from the management/owners that were inappropriate and would not stay there.

Small in town RV park

Located in Broken Bow 2 blocks from the highway by the city park and is a small but nice RV Park. It is clean and well kept. All sites are full hook ups with a few on concrete but most on gravel. Most sites are pull thru. Not every site has a picnic bench, they are scattered around. This is a fairly new park, has 15 spaces and has no shade. Daily fee is $20.

Nice and quit

Nice spot and water access. Great showers and fire pits. Small and private.

Arrive Early

My husband and I did a long anniversary weekend here to enjoy the beautiful weather. We stayed here early October of 2016! Like I said in the title, if possible arrive early on the weekend or even a little earlier during the week to get the best spot in the area. We were lucky enough to get this spot and it must be a hot commodity because we had no less than 10 different people drove past to see if the spot was open. As you can see from the pictures, the spot is just a short walk from the small sand pit lake. Makes it ideal for early morning fishing and a quick kayak launch site. If you love fishing and floating around beautiful lakes, this is the spot for you. There is no modern amenities so you will have to rough it for a few days, which we don’t mind at all. Early October was a perfect time to go, the trees were still changing colors and the smell of fresh fall air was everywhere!

Great little spot!

Decent camping spots, with lots of lakeshore for fishing and kayaking.

Good overnight

Several good fishing ponds, my favorite is back on the service road.

Clear water

Close to I80. Beautiful clear waters. No electricity. Swimming area.

Close to hiking trail and the Archway museum.

Short walk to the Platte river. Several fishing ponds.

Clean Showers, nice setup

This large city park on the edge of town has a variety of great sites. Easy for large RVs that I saw to pull through. The park itself is nice enough and has a river running through it. The showers are old but clean. There are lots of things to do in town and out. ASn old pony express depot has been restored and is a visitor's center.

Beautiful Lake Did Not Overcome the Poor Maintenance

The lake was nice and probably had good fishing. The Disc Golf course looked inviting, but the mosquitoes were horrendous and the Toilet disgusting.

Remote with a few camping spots

This campground was hard to find, even with GPS. Finally a local came by to show us where it was. When we drove in there was a boat ramp, 1 tent site with a picnic table and fire ring, and 1 spot for an RV to park with no hookups. I was told there were other spots for tents on the other side of the lake that you could get to by hiking. The area needed to be mowed but wow the views from the tent site were gourgous. There were other trails, hunting, and fishing. Up the road were beautiful views of the dam and area. If we would have had our generator, we would have stayed the night.

Well wooded with nice amenities.

Nice to have a site that has plenty of shade. Nebraska SRAs are great and this is in my top 10.

Ravenna Lake

Was not impressed, lake very nasty. Trash can's overflowing with trash. Noise due to being right beside railroad tracks.


Area around SRA is great. Fireflies every night, nice bathrooms, and fishing wasn’t bad. However, the sites are WAY too close together. Don’t know if we just showed up at the wrong time, but seems like “quiet hours” aren’t enforced. If you’re in need of a stopover, stay here but if you want more of a camping experience, look elsewhere. Booked a reservation for the weekend (3 nights) and left a day early.

clean park

clean park, spots are super close. swimming lake was clean and well kept, just a really super hot weekend. most people opted to buy baby pools and keep close to camp site -which a fantastic idea by the way!

Nice and close to Inters tate 80

very nice sites with hookups. will definitely stay there again!


we had a great time here. quite and peaceful. bike rental is fun and the fishing was good as well.

Ranger Review [UPDATE]: Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike bike rack at Lafayette Park Campground

Campsite Review

I was looking for a place to stay close to I-80 as I made a drive from Chicago back home to Boulder. This place seemed close enough to the highway to give a look, and I was not disappointed. I rolled in to the campgrounds around sunset and saw some people using the nearby lake to do some fishing.

I woke up, and there was a horse grazing across the road, and I discovered this really large, open space park next to the grounds also had a disc golf course. My campsite had a fire pit and a picnic table, there were others with electrical hookups, and sites that could easily accommodate RVs. There was a dump station and dumpsters for waste.

There were some playground areas, a place for firewood purchase, and a horse shoe play area adjacent to a rec building.

Product Review (update)

A few weeks ago I was awarded the Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike bike rack from a contest run through TheDyrt's Facebook page. I have been able to use the bike rack for about 2 months, and taken it through a lot of different road conditions. You can read about the initial review here.

My overall impressions now that I've had the rack for a while longer is that it's a winner. You can watch a video of my overall impressions. While I still wish the rack offered some kind of way to get into my trunk without having to take the bike(s) off, it's just hard to argue it's a nuisance since it doesn't take that long to take the bike(s) on and off the rack. I've also changed my mind about the built-in bike locks. While I initially thought longer bike cable locks could be useful to lock up your bikes frame and front wheel (since most bikes have a front wheel quick-release option), I realized I had my own bike lock for my bike already that I just used, and I imagine most - if not all - people who will buy a bike rack for their bikes have locks for them too. A longer cable lock would require a larger place for it to be stored when not in use, which adds to the weight of the rack, which in the end isn't necessary.

In the city of Chicago, when I took the bike off during city commuting, I noticed it would have been nice to have the ability to fold the rack up closer to the end of my car, since there's so much city parking that's parallel parking, and the space added to the end of the car no longer made me a candidate for some spots.

Overall, this Saris bike rack is so easy to use, is super secure for my bikes, and was very durable - holding up to all kinds of 4WD-only roads. Definitely recommend.

The Sun Sets on Another Road Trip

Well, this 2,900 mile round trip Colorado-Toronto road trip has finally come to a close, and it's been a lot of fun. It certainly couldn't compete with my Rocky Mountain trip in late June up to Jasper National Park in Alberta on a scenery scale, but it had it's moments of solitude and a lot more lake time. To have been able to use TheDyrt to help plan out a few days on the road like my time in Land Between the Lakes, using info to figure out things like which campgrounds would be good for biking and canoeing, was a real plus.

I tried to avoid the corn fields of Iowa and Nebraska both directions, and don't regret doing the eastbound portion along I-70 and through Kansas and Missouri, but it was more of the same when it came to fields and fields of crops and prairies. My bigger regret is not giving myself enough time to explore more parts of Tennesse and Kentucky like the fun city of Nashville or the distilleries. Then again, I loved every minute of my time spent in Toronto up north in cottage country with my family, and would've regretted skimming days off that experience. With only so many days off, it's pretty easy to prioritize family. It just means I'll be back to Kentucky, derby time or camping season.

Respite from the road

This is our second visit for one night to and from Colorado. The sites are big and grassy with large trees. The host has a slew of bikes that can be used on a trust basis, no fee. There is a nice breeze in the evening. Yes, you can hear the highway, but the pros outway the cons. Showers are available for .75 for 3 minutes. There is a change machine. We would return.


Stopped on way to another destination. Sites need updating and are packed too closely. Neighbor offered parking assistance as we witnessed him urinating in bushes. If you're going to party with a group is fine but not friendly to big rigs. Bathrooms were clean and lake is nice.

First to Review
Pleasant park

Overnight stay on the way home. There's a nice pool, walking trail, and other activities. Electric and water. The noise from the trains is unbearable. Also wish there were fire pits and picnic tables.

Decent campground but not my favorite

Did a quick overnight visit here driving through Nebraska. It was a little too close to the interstate for my taste and it could have been a little cleaner, but overall was a nice enough campground and conveniently located. I'd stay there again under similar circumstances but probably not as a getaway location.