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Awesome place for rv's,on the Dolores river

Hhalfway between Cortez and Telluride on hwy 145.absolutley gorgeous heavily treed right on the river,all sites are groomed and well maintained. We stopped here last year and came back as work campers. Live this place.a camper caught a 5 lb.cutthrout last week, brows,rainbows, fishing is good.

Comfortable park

I was very thankful to have such a great park as an option near Denver. The campground was very clean and all the hosts that I spoke with were very nice. The campground was very comfortable and I don't have anything bad to speak of about it. We are planning to stay there again soon!

Only 4 stars because -

It depends which campground you get in Town Park. On the softball field vs vendor camp, totally different. Our experience is more vendor camp which includes- tons of trees, beautiful views, but minimum space for tents. Great bathrooms, running water and random portaloo during festivals. Showers are coin operated and nice. Always enjoy coming to Telluride, weather can be unpredictable so prepare for 4 seasons. Most of the year. Had a seriously huge bear walk right next to our tent, so make sure to be safe and aware. Lots of bears on the area. And they are crafty.

Fabulous off the grid camping close to Durango

About 45 minute drive from downtown Durango, this is fabulous off-grid camping. You feel like you are many miles away. The facilities are clean, location is beautiful. There is accessible hiking and cycling nearby. Campsites are very private. Water nearby. Camp host is great. Love this place!

Plenty of Amenities

I'm going to start off with this isn't our kind of camping but if you love amenities when you camp, this is the place to be. We arrived early in the morning (wasn't even sure we would be able to check in) but they they said we could get checked in and told us where the other members of our party were at in the park. The office staff was extremely friendly and eager to tell us all about the park. They even had Easter candy and eggs in the office and outside the door for the kiddos. They directed us to our site which was located just behind the teepees. The site was small but it had electricity and a water spicket right behind it. The site was all gravel, even the tent pad but there was a lovely patch of grass behind us that we were directed to put nothing on.

Some of the amenities: There were heated bathrooms with flush toilets, running water sinks and showers. Music played in the bathroom 24/7. There were laundry facilities as well and on the side of the building a dish washing station. You could wash your dishes in a sink with hot water! There's a pool (it wasn't open yet) and for a short little walk, a 3 acre dog park. It was so nice for our dogs to get out and run. Beyond that was a trail that went around a lake and on the other side was a playground, much nicer then the campgrounds which seems a bit outdated. The park wasn't very clean though. There were also several geocaches with in walking distance of the campground.

Shortly after we arrived and checked out the dog park, we began prepping and smoking our spiral ham. It was Easter weekend after all, what better then Easter dinner. Shortly after we put some beans in a dutch oven and smoked those as well. Everyone sat and ate a nice Easter dinner (we all came together from three sites). Shortly after we had our first of three egg hunts in the overflow area of the campground. There weren't any campers down there so the kids had plenty of space to hunt and run. The campground in general wasn't very full, it is still early. We followed up our first egg hunt with birthday celebrations for our youngest who turned 5! Cake and gifts and family. We waited for dark and then had our second Easter egg hunt with glow stick eggs! Shortly after everyone retired and it got cold at night. It had to have been in the 30's. There was a lot of light in the campground. Everytime I peered out of my sleeping bag it felt like morning even though it was the middle of the night. That was not all that appealing to me. You could also hear the highway. The campground itself was quiet but the highway could be heard.

The next morning the kids woke up to their third egg hunt and their baskets from the Easter bunny and then another trip to the dog park. We opted to not eat breakfast here and hit up starbucks on the way home.

Overall, it's a nice park with plenty of amenities. If you don't want to be quite so rugged, this might be a great option.

Nice spot to bike

The campground was pretty crowded, but you wouldn’t have known it by the noise. Even though just about every site was occupied, it was still peaceful to camp. We found site 12 open and it was a nice roomy site with a long drive leading down to our picnic table, and beyond that there was a tent pad. The tent pad was very hard, we were unable to stake our tent in to the surface so we had to stake out beyond the pad. That ended up being ok because it rained the whole time and our tent stayed nice and dry inside.  It appeared that a good portion of the campground was being used for hunting base camp but some were there recreationally. The campground is not right on the lake, it’s a short walk over but from some sections you can see the lake. We did venture over to the lake and it was a pretty large lake, very scenic, mountains in view, people in kayaks and I imagine paddle boards as well, none this day though. We were excited to go and find a geocache on site and we weren’t disappointed. We also found a lovely caterpillar right by the geocache.

Another perk to coming out, mountain biking. Well, for us it was a cross between road and mountain, we stuck to the roads but they were dirt and washboard and had some pretty big rocks. But it was a wild 10 miles from Woods lake down to HWY 145 that goes up to Telluride. I took my 9 year old along the first run and he was terrified, although he handled it quite well. I enjoyed it so much, I did it again the next day. Except I continued from there through Placerville and all the way to within one mile of Norwood Hill. About 23 miles or so and it was a blast. Once you get to about the 8th or so mile, it turns to black top and it is paved the whole rest of the way. The 8 or so miles up to Woods lake is gravel/dirt/rock. There were plenty of trails that one could take as well and if you head towards Telluride, even more options. Even with the wet weather, it was a lot of fun!

Overall, the campground was comfortable, quiet, even at near full capacity. The restrooms were very clean, well stocked and had lights that came on at night! Bonus for no peeing in the dark. Time of year was a bit chilly, we stayed in September. But we also have a summer seasoned tent. The campground had an abundance of trash receptacles, all bear proof and they also had fresh water hydrants. It’s somewhat remote so having water available was a treat! Plenty of shade and the picnic table was nice. Would definitely visit Woods Lake again!

Easy access, on river, great base camp spot for the area

Upgraded from when we started staying there 30 years ago. Good tree cover and large camps with fire rings and table.

Windy, wild, and beautiful

We changed campsites upon arrival because of the wind, but there were plenty of very private and sheltered sites. The tent pad was almost small for our huge tent with a large garage, but we managed to fit. Chilly at night, but lovely during the day with easy access to the tours.

No monthly stay

Love the campground but they do not do a monthly stay! Stayed a few days in camp sites and cabins!

Only few campsites but private

Does a have fire pits does have cows come thru watch your step

Alpine Dream

We were able to get our popup to these sites but not necessarily recommended to even attempt to bring a trailer (ours is lifted with heavy duty tires) worth the risk because, Wow!! Perfect lake views, snow capped mountain tops, and wildflowers for days. We were sadly not allowed fires but this year we are getting tons of moisture in CO so we will head back up to Alta by summer, hopeful for fires again. Port a John's are rarely serviced, so if that's a deal breaker for you….and Please Leave No Trace!! This area is so beautiful, let's keep it that way.

Breathtaking in fall

Got to visit this beauty in fall and went up 8,000 feet elevation. So beautiful and remote.

What a view

Nothing like a beautiful view, crisp clean air and low population.


I stayed here because It was closest to downtown Durango and I was bushed and ready for sleep. After staying 14 days in the backwoods, it was nice to get shower in an actual building…. but I must admit, after paying nothing to park and stay in the woods for 14 days, it hurt my feelings to pay $75 for one night here.

On the down side, it is an Upscale RV park that if your not in a prevost bus, you are out of place. The whole time I was putting up, I was getting funny looks for my popup a frame trailer. Either way, they were nice people in the office/restaurant and have a nice rv park. Little too much $$ for my pocket book.

Big Campground With A Little Bit Of History

When staying in Colorado, there are just way to many amazing campgrounds, so finding the perfect fit has so many faces for every individual camper. To be honest, I could camp my way though Colorado and never become bored. Cayton Campground is one of those little gems in the mountains that personifies all that you think of when you envision on of those signature Colorado Campgrounds.

Nestled in a small valley of the mountains and surrounded by trees, passing a small stream it is rustic and beautiful. A little bit of modern with a rich history of Colorado past, this campground is named for a former ranger which worked and did big things in this area. What sets this camp apart from others is just that, the camp has numerous signs telling of the past making it a little treat for those hiking around camp to discover.

I found this camp when in the Telluride area late in the year. It was posted that it has seasonal closures and I could easily see why when traveling into the campground. Though the campground roads were wide, clear and even, some of the drive out through the mountains looked like as snowfall would come along it could get a little hairy on some of the turns and climbs.

The campground was very impressive for a mountain camp, spaces all had amazing views of the mountains around you, they were large and spacious making for a lot of room to really spread out your camp and enjoy and the toilets, despite being vault toilets, were in great shape. There also happened to be potable water which was a big bonus.

I spent time here hiking around in the wide open space, enjoying the river which runs through camp (many spaces running just up to its shore) and enjoying the sounds of my neighbor at camp who was a musician playing his guitar, which seemed to be a soundtrack to the mountains.

My site was one of the non-electric sites, though about half the campground does have electricity running to the sites, these were primarily occupied by small RVs. The site had typical amenities with a fire ring and grill and picnic table. It was peaceful and pleasant.

Sites here are $30 for electric connection or $24 for non-electric.

I plan to return to do more hiking in the area now that I am more familiar with just what happens to be around the area. While I was there for hiking near Telluride, just south are also some amazing places to check out. This area is known for the 14ers.

Free, Picturesque, and a bit muddy

This is BLM Land outside of Mesa Verde National Park. Has quite a few different sites that are all free and have fairly easy access to. The one downside (for us) was that it had just rained and the sites and road are clay which we ended up sinking into and getting stuck in. Luckily a few other campers nearby got up to watch the show and see us dig to get out (eventually they all helped push us out). There's a little road noise from the highway but it didn't bother us.

Each site has a little rock ringed fire pit and a flat area for a tent that we saw.

So if you want a free spot for up to 14 nights and want to check out Mesa Verde (highly recommend it), this is a pretty nice little spot.

Pretty Great

Let me start this by saying that I am incredibly skeptical of chain campgrounds (for some reason especially KOA's). The KOA Holiday in Durango is great. I was there only a few days before closing for the season and it has snowed in much of the surrounding area so the campground wasn't too crowded. The campground is a little ways outside of historic Durango and less than an hour from Mesa Verde. The tent site I stayed in was near the showers/bathroom and laundry and in the middle of the ground but didn't feel like I was lacking privacy. The cost is basically the same as staying in Mesa Verde's campground and there's paid laundry as well as really great showers in very clean bathrooms. The staff are incredibly friendly. They have gardens on site and, because it was the very end of the season, they were giving away fresh produce for free!

Not Bad

The only campground in Mesa Verde National Park, this is the most expensive National Park campground I have stayed in. Morefield is also the only National Park campground I've visited that had wifi, free showers, and paid laundry. There were very few other campers in the tent loops mid-October. The bathrooms are kind of mostly clean. There is also water and trash throughout the campground. Most of the attractions in Mesa Verde are a little less than an hour's drive away. I wish I could have stayed longer if only to go on more of the tours of historic sites.

Not Bad

The only campground in Mesa Verde National Park, this is the most expensive National Park campground I have stayed in. Morefield is also the only National Park campground I've visited that had wifi, free showers, and paid laundry. There were very few other campers in the tent loops mid-October. The bathrooms are mostly kind of clean. There is also water and trash throughout the campground. Most of the attractions in Mesa Verde are a little less than an hour's drive away. I wish I could have stayed longer if only to go on more of the tours of historic sites.

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Not Bad

The only campground in Mesa Verde National Park, this is the most expensive National Park campground I have stayed in. Morefield is also the only National Park campground I've visited that had wifi, free showers, and paid laundry. There were very few other campers in the tent loops mid-October. The bathrooms are mostly kinda clean. There is also water and trash throughout the campground. Most of the attractions in Mesa Verde are a little less than an hour's drive away. I wish I could have stayed longer if only to go on more of the tours of historic sites.

Great KOA

The bathrooms are very nice and have two shower houses located on the campground. The breakfast is awesome and it's fun to relax in the pool they have on site. The cabins are very nice as well as the tent sites. All of the staff are great and very helpful when asking about what to do in Durango. We did the drive to Silverton that is absolutely beautiful and checked out Mesa Verde.

Fun place to stay


The campground was relatively small so nothing was too far away. Laundry facilities were nice. Lots of showers that were private stalls. Lots of activities to do. The staff was very friendly and professional. Very clean- they even scrub the heck out of the bbq grills even when they have to stand in the heat of the day doing it. Delicious pizza.


It was close to a highway- BUT it was pretty well set back so it didn't feel unsafe by any means, but there was a lot of traffic noise. Sites are packed pretty tightly and many of the tent sites are not private in the least. We got lucky and got one set back with the cabins. The pool is pretty small, but it was clean and the kids had a great time.

Alpine Loop

Located right off the Alpine Loop. Each site has a grill,fire ring,and table. Some have beautiful views of the lake. Vault toilets were clean and water and soap at faucet at outside of toilet. Camp host was friendly. Road was a little rough to get to. No issue running my generator, sites are spaced well apart. We were in site one which had a great view.

Busy campground on the Colorado Trail

Nice little campground on the Million Dollar Highway heading between Durango and Silverton, with the Colorado Trail passing right through the campground. There is a main loop spread out over a few close ridges, and a secondary small loop that ends in at the day use parking and vault toilet. It seemed that the “group” sites were closest to the vault toilets next to the day use parking, witch could present an issue as it was very busy. The “group” sites were very crowded, which could have been just too many people in a small area, or the area could have been just too small.  Sites further away from the toilets were more spacious, but no site was huge. All sites seemed to have good hammocking trees. It seemed the best sites were the ones closest to the entrance: the parking pads were up next to the road and the tent pads and fire rings were set back from the road down a steepish grade. This was a great spot to camp as a home base for hiking the Colorado Trail. There are great trails heading out of the campground in both directions. The usual picnic tables, fire pits, and bear lockers could be found at all sites we looked at.

Dispersed camping next to the creek

Dispersed camping along the South Mineral Creek. This is dry camping with a vault toilet- no hook ups. This is popular with RV’ers and OHV’ers as it is free. The limit is the usual fourteen days. Some “sites” have fire pits, and there are a few picnic tables scattered about. There are a few sites right on the water. Further back in at some larger sites that could accommodate small rvs. The plus is the free camping right on the “river”. The minus is that the road to the forest service campground and the Ice Lake trailhead is very close, very busy, and very dusty.

Perfect location in Ouray

Above the town of Ouray with great views of the the town below and access to an awesome trail that circumnavigates the town, hitting the best sites along the six or so miles. The trail takes you to the Bathtubs, the Ice Climbing area, several waterfalls, some cool footbridges, and past the Recreation Center (where you can get showers). The campground itself was very tight with several small loops that hang on the side of the mountain. We were there about two weeks after the fourth of July and all of the vault toilets needed to be serviced. The host was aware of the problem and said he had called it in, then shrugged. In town the visitor’s center had some great information about the town and had several preprinted hiking maps for popular trails with difficulty levels noted. In town was a nice full service outdoor shop as well as several micro breweries.

South Mineral Campground

Down an access road about 4 miles is South Mineral Campground. On the way there you will pass several single dispersed campsites next to the river or in the reeds by the beaver ponds, as well as a few semi developed dispersed campgrounds. South Mineral is set back between the base of Ice Mountain and the river, with a really nice and fast rushing waterfall/cascade. There are essentially two loops, with around 25 sites that are nicely sized and spaced with great hammocking trees. The campground is fairly level with handicap access to several sites. There is no electric or water hook ups, but there is water available. There is a day use parking area for those who want to fish, as well as a parking area across from the entrance of the campground for hikers and backpackers heading up to Ice Lake or Clear Lake and beyond or just peak bagging. The vault toilets were clean-ish, but in the need of servicing (it was not long after the July 4th weekend). If you are in need of a shower, head into Silverton and go to the Red Mountain Lodge RV park office. You can get a key to the shower for $5. The showers are clean and not too busy in the middle of the day.

Views for days

It was really nice there. Kinda pricey. The people who were watching the campsite took really good care of the toilets that were close by. Camping quarters were kinda close to each other and the reservoir was really rocky so best to take some water shoes if you want to go swimming.

Forest Service campground about ten miles south of Lake City Colorado

Campground is Forest Service operated by a concessionaire. All have a picnic table. Pit toilets and some water spigots. Good AT&T cell signal.