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Most Recent Summit Camping Reviews
Cozy Camping

This campground is a small campground near the marina. The camping spots are fairly close together. The camp store is typically open until 5-6pm, with several items for sale if you’ve forgotten something. They have firewood for sale as well. Things to watch out for: poison ivy, ticks, and ants. All things you would have to watch out for in this area of the country.

Some of the best amenities in the area, great WiFi, friendly staff

Upon arrival we were asked if we’d prefer a slot next to the bathrooms or away from the road. The road does seem a bit noisy so I enjoyed the option to be away from it. The owners offered us lots of suggestions an tips about the area. They are very knowledgeable and had many fliers and maps available. There is a cute picnic area with strung lights that is perfect for watching the many fireflies in the field behind the park. We had a pull through gravel site with full hookups for $38/night. They take online reservations and with all the fees and taxes it came out to $90 for two nights. There is laundry for $2.75 for a full load. They also have a game room and nice pool. This park is a gem about 40 minutes north of all the river activities.

West Branson Location, Smaller Sites

Located within the Branson West area, Compton Campground is a part of a larger property which also includes a small hotel. The property is located very near to Silver Dollar City and offers those wanting to take a break from the hustle of the main strip of Branson a shaded retreat with less bustle. 

The property is smaller than some campgrounds in the area, with narrow one way traffic and spaces placed throughout offering both tent and RV style camping options. While larger RVs can fit here, the tight turns of camp do pose a bit of a problem when it comes to driving through with these rigs. 

We visited Compton Campground and noticed it does get a bit congested on busy holiday weekends. The access point is great for navigating out toward the lake or into town and when the Silver Dollar City Property is open it is one of the locations closest to the entry. For this reason you will want to check online for reservations or call ahead. 

Something which sets this campground apart from others is the nice shelter areas located at the rear of their outer loop campsites. Each of these is large enough for a small table or chairs and the coverage is nice for both shade and shelter from the potential rains. 

Sites are designed with connections and also have picnic tables and fire rings located toward the rear of each site, leaving plenty of room for placement of not only your camping rig or tent but also your car for parking. 

While this location does welcome tent campers it is more frequented by RVers because of their amenities which include cable TV, local channels included, and high speed WIFI access in addition to a pool. There are both showers and restrooms and a coin laundry which make this a wonderful stop for an evening, weekend of even week. They do not have long term stay which also in my opinion adds value because you have less chances of encountering someone who doesn’t maintain their area to a standard which is appropriate for camping. 

The surrounding area of Compton Ridge is lush and green and really feels like you are in the Ozarks. They embrace the vegetation of the area which makes it feel like a mountain retreat. On days when the park is less crowded being able to appreciate this area would be nice as squirrels and birds play amongst the branches. 

While this campground does feature a lot of amenities and the feeling of nature, the sites on a busy weekend are a bit closer for my personal liking. Especially with so many larger rigs and the many pop out features, the spacing makes it appear a bit claustrophobic between sites, although the additional spacing at the rear does make the lots appear large enough to spread out in that direction a bit more. This would be a campground I would visit on a random day of the week instead of a weekend.


Looking for a great place to park your boat but still be able to enjoy the benefits of Branson views?? This campground is one which is the best of both worlds as its quick and easy access to Table Rock and the downtown corridor is just a short distance in either direction. While this is a mainly RV location they do allow tent camping with plenty of amenities. 

The sites are spaced well throughout the mountainside and are built up to accommodate larger and smaller rigs without the need of massive amounts of leveling in many of the locations. The sites are large enough to allow you to park and still have space to move around to enjoy the picnic tables and fire rings offered at each of the locations. 

The common spaces offered include view points, boat parking areas and pavilions. In addition there are common restrooms available mid camp. 

The location has beautiful shade trees which create a comfortable temperature even on the hottest of summer days and provide a bit of cover from the more aggressive rains which occur in this area from time to time. This location does allow pets and you will often find people enjoying the common decks alongside their furry friends as they overlook the views of the city in the evening. 

On the property there is a nice pool and recreation area in addition to something a bit out of the ordinary, zip lines. This is the home of some pretty impressive lines which depart from the parking area of the main office and facility and allow you to see Branson through the canopies which surround it. The zip lines are not included in your initial price of stay however are comparable to other pricing in the area for similar activities. 

If you choose to visit this park you have access to laundry and picnic areas as well. The space is filled with fun but provides a comfortable base camp for activities beyond the campground itself. Keep up to date with the goings on of Branson with Direct TV and local channels upgraded WIFI.

Year Round Access To Branson

When it comes to finding a place to unhook and unwind, Branson has more than a few options. For those wanting to stay for a night, a week or even a month however, places like Oak Grove RV Park, located just a short distance from the main strip is one which offers year round comfort and community. 

I visited the Oak Grove RV Park and noticed that options for long and short term stay were available for rigs of many sizes. Larger spaces for pull through and smaller ones for back in abounded in the smaller sized park. Unlike many locations which offer lengthy stay options, this one did not seem to collect people who fell into disrepair, and instead had a standard and quality which made it feel like a community of travelers who were more like neighbors. 

The property is located right alongside a busy roadway, however the road sounds are minimal and instead the property seemed to be peaceful as the tall trees leave ample shaded spaces and the winds pass through the leaves creating a tranquility. 

The spacing here seems a bit closer together but still allows each person enough space to pull out their slides, shades and enjoy some outdoor space. Tables and grills are placed at each site along with full connections for each visitor. 

In addition to the regular amenities, the fay offers cable and wireless internet for visitors, showers and laundry facilities and a dump station. An additional space can be rented for meetings or gatherings. 

Visiting the main officer you will find a large shaded porch to enjoy with friends you have just met and visit with the friendly staff. I was very impressed by the people of the park not only visiting but also on staff at the site as everyone seemed to be cordial and inviting. Great location!! 


  • Talk to the staff about where you can find discount show tickets for Branson attractions. They have some great tips on places to visit and how to do so with the best pricing. 
  • Take a joy ride. The hills around Branson are absolutely beautiful and you can easily cruise from the park to the many outdoor attractions within only moments.
Crowded On Holiday Weekends But Great Campground!!

CLICK HERE for Info on Branson

For those looking for a campground near Branson which offers access to top attractions as well as Table Rock Lake, Indian Point is worth a consideration. The park itself is only a short distance from the 76 Strip and has quick access to Silver Dollar City, even sharing a tram system with the park. 

The campground is well spaced and offers shaded sites for a variety of sizing options from tent camping to larger pull through sites. Each site boasting the standard amenities for travel of a fire ring and picnic table. Many also have connections available and include both water and electrical offerings. 

The site offers a dump station for those RVers needing the service and day use areas for those wanting to visit for fun day at the lake without the commitment of an overnight stay. Picnic Shelters are available and can also be rented for special events and larger groups. 

Restrooms here vary and have both standard restrooms and shower houses. The set up itself is very nice and looks to be much more improved than some parks in the area offering a bit more privacy from the typical sites which have only curtain doors. The facilities instead look very well maintained and have private restroom and shower units for those using them. Although they are still recommending as much distancing as possible and use of your own isolated restrooms when applicable. 

When I visited I noticed the sites are not all created equally in way of parking, some were very lengthy and could easily allow for more than one vehicle while others were lucky to have a small parking area for a car and tent. My advice is to defiantly look and book online before coming to the park before any trip to ensure your spacing. For those not doing so, additional parking is located throughout the park in small pull out areas near restrooms and closer to the boat ramp areas. 

With recent closures of many outdoor areas, this location has opened its doors to tourists once again for the season and with that it has quickly become a popular destination. For this reason you will want to book ahead of time and be prepared to face larger than usual crowds when using the public spaces. 

Rains also can dictate your usage of certain portions of the park as the level of the lake can climb and engulf the swimming beach and outlets to the marina. Upon my visit I noticed the swimming beach was completely under water and thus the facilities near it were not able to be used. The marina was very busy despite many of the walkways being underwater slightly or a brief walk through water to get to. 

The overall feel of this campground is very homey as the people visiting all seem to be very family friendly. The limitation of alcohol keeps man of the party goes away from this park and it allows for quieter evenings and more family based fun inside the park itself with the vast open spaces. 

In addition to the lake and campground themselves, there is a small general store located just across from the camp to make those last minute pick ups a bit easier to find versus running back into town. This is extremely helpful for those who need something small but don’t want to have to drive far to get it. A small restaurant is also located in this area. 


  • If you are staying here book online and really look at the map when doing so to ensure your sizing needs are met in way of parking. 
  • Venture into Branson for live shows and music, activities and more!! 
  • Take a hike on one of the many hiking trails in the areas and explore this region of Missouri!! 
  • Check the weather before securing a waterfront site. Lake levels are displayed on the Table Rock website and you will want to make sure you are not visiting when lakes are overflowing to the point of cutting down your adventure. CLICK HERE FOR LAKE LEVEL
Good campground, close to great trails!

It was a good campground to get away for a night or two! Had my 2 little boy cousins and my dog with us and we all had a good time walking down to the river to play. Great place to chill out and cool off!

Cool Sites-Ok Camping

I completed my undergrad and graduate degrees in Arkansas about 30ish miles north of Little Rock. While living in Arkansas, my brother and I traveled all over the state, including a visit to the Blanchard Springs Caverns and recreation area. Hiking through the caverns and around the recreation area is phenomenal. The caverns make you feel like you’re looking at something made my aliens. It’s really pretty amazing. It’s also enormous inside the cave. For us, it was a day trip excursion. However, we did explore all around the recreation and campground area. I’ve camped all over Arkansas and what I’d say is that this is probably a great place for primitive tent camping and/or backpack/hammock camping. I have three small boys and it wouldn’t be my first choice for a family camping trip, albeit very very cool. The campground is small, maybe 30 or so spots and heavily wooded. The terrain isn’t conducive to kids unless you’re ok constantly being concerned about injuries. There are lots of cool swimming holes, moving water and falls nearby with it’s close proximity to Mirror Lake and Sugar Loaf Mt. definitely worth a trip if you’re close by, but not something I’d make a multi-hour trip for. Also wouldn’t stay there more than maybe two nights. I’d say if you’re camping somewhere relatively close, work in a day trip to Blanchard Springs. If you are like me and have kids, and you’d have to travel anything beyond an hour or two to get there, it’s not worth it. There are too many beautiful places in AR and you’d probably drive by more than one of them to get to Blanchard Springs. I’m giving it 3 stars for that reason alone. If I were rating based solely on the sites, activities, etc. I’d give it 5.

Fisherman’s Paradise on White River

I had heard that Bull Shoals- White River State Park was beautiful, but I didn’t fully understand until I saw it. All of the campsites face white river and there’s plenty of space between sites to allow for some level of privacy. All the campsites are flat with nice concrete pads. Each campsite has a fire ring, picnic table, and trash pole.

There is a newer section of the campground that is north of the marina. These campsites have newer asphalt and fire rings and have better access to the updated ADA bath houses. These bath houses are the single-quad bath houses where the toilet and shower are individualized into four quadrants. They are excellent for those campers that might not have travel trailers or self-contained units.

We were able to hike and fish most days. there is a playground and a basketball court that are functional and easy to access for families. The campground is mostly flat which makes it very easy to ride a bike. There were a lot of kids and adults riding bikes or scooters in the campground. There are also three trailers that have been converted into mobile homes near the marina for those campers that don’t have access to a pop-up or a camper for rent. They look very nice. The marina is also very nice and has a lot of simple supplies and merchandise.

When the dam is not releasing generators, you can wade out into the river from your campsite and fish; however, when they release the generators this is going to be very difficult. The only drawback is that you are inundated all day long with boat motors going up and down White River. It is very tranquil and peaceful in the mornings and evenings.

There are many different outfitters that do fishing trips. We chartered the afternoon with a local outfitter and had a great time. We caught a number of trout and were able to eat them for dinner on our last night. If you like to fish, enjoy camping, and enjoy doing both of those things, Bull-Shoals-White River state park is the place to go. I will definitely be going back!

Great sites but very crowded

River is not easily accessible unless you like steep hills and don’t have a friend in a wheelchair. Sites are VERY close together and people were coming and going all hours of the night.