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Huge state park

One of the largest campgrounds I’ve ever stayed at. Great spot tho private spots nice bathrooms all the different beaches are great to explore and there’s even the lake to chill in.

Awesome state park

Love this camp ground just the perfect little spot to have a base camp and explore the Oregon coast! Spots are nice pretty private as far as distance but there could be more trees between. It’s the beach!

Choose this park!

This was a beautiful, quiet cove with a view of the water and mountains. The people who run it are very nice also. The price is reasonable. I would highly recommended this park.

Nice place to camp

We were looking for a place between Portland and Seattle for one last night of camping. We were able to get site 12 the day we arrived at Seaquest without an advance reservation. It’s near a water spigot and not too far from the bathhouse.

One bathhouse included in my pictures was part of another loop that was on the walking path to the Mount Saint Helens Visitor Center, located across the street. A short tunnel goes under the road for safe access to the visitor center.

Seaquest State Park has a small playground and picnic area. There’s not much else to the park. It’s proximity to Mount Saint Helens probably makes it popular. The facilities were clean and the campground was quiet. Nice place for a quiet, relaxing camping experience.


Loved this State Park! The trails around it were fun and led from the camp right up to the beach by the old ship wreck. My kids ages 2-14 always had something to do and we brought our bikes. The camping sites and RV sites are cheap compared to Utah, Washington and Idaho rates, but they were also very nice! A little close together but nice. You have to book your site months in advance at this place because it fills up fast. So much to do in this area! Close to seaside, the fort Stevens retired military site was free and interesting-with a scavenger hunt and prize at the end for the kids who complete it. Also, close to Astoria which also has many things to do! Loved that it was close enough to drive over the Columbia River to get to Washington to see the light houses!

Campground info

174 full-hookup sites (36 pull-through) 302 electrical sites with water (11 pull-through) Six tent sites with water nearby 15 yurts (7 pet-friendly) 11 deluxe cabins (5 pet-friendly) Hiker/biker camp Flush toilets and hot showers RV dump station Adult and Youth Bike Rentals 9-hole Columbia Shore Disc Golf Course

Probably the nicest campsite we've visited, just a bit crowded

This campsite is located in the middle of Fort Stevens park, walking distance to the beach with the shipwreck. It is a super nicely well maintained campsite with all the amenities you can wish for. Without reservation it's pretty hard to find a site here, even in off season, so make sure to book ahead.

Pretty Good close in campground

It's not bad at all, just right off of the highway.

Tricky to find, but one of the most magical camping locations

We arrived really late and it was really tricky for us to find the place as it's not really a campsite but more like awesome spots by the river without any signs. We recommend you arriving during the day as it was just pure luck, we picked probably the most amazing spot here. We found it somewhere in between the 11th and 12th mileposts. There is a narrow path towards the river, first we thought we might gonna get stuck, but it immediately opened up to a spacious big area where 2-3 cars/RVs could easily fit.

It's a dispersed camp so there is no infrastructure around it, but there was a built fireplace there.

Probably the most amazing part of it was when in the morning we found an other really narrow path towards the river which again opened up and we walked to the beautiful shore of the river, where we had the chance to dip in the river.

All in all we were super surprised and happy that we spend a night here.

My favorite camp ground and park

Many trails to walk down with beautiful surroundings, two separate parks, large gathering areas for parties or family gatherings, have many camp spots,and is tents, TVs and afforadable.

This park is small and right off and busy road

They have a restroom, great spot to fish, but not many spot to camp and no serene surroundings…

Nice but crowded

This is like a little town. There are a lot of sites and many amenities. I liked the beach access, and the pedestrian/bike lanes. But, there is no feeling of solitude. It would be a great location for families and those more social than I tend to be.

Pretty and Close, but a Little Noisy

We took off from Portland around 4pm on a Friday and got to the campground around 6. Be careful with Apple Maps, I think they routed us to the historical campground and had us going about 10 miles past the site.

This was our first time camping in the Tillamook; and was cool to see the differences between it and Mt Hood. There were tons of birds, rabbits, and chipmunks at the site.

The river was super clear, with a rocky beach and some beautiful formations a bit to the west.

We were there the first weekend in September and it was remarkably empty. I think two of the sites in the K loop were occupied.

We opted for K4 which was farther from the parking lot, and closer to the river. Unfortunately, closer to the river meant closer to the highway, too. So we never really got the serenity of a site further off the path. Not a big deal, but since I live near a highway, I welcome the break when I can get it.

The other problem with K4 was that you had trails on either side of the site, so it wasn’t the most private. I think K6 might be the best spot in the loop, but you may get additional noise from the parking lot and squeaky water pump.

Nice place, but...

Great park and awesome amenities. The guys at the front area checking you in are awesome. That said. The trying to get out of the far back loop is a nightmare. Staff doesn’t seem to get that they need a person to direct traffic on a busy weekend. Let them know but got the company line and dismissed just as quick. Plus the speed nazi is on patrol!! Dude is an ass! Turned on his little lights like some kind of nerd and Feebly attempted to display the power that he did not have. Wasn’t even speeding, was kinda funny to watch reminded me of a bad episode of trailer park boys anyway nice place but be on the look out for homie the clown.

Not bad for overnight

Tight small spots next to the water. Great wildlife viewing. Charge 5 quarters for 5 minute shower additional to cost for night. Wouldn’t want to spend a week here but for one night stop not too bad.

Hidden gem

Beautiful wooded site with good basic amenities (showers and large clean toilets) –  perfect for a self-contained campervan. The sites were large – two cars and three tents – and reasonably priced, and being in among the trees our site felt more private than a standard RV park. We had our own picnic table and a firepit with built in grill, and logs were available to buy onsite. Very peaceful at night, and amazing view of the stars. Would definitely stay here again.

We managed to book a place here at short notice for a busy weekend in August, when all the State campsites were completely booked up. You can book online via the Tillamook County Parks Department site (the booking page was a little glitchy and the box to enter your booking dates occasionally disappeared, but switching between the 'Camping/RV' and 'Day Use/Picnic' tabs brought it back up!) We were glad to get any booking at all, and this was a really pleasant surprise.

Lucky last spot

About 4 years ago my wife, who was my gf then, and I took a road trip to Seattle to see her grandma. While making our way back to Arizona, we decided to cruise down the coast.

We didn’t reserve any camping spots on our trip and just decided we would just decide where we would stay as we went on our trip. After a full day or visiting the Northwest coast of Oregon all day. We needed to find a place to stay around Nehalem. Unfortunately all the state parks were packed and so we’re the local private campgrounds.

So we started making our way south and out of no where we saw signs for this place. It was already dark and we were starting to get desperate to find a place, and lucky for us we got the second to last spot here.

Although the spaces were very near each other, the location of the camping spots was great! With a nice view of the bay and smell of the ocean not far away, we definitely enjoyed our stay at this place that night. If we had more time I think we would of stayed a couple more nights there for sure.

HUGE campground, but nice sites

One of the things I hate is hearing a ton of people around me while I’m camping. This campground is huge and very popular with families, but because of how close it is to the beach and a pretty constant wind you really don’t hear anybody around you. I was aware of kids running around, but never really heard them.

Our site was really big and lots of trees for hammocks & tents with a nice table and fire ring. The sites are really flat and clean with bathroom & showers located nearby.

This entire park is VERY pet friendly. Keep your furry friends on a leash and you can take them on any of the trails in the park. Keep in mind that the beach is VERY windy and my mutt was fine walking downwind, but when we turned around she was very unhappy being very low to the ground with sand blowing in her face.

There are lots of places to explore, a decomposing whale on the beach (stay upwind!), a nice lighthouse (under construction when I visited) and very close to Long Beach.

Ranger Review: Liquid I.V. at L.L. “Stubb” Stewart

Campground Review: Something for everyone! 

Top reasons I love this campground:

  • So easy to get to from anywhere in northwestern Oregon; especially the Portland area 
  • Open year-round 
  • 18-hole disc golf course 
  • Great hiking and biking trails 
  • Full hook-ups, cabins, equestrian sites, and walk-in tent sites

Product Review: As a Ranger for The Dyrt, occasionally I get to test products. At this campground, I tested Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier and the Liquid I.V. Sleep night time drink mix. I really liked both products. They are portable, have natural ingredients, taste good and I found them to be effective! Additionally, Liquid I.V. has an incredible social justice cause donating millions of their products to people around the world who are in need of proper hydration. I love that this is a company AND products I feel good about! 


  • Portable 
  • Natural ingredients (vitamins, electrolytes, potassium, sodium, glucose) 
  • Rapid absorption 
  • IT WORKS!! 
  • Amazing cause 


  • It’s pricey 
  • I wish the Sleep night time drink mix came in another flavor without lavender
  • Contains more sugar than I would like 

Overall, I give the product 4.5 stars

I was charged for two nights despite only booking one, but got a refund

I booked my one-night stay here 5 months in advance and received a confirmation email for my stay. The night before my stay, I received a phone call asking if I would be arriving that night or the next morning. Confused(as I had booked my stay for the next night only) I stated I would check in on the day of my reservation. When I arrived I was told that the cabin had actually been booked for two nights for a wedding I was attending and If I did not pay for both nights, then the bride and groom would have to pay for my room(which I did not book and did not use) the night before my reservation. The staff was very terse, offered no real explanation, and did not seem to care that I had a confirmation email for one night only. Their response was simply,"if you don't pay then the bride and groom will have to cover your reservation", which again, I had not made for two nights. I paid the full amount they required so that I could still stay for the time I had booked, but I will have to contest it with my bank if I want my money back. Aside from the extra charge, I would like to point out that at no time was I informed that my reservation was for two days. If they had notified me of this at any time, it is possible that I would have come a day earlier and enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, I had no idea that I had an extra day reserved, that I had to pay for, and actually had to waste some time in Long Beach before I could check in. The owner offered me a refund for the night I did not book after reading my review and I am happy with that. The facility is as advertised and has a nice open space, tree cover, and is very close to a nice beach to walk on and nice houses nearby. That aside, the facilities were fine, pretty much as expected.

Small quiet campground that's first-come, first-served

I showed up around 3pm on a Friday and was barely able to find a walk-in tent site. All the car-accessible sites were taken and the only reservable site is the group spot. Nice and quiet camping, no noisy neighbors. I loved it here for a getaway but it was a smidge boring. The creek isn't that deep so it was family-friendly.

Large beach campground

Nehalem State Park is located just south of Cannon Beach in the town of Manzanita. There beach lends some spectacular views of the coast. The beach is accessable from several short trails.

The campground has 265 campsites all of them include electrical and water hookups. There are also 18 yurts some with wheelchair ramps. There are also a number of walk-in and horse campsites. Each loop has a centralized bathroom/shower facility with hot water.

The only place to put garbage is located at the entrance of each loop which can be far hike. Campsites are a bit close together with no real privacy. Due to the location of the playground and bathrooms we had a steady stream of people cutting through ours and other neighbors campsites.

First to Review
Great for the price

Unique, convenient and affordable. If you’re looking to tent camp, it’s a wide open field with approx 20 sites. They also offer covered wagons which sleep 4 for $45 and is the reason I bumped this rating from a 3 to a 4-star; it’s unique!

Nice park next to the beach

Very nice tent portion of the campground, short walk to the beach, beach is very long and uncrowded, although they allow driving on it.

RV spots with hookups are lined up next to each other, very little space between.

Nice to have full hookups but we opted for a tent spot with our camper.

Ok camping

Tent sites are on top of each other and no privacy my site did not have any shade. They are all right next to the road. The docks were nice to fish off of.

Clam digging camping!

We’ve stayed here many times and if you’re planning to fish, crab, or dig clams at the coast this is the best place! They have a wonderful cleaning station, clean hot showers and RV and tent sites as well as a few small cabins. The tent sites are all on grass and back up to a stream. They even have a little camp store where we bought flour and seasonings to fry our clams at camp!

Best beaches in northern Oregon 💜

Indian beach at the north and crescent at the south are, in my opinion, the best beaches close to Portland. Both have tons of tide pool areas during low tide.

Super cool place!

Great dune area. Always horses riding on the beach too. Super neat experience

Amazing park

Absolutely love the cabins at this place! We live 30 minutes away so it’s the perfect quick get away. Our dog LOVES the dog park too. Amazing views

Almost on the beach

Really cool spot super close to the beach, just walk over the dune. Great parks for the kids. Lots of biking areas. Close to crabbing spots.

Perfect spot to camp with an indoor pool

Close to town biking or walking. Nice well kept grounds. Cable tv hookups WiFi (although not very robust) Ethernet jacks at power posts, so you could make your own WiFi I guess. Great spot for camping and working. Nice friendly staff. It has the only gas station in town also has air and propane stations.