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Nothing special here

You are out in the middle of nowhere basically so you can’t expect much, and that’s exactly what you get. Charged $35 the first night no receipt provided, then I got wise and asked for $20 the next night. So yeah just offer them that in the first place. Very long term looking place, kind of meth head looking … if no other choice, stay here. At least you’ll have electricity, sewer, water, bathroom and sketchy showers.

Pretty Nice

We travel full time so we see a lot of parks. This one is small but clean and modern. There seems to be few long term campers which helps to keep the park looking clean. There is a small pool which I didn’t try because it was November. During our stay it was quiet and everyone respected the space of others. It is convenient to I-40 and Hwy 93 being at the intersection of both with several truck stops just across the freeway. The park has a few small trees which appear to be well cared for. All in all, a pretty nice place.

Escape from the Desert Heat

Just a few miles off I-40 just east of Kingman. So surprising how much the temperature dropped up the mountain looking over the Arizona desert still. The rangers at the campground was very informational and helpful on finding the perfect place for either tent camping or bringing your RV with hook-ups. The grounds have plenty of trails to hike and the scenery is wonderful and the freshness of the air words can't describe. Definitely coming back in the future.

Windy, flies and dust

Hosts were awesome!

Campground was windy daily and flies were Bad.

We were in D5 and flies were plentiful Dawn till Dusk.

Store was well stocked and restrooms were clean.

Wayne and Michelle (Hosts) were Awesome!

1 Star


Such a good time, clean, and activities for all ages.

Great experience! Loved this family owned & operated campground

Fell in love with this campground! Needed a quick stop & safe place to sleep on my way to grand canyon I was so sweetly surprised! Wasn't expecting much, there weren't any reviews. This campground was just taken over… by a kind family who now owns and operates the business with their children… I was greeted by "the boss" little miss scarlett who gave me a tour, fun facts, and cupcakes she had baked. The LOVE creativity and passion the owners have, for this work in progress campground is apparent. Seems like they are working their butts off to provide amazing experiences for their guest… like wild horses and glamping! I rarely write reviews but felt it so important and wanted their hard work to not go unnoticed.  I can't wait to revisit on my next road trip in Arizona!

Awesome Campground

Awesome place to stay! Amazing view of the Grandwash Cliffs! Nothing can compete for star gazing at night! The sky just lights up with a trillion stars at night…HUGE rv spaces big enough for our rig, boat and atvs!  Lake Mead is only 10 minutes away! This campground is perfect for those with the outdoor bug like us. Hiking for miles atv trails everwhere you turn. We had a blast. Owners and staff where helpful and informative. WE WILL BE BACK!


Large pull thoughts Horse, pet & desert toy Friendly… Owners are amazing and Scarlett (the Boss) is the cutest kid on Earth.

Super clean RV park

Awesome RV park. Paved road, clean gravel sites, beautiful pool, dog park fenced in. Small but big enough for pups to get exercise safely. Staff super friendly and helpful. CLEAN, CLEAN PLACE!

Found a more accessible site.

Tried to camp here on May 20, 2019 and couldn’t access the site because it requires a legitimate 4x4 with big tires. It is no joke. Our group of 4 instead followed big wash rd to the top and there was a fire pit already there and a solar panel. Beautiful view of a city. Don’t go if it’s going to be windy, we had to move our tent 3 times but much easier to access in my Chevy Equinox and worth the views.

Remote campground

I love this campground because it's off a dirt road, quiet, and small. Mostly for tents, small groups, or 4x4's. There is a clean vault tiolet with a garbage receptacle. Rv's could get stuck.

Wrong place to stay.

As a KOA this one is at the bottom of my list. I don’t mind the trains, kind of nice to see them. I do however mind that they don’t offer a cable hookup of any kind. Especially in a location that has zero channels to pick up using my antenna. It’s 2018, how hard is it install a satellite and offer the campers something to hook up to.

ideal For RVs or Tent Campers With Great Wildlife

A stay here is like a stay right in the mountains where you can see everything around you and truly appreciate the atmosphere. Up at this camp anyone can come and enjoy stretching out and enjoying a day or weekend away at a reasonable rate with good company all around you. There wasn't a single camper that I met here that wasn't pleasant, maybe it is that mountain air.

When I visited there were not any events going on here so it was a typical day in the middle of the week, there were still plenty of other campers here but it did not feel overwhelmingly full by any means. I opted for a site without water because there were plenty of spigots around so I didn't figure it was a must have at that moment. My site was pretty basic with a picnic table out of stone and a grill but it was nestled in the mountains and seemed like my own little piece of happiness. Only $17 for my site seemed more than reasonable and I felt like I had plenty of room to really spread out.

This campground has a little piece of history being a part of the jobs created during the Great Depression. At that time they put people to work etching out paths through the mountains, some of those are still in use today and as you hike along the many trails here you are hiking along the path with such an appreciation for the beauty that you tend to forget that this once was a place which reminded people of hope in the midst of tragedy through minimal wages.

While there I checked out the Aspen Peak trail which was awesome and I recommend it as a must see!!


  • Sites are first come first serve so get there early on busy weekends.

  • Check their site for special events, they often host off road events here because of the terrain in which case sites fill quickly.

Quaint RV campground in the middle of AZ

Small campground for RVERS all gravel but easy off and on on highway. Great rates showers and store also there . Fast food available after short walk

Great escape from the heat

Wooded campground with some full hook up sites. Large playground for kids. Lots of wildlife and rzr trails.

Beautiful forest outside the desert!

Cheap, clean, well maintained, lots of wild life!

Not for the 2 Wheel Drive

I found this campsite on a map when living in Vegas and wanted to check it out, but when I actually went out there in my car, well needless to say I felt like I was cringing the entire trip. I would recommend a 4 Wheel Drive especially after any weather. You can make it in your 2 Wheel Drive but lets just say I wouldn't even think about trying it again.

The area is rocky and pretty intense but the experience of being at this point was a place of quite and solitude which was pretty remarkable. I love finding sites like these because they tend to be so difficult to get to that no one really goes there just to mess them up.

The views from the mountain are great and you get both the first part of the sun and last part of it each day.

Not to mention this place isn't expensive. Slightly upgraded from primitive camping in the dispersed wilderness you only pay $8 an evening, which is a steal for the location and the sky view of the valley.


  • Do not attempt in an RV of any kind. Miles and miles of difficult winding roads will not work well with your high top heavy clearance.

  • Bring cash for fees, there is no credit card system.

  • Check out some of the abandoned mines scattered throughout this area. If you look hard enough as your drive you will find some great little places to check out. Just be safe and DO NOT try to go inside them.

The Caverans are great

What can I say ?? The Caverans were great the camping not so great .. kinda hill have eyes scary !! But the people were really nice lol Needs some TLC

wild animal refuge about a mile away was the best kids loved it !

Wonderful for kids

This a great experience since we were originally not planning on camping on our way back to California, but it got late and we were tired.we got a KOA basic abin which fit my husband and I and a bunk bed which our son loved. The campground also had a pool, hot tub , play ground, mini golf and a little train that kids to ride in around the park starting at 9:30am. I am glad we stayed here, it was a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly and helpful and the on site store had everything you could need. Like all KOA’s the showers and bathrooms were like nice hotel rooms.

Not as exciting during the off season

I wanted to find a place that was close to Oatman so I could make a daycation away from the house in Vegas. Everything I saw implied this one was the most reliable and closest to the site. I did see along the path however a few others, but my reservation had already been made and for $30 nonrefundable that meant I was keeping my claim on my site.

The site was not a deluxe site like some KOA's have but it was a non-primitive site and I had hook ups so I was excited to see what it was this campground had to offer.

I was staying during offseason so I knew I wouldn't have access to the pool or hot tub, the hot tub would have been nice however. I was expecting to maybe play some mini golf but the course looked unmaintainted like it too was in the off season, a little disappointing.

Since there wasn't anything to do really at camp I went and explore the Historic Route 66 in Kingman to follow up my fun in Oatman on the same journey. it was quirky and bold and had some really nice stops. I was very happy with having proximity to the options I got to see so it made the campground worth it. I was given a few tips from the office as to the must see locations and I managed to check them out before it got dark. (pictured)

All in all, I wouldn't say I wouldn't give this place a shot again during a different time of year, but during the early months of the year it wasn't all I was wanting it to be and more.

Nice place

There were no trees. One side was a train that came by every 15 minutes (wasn’t really that noisy) the other side was a highway. There is a pool and decent bathrooms and showers. The lady at the front desk was so great. I wish I would have gotten her name. She was very helpful. When you stay you get a cute little keychain that says “I survived a night of 1000 trains”. Half of the tent sites didn’t have fire rings. And there were not really parking spaces. There are a lot of negative things in this review but we really enjoyed our stay.

Remote campground where you wouldn’t expect to find one.

Although you can make it to the campground in 2wd, I wouldn’t take a car. SUV/truck preferred. Tent camping/car camping only, no RV sites at all. The road is steep, winding, dirt with loose gravel 11 miles off the paved road. Camp sites have a great view because of the elevation. picnic tables and fire rings in each site as well as many trash receptacles and clean toilets. no other amenities. Rough off-roading in the areas surrounding the campground leading to old mining areas. Awesome views, we went in June when it was probably 110 degrees at the base of the mountain, mid 90s up at the camp site.

Decent county park near Kingman with good hiking, cabins and ge group sites

This is a Mohave County park near Kingman AZ. We had a rough start, but it ended up being a reasonable place to stay. And the hiking was excellent.

A couple days before we arrived, someone called to tell us our site was not going to be ready. The caller wanted to move us across the road to their RV park. We explained we had a teardrop trailer, and they moved our reservation. When we arrived, we realized the RV park was a big parking lot (albeit with a nice view) but there were no bathrooms. It is, however, a full hookup park. If you don't mind camping within a few feet of your neighbors and have a bathroom with your unit, this is a good option. That doesn't work for a teardrop with a living compartment with a futon that folds down into a bed plus a kitchen on the back. A trip back to the office led us to a site across from group camping with a nearby bathroom. (There were two other group sites deeper in the park. All group areas looked nice and were appropriate for large groups.)

Showers were up above where we camped, but we quickly found out these were locked units that were only for people in some of the cabins that didn't have showers. Oh well, there was a wellness center in Kingman with a gym/shower. That's a good option for occasional showers because we planned to stay multiple nights. Cabins looked nice from the outside, but we didn't see the inside.

There were a couple camping areas that had nice sites but the road to get to one area was steep and deeply pitted. We would not have wanted to take our trailer too far into those areas. Tent campers, campervans and truck campers would be okay. I don't think they intend for people to tow anything to those spots, but they were very rough (even for a car).

But….we found an excellent hiking loop and were able to do a 7 to 8 mile hike in varied mountain terrain. There is a good map online that shows all the hiking options. On our way to the trailhead, we passed the area where we had made our reservation. I'm not sure why they waited to call us until a couple days before our stay because this area was not even close to ready for camping. Not sure if it is new or just being redone.

Wildlife in the area - deer and elk. I was running on the road in one direction while an elk was headed for the campground in the other direction.

A hidden gem along Route 66

I love this place, This dry Cavern tour is worth the $20 admission fee, I have done this tour about 4 times, Although they have a ghost tour which was a lot of fun, they will give you a discounted price for a combo standard tour and Ghost tour, I also got a Good Sams discount during my stay.

The grounds have a general store, mini golf course that is pretty run down, trails, motel, Restaurant (the food is quiet good).They even have introduced a cavern dining experience. They also offer a night stay in the Cavern but it's very pricey. They had a very cool walk thru museum with all kids of things from the past mainly the 1960's bu I enjoyed it. The gift shop is pretty nice as well, there's lots of photo opportunities.

I did a tent site, and the campground was not packed so they told me I could camp wherever I wanted, we still did a primitive campsite, for $40 a night we got a site, fire ring and a Continental breakfast.The restrooms with showers were very nice and clean, the campground it self has seen better days, but again, the Cavern makes all the little issue's all worth it.

Best priced KOA around

This KOA is a few minutes drive into famous Seligman, AZ which was the town on route 66 that inspired the Disney Movie CARS, and you can see that everywhere in the town. The town has lot's of tourist type shopping, great places to eat like Roadkill Cafe, and west side Lido's, as well as a neat Thrift store, I always visit. There's not much in the area, but a 20 minute drive west on route 66 will get you to the Grand Canyon Caverns, my review of their campground can be found on the Dyrt site.

This KOA we tent camped at, our site was on a grassy area, with gravel car parking for one car. We had an electrical outlet but didn't use it. The site was well shaded with trees and had a fire ring, about a 2 minute walk to the restrooms and showers. on site they have a store and a pool. It's a small KOA but to camp with our tent was under $25 a night. We happened to camp during monsoon season and had some very awesome lighting storms from far away to watch..

We plan to camp here again, the owners were vert helpful and super friendly, the only issues was a train run all night pretty close to the campground, but I found the noise very calming and there were a lot of bugs in the restroom at night, but again it's camping, so I understood.

Grand Canyon Caverns RV & Campgrounds, Peach Springs, AZ

Along old Route 66… at least there's a place to stay here, in the middle of nowhere! Grand Canyon Caverns is an interesting attraction. Used to be called Dinosaur Caves back when quirky roadside gimmicks were the thing. The caverns (220' below the surface) now have "Cavern Grotto" dining, an overnight "Cave Suite" hotel, Cavern Theater, and "Ghost Walk." Restaurant serves great hamburgers, and not so great pie. The continental breakfast is fair, to say the least. The campground is old and the picnic tables are original (+/- 50 years). Many sites have electric hookups, but they're sketchy looking, so be careful.

Wild life in the Hualapai's

I have been there many times over the years and have never been disappointed. I have been there in the snow and rain ,and it is still a good time.I have never been so close to wild life before the elk and deer roam the area ,especially in the morning hours. A great commune with nature.

First to Review
Kingman KOA

Arrived here at night. We took a look at the tent sites before paying, which turned out to be a good thing as someone was squatting in a site. You can hear the road from the campground and some people seemed to be using the road to race. But - the site we chose was good. They all have fences, ours had shrubs, which gave the feeling of privacy. The showers were fine and there are toilets right by the tent sites.

Shangri-La above the desert

I had been camping in August by the Colorado River in Arizona, a mistake that time of year. About midnight I was too hot to sleep, and the mosquitos were eating me alive. I decided to move, and an hour later I rolled into Kingman, Ariz. to get gas. I saw a sign for Hualapai Mountain Park, and, knowing nothing about it, I took a chance. Within a couple of miles, the temperature had dropped and the air was fresh. I rolled into the park about midnight, somehow found a camping spot amid the towering Ponderosas and slipped into a deep sleep in the cool air. In the morning a friendly ranger reminded me to pay, nodding in understanding at the story of my escape from the desert. The campground itself was beautiful. The big Ponderosas kept the site cool well into the day--it is almost at 8,000 feet! Better yet was the short hiking trail I took the next day to a promontory on Aspen Peak with a stunning view east across Arizona. A memorable stay.


This place is a must come. Trust me. I've been outdoors for years and this place is the place to come. I came night hiking here and the star will amaze you. I got to see reptiles like tarantulas and scorpions.