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Havasupai Reservation Campground is located in Arizona
36.1537 N
-112.6731 W
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6 Reviews of Havasupai Reservation Campground
Had an awesome 4 day trip!

After the 10+ mile hike-in, it was awesome to see the campsites right by the Havasupai falls as well as Mooney Falls. The site had a lot of squirrels, so bring rat sacks because squirrels will eat everything. Also, make sure to keep food outside of the tents because of the squirrels. Plenty of sites to choose from, with some trees for hammocks. Bring a swimsuit so that you can swim in one of the pools right by the waterfalls!

Worth the walk

This campground is placed between several waterfalls and along a river in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The 10 mile hike makes this a campsite that you should stay at for a few days.

Absolutely Stunning and Beautiful but...

All the Falls and River are absolutely breathtaking, beautiful and amazing. But other than that, we had a few concerns with the whole area.

None of the trails are marked, miles of hiking, lots of side trails your asked not to hike on, yet NONE of the trails are marked. Most of the falls are not marked either. No signs, no trail markers, no idea how far you've gone or have to go. It can be frustrating unless your ready to go on adventure hikes not knowing where your at/going.

Even the drinking water in camp is not marked as such, instead its referred to as a Spring, with a PVC pipe coming out of a rock on the side of the mountain. So filter or not? Some do, some dont. But dont expect signs or any info around to help you decide.

Trash was pretty prevalent along the trail in, through town, and in camp. Which was sad, but not all from hikers and campers.

Most of the tribes people we interacted with, seemed unhappy to have guests, tourists, and customers. We did not even receive a smile at the Welcome Center.

Walking through town to camp you are surrounded with run down houses, yards filled with trash and debris, and a general unkempt look all around. Doesnt go well with the idea of being in the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, or the ideal of this being a Native American Cultural Center and historical area. They have been extremely Americanized. It was great to see, but highly doubt we will go back.


A few points to consider in addition to the other reviews:

  1. Alcohol is not allowed on the land/reservation. Please respect this. If it is found, you will likely be fined & banned. This has been made clear for years.
  2. The official Havasupai website has all the information you need to book, plan, and have a successful vacation.
  3. 2019 many things have changed. Please see their official website to avoid issues.
  4. All trash must be carried out, even if you have employed a donkey, they can not carry it. Please plan accordingly.
  5. Have fun!!!
Crowded but worth it

This hike is on most peoples bucket list and for good reason. The falls and surrounding areas are incredible. The big thing to note about Havasu falls and the campground are they do not ever accept walk ins. You must book ahead of time! Reservations open on February 1st and sell out that same day. New this year, you can use their online booking site to secure a spot. It is both stressful and exciting. Once you have a spot secured you can begin dreaming about the blue waters.

The hike into the campground is 10 miles each way. Not so much difficult but hot and crowded. I would recommended leaving very early in the morning. The hike to the village is 9 miles where you will check in and then continue an extra mile to the campground. Once to the spots, the campground itself spans about 1 mile. Selecting a good spot is key, there are shaded spots as well as spots that are entirely in the sun (Temps get into the 100's in the summer). There are no designated spots but you will see open areas with picnic tables, that will let you know. You will end up camping on top of people in most spots as well. They allow 300 permits per day down there. *Note there are no fires allowed ever in this campground.

If you decide to stay at the end of the grounds you will be close to Mooney falls but will have to walk an extra 2 miles a day to get to Havasu falls and back plus add an extra mile to your hike out. The upside to staying at the ends of the grounds are less people so it is quieter. There is a natural water spring where you can collect water (some filter this, we did not and felt great!), it is located towards the beginning of the campground. Restrooms are are the beginning and the end, so think about that when picking a spot. Close is easy to access but you may smell it sometime. Also they run out of TP often, bring some.

Overall, amazing area and hike. The crowds never seemed to crazy. If you really need you can take a helicopter out from the village to the parking lot and also have pack mules bring your bags out (The latter is not recommended as the mules seem exhausted and overworked, they haul bags all day everyday)

First to Review
Havasupai Campground

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done!!! The campground is located near Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls and absolutely worth the $140 per night fee. You will have to book at least 6 months ahead of time! Worth the wait and the 12 miles hike in.