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Deepest Canyon in the Winds

An absolute must area to backpack in if you're in the northern part of the Wind River Range! Gorgeous waterfalls are everywhere and you're surrounded by giant walls of ancient Precambrian granite! The trail crosses over the stream many times so it helps to have waders. Water during the early part of the season can be almost impassable so late Summer is usually a good time to go if you don't want to deal with snow. Definitely bring some bug spray as well!

Peaceful sites between the lake and two trails

Gravel access road from the Boukder Wyoming area. Limited number of established sites in the formal campgound loop. Other folks camp near the Boulder Creek trailhead.

Pit toilets, gravel parking, trail map displays. Picnic tables and fire rings. Suited for tents and smaller RVs. Bigger RVs camp near the trailhead parking area.

The two trails up Boukder Creek and to Blueberry Lake go up into the Bridger Wilderness. Bring bear spray and fishing rods.

Lakeside peacefulness

Get a reservation in advance for the best lakeside sites. Mew pavement has been added so that even big RVs can be comfortably parked: no hookups. A group site is also available for reservations.

Walk to the lakeside beach or launch your boat or kayak at the boat ramp. Jut a short drive into town for dinner or provisions.

Kayak trip

Great kayaking

Great spot!

Great lake for the kids play and paddle boarding and kayaking. We camped little away from the lake and took the ATV down to play for the day. The campgrounds are neatly tucked into trees areas closer to the lake and there a lot of different sizes to choose from. The area is well maintained.

Love this place!

This is an absolutely beautiful place to camp. Sites are reservable and it does fill up. They have both pull through and back in sites. Sites have picnic tables and fire rings. All sites are close enough to walk to the lake. You will need your bug spray. There is a boat dock just up the road from the campground. The lodge has cabins and a bar/restaurant but you can’t count on it being open. The campground provides toilets and garbage. It is just close enough to town that it isn’t a big deal to run and get what you need.

Great little campground below Fontenelle dam.

Different sized sites to accommodate tent camping or RV. River access and great fishing. Sites have picnic tables and fire rings that include a cooking grate. Many sites also have a grill. Campground is pet and ATV friendly. Nice little camping spot, does get busy on the weekends.

Ranger Review: Humangear at Cottonwood Lake Campground

Campground Review: As you enter the forest boundary, there is a sign alerting you to road damage. The road is pretty rough getting into the campground. You will encounter some pretty significant potholes and washouts. Just take it slow, you’ll be fine. Also, the campground is not on the lake, it is about a 1/4 mile from the lake. The campground is quite nice back in the trees. There are 2 separate forks, one for equestrians and the other allows off-road vehicles.

I camped at site 13. It was near the water supply and a couple sites away from the restroom. It was also very close to the ORV trailhead. The only bear boxes are located by the restroom, which I though was unusual. I just made sure any food items were stored away in my vehicle and locked vs storing in the bear box. The campground was about half full on a Friday. The group site does require a reservation. The site I occupied had a small iron fire ring with a grill component. Some other sites had much larger cement fire rings. The lake is spectacular! it is the prettiest shade of teal. There is a boat dock at the far end of the lake. Near the parking area there is a beach area where you can kayak and paddle board from. The lake has brown and cutthroat trout. They were jumping like crazy in the evening and the fly fishing was excellent! I used my favorite yellow caddis. It was a little more difficult from shore but the boaters were killing it. I could have easily spent the whole weekend up here. My reason for visiting this area was to get away from the madness of the Lincoln County Fair that I was in the area attending and supporting my kids in 4-H. I prefer the solitude of camping in the forest ca the commercial campground at the fairgrounds.

This campground is recommended it you are interested in the following: horseback riding, fly fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, hiking, ORV, wildlife viewing. Something for everyone!

Gear Review: Humangear Quick Bites, Go-Tubes, FlexiBowl. As a Ranger with the Dyrt, I occasionally receive gear to field test while camping. While planning for this trip, I brought some easy dinner items to quickly toss together. Prior to leaving, I mixed up some sauce at home and transported it in my GoTube. It was perfect! The opening to the soft silicone container is nice and wide. I added some chili sauce, soy sauce, and Sriracha to the tube and replaced the lid and shook it to mix. The lid has a nice mechanism that will lock the lid to prevent it from opening during transport. When squeezed, the contents are very controlled and there is no drip once you release. I used the FlexiBowl to mix up my concoction at camp. I emptied a tin of canned chicken int the bowel. The top inch or so of the bowel will fold down to create a wider opening. I used my Go-Bites spork to mix the sauce i brought with the chicken. I ate this on crackers. It was delicious after a long day. Pardon my dark demo video, it was 9 pm when I got around to eating. Prior to having the Humangear Go-Bites double ended spork, I had a light my fire spork. I was doing a side by side demo of the strength and barely put any effort on the ends of the light my fire sport and it split in two. I'm a fan of the Humangear eating utensils. I have also use the DuoBites which are a fork and spoon that slide into each other for transport and so they stay together. I really like both utensils that i have tried! I also have to throw in a GREAT word for the Humangear CapCap! This is a huge step up in my Nalgene game! I don't know how i got by without one! No more spills down the front of my shirt! Bonus!

Incredible Views and TOTAL Privacy

As I was driving over Salt River Pass I noticed a small dirt road on the side of the highway. Upon checking Google Maps Satellite View, I could see that the road ended in a campsite, so I decided to scout it. The road is HEAVILY rutted, and would be impassible for a regular car, but it was easy to pass in my Sprinter Van. The campsite is STUNNING, in a field of wildflowers, RIGHT near the highway, but totally isolated and private.

Ranger Review: ICEMULE at Lake Alice Campground

Disclosure: It is NOT 3.5 miles to the campground, it is 1.5 to the lake and another to .25 or so to the camping area on the east side of the lake. The app on my phone was screwy. Sorry for the confusion in my videos.

Campground Review: For a primitive camping area this place is pretty sweet! They have metal fire rings with grills and there is an outhouse as well. The picnic tables are built of of half hewn logs. I did see that one of the tables at a site was badly broken, so everything is not in the best repair. There was also garbage left behind by the previous visitors which we packed out for them. The views more than make up for it, though! This lake is the most beautiful blue-green color. Lake Alice is home to the only pure lake strain of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in Wyoming. We caught about 4 this trip but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to share any shots. We had to leave just as the fishing was getting good in the evening. Fish AM/PM, the wind can pick up in the afternoons, and temps rise making fishing not so great in the afternoon. Horseback riders are frequently in the area, so make way for them on the trail. We passed a string of about 8 riders going in further. You can trail ride through all the way to La Barge Creek Road. The campsite at the very beginning of the lake has a primitive corral for the horses. There are a few ambitious folks who have packed canoes into the lake. There are also some forest service water crafts locked away. Maybe if you had the right connections…It would be so fun to canoe this lake!

If you continue along Poker Creek Trail that follows the east side of the lake, you can visit Mount Isabel which is 5 miles from the start of Lake Alice. Poker Creek Trail will reach LaBarge Creek Road at mile 9.

Don'f forget to leave no trace! Picking up after others is frustrating.

Gear Review: ICEMULE Coolers Occasionally the Dyrt will provide gear to demo on camping trips. I had the opportunity to demo the ICEMULE Pro Large Soft cooler. I have been using this cooler for a little over a month now and it has come along on a variety of adventures and has not failed! This was the longest trek I've carried the cooler. We went for a day trip into Lake Alice. The trail to the lake is 1.5 miles. I was able to pack the fully loaded cooler with lunch, drinks, and snacks for 4, into the lake comfortably. I loved that this cooler has the crisscross bungee cord to hold additional gear. It held my fly rod case snugly as we packed in. The cooler has a vent on the side, you can inflate the side walls to help extend the insulating factor of the cooler. It also helps it float! The bag rolls closed like a dry bag and clips closed. The shoulder straps are adjustable and there is a chest strop for a good fit. It worked just as good as a garbage receptacle as we packed out trash we found in the campground. #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit

Great hiking access to Wind River mountains and Cirque of the Towers

One of the most incredible mountain ranges in the U.S. Hesitant to even post about this so as not to give it away.

Too flat

Not that great of scenery and it’s too flat so the wind gets at it too much

Great fishing!

Great to take the kids. Bad weather when we went though

Good base to set off from

Stayed here the first night of a 6 day backpacking trip and was treated to our last sit down toilet break for 5 days.

Upon returning we had a welcome dip in the lake and enjoyed some bbq we managed to keep cold in our car. Would definitely come back for a prolonged stay and kayak around the lake.

The boy scouts were also in the area while I was there so if crowds are an issue then late summer is a time to avoid

Stokes Crossing

This is a very small camp area and is usually taken. It's definitely one of natures best kept little secrets. If you don't mind sharing with the cattle you'll get to have your own little paradise.

Boulder Lake

Grear water recreation area. We always have a blast swimming and fishing!

Boulder Lake

This is one of my favorite places close to home for camping. My family and I have been going here for years, since I was a little kid. It's a little desert oasis, we always have a great time. Great camp sites with near by trails and close access to the lake.

Same as other side!

The drive in was beautiful. Very secluded. Only saw a couple other people camping around the lake. A toilet or 2. Lots of excellent fishing. People out all night fishing. Great for the doggy. No shade for tent only down fall.

Excellent like the other side of lake.

The drive in was beautiful. Very secluded. Only saw a couple other people camping around the lake. A toilet or 2. Lots of excellent fishing. People out all night fishing. Great for the doggy. No shade for tent only down fall.

Beautiful good fishing.

The drive in was beautiful. Very secluded. Only saw a couple other people camping around the lake. A toilet or 2. Lots of excellent fishing. People out all night fishing. Great for the doggy. No shade for tent only down fall.

Excellent fishing!

This campground is located along the bank of the Viva Naughon Resivoir. There are about 8 sites with picnic tables and fire pits, but is pretty primitive. There are vault toilets available near the boat ramp. The campground is FREE!

The fly fishing is excellent below the dam, which is about a 3/4 mile drive from the campground. The area is very popular with boaters and anglers alike. This place stays busy year round and ice fishing is very popular in the winter months.

I frequent this area often. I'm blessed to live 15 minutes from this great area in the town of Kemmerer.

New Fork Lake Campground during Eclipse

Arrived at New Fork Lake Campground on Thursday before the eclipse, the prime spots with good views of the lake were already taken. We chose space 6 since it had some aspen trees that would provide some shade and had extra space for a tent. Had a nice path down to the lake.

Outhouses were clean and had no issues with them. Camp spaces were clean and could tell in some of the others they had come through recently to cut down some of the tall grasses. Camp fire rings were in great shape and cleaned out, grates movable and useful. No potable water in the campground, could use the lake to filter if necessary.

Day use area with small beach (large snow year so lake was fuller than normal) is very nice for kids to play, launch paddle boards, paddle boats, canoes, etc. was a quick walk from the campsite

We were able to leave our well behaved dog off leash (but still carried it at all times), other campers and animals were friendly.

Abundance of trails

We visited Scab Creek Campground during the 2017 Eclipse. This area offers an abundance of hiking trails, backcountry lakes, and granite rock climbing. We hiked into the Scab Creek Buttress and did some trad climbing. Oh, yeah, and the Eclipse was amazing!

This is a FREE campground! There are about 10 sites that are well spaced. There is one group campsite. We chose site 4 for our visit and I think it is the only site without a nice elevated fire pit with grill. Boo. It did have a rock fire ring that needed some TLC before it was usable. (I did take photos of the fire pit/grills from the other sites) Each site had a nice sturdy picnic table, some heavy wooden and some were nicer cement. There is a pump for potable water. It looks like a fire has gone through the campground several years ago, a lot of new growth, but not a lot of big trees at the far end of the campground. There is a separate horse area with paddocks for your animals about 1/2 mile from the campground. I believe you can camp there as well. There is a large parking area at the trail head.

Easy access

I did not camp here but drove through to check it out as this was going to be my plan B if Swift Creek Campground was full.

This campground does not allow ATV's in the campground but does offer a parking area for your toys just outside the campground entrance. The sites are well spread out throughout the campground. They have fire rings, grills, and picnic tables. Pit toilets are available and there is a hand pump water source. I spoke with the camp host, Bob Ranier, and he said it can fill up fast as it is popular with events like family reunions and such. This gentleman is very informative and friendly, I could have visited with him for hours.

Ranger Review: Lilytrotters Compression Socks at Swift Creek Campground

This is a great place just 2 miles from Afton, WY along the beautiful blue Swift Creek! I was visiting Afton for the annual Lincoln Couny Fair. I opted for some peace and quiet and a babbeling brook vs. the crowds/music/noise of the campground located at the fairgrounds. With some trail running too!

Campground Review: I thought the campground would be busier on such a busy weekend, but there was only one other campsites occupied other than myself. The campground had some damaged roads making some sites non-accessible, but other wise it was maintained and tidy, a bit overgrown, but I don't think it sees heavy use. The vault toilets were tidy and well stocked. Water was available, and I bet it is pristine spring water, however I had packed pleanty and didn't use it. The bonus to this campground: they don't allow ATV's in the campground, which keeps noise and dust down. (Guess that may be a bad point if you're an avid off-roader) Swift Creek flows through the campground and many of the campsites. It offers excellent trout fishing and is spring fed and is the clearest blue color. Up from the campground about 4 miles you can hike into Intermittent Spring. It's very pretty and I recommend visiting! The road up the canyon follows Swift Creek and passes a couple waterfalls and super fishing holes!

Product Review: FIVE STARS! Lily Trotters Compression Socks Occasionally, The Dyrt will offer Rangers gear to reiview. I was offered the opportunity to demo the Lily Trotters Compression Socks. I've had a few opportunities to wear these compression socks before posting this review, and I LOVE them! I've worn them hiking and trail running and the definitely decreased leg fatigue. I think I'm going to find a new love of running! Before using any kind of compression, my calves would burn when I ran, so I used it as an excuse not to. This would happen on long hikes as well. I think these socks are my answer to longer and more challenging hikes and a new love for running! Thank you for broadening my love of adventure! I hope to climb the Grand Teton soon and I will be rocking my Lily Trotters!

Tons of traffic

Campsite is $7/night which isn't bad. Super calm and isolated sites. Tiny camp sites for tent camping. There was enough room for a tent, hammock and chair and nothing else. The rangers were very nice and everyone was friendly. Basically no privacy at these sites but everyone was quiet so it wasn't a big deal. The reason I'm giving the site 3 stars is because of how much traffic there was. I saw approximately 35 cars drive by 12 hours. This is a high traffic area.

Tons of traffic

Campsite is $7/night which isn't bad. Super calm and isolated sites. Tiny camp sites for tent camping. There was enough room for a tent, hammock and chair and nothing else. The rangers were very nice and everyone was friendly. Basically no privacy at these sites but everyone was quiet so it wasn't a big deal. The reason I'm giving the site 3 stars is because of how much traffic there was. I saw approximately 35 cars drive by 12 hours. This is a high traffic area.

First to Review
Ranger Review: Primus ETA Lite Stove at Tailrace Campground

Campground Review: Location, location, location! The campground is on the banks of the Green River, just below the Fontenelle Reservoir Dam, with world class fishing. The flow is currently 9,000 cfs (June 29, 2017) so the Green River is moving fast, which makes fishing challenging.

The campground itself leaves more to be desired, but it is FREE. The picnic tables are in need of a fresh coat of paint, but are sturdy. Each site is a little different, some have nice large rock fire pits and some have cement fixtures and metal grills. During the week it was not busy, but the lower campgrounds along the Green River were much busier.

Product Review: Primus ETA Lite Gas Stove

Occasionally the Dyrt offers gear to top reviewers to demo. Today I had the opportunity to test the Primus ETA Lite gas stove. This stove is my new favorite piece of camping gear! It is compact and light ans boils water in a hurry! I have used by boyfriends Jetboil before an I like the Primus stove much better. It is simple to assemble, ignites with the first click and boils water faster. It is smaller than the Jetboil, but that makes it easier to squeeze in your pack when camping in the high country. 5 STARS for the Primus ETA Lite Stove!

Loved this place

Solitude camping is great here. Big RVs can not get up here and sites are a decent distance apart. Love being able to hang the hammock and relax. The only reason not a 5 star review is because the trail was in rough shape. Everyone is very polite and beautiful place. Will definitely be back.

Great place for horses

Great amount of room. A pad for horses with a gate you can lock. Bring your own lock though. Fire rings and put. Tough road to get a trailer up to so be mindful of that before the drive. The trail wasn't passable in early June.