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Dinosaur National Monument, COLORADO
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Remote getaway from civilization

This campground is super remote and offers 4 primitive campsites. There are pit toilets and no accessible water. The river runs directly behind camp and trails run through the hills. If you're lucky, you will come across the herd of elk roaming the grounds. There are amazing petroglyphs a short drive down the road. The Dinosaur Nat'l Monument Quarry Visitors Center is approx 45 minutes away but completely worth the drive. Make sure your gas tank is full as there is no cell reception at the campsite.

I liked it

It got a little busy and on the holiday weekend but we did some great fishing!

Nice spot on the river and near quarry

Few miles into Dinosaur NP is a large but spacious and very green camp on the Green River. Friendly camp host, nice bathrooms, and potable water. Camp spots are large and flat.

Right by the river!

We camped in A10 and it is the best spot. It is right by the River Trail which is perfect for a late evening before dinner out and back hike. Amazing views in every direction! #10 is secluded by a bunch of sagebrush and has it's own mini trail to your own private beach! I would definitely recommend!

My favorite camping!!!!!

This is a once a year MUST!!!! Free, dispersed camping in the beautiful Flaming Gorge! The drive in is beautiful, the camping is beautiful…don’t miss it. No services, but just a dirt road to get there. Lots of RVs were also using this area! Beach camping, swimming, amazing sunsets…it has it all. We were there in July on a Thursday, many spots were open. Take time to drive around and go down the little side “roads”, that’s how we found our little gem of a site!

Dinosaur National Monument

This campground is in the National Monument and is along the gorgeous Green River. It has clean flush toilets (lighted at night), potable water, fire pits, picnic tables and a variety of sites. You can camp a few feet from the river or walk a short distance to it’s sandy, rocky banks. Great place for birding, a short drive to the Park Service Visitor Center which is worth spending at least a few hours at! Take the shuttle to the Quarry for an entire bank exposing dinosaur bones and more.

Beautiful mountain lake with a nice campground.

When we arrived the campground was almost empty. There were a handful of folks fishing at the lake but overall it was a very quiet visit. Except for an unusually aggressive cow that decided to yell at my family for 15 minutes or so. Other than that it was great. If you come here, make sure to take the time the drive Red Cloud Loop Scenic Byway. Within a few miles of the campground we saw 4 moose.

Great campground

This has become one of my favorite campgrounds. What we have learned is that if you will go online and make a reservation (loop B), you can move your reservation to one of the non-reservable loops (A or C) once you get there. So if you find a site on the river or one with more trees in the outer loops, the camp hosts will let you change your site number. I love this feature as it also helps us to avoid noisy neighbors or shadeless sites. The park in general has lots of interesting, educational, and/or scientific sites. Plenty to stay busy plus the added bonus of having a river to cool off in. We have AT&T and had enough 4G throughout the campground to stream a Broncos game with minimal interruptions.

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Green River Sites

Dispersed camping on the 125 mile stretch of the Green river from Green River, UT to the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers at Spanish Bottom. We stayed at the BLM sites on the Colorado in Moab the first night. These are all pack in/ Pack out sites so get your “groover” ready. Fires (when allowed) need to be in a fire pan that meets NPS specs. No water so you will need to bring with you. The Green is a silt river and I am sure will clog filters. Stillwater and Labyrinth Canyons are a marvel. Take your time and hop from site to site getting some hikes in. One important note: The BLM sites in Moab are first come first served so if you may need to look for other accomodations on your way out of town. We got back in town late in the evening from the shuttle back to town from Spanish Bottom and weren't able to secure a campsite when we returned.

I love this place!!!

I have been camping here for about 30 years and I'm only 30 years old. My family and our camp friends have been going here, year after year, for the great camp sites, fun hiking and most of all, the sublime waterskiing. To keep it fairly brief, the camp sites are mainly situated around a large, open, slightly uneven grass area which is great for tent camping and day activities (volleyball, frisbee, catch, BBQing.) Not much shade from the smaller trees but there are shaded picnic tables for each site. Around that are the RV sites with full hookups. The surrounding tent sites are in a more desert like, sandy area where I haven't spent much camp time. The bathrooms are usually clean and in good working order with running water, but nothing fancy (no showers.) The lake has a plethora of awesome acitivites including boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, cliff jumping, fishing and does provide some rentals. We usually try to go during the week as it does get quite busy/crowded on weekends.

Green River Campground - Dino Nat’l Monument

Green River Campground is located inside Dinosaur National Monument - on the ‘Quarry side’ of the park, in Utah. It is a short drive from the vistitors center and quarry, and is next to the Green River.

BEWARE: We trusted Siri's directions, and she steered us in the wrong direction - she sent us across the Colorado border and to the ‘Canyon side’ of the park. We saw a sign reading DNM, and passed a visitors center, so we figured we were in the right place - we should have stopped at the visitors center, we may have saved ourselves from getting a little lost. After driving 15 miles or so we came to a stopping point - you needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle to continue down a couple of the roads. There was a sign post with a map, but the Green River Campground was nowhere to be seen. Since we didn’t have 4WD we figured the campground was not accessible through the roads within the park, so we had to backtrack back to highway 40 towards Utah to the Quarry side. Lesson learned - follow the directions on the park's website, NOT SIRI!

If you have an easy-up or some sort of shade canopy, I highly suggest bringing it with you when you are camping in this part of Utah! As stadard for the area, most of the campsites do not have much in the way of shade. We camped this past July, and it was extremely hot for most of the day and well into the evening. There were a couple sparse trees in our site, but they did not provide any shade. We tried to rig up a shade canopy with an extra tarp, but there wasn't much to tie it to, nor did we have much rope.

Warning: The area does have black bears, but there were no bear bins in the campground, so you have to lock all of your food and toiletries in the car at night. There are bear-proof dumpsters for trash and recycling though. I was once told by a ranger in Yosemite NP that bears can recognize coolers when peering into car windows - he suggested putting put a towel and gear over your coolers when keeping them in the car overnight in bear territory.

The bathrooms were clean - no showers are available, though.

There were not any water spigets around by the sites, but there was a faucet outside the rest rooms for dish washing and water bottles.

The fire pit had a very nice cooking grate - we always bring a small collapsable grate in case the fire ring doesn’t have one, but no need to use it this time!

It got very windy during the day, and after coming back from a hike we found our tent blown over, despite having staked it down. Stake your tents down well!

We only saw one scorpion in our site for the two nights we stayed - one crawled up by the fire ring and hung out with us next to the camp fire. He was small. I would still suggest always zipping up your tent completely every time you open and close it, and to check your shoes if you leave them outside!

Some sites in Green River are "riverside," but are not directly next to the river - perhaps 30 yards away. We walked down to the river - we did not see any true trails to the river, but we didn't take the time to look around. The river and surrounding moutainous region was beautiful, and the cold water was a great way to cool off after a hike in the heat.

I was able to get some cell service down in the campground, but it was definitely better up near the visitors center.

Green River Campground is a great basecamp for those wishing to explore Dinosaur National Monument! Bring lots of water - it is HOT in the summer! We chose to get up early to hike and beat the heat - afterwards we packed up lunch and drove over to Josie Morris cabin. The Josie Morris cabin is an interesting historical site - what one women accomplished out in the middle of nowhere was impressive! Josie planted a lot of trees on her land, so there is a nice shady lawn with picnic benches and a view - it was the perfect lunch spot! The petroglyphs around the park are a must see, as is the quarry exhibit hall!


Fees: $18/night

Plumbed Toilets: Yes

Drinking Water: Yes

Showers: NO

Picnic Table: Yes

Firepit: Yes

Cooking Grates: Yes

Shade: Limited!

Cell Service: Limited

Animals Bins/Food Lockers: NO

Trash: Yes

Tucked in along the Green River

We spent one night on July 19th, 2018. 

This campground is located within Dinosaur National Monument right on the Green River. The sites were open and average but it was all dry camping. This would normally be fine but the temperatures were >100 degrees and it was too hot to really enjoy. The rest rooms were functional but had no showers or towels/dryers. They have wood for sale if you want a campfire. The water was comfortably cool with a small rocked in area for little people to play in the water. 

It sits at the bottom of the hill right on the river so once the sun drops, the campground is in shade which dropped our temperature by a good 20 degrees. There were nice clean pads for tents, fire rings and wood picnic tables.

I recommend this park for cooler temperatures.

Perfect place to camp prior to Lodore put-in

19 tent & RV sites. One site is ADA accessible. A bit buggy so bring the bug spray. This is the perfect place to stay prior to your Gates of Lodore river trip put in. No cell service that I remember & it's a long drive from "civilization" so make sure your car is filled with gas, is in good repair & that you have all the items you'd need for your trip. Vault toilets & water spiggot are great to have to fill up water jugs prior to rafting. No electric, sewer or water hook ups for RVs. No reservations so it's 1st come, 1st served. They have bear proof containers for anything with a scent. No trash containers so pack everything out. Only cash & checks accepted so bring $10 (although discounts for Seniors & when water is not available at the campsite).

flaming Gorge

stunning views and wide open spaces . The best ice cream around at the resort

The best place in the world

My family has been camping here for 29 years!!! It our favorite spot in the lake!!! Somewhat protected from the storms and it’s a very quiet place!!!

Step Back in Time

An NPS Park, it’s situated on the banks of the Green River. Electricity is available, which can come in handy as the area can get seriously warm in the summer. There are two loops, one which has trees, the other mostly without. Reserve ahead as shade is a commodity.

The Park visitor center is amazing. A preserved 90’ wall of dinosaur bones. It doesn’t get any better.

Very rough long dirt roads, but nice campground

Nice campground, fire pits, picnic tables, pit toilets, had water, no power,, NO Verizon service at all,, very dark out in the middle of nowhere,, but glad we did it, stayed 3 nights in May 2018

Free BLM land dispersed campsite

What can you say, nothing here, grass parking spot with beautiful views, quiet, dark, it was great!! Stayed one night,,spot is off main road around a mile on left there is a pull out spot big enough for our 26’ travel trailer to turn around and get level,,

Convenient and the Showers are much needed!

We were on a five day road trip and this was our last day. So we were four days with out a shower and we needed them. Anyway, it's not far from the Flaming Gorge Dam. There were only two sites still available when we got there. They do take reservations so most sites were reserved. They also have it built to where there are single sites ($25) or double sites, which mean double fee ($50). There was one of each available. Thankfully, we were able to take the lower priced site. They have fire pits, nice ones in fact and picnic tables at every site. The doubles have two of everything (at least picnic tables, I can't remember on the fire pits). There are water spickets scattered around and a lot of vault toilets. You don't have to go far to find one. Up by the showers the toilets may have been flush. I didn't go in, the vaults were sufficient. They smelled from the outside but once inside it wasn't so bad. They were very clean. Plenty of toilet paper, which on a busy weekend can be an issue at most of these campgrounds. There is a host there as well. You can not see the reservoir from the campground but it's not far and it's pretty cool. The dam has a visitors center and if you enjoy geocaching, there is an earth cache there. The river coming out of the reservoir (I think it's the snake) is spectacular with the high walls and really blue water. The visitors center had a fish mount that was a fabulous 150 lb trout pulled out of the reservoir back in '88. It was a massive fish. So I imagine the fishing is good. I know I want to go back with a canoe and a fishing pole!

Back to the site. It was comfortable, the ground was pretty hard and it made it difficult to get tent stakes in, a lot of rock under the surface. Water was directly across from us and the toilets were just a site away. There was firewood available but when we got there it was $6 and when we showered it was $7. So, not even an hour after we arrived the price went up. The part I loved the most was the smells! I don't know what they were, if it was a sage or something different but it was fantastic! I wish I could share the smells with everyone I know.

I think if I went back I might explore other areas a bit but if you need a shower, this is the place to be. If you aren't camping there and still want a shower, it's $4 to take one. If you are camped there it's free.

Close to the sites at Dinosaur Nat'l Monument in UT

If you want to tour Dinosaur National Monument in summer, it will be HOT! We arrived around 4 pm when the temperature was close to 100 degrees. Here's the (minor) problem with Green River Campground in the Utah portion of the park: there's not much shade.

But you may be able to get a site with some shade. How? Loop B's sites (23-55 among 80 total sites) are reservable between mid-May and mid-September. For a possibility of shade in the late afternoon/early evening, try for 23, 30, 32, 37, 39, 42, 49 or 55. (Some photos are included.) 30 and 42 are good for a group that needs two sites.

We wanted to stay two nights and considered going the walkup route, but we weren't sure if the walkup sites in loops A and C would fill up. (FYI they didn't fill up on Tues/Wed night.) We reserved a site in loop B for one night because that's all we could get. We planned to get in early and transfer to a walkup site where we could stay for two nights. The host was amenable to that, and she encouraged us to search for a shady site.

The search for shade is a good reason for moving if you have a reserved site with little to no shade. Loop C had some good possibilities among the cottonwoods. So…..reserve a site, get in early and move to a (somewhat) shady site. 

Other than the lack of shade and abundance of heat, the campground was fine. One minor gripe: the bathroom has water and soap but no paper towels or hand dryers.

Looking at fossils: It's not easy to find fossils on the 1.2 mile hike between the Visitor Center and the Quarry Exhibit Hall. After we went out on our own, we realized a ranger-led hike would have been better. Before or after, you will see plenty of dinosaur bones in the Exhibit Hall which is a building that encloses an excavated area.

Hiking: The hike above the Green River between the Green River and Split Mountain (group) campgrounds is beautiful…and hot. There are other hikes listed in a brochure you can get at the entrance or Visitor Center.

Something we didn't know until we arrived: To see the Colorado portion of Dinosaur National Monument, you have to drive back to the town of Dinosaur CO (30 minutes) and enter the park north of there. There's also a campground over there.

nice facilities

nice grass sites for tents and a nice bathhouse.

great remote campground

the road in and out is not for the faint of heart but if you get past the fear of falling off a steep cliff, it is actually quite beautiful. the campground was very quiet. only 3 other sites occupied when we visited in late June. beautiful cliffs surround one side and the river with amazing views of steamboat rock are on the other. only downside was that the canyons seemed to form some sort of wind tunnel right thru the campground, at least while we were there, with the wind whipping up to 20 mph gusts.

Great Location

The Red Canyon along the flaming gorge is AMAZING! GREAT fly fishing! Site 29 had 2 tables, views of Ashley Forest, and privacy. Very good campground with showers.

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Nice, open campground with great views

This campground is 20 dollars a night, which is a bit more than some of the nearby campgrounds. Very nice hosts and some grassy spots for tents. The views of flaming gorge are great.

Rafters Put-In Camp on Green River for Gates of Lodore Float

This campground is a typical rafter's camp, very distant and out of the way. Make sure you have enough gas for the return trip or shuttle. The nearest gas is in Maybell, but the service station is closed in the evening.There is water, pit toilets, bear lockers, and picnic tables. There are a few big cottonwood trees, but otherwise little shade. Very much a high desert camp. There is also a ranger station there and rangers check rafters for safety equipment and permits prior to departure. Permits are hard to get for the float down the Green River, so apply early. There is a great view down the river to the Gates of Lodore. When we were there on June 28, it was extremely buggy in the evening with both mosquitoes and biting flies, so beware and bring some DEET.

Awesome spots by the river!

Hot in the summer but campground has great ranger programs, relatively clean bathrooms, and awesome spots on the Green River. Close to the Dinosaur Quarry (also awesome). Throw a tarp down under your tent… It helps with the dust at this one!


Our stay at Firefighter Memorial Campground was wonderful. The camp hosts we're always very friendly and very helpful. The bathrooms were very clean and well maintained. They did not have showers; however you could go to the Deer Run campground located at the Cedar Springs turn off and have a complimentary shower there. The scenery was beautiful. The weather was great; much better than Antelope Flat where we spent one night. The campsites were well laid out. I absolutely loved the fire rings at the sites. It was very quiet at night. We would definitely stay here again!

Beautiful area close to the resevoir.

It's hard to find a bad spot to camp at the reservoir and this campground is not an exception. The site we were in had plenty of shade and had a picnic table and a permanent fire ring.

This area is on the west side of the reservoir so you have plenty of hiking opportunities heading west up into the forests. If you continue on past the dam there is cliff diving at some boat docking sites on the east shores


We spent one night at Antelope Flats and it was not good. The wind gusted at around 50 miles an hour for about three hours, making it impossible to stay outside. If your tent was not staked down well, it would have blown away (which we witnessed). Thankfully, the wind subsided for us to be able to sleep. The whole campground is also full of fox tails and stickers so if you are camping with dogs I would definitely stay away from this site unless you want to constantly be pulling them out of your dog. Also, at the time of our arrival they did not have any water available and the flush toilets were not working. They did issue a 50% refund for the water not working, so that was very nice. Overall, I would not stay there again.

Red Canyon RV Park Tent Sites

We stayed at the Red Canyon RV Park which had 2 tent sites. The tent sites were huge compared to other tent sites we have been to. There was a water faucet right by our site along with picnic tables and a firepit. We had an extra car and tent join us at no extra cost. View was great. The site is right by the highway though - we slept great with ear plugs in, but could be a little loud otherwise. The bathrooms were great too, and just a 15 min drive from Bryce Canyon.