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About Ipsut Creek - Mount Rainier National Park
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Ipsut Creek - Mount Rainier National Park is located in Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington
46.978 N
-121.83 W
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10 Reviews of Ipsut Creek - Mount Rainier National Park

This is one of my wife and I’s favorite place to come in the summer. We try to come at least once a year. We love it because it’s clean, close to home, and also close to Rainier National Park. Rainier has so many incredible hikes, that we are able to hike different ones every time we go. The campground gets pretty busy in the summer time, so definitely get there early to reserve your spot. The cost is cheap, and if you have a National Park pass then you get a discount which is nice. The vaulted toilets are some what clean, besides the smell. They’ve always had toilet paper in them when we’ve been there. The campground is pretty big, and the spaces are somewhat spread out. Again, all spots in the summer are full so it does get a little crowded and loud at nights. We bring ear plugs and do just fine! The road closes in late fall and winter, so makes sure to schedule this in the summer, you don’t want to miss out!


Absolutely loved my stay here!! One incredible part about being here is the proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park. We did so many amazing hikes, it was unreal. The weather was perfect so Rainier was out and shinning bright!! The campground was super clean and well put together. Vaulted toilets, that were actually clean but still smelt. Pretty decent size campground, with each campsite separated with trees. It was fairly busy when we went, mostly on the last night because it was Saturday. Campground was easy to find, and the road was passable. Great spot to go in the summer months, but definitely is busy so reserve your spot. Get all the hiking in that you can, because it’s gorgoeus!

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington States greatest attractions. This waterfall is breath taking. A lodge sits at the top of the waterfall surrounded by beautiful scenery and there is a railroad that passes over the river. This is a great place to hang up the hammock and have lunch while taking in the fresh air.

Best hiking!!

Mount Rainier didn’t disappoint. If you are ever in the edge of whether or not you want to travel to Washington and hike, I highly recommend coming. This campground was in the perfect location, too, for some hiking! The National Park is close by- make sure you have a pass or you can pay $30 at the gate. This $30 allows you 7 consecutive days into the park. We did this and hiked in the park and around the park for 5 days. The views are incredible and Mt. Rainier just glows. We did some sunrise hikes as well as sunset. Recommend!! Very busy- both the campground and the park. We went in the summer and expected it to be busy. The campground was good- typical campground. Good size campsite spaces. Was a little loud but hats only because the campground was at full capacity every night we were there. Bathrooms on site, pretty clean considering outdoor bathrooms. Would definitely come back!

Close to hikes!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the campground. The spots seemed small to me, and it was BUSY when we went. It was a walk in campsite, and luckily we got here early to claim a spot. It definitely was full by the end of the day and the weekend. It was loud, probably because there was so many people. Popular campground because it’s close to Mt. Rainier National Park. We stayed here because we wanted to hike in the park multiple day! The hikes were amazing. We did Fremont lookout as well as the bourroughs. We also did some smaller hikes within Sunrise. The park was so crowded. Get there EARLY. We did a sunrise and sunset hike which was nice because there wasn’t as many people. We weren’t really at the campground much of the day because we were out exploring and hiking.


Really loved staying here. The best time of year to come is the summer because the weather is warm and the hiking is amazing!! Very close to Rainier National Park. They have raised the price to get in to National Parks from $25 to $30. We have an America Beautiful pass which I highly recommend because it pays off quickly. We were actually able to use that pass for the campground so it only costed $5 a night. Steal of a deal. The campground is pretty basic- campsites had table and fire ring, and the spaces were normal size. Clean, but only has 1 bathroom that we were able to find. We hiked every day in the National Park. We did Fremont, skyscraper and the bourroughs. Highly recommend! The weather was perfect when we went and Rainier was beaming. Definitely recommend going early if you’re hiking because the crowds are crazy! The parking lot was full every day after we finished hiking. Beautiful place to visit!

Ipsut Creek Camp

Huge campsite with picnic area. Used to be used for car camping before Carbon River Road was closed but now its walk ups only. The creek that runs over the north side of the camp is powerful but the falls close by are peaceful and beautiful.

Fun area

Beautiful and fun area to explore.

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Tranquil, Hidden Gem

Ipsut Creek Campground is an amazing treasure of Mount Rainier Park, accessible only by bicycle or foot after the road to access washed out a few years ago. For those willing to make the easy 5 mile journey to camp, the rewards are great.

After parking at the trailhead, the road into camp is easy, either by foot or bicycle. The road slowly meanders uphill alongside the Carbon River for 5 miles, giving campers majestic views of Mount Rainier and surrounding peaks. Coming into camp, you'll get to cross a beautiful wooden bridge- take note of this spot, as it'll be your water source (make sure to bring a filter, as there is no water source at the campground.)

The camp itself is pretty large, with plenty of tent sites, tables, and bear boxes. There were also lots of trees for hammock camping if that's your thing. 2 pit toilets which were plenty clean. Be sure to check in with the rangers for a wilderness permit before heading into camp.

We had an outstanding time at this campground. A few backpackers came through on their way up to the Wonderland Trail, but otherwise, no cars, no noise, and stars as far as the eye could see.