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About Camp Muir
National Park Service
Camp Muir is located in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington
46.837 N
-121.733 W
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Ingraham Flats via Camp Muir

There was no other place to discuss Ingraham flats so I put it under Camp Muir. Ingraham Flats is another mountaineering "camp ground" located 1.5 miles passed Camp Muir. This site is generally occupied my climbers attempting to summit Rainier. It's a great place to practice crevasse reacue and general mountaineering skills. From Camp Muir, you will need to be roped up while traversing the glaciers to Ingraham Flats. The views are incredible so if you have extra time before summiting Rainier, I suggest staying overnight at Ingraham.

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Base camp for climbing Mount Rainier along the DC route

Camp Muir is located approximately 4-5 miles (depending on snow conditions and route access) from the parking lot in Paradise. It is the typical base camp for those of you trying to summit Mount Rainier. Camp Muir has a first come, first serve climbers hut that provides shelter and a place to sleep. If you brought a tent, there is plenty of space to secure a spot with amazing scenery. It also has very basic pit toilets but be sure to bring your own toilet paper. Currently, the online permit process is down so you will need to secure your permits at the ranger station in Paradise. This is also a first come, first serve so get there early on the day you want to start climbing. Be sure to check weather even if your final destination is Camp Muir as whiteout conditions can make it dangerous to hike in or out of due to multiple crevasses and areas of potential falls. This campsite is a great place to get above the cloud line and dip your toes into mountaineering life.