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Clarence J. Brown Dam and Reservoir, OHIO
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"Secret" Fishing Spot

Between lot I believe 166 & 167 is a trail to go down to a small spot. Probably enough room for 2 small families or 1 large family to fish. It was perfect for my husband and 2 kids between 9pm to 1am to fish because no one else was there. They only caught a fish or two but they liked the experience and time together. It is a little of a trek down a small hill and we were careful but got my mother in law whose 70 to the water as long as we hung onto her arm. It is pitch black so bring headlamps or/and lanterns oh and mosquito spray! We liked it so much that we are going again and getting a site close to the fishing spot so it’s just a short walk to it!

Beautiful huge campsite but no shade

I loved our camp site we had it for one year loved it! Huge lot, private and shade. It was simply the perfect lot because sometimes we had two tents and or like to play corn hole and other games and need space. But we went back in June and July 2018 and we about died! It was so hot and miserable because they cut down two of the trees that gave us shade. Now it the perfect spot with nooo shade. We tried buying the canopies to give us artificial shade but it didn’t help. It was truly awful during the day. The kids went to the beach but my husband, mother in law (70) and I stayed at the site. Although it got so bad we either went to a store or sat in the truck with the A/C. Now when the sun started setting it was again perfect. We had a fire, played outdoor games and it is private enough you don’t have to worry about your neighbor listening to your conversation. The bathroom is right behind the site but far enough that there is no smell or foot traffic from people. We had 2 active dogs and it is perfect for them. Although I will not go back in the dead of the heat again. It would be a perfect spot for cooler months. We stayed in lot 140. Oh btw there is a “secret” fish spot by site 166 with a trail to walk down to the water. It’s about a 8 min walk from our site 140.

Peaceful ( Except for the train) and clean. Pretty.

Convenient to many activities and stores yet in the forest and along Alum Creek. Clean, flush toilets , showers heated. Recreation area and nature center on site. Swimming near by ,nature park with doggie beach nearby and more.

Nice place

Very nice campground with a pool,hiking trails,big camp store with lots of accessories.Lots of camp hosts who are very knowledgeable about the area.Good campsites with lots of room.

The dog’s favorite campground!

This was the only park we’ve gone to this uear with both a large dog park AND a fenced in dog beach! Folks were friendly at the dog park with bunches of chairs set around like a conversation pit. Lots of water and dog tennis balls were available.

The dog beach was fenced so your dog can be off leash. There is even a fenced in area out in the water to keep the pooches from swimming across the Lake chasing geese.

The campground itself was quite nice and spacious. Some of the most private camping sites I’ve seen in Ohio. Shower facilities we a bit above average mad seemed to be looked after at least once a day (we were there in the off season).

IMHO, one of the nicest campgrounds in the state.

simple & sweet

This is a sweet campground near Cedarville/Xenia. It’s got quite a bit of space for campgrounds and has a few mild hiking trails and a meadow nearby. It’s a nice place for a last minute get together with friends or large group camp weekends. Fire pits available and near other hiking sites like the Clifton Gorge.

BrandyWine Falls

A beautiful waterfall that drops into a pretty deep collection area. Be careful after rains as this area has some rapid moving water and can overflow. Lovely area for a day camping and relaxing.

Large sites

First Campground site I went to had a large mud puddle full of hornets. I asked to move site and was accommodated. It was right after a heavy rain storm and so maybe it was just a fluke

Lots of hiking and nature to see.

Campground was clean.

Grandkids getaway

Nice peaceful park. Spacious sites, clean restrooms. Great space for the kids to get it and play.


This has been our go to spot for 30 years! Never a bad trip


What a great campground. From the activities for the kids to the nice spacious sites. We were there for the Halloween weekend and it was amazing. Can't wait to go back.

Good for RVs, Not Tents

This is a great campground for RVs with nice long pads and lots of shade. But it lacks a good selection of sites for tents.

The restrooms are newly refurbished and cleaned often. The staff are super friendly.

Would be 5 star except for this

Alum Creek is just beautiful, nice sites, most of them are at least partially shaded, lots of woods, hiking trails, the lake, it is what I think of when I think of State Park campground camping in Ohio. There are a couple problems. 1. Only ONE little dump station. This is a big campground, so if you're leaving Sunday, you better get up at the crack of dawn to get to the station, otherwise be prepared to wait in a long long line of RV's. We by-passed the long line and stopped at a different State Park campground on the way home and paid 10.00 to use their dump station. 2. They never answer their phone at the campground office. I mean NEVER. If you have a question you will just have to deal with the reserveamerica people who really know nothing other than what they read on the campground website. So basically you know as much as they do. It's maddening. We will go back, but it's a 2 hour drive so it won't be anytime soon.

Big sites, big field

This campground has decent, wide sites, but there are very few trees or privacy. Sites are side by side, one after the other so you have no privacy and sound carries all the way up the loop. All the sites say "partial shade" on the reservation page, but beware, this shade only happens as the sun is going down.

Bathrooms were fine, relatively clean. There is a little store, but note that the firewood is in huge, unburnable pieces, (as most Ohio state park firewood is), so you'll need tons of kindling and several firestarters, or an ax and some way to hack at the logs.

The lake is huge and very pretty; there is a pioneer village that is interesting to walk around, and 3 or 4 canoe liveries nearby. All in all, it's a decent campground, just not too quiet or isolated if you are trying to get away from people.

Nice quiet place

Large, private sites, good electric service, reasonable distance to Columbus. I was confused about no on-site office, self check in. Lake is beautiful. Bathrooms are decent.

Tents and Trees

The campground I used is right off of the main entrance to the park. It is surrounded by wonderful trees which give a fantastic ambiance in the fall. The ground was well kept and nearby there were ground latrienes. Make sure to watch for walnuts in the late summer to fall however as there are many, many walnut tres nearby and having one under your sleeping bag can ruin a great night.

Very nice campground

If you kayak the Lilly pad are awesome to paddle through.

Large secluded sites!

Beautiful park. There is a camper’s beach and a dog park

Great Lake views

Don’t get a site in the back under the walnut trees in the fall. They drop all day & night long.

The site are very secluded

Watch what sites you pick you might have a walking path to the bathrooms running through your site.

This campground is so quiet.

The gates lock at 10pm.

Alum Creek State Park Campground

great state park campground. There are some full hook ups but mostly just electric. They have pancake breakfast on Saturday mornings through summer and doughnuts on Sunday. Helpful camphost. There is a campground beach and boat launch. Lost of hiking paths in the campground and in the park area. A great dog park with lake entrance for the pups. tmThere is also some mountain bike trails. Plenty to do for everyone.

Nice, roomy, with trees

This is a nice campground for Ohio because there are a lot of trees, making many sites secluded with privacy. I haven't camped here, I've just driven around because I boat on the creek, so I can't attest to the condition of the bathrooms.

Beware that sites close to the water may flood, or may be pretty damp in the spring.

The beaches are nice, the reservoir is nice for boating, but the horsepower allowed is too much if you want to kayak on the main water, in my opinion. There are nice inlets and coves where you can take smaller boats. Hopefully big boats observe the no wake zone, but they don't always. I don't think there is any hiking, the main attraction is the water and the beach.

Beautiful lake, no running water, feral cats

This park has a beautiful lake and nice (although short) hiking trails. The problem is that there is no running water- no showers and smelly pit toilets. There is one spigot for drinking water.

Beware that the campsites are mostly in one big grassy field with no shade. I'd pick a site along the perimeter or along the lake.

This park is overrun with feral cats (or it was when I was there). Some people might think that is cute. I consider feral cats to be wild animals that carry disease. What's really bad about them is that they've been fed so they are comfortable around people. We spent the whole weekend trying to fend them off- every time our backs were turned, they jumped up on our picnic table. They ate our food, which we had to throw away. When we sat by the fire, they rubbed up against our legs, which is disgusting, considering they carry Bartonella, which is transmitted through their fleas and ticks (Bartonella is a co-infection of Lyme, or you can get it on its own. I know- I've had it since middle school. Feral cats probably carry Lyme too, as they are mammals). I can't express how stressful it was, trying to keep these wild cats away from us the entire weekend. I don't know why the park can't get them under control.

Sure, cat people will be offended by my statement, but would you want raccoons or skunks up on your table, eating out of your pots and pans? Would you want raccoons rubbing up against you while you are trying to relax? These cats are also wild animals, yet way too tame for comfort. Ugh,I shudder remembering it.

Basic campground, good for

A simple and large campground with lots of sites. The sites are big and fairly spread out but nothing between the sites to give privacy. Easy access to the lake and lots of walking trails, seems like a great place for families. We were just passing through and looking for a place to relax for a few days.

Very nice campground.

Very nice state campground with full hook-up sites. Very spacious, double-wide sites. Lots of grass and trees for an enjoyable setting. No wi-fi takes away a bit from the experience, but fine for off-the-grid setting. Nice hiking trails.

not a campground

awesome place. great fishing

great park, don't believe you can camp here

pretty sure you aren't allowed to camp. great trails however

it's a trailer park

not really where I would go to camp. we used to party here when I was a kid. now it's probably a meth hotspot