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Narrows Reserve is located in Ohio
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Ranger Review: Primus Campfire Cookset S/S - Large at Narrows Reserve, OH

So I have finally been able to get out of the hotel room for a night! I was seriously going stir crazy. What do I decide to do? Go camping of course! I chose Narrows Reserve just on a whim. I am so glad I did! I actually didn’t even look at a map until I arrived. That’s when I realized the primitive campsites were 1.25 miles from the parking lot. Oops.

Campground Review

Just kidding, that made it even better! My buddy, James, and I parked next to the Nature Center and trekked in. You can opt to park in the lower parking lot where there is a kayak launch too. You can also find a water fountain and port-a-potty there. I suggest you use that since there isn’t one in the meadow, it’s “primitive” after all. We did see quite a few people on the way in, but it seemed like they were all just enjoying a nice stroll on the trail. Speaking of the trail, it was very well traveled and very well maintained. It was a super easy hike in for the 1.25 miles. Along the trail there were spots where you could jump in the river and even a rope swing. I didn’t bring my swim trunks, but I wish I had! I did enjoy some of the other trails around the meadow though. (See the trail map in the photos) The meadow itself was pretty large and more than able to serve us and our neighbors who were six in number with two large tents and a wagon full of coolers and gear.

Product Review

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get the products to test from time to time. On this trip to the Narrows Reserve, I tested out the Primus Campfire Cookset - Large. I give this cookset a 5/5. I’ve only used it thrice; twice outside my hotel room because I’m tired of microwave food and once at the campsite. Here are some of my thoughts on the set:

  1. It has some useful sizes. The pots are 1.8L and 3L. The 3L pot just fits in the frying pan. With that ensemble you can really cook up a storm. Or do what I’ve done and make spaghetti.
  2. I haven’t used this part of it yet, but you can use the 3L pot over a fire. That’s pretty cool! If you have some recipes I should try like that, just let me know.
  3. They are easy to clean! Seriously. Granted I’ve only used them for spaghetti and brownies, but I can’t complain. I’m currently living in a hotel room and doing dishes in the bathtub. They’re still pretty darn shiny all things considered.
  4. The lids have strainers. Both of them. So useful. I will say though that the large pot is kinda difficult to turn over to strain. The handle sometimes want’s to slip out of its notch and you have to gasp real loud and catch it.

(Also for a review of the Primus Onja stove, check out Ranger Asher's review here: https://thedyrt.com/camping/alabama/alabama-brushy-lake-campground/review/11547))