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Quiet in the Mojave Preserve

Hole in The Wall has plenty to offer with hikes and views all around The ring trail is interesting. Basic facility with pit toilets, tables, fire rings and water. But water may be seasonal. No hookups available for RV's. Gets windy at night with down canyon flows after sunset. $12 a night, passes are accepted. Nice area for star gazing.

We enjoyed our stay, it was peaceful, the resort put on a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. Dogs had room to run and enjoy. Laundry facilities clean and everything worked great. The staff was wonderful , loved Tiffany!

Nice stop! Space 18 in North Shore, very enjoyable. Just come prepared there is no grocery store for 30 miles. Get gas before you get to Needles or you will pay a lot more. On the river, great beach to walk on. We avoided all the bad winter weather. Would definitely go back.

Desert treasure

First come first serve

Definitely would advise getting here early if camping during a holiday weekend. Great spots, spaced out. Wonderful desert views all around! Rangers host an astronomy night and guiding hike! Running water and vaulted clean toilets

Good camping!

We brought the rpod. Left it in the camp and explored lava tubes and sand dunes near by. NO more water! Used to have water but they broke and no plans to fix. Very windy. We went 10/18/19 Lots of hunters! Deer season

Colorado River Oasis RV Resort

Beautiful campground resort right on the Colorado River!  FHU's, wifi, cable TV. Very clean bathrooms and showers.  Excellent customer service.  Sabrina and Wayne both helped us get hooked up, and helped with our cable TV issues.  Close to Laughlin casinos and river activities.  We will definitely visit this campground again!

Our first RV Stop !!

Reasonable price and spaces are very spacious. Employees are friendly and helpful. Casino is across the street next to the river. Fireworks are nightly and available to buy at the corner gas station /fireworks store. Grocery stores are very close for any of your needs.

Centrally located to lots of things.

Close to the casino, golfing, the Colorado River, Needles, Laughlin and Bullhead City. Has its own launch ramp for water toys. Not much I the way of trees for shade, and mostly dirt.


Very windy when I went but good. Tent spots have sand on ground so be prepared to weigh down tent rather than use stakes

Desert camping

Loved the quiet. There a couple of hikes available that are worth your time. Just make sure to drink plenty of water. After the sun settles behind the hills quite a bit of wild life comes out, including the giant jackrabbits. Make sure you situate your tent to face the wind as it kicks up for a couple hours after the sunset. The desert breathes freely while cooling down. There were no fees in early September for camping.

Big Bend Gem

Amazing place to set up for the day, camping is available with water and power hook-ups. We spent the day on in the beach area. Definitely a little gem on the Colorado River.

Unexpected fun in the Mojave Desert

This is a simple campground but it's quite and spread out enough that you have privacy.  We saw some great wildlife when we came across a few deer and a gorgeous jack rabbit!  The sunsets were unreal!!!  Don't expect much from this simple campground except a place to come back to after a day of exploring the desert.  It can also get a little windy, but sites 11 & 24 seemed the best to avoid the wind.  

Be warned - we took a backway unknowingly to the light tunnels and ended up in a pretty dicey situation even for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Service is touch and go in a lot of the desert.

Unbelievable Experience!

This was a last minute decision while driving from CA to IN. It’s a 35 site campground, no reservations accepted. We had a back up plan in case it was full, but that wasn’t necessary, there was only one other person there. We chose a campsite on the opposite side from where he was. We stayed on the west side, which was beautiful, as we looked directly at the canyon walls. There are pit toilets and trash receptacles at frequent intervals. There is non drinkable water available. No firewood on site, and you can’t collect. You are roughing it here, but if you are okay with that, you can’t beat this experience! We paid $6 for the night with our ATB pass, it’s $12 normally. It was crazy windy through the night, I don’t know if that’s normal or not. So windy we left the pop up trailer hitched to our Jeep because the gusts were incredibly strong and we were worried about the trailer being tossed. All kinds of critters about, including in the restrooms, so be aware.

Good times at AVI KOA

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet you might want to skip this campground, but if you’re looking for some fun and a late night out this is a great spot. The KOA campground is nothing special, very basic, barren wasteland with full hookup sites. The cool thing here is that the AVI casino is directly across the street and is the only thing around for miles, so you’ll most likely be spending your time there like we did. We did not hang out at the river as it looked like total mayhem (fun but chaotic), crowded beach area with boats everywhere, and loud music. The pool area was also crowded but we managed to find a table and lounge chairs and let the kids loose. You can’t bring in your own drinks unlike the beach area but we were able to order a couple of rounds of over priced mediocre cocktails/ beers. After the sun went down all the parents decided drop off all kids at the kids care play center where you can leave your kid in there till 2am, yes that’s right 2am. All of us parents laughed at that but then went out gambling and eating out late and ended up picking our kids up close to 1am. The kids loved it, it was a bit of a lord of the flies situation in the kids center that late at night (just running around wild and crazy) but they were safe and had a blast. After getting back to the camper and putting our zombie kids to sleep we noticed that it’s still a party outside with fireworks going off throughout the night. It wasn’t terrible but fireworks are legal there and people set them off late into the night. Again, if you are looking for a fun night with friends and family check this place out, but if you’re looking for a peaceful place look elsewhere.

Nice campground

Had plenty of room for multiple tents on one campsite. The campsite was well maintained and was great if you like to do some plain and simple camping. Very close to several good hiking trails and not far from several other desirable locations within the national park.

Quick Vegas Getaway

Facilities are clean and spots are plentiful May-September due to the extreme heat. All sites are pull through RV sites that easily accommodate 2-3 tents (4man). Rumors have it they are clearing sites to create a tent only section but it will not be ready until fall 2020.

Until then expect to pay the $20/night + $10 utility hookup.

Campground is right next to Avi Casino

This KOA is right next to the AVI Casino. Looks like a great place to stay if you don't want to pay casino room prices, but have all the convinces of staying at AVI. Journey is literally right across the street, and you can walk over for many things to do at the AVI resort.

Camp under the stars in a Joshua Tree forest
  • Free primitive campground great for boondocking! First come first serve.
  • Right across from the Teutonia Peak trailhead. Perfect for going on a day hike and explore the landscape surrounded by Joshua Trees
  • Shell gas station about 11 miles up Interstate 15 if you need to pick up water and supplies
  • Dirt roads with gravel with some small rocks when approaching campground.
  • Fires are allowed and some sites have firepits. You can always make your own with the rocks in the area.
  • The land is owned by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and dedicated to the fallen soldiers of all wars
  • The best sites are the two right around the White Cross Memorial boulders. The one near the front of the cross (entrance) is great for group camping. It has two picnic tables and is right next to a large Juniper tree. The one in the rear of the White Cross is very spacious and has large rocks that protect from the wind.
  • Amazing star gazing in the dessert with very little light polution
  • Some spots may be difficult for vehicles without high clearance. Beware of scraping the underbelly your cars or trailers on rocks in the road.
  • Pretty secluded and remote camping. There were about 6 other campers near us -- mostly RVs and a few tent sites
  • No showers, toilets, running water. Practice LNT and pack in pack out.
  • Wifi is okay -- 2 out of 4 bars (AT&T)
Nice and shady but too many drugs and druggies

The people that run the place are horrible. I thought it looked like a great place but found out quickly that it was much safer to go somewhere else. Will never use that place again

More permanent trailers than RV-ers

This is a smallish lot with more permanent housing than your average RV resort. It is on the Colorado River, and does have a case on site that has great bar foods and drinks available as you watch the traffic moving along on the river.


Not sure what happened here, but it's a ghost town. Looks like the owners just packed up and left with the lights still on. The sign out front says it's for sale, so maybe one day this campground will make a return.

Small, but cozy and right on the Colorado River

This is a small campground located right next to the Colorado River. This site has a motel, RV and what looks like tent sites. Looks clean and has views of the docks right on the water

Not much going on here...

This area has an unheated pool and a rec area that has a pool table, card table and a couch facing a big TV that's equipped with a VCR and a big library of tapes to go with it. They also have a laundry mat here, a pretty well stocked store and a couple of horseshoe pits. The site itself isn't that great, there's no concrete slabs, it's just a big gravel parking lot with a few separation bushes and plants. But it is a decent location because its walking distance from the Colorado River, (and beside it) is the River Front Cafe. The cafe has more of a bar feel, but it has some nice views as you are eating some pretty good food.

T-mobile has great cell service here, and the water pressure is fantastic. Just don't buy gas here in Needles. It's twice the price of any current gas station. Go to one of the other towns that lay right on the outskirts of Needles town.

Feels very private!

This site is a walk away from Needles KOA, so if you need anything small, it's a very short walk to their store (where they carry some foods and drinks).

This campground is also a very close walk to the Colorado River, and the River Front Cafe which has some pretty great food if you don't feel like you want to cook.

This campground has huge bushes and trees in between each RV station and gives you the feeling like it's totally private. It also gives you some extra sun protection and shade, making your camper feel cooler.

It has a pool and laundry mat on site, but I didn't see much else.

senior friendly

ice cream truck usually comes on friday afternoon or saturday morning. horse shoe pit. pool is one of the cleanest. hot.

Great Place To Camp In The Desert

We wanted to check out ZZYZX but there was no camping there so we had to explore other options. Really wanting to be as close to the dried salt lake area where you can literally yell out and hear your voice echo for miles we discovered Hole-In-The-Wall. It sounded a bit funny considered it was in the middle of the desert and everything is like a hole in the wall as you pass through miles and miles of nothingness, but we gave it a shot and were very pleased.

It is a first come first serve campsite but when we were there that wasn't an issue there were only a few campers. It made for a quiet night in the desert where we were surrounded by low laying vegetation and views of the mountains around. It looked like a pretty large campground overall with lots of sites each with a picnic table and fire ring.

There was no potable water when we were there and only pit toilets. Pretty basic, no hook ups and no showers.

It was pleasant though and I would say it made us happy that we had stumbled upon it. It was $12 fo the night for our site and I did notice that those having the senior card could get a discount, so something to look forward to when I get older!!

It was pretty no frills camping. But since we always come prepared we had firewood ready to go and were able to enjoy setting up then venturing over to ZZYZX to check out the "abandoned" site, which is actually partially used as a research facility and partially a ruin of times passed. Really unique experience from every angle.


  • Pack extra water since there is none available and if you are interested in a shower make sure you have an outdoor shower bag already filled before you arrive.

  • While you can have a generator they do have a quiet hours policy for other guest. The campground is so quiet at night and everything echoes in the canyon.

  • Do not camp in washes because even though it seems dry when rain comes it quickly moves across the desert and will flood these areas and create very scary conditions.

Excelant and Peaceful Campground

This campground is an excelent place if you like basic and secluded campgrounds. Each campsite is just the perfect size for 1 tent/RV. With the site you will get a picnic table and a fire pit. The fire pit also has a gril bar so you can use it for cooking/bbq if neded. Campground is super peacful and relaxing. Situated at the botom of a clif with desert views on other three sides. It can be pretty windy, so do look at the weather channel before comming and plan accordingly. You can still stay there even in the windy nights, just be ready for a lot of noise as the wind bangs on your tent pretty loudly. We were here at the end of May, just before the temperature started climbing too much and even though it was Memorial Day weekend there was enough empty sites. The campgroud is First Come First Serve, but it seems like it's never fully packed, and it's been pretty easy to find a spot everytime.

Kelso Depot, Mojave Cross and the largest Joshua Tree Forest, as well as Kelso Dunes are all within an hour ride from the campground.

First to Review
Hot Hot!

We pulling in very late, and it was still very hot! They have the swimming pool open all the time! we rented a cabin and there was no air condition on when we arrived and we turned it on and went swimming at 10:30 at night and by the time we got back to the cabin it was cooled off! nice clean but hot!

Easy and pretty hiking, crowded campground

We tried to stay at the campground, but it doesn't take reservations and all the sites were full by Thursday afternoon in February. We did explore the hiking trails, which were nice sandy paths with pretty easy terrain. The river is very pretty and fast moving. It was too cold for swimming in the winter, but the beach was clean and would be great during the warmer months. The bathrooms were also clean and there were some nice picnic pavilions, which included wheelchair accessible tables. This would be a great place for a family trip, but definitely have a backup camping plan during the busy season!

Amazing views

Very limited shade, but sites are very close to some really neat hiking spots like one where you have to climb down a small canyon by holding metal rings that were attached to the rocks. Since there's no city lights to pollute the sky, there's amazing views of the night sky.

Clean and Beautiful

This is a great little campground. Especially since it's so close to a really awesome hike the Rings Trail and others in the area. Each campsite was clean and flat, the bathrooms were basic pit toilets but they were very clean also and there were water spigots through out the area.