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Crowded and No Privacy

The campground is in a great spot but it has alot of traffic and minimal privacy

Desert Bliss

This campground is awesome, it is perfect for roaming the desert in peace. The dirt road is well maintained and my dogs were able to explore our whole loop.

Seclusion at its finest

This campground is AWESOME, if you like dispersed campsites then this is perfect! It is easily accessible but doesnt get too crowded

Location is rare

If you have the opportunity to stay here, please do! Its not too common to be able to camp this close to the water! The sites lack privacy but are perfect for RVs and trailers

Location is great, sites are meh

The location is obviously great but the sites are on top of each other. No privacy and are definitely built for RVs and Trailers

Typical Beach Campground

Much like most California Beach Campgrounds, it is very crowded with little privacy. The beach is great but it is basically a glorified parking lot

Great location for exploring

This campground has some really cool sites that are HUGE! This campground is well kept and has many trails to explore. If youre up for it, you can hike to the other nearby campgrounds and lake!

Secluded but easily accessible

When I lived in San Clemente, this was a great campground just to get away! This campground can get rowdy because it is so easily accessible but nothing too crazy! Great views especially at sunset!

Walk to Trestles

San Mateo is one of the better beach campgrounds in California, some sites have some great privacy. Of course it can get very crowded and a bit noisy but thats to be expected with trestles in walking distance! Its also very cool to be right next to the military base, and if you are lucky you can hear mortars at night!

Great spot to camp, noisy neighbors.

This camping site is great, clean, beautiful and spacious. Only complaint is quiet hours were not enforced. Me and my buddies took a trip here to relax on our first day off work in weeks. Couldn’t sleep or hear each other with the amount of noise and music the neighbors created. Other than that the trails were beautiful and there are spots to swim within the water falls.

First to Review
Stagecoach Stop in 1850s

Vallecito is a great secluded campground. It doesn't get a lot of visitors like Agua Caliente 4 miles down the road. As a result the wildlife is everywhere; bees, coyotes, hawks, rabbits…. This is an old stagecoach stop in the 1800s with lots of history. Around the Stagecoach building there is poster telling you of the history of the area. There's also a small cemetery.

There's water but no power hookups. The bathrooms are clean.

The park volunteer was super friendly and made my stay.

Have good cell service

Amazing Class "A" RV Resort

Motorcoach County Club 

Located in the famous Palm Springs resort area and just east of La Quinta and Indian Wells lives another resort community known for its breathtaking beauty. Motorcoach Country Club offers majestic views in every direction from your choice of three unique styles of lots. Motorcoach Country Club accommodates Class A Motorhomes (30' and larger) and features all of the luxuries you would expect to find at a 5-star resort.

Constant miss communication

We really did try to make the best of the situation. The lake is beautiful but that’s all this place has going for it. There was constant miss communication with the staff and rangers. We got one of the tent sights and ended up about 25 feet away from a raccoons nest they are very bold and will try to get your food right in front of you. The yellow jackets come out during the day and we got stung multiple times. But truly it was the staff that was right up our back side the entire time making us feel like we were doing something wrong. The park host even came over at one point to bugs us about a paper not being posted that no one told us about. She asked in a condescending tone if we paid for the extra car we had with us and I said of course we did. Her tone quickly changed after that. That evening I hear my name being called with an authoritative tone it was the same ranger that let me in at 7pm the previous evening. He was scolding me for not going down and registering my camp sight. I in fact did go down to the guest service to let them know I was there and pay for the extra parking and got food and a boat pass. The next day around 11am buy a fishing pole and to all day fishing permits for the lake thinking I was going to be leaving at 7 PM so we have plenty of time to fish. At 1 PM a Ranger came over to our camp telling us we were supposed to leave by 12 pm so yet again more miss communication. I felt like I was being discriminated. If your a young family with crazy working hrs don’t go here they treat you like suspects.

Wonderful Gem in San Diego County

William Heise is one of the hidden camping Gems in San Diego. It's located about 5 miles from the rustic town of Julian. There's over 100 camping spots ranging from RV to tent. There are a number of trails that leave from the campground. Try the Desert View trail that gives you a great view of the surrounding area; its only 2.25miles.  There's also a Wolf Sanctuary outside of Julian that's worth a visit. Enjoy!

Cell Service: Roaming

Close to the harbor

Tiny. But if what you need is a place to park while you explore cute little southern California beach towns then it gets the job done. It’s pretty shabby but it is right near the harbor which is one of the most picturesque areas in Southern California.

As far as RV parks go ... it’s nice ce

Lots of space for a big RVs however the amenities are a little chincy. “Picnic area” is lame but the laundry room is nice. Palm trees all around but the back spots are RIGHT up against the coaster (train) tracks which means LOUD noises at all hours. Great antique shop next door. Lots of great restaurants around. Close to Carlsbad Village.

If you need an RV park instead of a campground, this is the one

Great pool/ hot tub area. Pretty basic but clean. Each spot has a table & chairs. Laundry room is nice and convenient. Not in the best are but it’s a short drive to the ocean. Little area for a pup off leash so I appreciate that!

Great Escape from the Crowds

Fly Creek is a great campground that's not far from the city. It's about two miles from the Palomar Observatory. There's a nice trail that goes there form the campground and has good views of the little valley. There are plenty of spots and all of them are shaded. There are a few spots in the back that are even more secluded. There's not a lot of parking for extra vehicles though. The restrooms were clean. The only cell service is about two miles away at the local store. This is where you can buy firewood and supplies.

Perfect for a quick trip!

Feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere but so close to home! Perfect for a quick night trip. My friend and I decided at 8 pm that we wanted to go camping. It’s a first come first serve but there was only one other camper there. The fee is $20 self pay per night. Clean sites, with bathrooms, dumpsters and water.

Barton flats

Cool spot to drive in and pitch a tent last minute. Jenks lake is just up the road. You can catch trout, bass and small little blue Gil and crappie. Lots of places to hike and is very convenient

Beautiful and well maintained

We lived less than a mile from this campground and would bike there almost every night for years. Always a friendly, peaceful, and beautiful place to visit.

Mountian Men

This campground is right by the town. You can walk there within minutes. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. A little louder than what I would want. It’s still a nice spot. A couple guys and I went up there to get away and we enjoyed our time. Good hiking spots within a few minutes of driving. Not much to do around the campsite other than go into town.

Good Overnight Spot

This is a nice quiet spot that lets you enjoy an outdoor experience. All sites have fire pits. Dumpsters are available as well. A few nice trails near. I don’t think they take reservations so it might be a first come first serve. We stayed overnight and didn’t pay for it.

Great Spot!

This is a pretty secluded spot. Great hiking or backpacking spots that lead to the peak. We camped for one night, didn’t pay for the spot, and no one showed up to collect. Maybe we got lucky. It’s still a great overnight spot.


First time tent campers. We reserved spot #8. This site was large, flat, had nice shade from large trees, but also offered lots of sunshine. It really was one if the biggest and, to me, best sites, compared to others there. One of the water faucets with potable water was on the outskirts of our space, not at all bothersome. The toilets and dumpster were conveniently close, but not too close to be noticed. The campground was easy to find, and kept very clean. The camp host came by on his cart with his dog to make sure we had everything we needed. We brought our own wood in for the fire. The location here is great, because it is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but easy and close to get back in. We arrived on a Friday, enjoyed some wineries on Saturday, and went home Sunday. There is a popular trailhead inside the campground. I will definitely come back.

Memorable and COLD

We camped here on our way to summiting San G (as we lovingly call it).  Although it was May and the weather was beautiful at sea level, it was cold up here!  There was snow on the ground but the air was the coldest I've ever felt.  

We got to the camping area and it's tucked in the woods so there's lots of nooks and crannies even though it's a primitive open group camping area.  It's right next to a dry lake - go figure - and there are lots of areas to go explore beyond the trail that leads to the top.  

The ranger was there to spend a few nights and said that the night before hit negative digits!  We thought we were prepared with our "all weather" bags and backpacking tent, but I promise you I have never been so cold in my life.  I laid there awake the entire night, and couldn't move a muscle or freezing air would seep in.  The ranger said it only got down to 7 degrees.  When light finally hit we heated some water and went to sit on the frosty ground in the open field/lake and when the sun finally hit us it was like life-changing.  

FYI it's leave no trace and don't attract bears

Adequate Adventure

This was my lady’s and I first camping trip and it was memorable. We enjoyed the scenery and views from our camp location. We were at site 38 and we had a view of Escondido. The rangers were very helpful and accommodating. The only thing I would have done differently was go during the cooler months. Overall decent experience. Pros:

  • Nice view
  • Good privacy between camps
  • Helpful rangers
  • Clean campsite Cons:
  • BAD yellow jacket problem during this time of month (very aggressive and got into your food/face)
  • Critters heard roaming around campsite at night (either a raccoon or coyote came within 5 feet of our tent while we were sleeping)
  • No shade at most campsites Recommendations:
  • DO NOT cook meat during the day because it will attract a lot of wasps
  • Make sure to keep trash secured
  • Keep a light on over night at camp to deter critters
A once in a lifetime experience

This was probably one of the most epic camping experiences ever, but I wouldn't do it again.  The hike to the peak was nuts - we stayed at halfway camp in negative degree weather - and then summited on day 2.  My hands turned yellow from holding my pack and accidentally cutting off circulation and my boyfriend got altitude sickness with 50 feet to go.  It was rough.  But we summited right at sunset and after a quick celebration picture we hurried to set up our tent and crash.  There are a few "campspots" that people have outlined with a rock barrier to protect from wind, although it was still insanely difficult to set up camp in that blowing wind and cold air.  One quick sip of whiskey and then we were out like a light.  Morning came fast and the wind never quit so we packed up camp and hiked down for 20 minutes before pulling out coffee to have breakfast in peace.  There were a couple kids who hiked in shorts and barely any equipment - they were crazy & in love and I'm sure didn't know what they were getting themselves into.

Don't have high expectations and this place is great

This campground feels more like rolling hills with designated areas to park than a real campground.  It's great for little kids to run around though.  There are nice trails here that give you a mixture of open fields and "woods" and it's pretty much like a stroll rather than a hike.  There's a very pretty pond/lagoon and it's a great place for a dog walk.  Lots of wildflowers in the spring!