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Creek Gorgeous-ness

Crossing the tiny bridge at the west end of Switzer Picinic area(park up top during the weekdays, adds half a mile), you’ll see Switzer Trail Camp. You snake up the hill(keep an eye out for those btw) and see breathtaking views from the top of the canyon, veer to the left down the hill and go downstream to the right. Switzer Falls is upstream to the left. Follow the creek( which is GORGEOUS with waterfalls and shade in the spring) and go all the way to the end. Trail tends to get iffy at points, but you kinda get to know the flow of it if it disappears into rocks or the creek. You start to go uphill again and the creek switches its flow so you’re suddenly walking up stream, then you’ll be there! There are fire rings but use responsibly- have lots of water at the pit to put it out, and make sure you do do that completely before you go to sleep. That place would go up faster than you can run, so be mindful. Animals love toilet paper, so make sure your cat holes are 6 inches deep because there are no toilets, and I did see the weekend crowds toilet paper and cig butts strewn about. Pack out ppl, pack out…

All in all, gorgeous place!! Breathtaking views and when the creek is ice-cold, you are just spoiled.

Best place to kayak

This one is to die for when it comes to kayaking

I don’t know why my last review was taken down

But I loved this place ..but there is a homeless man who walks the grounds .. it was an honest review .. and the videos I posted were from my time at prado .. it’s a beautiful campground and a nice place to make TikTok’s .

This is the “nice” part

The Santa Ana that is known isn’t the Santa Ana that this is! The Santa Ana that this is is quiet and safe as well as a good beautiful place to take the family!

History is real with this one

To see the historic buildings is so cool especially because it’s so well preserved! Here I can emerge yourself into history and stay the night !

Great facilities

Very cozy and easy campground with bunnies and lots of shade. Good facilities justify the cost. I personally would have preferred something with less people but it is popular for good reason.

I love this place

This is my home 24/7

Ocean sunset views

After the steep beginning, you feel a sense of being father in the wilderness then you really are. Tons of Hawks hunting all over the top of the hill. Mosquitos were aggressive biting though clothing because I forgot big spray. They have an outhouse at the campground and a wood table with the best view of the sun setting into the ocean. The longer way up the hill had giant sunflowers along the bottom

Worth it

So worth the expense . Expensive but beautiful and romantic

I’m so done with this place and

I liked it until I met a homeless man living in the campground