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Most Recent Wildaire Camping Reviews
North Mills River - NC

Campsite was clean and well maintained. My family enjoyed being so close to the river and exploring a new area.

Peaceful serenity

Have waited six months into our RV life to start reviews for fair comparisons. Spent 5 nights. This was our introduction to ACE campgrounds and we were sold right away. Huge site right on the lake. So peaceful. Not a whole lot to do in the park (fine by me, happy to stare at a lake) but nice long walk to the dam, some reasonable mountain biking quick drive away.

Hidden gem of South Carolina

Have waited six months into our RV life to start reviews for fair comparisons. Spent 4 nights here. Mortified to say that this was our first time here despite living in Charleston, SC for over 10 years. What a gem! Fabulous solid hiking including waterfalls and biking even around the park’s roads. Love the feel of this campground. Living in the forest. And one of the most friendly camp hosts we have encountered. Could easily have stayed here longer.

Pleasantly Surprised

We stayed here for a weekend in March 2021 and were surprised at how much we liked it. There are lots of trails close to the campground with one around a lake and a stream off of it. Facilities were very well maintained. Only downside not all lots level and some stumps that were hard to manuver around to park and to leave spot.

Will be back

The campground is so fun and enjoyable and the campground managers are great too we decided to stay another night

Great spot close to Asheville

Even though it’s only 10 minutes or so away from the edge of Asheville, it has the feel of being much further away - including no Verizon service.

Several areas were closed due to the time of the year, but still explorable by foot or bike.

Some reviews mentioned the lake being underwhelming. It is small, but looked pretty to me. Also looks like a lot of fishing pressure, so might be a tough bite.

Lots of trails including several that are popular with mountain bikers on the road into camp.

Close to the NC Arboretum, too!

Nice state park for hiking

We've stayed here a couple of times in 2021. Lots of construction going on right now as some of the loops get upgraded RV parking. The tent loop is great for those who want more privacy and are willing to trek their gear a short distance, but the park needs to address parking for the tent area. The best feature of the park are it's access to excellent hiking for all skill levels.

Some sites better than others. Do your research first.

Most, but not all, sites have lake views.  During the time of our visit, only one area was open for camping (sites 25-58).  We picked site 42 out of a handful of available sites, all seemingly equal.

Apon arrival we discovered sites 42 and 43 are very cozy with each other.   A family with a large number of small children was tent camping in site 43, basically using site 42 as a spillover (literally, the site 43 water is physically located inside the edge of site 42, and as children were getting water, this created a small muddy run towards our trailer position).    Suffice it to say we were pretty displeased with the proximity of the neighboring camp site.   See picture.   On the positive side, these 2 sites would be a great setup for a multi-family or group camping event.

We walked the next branch of the campsite which was not open, and found that sites 3-24 are much more to our liking with regards to elbow room and privacy.  Our next trip to this park will be on that branch.

I would recommend this park with the caveat of doing site research ahead of time.

Camp map is here:

Basic Campground but Make Reservations First

The first time I went, I did not have reservations, but there is a camp host. I went to the camp host site to get a site, but s/he was not there. I looked around the campground and there were only three or four campsites taken. After driving and sightseeing, I came back about an hour later. Nobody was still at the host site. I did some more sightseeing and came back about another hour later. No success. The only way I was able to get a site was by reservation. Eventually, I got a site, but the process of having to reserve online ahead of time is frustrating, especially since I was told by a park ranger at another South Carolina State Park that even if you don’t have reservations you can show up if sites are available. 

The campsite I was at had a level tent pad, which was gravel. There was a picnic table and a freeze hydrant for water. I checked the hydrant before deciding since the freeze hydrant on my last camping trip did not work. Parking was about fifty feet away since I stayed at the tent site area. Another option would have been to stay at one of the regular tent/RV sites closer to the bath room. The tent/RV sites are level and have fire pits, but I wanted a little more scenic view than having to see the bath house from my campsite. 

There were very few campers this time, so it was quiet at the campground. However, I did hear some road noise until late evening since the tent sites are closer to the road. Since it is pretty far from any major town or city, it got really dark at night, so this was really nice for watching stars. '

The bath house had the basic needs—toilet, wash basin, and shower. The floor was concrete, and the toilet was stainless steel with no removable lid. I thought that was strange for a men’s bathroom. 

Overall, it was a pleasant stay once I was able to actually get a site.

Nice campground

Paris mountain is a beautiful setting. Lots of bikers use the park. The campground is nice except lots of the spots are not level. The sites are nice otherwise. Bathhouse is nice and clean. Several easy hiking trails around which we did with our older dogs. They did fine and loved it. No sewer hookup but a dump station available. The area is so beautiful that I would definitely use this park Again.