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Seasonal Big Cypress Campground - Closed for Summer

I was looking to stay in Monument Lake (located at Mile 60 on Hwy 41 - Alligator Alley) after a fun day of Everglades airboating, but was surprised to find the campground closed for the season upon arrival.

Monument lake is only open during the Florida winter. For alternative options, Midway Campground was the closest option open in Miami direction, and Trail Lakes Campground was the closest option open in Naples Direction.

Monument Lake is a National Forest Service campground and can be reserved at in season.

Great basecamp for Everglades Adventures!

I gave this campground 5 stars because it feels so different than the rest of the Campgrounds available in Big Cypress Reserve and Everglades National Park. 

Trail Lakes is a proper campground which is staffed and gated just off of Hwy 41 (Alligator Alley) on the west side in Ochopee. It's open all year long. 

For me, visiting in the off season, it felt nice to have the structure of the campground. Most of the other campgrounds I visited along 41 between Naples and Miami were completely empty of people, but full of signs warning campers of Panthers and alligators - and even bears. I had no idea Florida had bears. I didn't want to camp alone, so I loved that this campground had staff and a few other guests who might notice f I got eaten.

The campground is open all year long, and has a small store in the camp office. 

The campground is built in several loops around a couple of lakes and has space for RV's and tents. If also offers cabins and some screened in open air huts (which I didn't stay in but they looked really cool). You could buy ice and firewood, as well as rent kayaks if you dared to boat through alligator swamps.

There's not much in Ochopee, so stock up when you leave Miaimi or Naples (depending which way you drive). There are a few things available at the campground store.  There is a mini post office in Ochopee which is worth stopping for a photo opp. The airboat tours which are everywhere along the highway here are definitely worth it. 

You can get their latest pricing for all their sites and cabins at

Good location and well kept!

We stayed here on our way to Key West and we were pleasantly surprised by how well kept the campground was. The bathrooms were closed but it didnt say why. The sites are electric which is nice in the heat. From what the ranger said this park is the only one open this time of year.

My Favorite Keys Campground

Long Key campground is positioned right next to US 1 so you can hear traffic throughout the night. This campground offers waterfront campsites that you can paddle from. The views are amazing. This campground was damaged by Irma and hasn’t been open for the last couple years.

Grassy Key RV Park

Beautiful campground. Very clean &on the water. A bit pricey but worth it.

Not here

There's no park here…

Happy camper!

Kings Kamp is a unique property that will work for all visitors. Personally, I camped in a tent, but they also have RV spots and on-site cabins. It was right off the main highway through the keys so it was very easy to get to. Very close to John Pennekamp and everything else in Key Largo. Pretty standard tent sites, nothing glamorous. The campground is in The Keys, so you can't complain about anything! It actually has a small marina, so bring the boat or kayak and launch right there. We found a nice little spot where we fished and had our lunch by (pictured). We did not stay for very long, and truthfully, we ventured out around town for most of the day. That being said, we didn't worry about our gear while out. It felt very safe.

Very beautiful location and reasonable price compared to most other options in the area. Would stay again.

Great place to relax in the keys

We stayed here in March 2019 with a trailer. It was a very relaxing place with a site close to the water. Lots of good restaurants within a short bike trip. Also a grocery store close by. The staff was very friendly. I was a bit surprised how much I liked key largo and this campground. It’s a relaxing area but with plenty to do

Very nice place to stay in the Keys

There is a mixture of perminent residents and people renting a site as they pass through. The tents are off to the edge of the property and are well shaded. The sites are level and graveled. There is water and electric at every site.

There are 2 bathhouses for the campground. They have made an effort to have them centrally located but it can be a bit of a walk.

There is a pool which is in good shape and had a nice deck around it. It would be nice to have more shade but it was pleasant none the less. There were shuffleboard courts and tennis courts. WiFi was available in the lounge area.

There is a campground association that does bingo and runs meet and greet gatherings regularly (schedule is posted as well as announced over public address system.

All areas were clean and maintained nicely. There is security 24hrs. and the gate locks at 11p. If you will be out later a key is available for a $20 refundable deposit.

It is 1 mile from Pennycamp which is a great location.

Surprisingly pretty Park

This is city owned and operated Park/Campground. This fact is significant. It is very pretty with lots of mature shade trees. The RV's are assigned space around several pods. Each pod has its own bathhouse with laundry facilities. There are pull through spots for the big motorhomes and spots reserved for the handicapped. The bathhouses for the RV's were in good shape and well maintained. The bathhouse for the tenters not so much. The bathhouse for the RV's is not very far to walk which I would recommend.

The tent area is off to one side and well shaded by mature trees. It's an area rather than sites. You pick your spot, put up a tent and place a large numbered sign by your area and you've got your spot. While there isn't any electric to plug into at the tent sites, water is provided interspersed throughout the area. Picnic tables and barbecue grills are also provided throughout.

There is a great fire ring with benches for bonfires and a great Beach volleyball court. The pool is clean and guarded by life guards. There is a lounge where you have access to WiFi and plus to charge your phones. The RVs have WiFi around their pods.

Tenters can stay for a Max of 7 nights while RV's can stay for 180. Tenters can only pay for 3 nights at once before returning to re-up. No such rule for RVs. There is a kind of second class feel to the tenters but if you overlook that (I recommend you do) you will have a great time. Staff is very nice and the park is clean.

Small Campground Offers Comfort

Ideal camping before April. We appreciated easy access to washer, dryer, wood, ice and a screened in area with tables for those buggy nights.

Small but lovely

This park is nice for a short bike ride or hike along it’s nature trail. Don’t forget the kids helmets because it’s a law in Florida for them to wear them and the park ranger will remind you of it. The park is also on a river you can kayak or put a canoe in. They even provide rentals. The campground is well maintained and has three good size shower houses. The RV sites are pretty close together especially in the back. There is a nice playground by the river and a few historic markers to explore. The location is about 30mins to the beach depending on traffic. We visit Naples and Marcos island which were both nice but crowded. The park is also a short distance to the northern part of Everglades National Park. You can easily hitch a ride on an airboat tour there. We visited in December and the mosquitoes were definitely thirty that time of year! The ones that got in ate us alive while we slept in our camper. I still have nightmares but with out a breeze that’s just florida. Overall, great little park to explore just sleep under a mosquito net.

Not the best camping in a NP but ideally located

This seemed like the only option around for staying on the east side of everglades. It's a very large campground. We had no problem getting a site (apparently they are first come first serve but I've read reviews that there is a way to reserve sites) during "peak season". Some of the sites are fairly close to one another but we got one on the perimeter which was really nice and a little more private. The showers are huge plus (beware water only gets luke cold at best- no hot or warm water in the winter) and having flushing toilets are always nice. Tables and fire rings at each campground. I believe I read that you needed to bring your own wood but I think you could buy some. The campground is in a pretty ideal location. Close to a couple great trails (Anhinga and Long Pine Key). We were able to break up our 2 days in the everglades by splitting it with an day in Biscayne bay- driving too and from the campground to Biscayne NP was very reasonable from this "home base". The only down side to the campground is how close sites are to one another (again perimeter sites seem a little better). Additionally, walking around and seeing people sitting in their RVs watching TV kind of takes away from the camping experience (especially a NP). It's also pretty pricey for camping in a tent. Lastly, their staff is terrible. They're not bright (they'll have trouble figuring out which sites are open and then tell you sites that are obviously taken are actually open). They also lack any customer service skills and can be rude at times.

Quiet and remote, great campground

Amazing campground (as long as you're cool with pit toilets and without showers). Great picnic tables and fire rings. We're tent campers and loved this place. There's only 7 tent sites and they're on the opposite side of the lake from the RV's (I think there's about 10 RV sites). It's far enough from the road that's it's quiet (about a mile on gravel from the state route to the campsites). Stars are great. Bathrooms are clean. Bring your own firewood. We didn't see any hikers or OHVers (their website says this campground is commonly used by them). There was an alligator swimming in the lake at dusk. Don't make the mistake like we did and wear sandals though, the chiggers/no see ums are terrible.

Go in the winter time

My husband and I lucked out to get an absolutely gorgeous day to tent camp at this campground. The next day was back to Florida’s hot and humidity. This campground is in one of natire’s most wonderful places, big cypress national preserve. This campground has tent and rv sites. No electric sites. We went on a Sunday and the whole campground was full, it’s a popular spot, would recommend making reservations in advance. There are vault toilets over on the rv sites and flush toilets by the tent sites. There are campground hosts, fire pits in the tent area, and a lake that does have alligators, because this is Florida. The nite sky was perfect so many stars to see. Little to no noise pollution. Make sure to bring your insect repellent, I got eaten alive once the sun started setting. No trails at the campground but there are trails within big cypress. Tent campsites were level and not right on top of one another. There were a few trees for shade as well.

Nice, scenic campground

This campground is in the Everglades National Park but is managed by a third-party. That was good for us because we were able to stay here during the government shutdown. We stayed for 8 nights at the beginning of January 2019.

First, the website shows that sites are first-come, first-serve except for a limited number of sites that can be reserved. I called and was told reservations were not accepted so we took our chances on getting a spot. When we arrived, the agent stated that there were only 3 spots available for the 3 nights we were going to originally stay (we weren’t sure about connectivity). Needless to say, that was incorrect, there were tons of spots available for the time frame we were there. Anyway, we also found out that they do take reservations somewhere on-line, but I couldn’t find the website for it. We stayed three nights in spot #5. It was a good spot, but our solar was struggling because it was in shade most of the afternoon. We decided to stay a few extra days to explore more. Connectivity was not an issue – Verizon has 3-4 bars without booster. AT&T has no service though. With our booster, we were able to get about 1-2 bars of AT&T and thankfully one of our phones as Wi-Fi call capability, so we were able to make and receive calls. Keep that in mind if you are AT&T only. The campground Flamingo about 40 miles from this campground does have AT&T connectivity, but we didn’t explore the campground to see how it compared.

When we decided to stay longer, we were told we had to move because someone reserved spot #5. That was fine because we wanted to move spots for better solar anyway. The agent said she couldn’t look up which spots were available for the time frame we wanted, but we could drive around and find a few spots we wanted and then she could look it up. That seemed weird, but we did that. We found that spot #66 had great access to solar in the mid-late afternoon so chose it. Thankfully that spot was available. There was some confusion about whether we could reserve it or not. Each person we spoke to said something different, but after many tries, it ended up working out and we were able to stay longer. 

We stayed another 5 nights at our new spot #66. Solar was much better there, and we had a nice view of the lake. Both spots we were on were level and it seemed most in the park were level. The road coming in is paved so no issues with accessibility. Since the campground is in the park, you do have to pay the entrance fee, but we have the national park pass. Of course, because of the shutdown there was no one at the gate anyway.

We didn’t inspect the bathrooms or shower houses, but the park was clean and well-maintained. They have a camp host on-site and we did not see any issues that were seen in other parks because of the shutdown.  For some reason, the dumpsters were not emptied until our last day there so some people had put their trash next to the dumpsters, but it was otherwise clean. Very quiet and peaceful as well. 

The campground has a lot of slash pine trees which give some shade, but still allows some solar. There were not a ton of good spots for solar IMO (at least in the winter), but anything by the lake would be good. There are no hookups at this site, but they do have potable water and a dump station near the entrance to the campground.

Tons of things to do near this campground. There are trails and of course exploring the Everglades. Homestead/Florida City is about a 20 min drive and you can get groceries, gas and whatever you need there. Robert is Here is a nice fruit stand in Florida City you may want to check out. Worth a trip to the Flamingo visitor center to see crocodiles and manatees. I would also recommend the Royal Palm visitor center and the anhinga trail.

Overall, despite the confusion and frustration over the reservations, it was a nice place and we would stay again. It is closed in the summer months which makes sense, it would be way too hot, and mosquito infested for the summer. Mosquitos were tolerable when we were there, but you need bug spray.

Florida Keys RV

It was a good place to camp at.

Loved It Completely!

Nice campground all the way around, great staff, nice clean restrooms and showers, beautiful beach within the campground itself, nice pool, secure and if I left anything out I didn't mean to. Loved this campground all the way around! They let me bring my portable hot tub if I paid for the water and they didn't charge us enough in my opinion! We were able to rent kayaks from local rental for 24 hrs. and they delivered and picked up at the campground!! Close to everything!

Beautiful State Park

This little park is off of Route 1 ( Overseas Highway ) on the North bound side. The park is decently maintained. There is a boat launch and docks. You can rent boats and scuba equipment. You can also take one of the parks many boat tours.

Best Park in Florida City

This park is located right off Route 1 in Florida City. For the area this is a large park. I believe over 150 sites. The sites are decent in size. The park fills up quickly come the winter time with the “ Snow Birds” but the park overall is wonderful. There is a bar/Tiki Hut on premise and a big swimming pool open year round. This is a pet friendly park but with a breed and size restriction, so call ahead if you have Fido with you.

RV Parks have uped their game!

Miami Everglades RV Resort is in the Miami area but it doesn't feel like Miami at all. They have a really nice big pool, shuffleboard, putt putt golf, arcade and walking trail. It's off the beaten path but worth the drive. The front office staff was so helpful. We arrived after an afternoon storm had blown their power. They still checked us in with now problem. We stopped here for 2 nights while exploring The Everglades on our way to Key West. Close to Miami Everglades is a fruit stand called Robert Is Here. Don't miss it!

Love the view

We have camped here twice. It’s conveniently located to a lot of things to do. We have a toddler and each time she loved the pool & beach area. We love sunset point everyone hangs out there, shares drinks makes friends etc. some people bring guitars and sing and hang out, very laid back & happy atmosphere. Tons of manatee hang out in the marina at the resort. You can get great pictures of them. We’ve met a lot of families and made some friends. We like the lobster pub on the property, they make good drinks and it’s nice to sit under the tiki huts. We are coming back this winter. We love this place!

Out of the way, and secluded. Mosquitoes bad even in Jan.

Very secluded, obviously you can only get there by kayak or canoe, perhaps a smaller boat on high tide. Water is nearly fresh this far into the glades, good place for a bath. A bit small, it would be cramped if two or more groups arrived there at the same time.

Decent and clean

Have stayed twice, not many places that allow tent camping and this had a few sites for tents and clean facilities.

Go Key Largo!!!!

Great campsite. We were camping in the tent, but still felt a little crowded since Irma took a lot of trees. Don’t let It dIscourage you! reasonable prices, neat and clean facilities, and a couple of nice snorkling spots worth it.

Great location lots of amenities

Fabulous location midpoint on the keys. This enables day trips to Key West or Key Largo. The resort has a marina, a pool, and a beach bar and restaurant. A little pricey but you are on a private key. We enjoyed sleeping with our door open hearing the waves. Beautiful sunsets.

Not bad for a short stay

Sites are pretty close together without much privacy. Nice, well kept park, but the maintenance people closed ALL the bathrooms for cleaning for up to two hours late mornings every day we were there. Otherwise nothing too notable - there were some hiking trails available to take advantage of, but we had bad weather. I might be willing to come back with better weather and more accessible bathroom facilities!

A nice place for quiet seclusion but not a lot of activities

There are plenty of RV spots around a cute lake. We stayed in a tent only campsite which was a little farther from the lake. They were far apart from each other and did not seem too crowded. It seems every site was full the weekend we camped there. There is no shade in the tent only campgrounds and as this is south Florida, I recommend bringing some sort of pop-up or tarp to escape the sun. They had pretty great fire rings that were high with a grate across the top. There is one building with bathrooms and showers. It was pretty clean while we were there. There is also animal proof trash cans that are near by as well.

Keep in mind that there are no stores anywhere near this campground. It is located in the big cypress preserve almost right between Miami and Naples. You have to bring everything you need with you (water, firewood, food, etc). There aren't many activities in the campground besides a short walk around the lake. The lake is NOT for swimming as there are gators so you'd have to drive to get to the activities.

All in all it is nice if you are looking just to relax and hang out around your campsite for a few days but it is a littler underwhelming.

First to Review
Great for Groups

Took a group of Girl Scouts aged 7-10 and they loved it. Cabins were clean, firewood was dry. The park staff and volunteers were friendly and helpful at check in and the next morning.

Jolly Roger RV Resort, Marathon Florida Keys ...Very long review!

I am a member of Passport America, they are listed as 50% off campsites for 5 days maximum. When I called to reserve they told me that our trailer would not fit on the designated Passport Amerca sites, but we could have the next level site for 50% off instead, but they were $10.00 more a night. When we drove by the office, on our way out to eat on the night we arrived, they had prices posted for late arrivals to check themselves in, the price listed for the two sites on either side of us was $16.00 less than they charged me for the site before my 50% off. There were several empty sites in the Passport America area that we could have easiily fit on, they were about the same size as the site we were given. With them making me upgrade to a more expensive site, then charged me more than the other sites next to me, that were identical to mine, I did not get the 50% off price stated on Passport America. We thought the campground was nice, but there are way too many rules! For example, try telling your dog that he can not do his business until you get all the way across the campground to the doggie park. The rules for pets stated that you would loose your deposit if you let your dog do his business on any campsite or common area. There was only two places acceptable, one was up front between the RV Park and the main road, on a tiny strip of grass or in the Bark Park. The pool closed at sundown. We usually relax in the pool at night at most campgrounds to wind down before bed. I tried to do our laundry the night we arrived, the laundry room was open, but they did not have a change machine, so I had to wait until the next day, after we went to get change. We actually had plans, but I had to do laundry instead, we had to have clean clothes, we had already been traveling for 17 days, the campground we had been in for the last 4 days did not have a laundry room. The machines were small, but cost $4.00 per load to wash and .25 cents, per 5 minutes to dry. It cost us $38.00 to wash and dry 6 loads! We did not get to do all of our laundry, we only washed what would fit in the machines, for each color. The showers were clean, but there were signs posted that said the water temperature and pressure were pre-set, you had to press a button to turn the water on, that only gave you about a minute of time, so you had to keep repressing the button to take your shower. It was just like the bathroom sinks you have to press to wash your hands.We were traveling with my two youngest kids, 21 & 23, my oldest son, who is in the Air Force, his wife and two kids was meeting us 4 days after we arrived, but they said they would NOT let them stay with us, there was a strict 6 person maximum and one vehicle per site policy. We had originally planned on staying 11 days, 5 at 50% off snd 6 at full price. When we told them we would only be staying for 4 days, because our son could not camp with us, they told us that we could pay $73.00 a night for a tent site, but they could actually stay in our camper with us. We counted 10 people at the campsite across from us, they also had two large vehicles, and a large boat. The showers were clean, but there were signs posted that said the water temperature and pressure were pre-set, you had to press a button to turn the water on, that only gave you about a minute of time, so you had to keep repressing the button to take your shower. It was just like the bathroom sinks you have to press to wash your hands. The boat ramp on site was nice, we launched our kayaks from it. The swim area was roped off , with no beach, only a narrow strip of concrete. You climbed into the water using a small latter.The sunset view was beautiful from the swim area or if you had a waterside site.