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Amazing park

I have tent camped, stayed in a cabin and used the “camper cabins” at this park. The tent sites are great and conveniently located next to a bathhouse. The camper cabins were awesome and also right next to an immaculate bathhouse. The cabins are older, but rustic and perfect. There is a pool. There are hiking trails of all difficulty levels and many points of interest. This is easily my favorite campground! Absolutely gorgeous!


I have only stayed at this campground one time, but was very impressed! The whole park was beautifully maintained. All the sites seemed level and were not extremely close to one another. You are not allowed to swim in the lake, but there is a pool.

Awesome river camping!

Great place to camp and kayak. River view from our campsite, easy access to the river. The owners were awesome! They were so nice and accommodating. We will definitely be back!

Gorgeous setting, primitive but pretty

This area is beautiful. The campground is located in the Ozark National Forest. Beware of flooding during the rainy seasons. When it rains a lot, the creek floods and covers the road into the campground.

The sites are primitive. There is a decent amount of space between the sites. Most have fire rings and a great view of Haw Creek Falls. There are toilets but no bathhouse.

Enjoy the nearby trails while you are here! Pam’s Grotto was my favorite.

Mountaintop Gem

Mount Magazine is a mountaintop oasis in NW AR. It is definitely NOT a family SP. It is structured for adults to enjoy a peaceful, tranquil, serene campground. The campground is small and has a typical setup with 30/50A, water, fire ring and picnic table. There are only 18 sites and are booked WELL in advance. We had to book our site almost a year in advance.

There is not much to do in the campground. There is access to hiking trails and to Signal Hill (the highest point in AR). The lodge is gorgeous and the restaurant has a buffet on Friday nights that is very good. There was an annual yoga retreat the weekend we were there which crowded the lodge, but the cabins and lodge have beautiful views of the valley.

Mt. Magazine is an amazing park (for adults), and make an effort to get there!

Views are amazing, but one thing on the cabins

The views, as other reviewers have said, are impressive and the Rim Trail is worth doing any time of day and any season.

One warning on the cabins though - in summer be prepared for some bugs.  Stayed in Cabin B in August one summer with my wife, who is tougher than anything but spiders.  I would have been wise to get there a couple hours earlier and let her relax while I cleaned the place thoroughly.  They were pretty thick throughout.

It's not that they're dirty, it's just that they're old buildings which aren't used every day surrounded by forest.  Naturally, you get spiders, rodents, etc.   It didn't bother me at all, but it did her.  Water pressure and hot water were not what one would hope if you want a shower as well.  

We both enjoyed the setting, loved the cabin otherwise, and loved the hikes.  We've done day hikes there with the kids' since, and in a prior visit I saw a bear go lumbering in front of my truck on the road to White Rock.  Only time in 40+ years I've seen a bear in the wild in Arkansas, and I grew up in the country! 

Still recommend White Rock, but if you're considering the cabins it's worth bringing cleaning supplies.  Even with that, they're a great bargain.

First to Review
Viewer friendly

Words absolutely cannot describe the views here!! So many deer and the sunsets are incredible


This lake and the trails around it were absolutely gorgeous. Not far from Mt Magazine and the water was so clean and the campgrounds were fantastic.

Waterfalls, rivers and caves

Several great trails. The trails cover wooded hills, follow and cross rivers, take you right up to the edge of cave entrances, cliffs and past waterfalls. Just a great little place. The park is clean, campsites as well and the cabins are snug little deals.

Views, Views, & More Views!

I went to Mt Magazine in the fall and it is truly a spectacular park.   For anyone with kids, I would say at the outset that this isn't a very kid-friendly park. No playgrounds, very, very mountainous, and generally just not a park for kids.  With that said, if you're a hiker, photographer or someone who can't wait to chase down the spectacular view, this park is for you.   Also, Magazine is one of the few parks that offers climbers great opportunities to work their skills.  The park essentially sits on top of a bluff that is nearly surrounded on all sides by straight rock face.  There is ample opportunity for anyone into repelling or climbing to indulge themselves.  

Magazine is one of the smallest parks I've been to.  There aren't many camping sites at all. Each site is large and the camping area is spread out quite a bit.  It's a great place to achieve some seclusion.  To that end, there ins't much at the park.  It's definitely a place where you need to pack well and plan to cook.  It isn't easy to get anywhere at all.  That's particular true if you don't have a vehicle that handles elevation well.  Further, due to the elevation and drastic temperature change from the base of the mountain and the campground, it frankly isn't safe at all to drive on the mountain in the early morning or evening.  I've included a picture to give you an idea of the type of fog I had to drive through on my way to the campsite at about 11:30 in the morning.  One evening on our trip, we were stupid enough to attempt the trek at night and I seriously couldn't see 1 foot in front of my truck.  My advice, stay on the mountain.  The campground is like most Arkansas parks.  It's very well kept and clean and the bath house was very nice as far as state parks go.  You can't go wrong.  

Apart from the campsites, I would add another note for anyone with a spouse like mine who would prefer to stay in places that look like ski lodges instead of our PUP.  This place fits the bill and some.  The lodge on top of the mountain is spectacular and looks like something you would see in the mountains of Colorado.  During our trip, my brother and I ate dinner one night at the lodge and went with the surf and turf buffet - good choice, Donny; very good choice.  There's also a bar in the lodge, among other things.  The view off the back porch of the lodge is one of the best I've seen save for maybe Petit Jean.  Apparently Mt Nebo is better but I haven't been yet.  I am going this fall so I may have to update this post if it is.  Either way, the back porch of the Lodge is equipped with several large rocking chairs and it is definitely a place to catch up on some tranquility and peaceful gazing.  Most of the rooms in the lodge have private balconies that look out over the mountain as well.  If your significant other isn't a "camper," they will definitely be pleased with the accommodations at the lodge. 

Overall, if you want a place to escape for a weekend and get the feel of a high-end ski lodge for half the cost, this is your place.  It's essentially camping in the heavens with the spectacular views and sunsets from all angles.  The only thing I would add as a last note of advice is this: the temperature is literally about 10-15 degrees cooler on the mountain than below.  One night we were there it got down to mid teens.  So unless you're going in July, I would recommend you pack a pair of pants, long sleeves and maybe even a light jacket.  You will probably be cold otherwise.