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Great Place!

We stayed at spot #20 and it was great! Campground is clean, has showers, restrooms, dish sink cleaning, cell service, and is table/fire pit. No mosquitos! Definitely coming back in future!

Free camping

It’s free camping so who can complain! Pull off from the main road onto a dirt single lane road. Many “campsites” along the road. No amenities. Quiet place.

Coulnd’t Have Imagined a Better Spot

This campground was perfect for a quick road trip night. Got a spot right by the river and it was beautiful. It had a nice boat ramp, picnic table and trails to walk around the river to some fishing spots. The camp host Ray came by in he morning and was the sweetest man. For two ladies camping by ourselves, we felt safe and had a great time.

Will definitely be coming back for a longer stay with some friends and family.

Fun but noisy

It was fun but definitely a party atmosphere. We were looking for something quieter. Very pretty Lake and area.

Fun and Quiet

This midsized Campground was awesome for everything we needed! It was quiet (except the highway slightly in the distance) and very dark. Stars were amazing!

Love this place

Great for any kind of camper or non-camper. Tents, RVs, cabins, the lodge, they have it all. Staff is friendly and the hot spring pools are wonderful. We have tent camped here and have rented a cabin and had a great experience both times.

First to Review
Can’t wait to go again!

The campground is beautiful. Our site was next to a trail that lead 150 feet down to the lake where there was a bench on a rock outcropping which was a great place to enjoy my morning coffee and watch the sunrise! We’ll definitely be going back again very soon!!

Incredible experience

We had the group site B for shit 15 people and it was absolutely stunning. Plenty of room for all of our vehicles. Plenty of space for all of us to spread out with tents, long picnic tables to accommodate meals and cooking, and two fire pits. The rushing river is alongside and below the cliffside. Next door to bathrooms and a HUGE gorgeous meadow. Plenty of trails, a waterfall, and relaxation at its finest. Will definitely be returning.

Great campground.

Clean and all of the campers were friendly. Bathrooms spotless. Nice walks along the river.

Seems more like a parking lot not a campground

Not super geared toward tent camping, if you have an RV or trailer it may be better. Super open with sites right on top of one another.

Decent campground

Kinda small camping spots depending on which site you get. Has a boat launch so bring boats. No swimming access easily. Trails were over grown, park host said they haven’t gotten around to maintaining them. Would have been a better experience if people followed quiet time hours and just were respectful of others. We had super loud neighbors who partied with music until at least 2 am each night. Then blasted music all day long. It made the experience not enjoyable. My experiences it’s a campground for people who are going to be out boating in the daytime and partying in the night time.

Geared more towards trailers

It’s an ok campground but was more of a parking lot style campground in my opinion, it does have grass and some trees. Close to water.

Great location with easy lake access

Great location large campsites. Some sites have trails right down to the lake. Close to great day use area with boat launch, and fishing dock.

Great free sites!

Clean and quiet. Beautiful and peaceful.


It has everything you need, but lacks in the outdoor experience. Short stroll into town so a perfect stay for Sister’s Rodeo or Quilt Show. Sites close together… mostly RVs but a number of tent only sites for bikers and hikers.


Clean and quiet. Many sites along the beautiful Metolius River. A few incredible tent sites with lots of privacy. There’s no water, but campsites with water are nearby.

Lovely spot, shared with many sports

This was a great little lakeside campground with easy water access, and bathrooms (pit toilets) onsite.

It is really dusty, which was expected.

We also found it to be pretty loud as people played their loud music on boats late into the evening and the music carried over the water.

The view of Washington, however, cannot be beat.

Awesome experience

Rv sites with hook ups next to the beautiful McKenzie River. Hike in cabins available. Two pools with water from the hot springs….clean and relaxing. Hike to the secret garden and enjoy the fountain and scenery. Great place for couples/families. Pit stop on a bike ride over the McKenzie Pass.

Suttle Lake, OR - Blue Bay Campground

What a gem!  We stayed in the Blue Bay campground and thoroughly enjoyed our time.  Each campsite was well designed and organized.  The campsites adjacent to the lake are particularly unique (with the views and lake access) but all the campsites were great.  

The Boathouse and Lodge provide a nice treat and escape from camp food, etc.  

Canoes, kayaks, and bikes can be rented.  Plenty of fun activities.

Highly recommended.


We had a wonderful stay! It was the first time we've stayed at a Thousand Trails resort and I must say, they have set the BAR! The scenery was incredible, the amenities were by far amazing, and the staff was more than kind. We took advantage of their electrical and water hookups for our RV, the onsite 24 hour laundry facilities, and the lodge with wifi access so I could attend to some of my freelance work. Other amenities included a swimming pool, mini golf course, tennis courts, horseshoe rings, and more! I would highly recommend this resort!

Very nice!

A little pricey but it is a very well kept resort and beautiful with lawns, flowers and a pond. Bathrooms are great, lawns dividing all sites with picnic tables and bar-b-que’s. There is a small pool, miniature golf(little run down) and a walking path to walk your dog.

Chipmunk paradise

Another overnight at a great fishing location. Wife I set up a little later in the day and weren't able to get one of the prime spots facing the lake but oh well. We were right by the restrooms so score?

The lake is small enough that a hike around it would only take 1-1.5 hours I would think. I was able to walk the full length while fishing and it took not much longer than that. The lake is around 50ft deep, so much deeper than you would expect from something so small. The shore had a very steep drop off. A float tube would kill at this lake. I was able to pull only 1 very small rainbow out but 1 is better than none.

Great facilities, beautiful area. Chipmunks DO NOT care what you are doing they only want your food. Not scared at all of humans. There were a few loud families around but what can you do. We still had fun and were able to call my mom.and wish her happy birthday.

Would do it again if we didn't have camping locations list a mile long.

Tent camped overnight

My wife I have been trying to go camping once a week this summer and it's been awesome. This was one of our stops! We went to the tent camp sites, I believe we picked spot 14 and were first blown away by the view. You're right on the water and overlooking the entire lake. We set up camp and the only big bummer for us the whole trip was there wasn't really a spot that we could find to avoid the huge number of ants! They didn't really bother us and our stuff but they were everywhere.

Also I'm a huge fisherman so Crane Prairie was also picked for the fishing AND the camping. But this is a very large lake so unless you have a boat the shore fishing is a challenge. I was able to pull a few off the point we were camping at but it's just so sad seeing a whole lake you cant fish because you don't have a boat.

We still had a blast, the bathrooms were conveniently located close to the tent camping but not to close. The spots were plenty far apart that if we had had company or would have been no bother.

All in all we would love to come back but the lost of other camping spots is so long its gunna be a while.

Fun Little Camp

My husband and I spent one night here for a short get away. We were lucky enough to get spot number 4 which is right by the river. It was a super peaceful little site with a hot spring and hiking trails not too far away.

Plus side, the toilet was the cleanest one I have ever seen at a campsite!

Nice and serene place on the river

Pine Rest is only tent camping- no driveways or space for RV’s. Campfires are out of the question too (usually), due to how strict local rules are about wildfire danger(even though there’s a fire pit in every site). You do have access to the Metolius River trail, which runs for at least 6 1/2 miles on both sides of the river. The river is great for fly-fishing and rafting, with logs placed in the river to benefit the former and endanger the latter. It’s a pretty small campground with only like 6 sites in the whole thing. Camp Sherman General Store is a little under two miles away down the road, and is worth a visit. The swarms of mosquitoes are bloodthirsty, and you’re gonna need a lot of bug spray. It’s also bear country, so watch out for bears. Or mosquitoes the size of bears. They’re out there.

Quiet place, nice and peaceful

The campground is right next to a fish hatchery, which is really interesting and worth a visit. However, most of the sites have pretty strict boundaries. There are logs fences around each campsite, which you are required to stay inside of. You can hear a river a ways back from the side of the campground, but is inaccessible because of the aforementioned fences. The driveways are pretty long, but there are usually rocks placed to block access for vehicles to the back half of it. There are fireplaces in each campsite, but there is almost always a fire ban so you most likely won’t get much of a chance to use them. You do need a National Park Recreation Pass to use the campground, but they aren’t very hard to get and and don’t cost too much money($12 for a single site, and$22 for a double site). In June or July, the mosquitoes will eat you alive if they get the chance, so don’t give it to them. Bring lots of bug repellent.

Beautiful river - great fishing - not so great mosquitoes...

A lot of the campsites are right on the Metolius River, which is a great spot for fly-fishing. The views are amazing. There have been logs submerged in the river to assist with fish habitats, which can cause some nasty accidents if you’re rafting or canoeing down the river. There is also usually a fire ban due to a lot of past wildfires, so you can’t use the fire pit in your campsite. The Camp Sherman General Store is about 2 miles down the road from the front entrance. It’s worth paying a visit, because they have donuts. And other stuff. But mainly donuts. Around the beginning of summer, the mosquitoes start coming out, and thy are unbearable. Bring lots of bug spray, or maybe bathe in it. You’re gonna need it.

Beautiful views, but bring bug spray!

The campsites are all right next to the Metolius River, so most of them have great views and scenic sunsets only a few steps away. There’s quite a few campsites (35), but some of them on the far side from the river are right next to the road, which can account for a bit of noise. In various places around the campground there are 3 water spigots, but there are no black/gray water, electrical, or water hookups for RV’s in the sites. Camp Sherman General Store is a little under a mile and a half away(they have great donuts- just saying). There’s almost always a campfire ban, due to how dry the area can be, which can make the camping a little less enjoyable, but probably safer in perspective. Remember to bring lots of bug repellent, because around the beginning of summer the mosquitoes and gnats are unbearable.

Great views; killer bugs

The campground is right next to Metolius River, with a beautiful view and great fly-fishing. The front entrance is only about a mile from the Camp Sherman General Store. Allingham Bridge goes across the river in the middle of the campground, so there is a road running next some of the inner campsites. Fire danger seems to be a pretty big deal in this area, so any time I’ve been there it’s been no campfires allowed. A few of the campsites have water spigots nearby, but other than that it’s dry camping- no hookups for electrical or water. Around June, you pretty much need to bathe in bug repellent, or you’re going to be eaten alive by the mosquitoes. Bugs come out in massive swarms, especially just after the sun goes down. The ground is mainly flat around the area; no big hills in the campground.

Beautiful view; unbearable bugs

There are 15 campsites, and they’re all easily within 100 feet of the Metolius River- which is a world renowned spot for fly-fishing. Metolius River Trails runs on either side of the river for at least 6 miles, which makes for some beautiful views. The Camp Sherman General Store is about a quarter-mile down the road. Fire rules in the area are pretty strict, so throughout most of the summer campfires are out of the question. Some of the campsites are pretty loud because they’re right next to the highway. Near the beginning of the summer, the mosquitoes are unbearable, especially right after the sun goes down. Remember to bring lots of bug spray. The campsites are big enough for RV’s, but it’s dry camping(there are no electrical or water hookups).