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Top Dispersed Camping near Willamette National Forest

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Searching for a dispersed camping spot near Willamette National Forest? Dispersed camping means that no facilities or amenities are provided, so that you can truly disconnect and get back to nature. From secluded to easily reachable, we offer dispersed campsites near Willamette National Forest just for you.

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  1. Camper-submitted photo from Blue River Reservoir Roadside Camping
  2. Camper-submitted photo from Sisters, Oregon - Dispersed Camping
  3. Camper-submitted photo from Moraine Lake Dispersed Camping
  4. Camper-submitted photo from Quartzville Recreation Corridor
  5. Camper-submitted photo from Black Pine Dispersed Camping
  6. Camper-submitted photo from Sparks Lake Recreation Area
  7. Camper-submitted photo from Steelhead Falls Trailhead & Campground
  8. Camper-submitted photo from Harrington Loop Rd - Dispersed


    Harrington Loop Rd - Dispersed

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    Cloverdale, Oregon

    Many people enjoy the solitude and primitive experience of camping away from developed campgrounds and other campers. Dispersed camping is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground. Dispersed camping means there are no toilets, no picnic tables, no trash cans, no treated water, and no fire grates. If you are dispersed camping in the winter, recognize that the Forest Service does not plow or maintain Forest Roads in the winter, so plan your trip accordingly. Typically, dispersed camping is NOT allowed in the vicinity of developed recreation areas such as campgrounds, boat ramps, picnic areas or trailheads. There are extra responsibilities and skills that are necessary for dispersed camping. It's your responsibility to know these before you try this new experience.

    If you are going to an area where others have camped before, pick a site that's been used before. Plants, soil and wildlife are impacted by new campsites, so using existing ones will minimize your impact on the forest. If there is no existing campsite, then follow these Leave No Trace guidelines:

    Camp on bare soil if possible, to avoid damaging or killing plants and grass. Do NOT camp within 200 feet of any water source, plants near water are especially fragile. Don't camp in the middle of a clearing or meadow. Make your campsite less visible so that other visitors will see a "wild" setting. Don't try to level or dig trenches in the ground at your campsite. Select a campsite with good natural drainage. Visit the Leave No Trace website for more information.

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  9. Camper-submitted photo from Deschutes Forest NFD 4600-120 Dispersed Camping
  10. Camper-submitted photo from FS Rd 1514 Dispersed camping

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