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Great campground!

We loved this campground and this area!

We have site 1 which was right on the lake. We were able to park the camper parallel to the lake which was amazing. Such a beautiful view!

The owners and staff were great. They have a small market and a game room. The resort was clean and well maintained. There is a beach. You can also rent water toys, boats and pontoons. You can also bring your own boat and rent dock space. There are several docks you can fish from if you want.

So much to do in the area and this resort is right in the middle of it all.

Great campground

Nice campground with amenities, pool and water play area for kids. Nice on-site store for any needs. I have a small travel trailer that is self contained so I could reserve spots down by the river. Ability to go tubing down the river. You can even get pizza delivered by the local Chanticlear Pizza!

I give it a 4 star only because twice I ran into the same group of people that thought it was ok to open up their vehicle doors and blast music well into the night. Owner warned them the first time but quiet time isn’t until 11 pm. 2nd trip, I just packed up and left.

Nice, but not amazing

We arrived at 2pm on a mid-October Friday afternoon and were shocked to find just two open spots. Our spot was along the side road that cuts through the campground so not on the main loop which I think led to there being fewer cars. Overall, there weren't too many spots that I thought looked amazing, but none of them looked bad either. It felt a little rundown, even by state forest standards, but for us that was fine. The road into the park and within the campground is awful, so especially if you're in an RV or towing a trailer, be prepared to move very slowly. But we had a nice two days, went to the lake/beach area which was maybe a 15-30 minute hike away, and also hiked on the other trails a bit. We have a 3 and 1 year old, so didn't make it far :) I don't know that I feel a need to return to this place, but I was happy with our experience.

Mice, Mice, & More Mice!!!

Okay so this state park is beautiful. The trails are wonderful. The campsites and campground are great. Except… I camped here in a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and mice essentially had their way with every part of my vehicle in one night!!! I have a topper and a built-out bed in the back. It was chilly and I had the truck shut—the cab as well as the tailgate and all windows. Still, when I woke the next morning (and for days and days afterward) I found mouse poop EVERYWHERE. They got into plastic bins, duffel bags, backpacks, stuff sacks, etc. Their nasty little feces were found in food, on towels, in the cab, in the bed, in ONE OF MY HIKING BOOTS!!!! Disgusting. Now, my friend who has a 2019 Tacoma said he heard them scampering around in the wheel wells of his truck and crawling all over trying to find a way in, but they did not succeed. I guess because my truck is older and has more tiny spaces they can crawl through, it got the treatment. Anyway, just beware because they knew I was coming and their diseases-infested poops I am still finding weeks later!!!!

Great weekend getaway!

This campground is great for everyone! It’s has a heated pool, splash pad area, BIG playground area, indoor game room, HUGE sites! You can either relax in the pool or even take a ride down the rum river in a rented canoe,tube, or kayak. We would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to having a great time camping. This place does have 30amp and 50amp hook ups and has pull through spots and sewer sites so that needs to change on this app. Max trailer length that I’ve seen here is 70’. Anyone can fit in here!

Clean toilet and good ground

The site we had was isolated nicely and the ground was easy for a tent set up. There was some mosquitos, but the disappeared at night which was nice. The trail near by was nice, but driving into the park and finding a trail were better. The fire tower was also cool!

Backpack site not good

I am torn on this. One side of me that likes seclusion, hiking out in nature and not seeing anyone else for miles, really loves this place. But the other half of me that dislikes poorly maintained trail, muddy and buggy sites, no facilities whatsoever and feeling isolated and concerned about injuries really can't review these sites highly.

We parked in the lot located near the Fish Lake Wildlife Area off Shogren Road. There are three remote backpacking sites from 3/4 mile to 1 1/2 miles from the parking area. No potable water or vaults anywhere in site.

Benson Brook is right near the St Croix by a small bridge crossing and literally steps off the hiking trail. I questioned whether it was a legit camping site or not. Randall Creek is on a small low lying spit right by the little creek. You might be able to get enough to filter but don't count on it in later summer months.

Ticks were extremely heavy in the spring. Between the mud and ticks, I would never recommend camping in spring. The hike in was not easy. Downed trees over uphill sections, large sections of mud and some overgrown brushy spots.

We did not see a single soul out there but us. Now I know why. If you love seclusion and don't mind zero amenities, bugs, mud and brush, go for it! It is a survivalist's dream.

Our maiden voyage

Really friendly folks, nearby beach, close to lakes and clean, had a lovely time. Close access to state parks and boating.

Amazing Spot on the Upper St Croix River

Awesome campsite. The site is actually called the buck hill campsite and it is in Minnesota relatively close to Wild Mountain Road Cr 16. It is apart of the Wild River State Park and is accessible to the park via hiking trail or boat.

Great recreation, campsites need improvement

Robinson Park This is a county park located on the south border of Banning State Park, and it includes a hiking trail that is contiguous with a state park trail that leads to the scenic Wolf Falls. In terms of recreation, Robinson Park encompasses much of what was once a sandstone quarry and is now a primo rock climbing destination for folks from throughout the Midwest.(See climbers review here: The park also has picnic area, boat launch, canoe launch and portage around nearby rapids, and the end of a white water rafting route. The park offers camping too, but the campground is in need of an upgrade(which is in the works) and, because demand for camping here far exceeds the availability, previous campers have created a lot of unofficial campsites that aren’t allowed and not maintained as such, but heavily used anyway. There are three official primitive tent campsites which are nice if you can get them, but are first come first served. There are two group campsites that are very nice, very well maintained, and very conveniently located to both rock climbing areas and water access, and are reasonably priced at$30 a night, but although it is possible to reserve them they are snapped up pretty quickly. There are basic bathrooms and water available here, but not too much else in the way of amenities. I see that a previous camper mentioned feeling like the campground was a bit unkempt and spooky. I am guessing, as she arrived at twilight, that she may have entered the park and followed the road directly to the area along the river where the“unofficial” and unkempt campsites are. Unfortunately, as you enter the park, the signage is not real clear with regard to where the campsites are located. As you enter, coming down the hill into the park towards the picnic and boat launch area, you actually have to make a U-turn and go to the far east end of the parking lot to see the campsite sign and access road into the official camping area. It’s a little hard to figure out if you haven’t been there before. There is payment required for camping here, but it is on the honor system and has to be delivered to an office in the village of Sandstone nearby. I think the group campsites look like a pretty nice option, but as no park officials are on duty on the premises I could see that it might be a lonely spot for camping if no one else is there. Probably, If I were there for rock climbing or boating, I would either camp with a group, or camp in the nearby Banning state park or private Banning RV Campground nearby.

As mentioned, improvements to this site are in the works, and will make this site vastly better when complete. You can see the master plan here: