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Not for those seeking quiet and seclusion

Easy to get to, but fills up VERY fast. Open spaces for large group camping. Fire pits at every campground and easy to walk to hiking trail. Most of the people camping there played loud music all night. Not exactly a get away from the city.

Amazing, one of my favorites

This campground is always clean, it is well maintained, the camposter very helpful, you can buy firewood, and there is a 7-Eleven just at the bottom of the street that sells firewood ice and pretty much anything else you would need. I love hearing the coyotes in the camp at night they really come right into the campgrounds and they're very loud. Some sites don't have very good areas to put a tent they're very uneven small and sometimes Rocky but there are quite a few sites that are good but I'd say overall void 20,21,22

Lovely little campground

This is a hike in campground that has stoves and a creek running through. The sites are nicely spaced and there is plenty of shade. Perfect little backpacking trip.

Seclusion at its finest

This campground is AWESOME, if you like dispersed campsites then this is perfect! It is easily accessible but doesnt get too crowded

Great location for exploring

This campground has some really cool sites that are HUGE! This campground is well kept and has many trails to explore. If youre up for it, you can hike to the other nearby campgrounds and lake!

Quiet and Close By

Whenever I need to get away from LALA Land, I head up here.  I grew up in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, so , sometimes , I need to kick back and recharge. Sort of going back to factory settings, as it were. 

  There are lots of cool spots up here and plenty of quiet.  Whether you like to hike, or fish or just kick back, this is a nice little hidey hole to do it in. There is a small , 2 acre lake that is occasionaly  stocked with fish. Not so often during drought, though.

  There are few amenities , such as no showers no close by stores, or other distractions. There is a small concessionaire store near the Ranger outpost.  It may or may not be open, depending on the fire danger and the time of year.  Take your own food, water and anything else you need to regain your sanity and go up here.

  Don't forget your bear canister for your food. There are bears and other wildlife that live up here year round. 

  Enjoy the peace and quiet and reclaim your soul.


Wonderful park. Plenty of grassy areas and you are not on top of your neighbor. Access to the lake to go fishing.

One of my favorite spots!

I have camped here a few times and it is one of my favorite go to spots. I like that there is a camp store near by just incase case someone forgets their coffee mug🙄 or if you need some more firewood. The spots are inexpensive, $10 per night, most nights. There are lots of trails to hike and things to explore. It's a nice place to go when you need to get away from the city.

Barton flats

Cool spot to drive in and pitch a tent last minute. Jenks lake is just up the road. You can catch trout, bass and small little blue Gil and crappie. Lots of places to hike and is very convenient

Good Overnighter

This is a good spot to spend the night. It’s close to Ice House Canyon trail.

Camping is camping

The camp sites are good. You are within a mile from the lake and little town there. Good lake for fishing. Trails near the sites. There are some great views as you hike up the mountain.

Memorable and COLD

We camped here on our way to summiting San G (as we lovingly call it).  Although it was May and the weather was beautiful at sea level, it was cold up here!  There was snow on the ground but the air was the coldest I've ever felt.  

We got to the camping area and it's tucked in the woods so there's lots of nooks and crannies even though it's a primitive open group camping area.  It's right next to a dry lake - go figure - and there are lots of areas to go explore beyond the trail that leads to the top.  

The ranger was there to spend a few nights and said that the night before hit negative digits!  We thought we were prepared with our "all weather" bags and backpacking tent, but I promise you I have never been so cold in my life.  I laid there awake the entire night, and couldn't move a muscle or freezing air would seep in.  The ranger said it only got down to 7 degrees.  When light finally hit we heated some water and went to sit on the frosty ground in the open field/lake and when the sun finally hit us it was like life-changing.  

FYI it's leave no trace and don't attract bears

A once in a lifetime experience

This was probably one of the most epic camping experiences ever, but I wouldn't do it again.  The hike to the peak was nuts - we stayed at halfway camp in negative degree weather - and then summited on day 2.  My hands turned yellow from holding my pack and accidentally cutting off circulation and my boyfriend got altitude sickness with 50 feet to go.  It was rough.  But we summited right at sunset and after a quick celebration picture we hurried to set up our tent and crash.  There are a few "campspots" that people have outlined with a rock barrier to protect from wind, although it was still insanely difficult to set up camp in that blowing wind and cold air.  One quick sip of whiskey and then we were out like a light.  Morning came fast and the wind never quit so we packed up camp and hiked down for 20 minutes before pulling out coffee to have breakfast in peace.  There were a couple kids who hiked in shorts and barely any equipment - they were crazy & in love and I'm sure didn't know what they were getting themselves into.

Private sites and helpful staff

Each campsite here is pretty private and has a lot of shade. Close to the lake but we had to walk down a bit to go swimming. Some sites are smaller than others but it was only the two of us so everything worked out well. Park rangers here were very helpful, fun to talk to, and offered other suggestions for the coming camping weekends if I didn’t want to stay here again. Sites were 45 dollars or 10 for parking and 35 for the site. One vehicle included in the stay.

Great fun little trial

Me and my girlfriend decided to go on this trail with our two doggos on a hot 95 degree day and we had such a good time the waterfall trail is nothing but shade provided by the trees foliage and the creek kept our dogs cool as they would jump in and out of the small pools we had a great time we hung out at the waterfall as it's a gorgeous spot to hang out we were also the only ones there the trail is only half a mile but we definitely took our time as it's a gorgeous trail would recommend it to anyone

We lucked out with this little gem

We were looking for a place to plop the night before hiking Bridge to Nowhere and stumbled into this little campground.  There wasn't a lot of options since it's first-come, but we found a great little spot right on a stream to set up.  The ranger came buy to say hello and he ended up giving us some advice on the weather and a warning about the hike.  If there's weather coming it can get dangerous fast!  The skies were blue on the hike out but suddenly hail started and it down poured!  I've never been so scared of a flashflood in my life so we ran the 5 miles out to safety.  It was pretty memorable!  Definitely do that hike if you stay here!

Will not return.

The campsites are along a busy road. Lots of noise and lights during the night. The lake was absolutely disgusting. Dead fish all along the shore and floating in the water. Gross and stagnant, overrun with mosquitos.

Great central location for Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear

I was looking to take my Jeep off-roading in the Big Bear area. I just needed a simple tent site where I could have a campfire at night, and as usual I hadn't booked very far in advance. By luck, I found Green Valley Lake. 

When I went online to reserve my spot, the only site left was site #1, so I grabbed it. Searching for reviews or pictures of that site, there were comments about it being too close to other sites, too close to the road, too close to houses, etc. When I got there I found a different story. After asking the camp host, I found the site - isolated from the rest of them in its own private little grove. The parking spot for the site is a considerable distance away, next to site 2. There are 2 trails leading to the site - one from the parking spot that cuts through site 2, and another one that ends near the entrance gate. It was a bit of a hike to get my gear in and out, but it was worth it for the privacy. Plenty of trees provide shade, and isolate you from the road and your neighbors. There was some noise, but they were completely blocked from view. 

The campground itself is very well maintained. The bathrooms were clean, with flush toilets, running water, and lights. The sites themselves don't have water, but there were faucets all over the campground so you could fill up a jug and take it back to your site. This is bear country, and bear lockers are installed at every site. The hosts were very nice, and sold firewood at their trailer for $8 a bundle. There was no AT&T cell service at the site, but there was a few miles down the road. 

The campground is about a mile past the village of Green Valley Lake, which has a small market and a restaurant. A few miles further is Arrowbear, which has a couple very well stocked markets and gas stations. Running Springs is a few more miles down the road, and has all the services you would need in a small town. 

For off-roaders like myself, the Big Pine Flats trail starts just a couple miles down the road, and offers a fairly easy and fun drive to just north of Big Bear Lake, and continuing on to Baldwin Lake. 

The next time i camp up in the Big Bear area, this will definitely be on my list of places to camp again.

Hidden Gem

I loved this place, this hidden gem is located in the in the middle of the city, with the feel of the outdoor. Lots of trees, biking and hiking trails, fishing area, beautiful views, very peaceful, family friendly, pet friendly, the C9 RV spot was very spacious, I also liked the A & B area. Not every site has a fire pit. Definitely coming back again.

Great Campground

We happened to find a great spot here on Labor Day weekend. Total luck shot. We got a great spot where we saw an amazing sunset. We’ll definitely be staying here again.

Great hidden away spot

Fairly easy hike in (after the 1st mike at least!) went over Labor Day weekend when it was its “busiest” and was still not very packed. Campsite is very nice looking and has a great natural spring by that has water year round. Bear lockers and back country ovens. One of My favorite places.

Quick Getaway to Nature

There’s about 38 campsites  

If you want to do group camping there’s plenty of it there . 9-10-11 are the best ones with shade together , they have a campfire circle big enough for 10+ 

Plus there’s a nice waterfall trail which will be 2.5 in & 2.5 miles back

Gem tucked away 👌🏽

We love to travel and camp but can’t always carve out the time for a long drive out of LA. We found this gem, just 1 1/2hrs from LA and you’d never know you were anywhere near the city. It’s the perfect getaway, birds singing, and the scenery makes you feel like you’re in Tahoe. Amazingly quiet space, so tranquil and an absolute perfect temperature in August during the day and night. The only thing I’d recommend is bug spray, there’s lots of flying critters but that’s about it. We love this place and will certainly go back!

Great Car Camping

I took my co-workers here and they loved it! We had campsite 101, which was beautiful. It didn't have the sweeping views that a few of the campsites have, but it was probably the most isolated campsite in the campground, so it was great for us because we tend to stay up by the fire talking late. Sunsets and sunrises were stunning. A local warned us of wind but it wasn't a big issue. The campground manager was great.

Most beautiful sunset

Come here if you want to be able to park your car and camp right next to it. Great for a quick rest stop with one of the most incredible views! Saw tons of wildlife in a place that looks uninhabitable!

Nude Hot Springs

This destination is known for nudity. There are 4 hot springs, and a creek. There isn't too many people that visit here; but just enough people so that you are not completely alone. The hike in and out is intermediate to expert level, there is no ammenties there. Bring in plenty of water and food, AND BRING OUT WHAT YOU BRING IN!

Lots of Flies

This would be a great park but there are a lot of flies due to it being near cow fields. Well it is Chino. Great Lake for fishing. Large campground. The spots are nice. Hook ups.

Best campsite I’ve been to!

Gonna keep it short ,simple, and with everything you need to know. Great hosts Super clean Quiet Full of friendly people 10-15 minutes from Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory.

Great Views Beauriful Trees

I love the campground itself. The whole area is beautiful. Easy escape out of LA. It was pretty much empt during the week. Love that it is first come first serve. sleeping with a completely open tent and viewing the night sky was amazing. Moon lit the entire mountain up.

Cons: Lots of flies. Toilets were unbearable with the amount of flies. Rustic is the way to go.