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Great Views Beauriful Trees

I love the campground itself. The whole area is beautiful. Easy escape out of LA. It was pretty much empt during the week. Love that it is first come first serve. sleeping with a completely open tent and viewing the night sky was amazing. Moon lit the entire mountain up.

Cons: Lots of flies. Toilets were unbearable with the amount of flies. Rustic is the way to go.

Very nice camping site

First come first serve Nice trail Must have an adventure pass and $12 per night if you camping

Great Weekender

Tried to stay at buckhorn but it was packed and everyone was on top of each other so on the search we Went and found chilao on accident campsites Are well kept plenty of room to make you feel like your alone

It’s okay...

Your camp site will be small, and close to one another. You can not swim where you’re camping. If you’d like to swim you have to drive all the way across the lake to swim in the designated area, and hope they’re open that day. Also, there is absolutely NO drinking alcohol allowed. I went there a couple times with my family and it seems there’s a lot of homeless living there. They’re up late at night walking around, fighting with their significant others and sometimes the police are called. Every night I stayed there the police would casually drive by everyone’s spot. There aren’t any good pictures of the sites…but try to imagine a street with parking spots on both sides, each parking spot is a campsite. Some areas have grass and some don’t. Good thing is all spots have a picnic table and a bonfire hole and bathrooms are pretty clean. You’re close to your car and the view of the water is a plus too.

Not my favorite

We went with friends and picked this site because it s close to LA and has electric hook up for their RV. The campsites are way too close to each other? While luckily it did feel relatively private, it definitely felt very crammed. There are flush toilets, but they are not the cleanest and didn’t always flush properly. There s plenty of water source for dishes, including a big sink, as well as coin operated showers and a small laundry area. There’s very little shade though, and if you go on a hot weekend, like we did be prepared to sweat! There is the lake which can be refreshing,but sadly, because of the drought the level was very low and the mud and slime made it somewhat unappealing. There is, however a small convenience store at the dock as well as boat rentals, should you want to be a bit more adventurous. Also there’s no cell service, unless you are with AT&T, so plan accordingly.

Hidden additional camping experiences

The camping stop is best known for its hiking g trail to the top of Tehachapi's highest peak. But also has cabins available for rent. There is one geo up site as well and access for a horse trail to head on the trail sites are first come first serve

Great spot near a lake.

The lake isn't that great. But they are improving their facility. Running water and restrooms are available. Spots available near the water


Will return

Adventures Galorie

Variety of sites for tents, rv's, vans. Lots of trails to enjoy graded by degrees of difficulty. Bring bicycles, scooters and skateboards to explore various trails to have fun on.

Keep food and toiletries in tight containers the squirrels will get into items or keep locked in car. Great area to have day trips in explore and get some eats out. Bring wood for night firepits otherwise you will buy at host site for $10 bundle. Bring pop up awning because some sites don't have shade and it's hot.

Camp anywhere down the river

No electricity Bathroom Picnic are Rv ok 5 dollar day pass

Camp anywhere down the river

Picnic are Bathroom bring your paper towel Parking 5 dollar per day First come first serve Small store in the area they sell day pass ticket

Camp anywhere down the river

Parking first come first serve Five dollar a ticket per day 25or 30 per year not sure Small store close by where you can buy your day pass ticket Bathroom bring your own paper towels Picnic are No electricity Rv are welcome

Not bad considering you are in the Mohave

I was pleasantly surprised by this campground. We just stayed one night in a 34 ft travel trailer, needing electric to run the AC in the 104-degree desert heat. The campground is organized in a loop, with the clubhouse(showers, laundry, lounge) in the center. The sites are paired back to back with hookups in the middle. Smaller sizes are near the entrance while larger sites are in the back. No reservations so sites are first-come, first-serve, and paid for at the rec center(or via the dropbox after hours). Hook-ups were in good condition. The landscape needs some love, even by desert standards, but it's not horrible. The campground is located next to the base family pool and is a short walk/drive to the commissary/exchange. We were grateful for this rest stop while traveling and would stay again.

Just OK but close to LA

I have camped here many times over the years. It’s an absurdly expensive campground. It’s close to LA so I assume that is why they feel they can charge so much for a mediocre campground. The sites are close together and I camped here once when it was almost empty but they blocked off half the campground so you couldn’t get away from even just a few neighboring campers. There is a lot of cool stuff in the park like the old MASH set and a rock pool to swim in. But the campground itself is just OK.

Just off the highway

It’s a pretty lame campground. The sites are close together and you can see and hear the freeway from the campground. The lake is also not within walking distance to the campground. It’s relatively close to LA but there are far better campgrounds within the same distance. However, if you are headed somewhere else and need a spot to stay for a night to break up the drive, you could do worse.

Beautiful hike

The road completely fell apart, but it’s a lovely cool hike through a box canyon up to the campground.

Small and unmainteined

I believe this one is also abandoned and closed. It is a small campground, no toilets or other amenities.

Great RV park

A little pricey but very nice facility. All hookups 30/50 amp. Cable TV. There’s a pool. A tent area. Some spaces monumentally better than others. Occasionally they run a special. There’s good hiking and bike riding and fishing. They have a pool.

Closed and abandoned by forestry

Another beautiful spot in complete disrepair. It’s not even recognizable as a campground.

Favorite camping of cross country trip.

Showed up Tuesday with no reservations and stayed until Friday morning when the spot was reserved. Cold showers available for free, hot water costs a few tokens. The rock pool is awesome but gets crowded near mid day. Couldn't find the mash site, apparently the bridge washed out. Got by the 10pm gate closing by getting a ride from the campground and walking back from the gate at night. Great location to Malibu beaches and most of LA. $45 is the most we paid for camping anywhere… but worth it.

Another beautiful camprground forestry has abandoned and left to rot.

This is beautiful for hiking into, but the gate is locked for driving in. All the tables are falling apart, fore rings are buried, and everything is overgrown. We picnic up here sometimes. This site connects to the PCT so it is often traveled by many.


This is close to home but far enough to make a nice getaway. Lots of trails to hike very pretty in the winter,spring.been there in the fall and not a lot in has restrooms and showers and water. Campsites are large enough for 8 person tent there are BBQ ‘s picnic tables at each site and hook pole for your lantern dumpster available for trash. Not a lot of trees ,again SoCal environment

Beautiful and quiet

We just went up for the day (you can actually use the sites for $12 for day-use), and it was super quiet and lovely. Great views from all over the campground. It did start to get windy in the afternoon, and I think that might be true for most days because the campground is up on the very top of that part of the mountain. Most of these sites would be hard to get an RV in, and some of the sites are pretty sloped for big tents, but seems like a great place to get away! There are a couple of trails right from the campground too. Also there is a lodge open right next to the campground if you wanted to eat out for a lunch or dinner!


Short easy trails with lake side view. Camping is ok. Lots of people in the area. Don’t touch the water

Great view

I stayed in site 49 and it has a great view during sunset and a couple of great places for a hammock. The ground is a little slanted in most of the sites but not enough that it’s not tolerable

Short hike to a nice campground

I recently moved to WA from Los Angeles so this review is legit 😁 Parking at cloudburst summit, gets full during peak season so get there early, first come first serve I really like this trail camp for many reasons, I’ve backpacked it with friends and even kids, you can take the road or the trail down to camp but I’d suggest the PCT for the scenic views. It’s around 2 to 3 miles exposed on the road and somewhat shaded on the trail but mostly exposed, you can get on the road from trail if you don’t want to take the long route or continue past it to stay on the PCT. The gnats are annoying so I recommend a bug screen cover for your face. When you get to camp you have two options, out in the open or nestled in the trees…I always went with the open site due to the bugs since there’s a creek there, they’re not too unbearable but they’re there. Several trees with good spacing for hammocks, lots of space for tents with tables and fire rings. The creek has water for the most part, not a lot which explains the bugs, enough to filter. At night, you have an amazing view of the sky. You can relax at camp or get back on the pct and check out some falls. This camp can get packed with scouts, so be ready for that. No trash bins so PACK IT OUT!!! Pit toilets on site. Have fun hiking uphill to get out, lol…the service road is a lot faster.

Great local campsite

I recently moved to WA from Los Angeles so this review is legit 😁 This was and still continues to be one of my favorite campsite close to Los Angeles, I have plenty of fond memories with close friends at this site. It’s completely exposed all the way to the top, a well worth 3 mile uphill hike to three different camp sites. My favorite is the middle site where you get a clear view of the city, beautiful views at night. They say there’s no water but there is, there’s a spout located by the restroom close to the museum, you’ll have to treat it before using (but don’t take my word for it, they tend to shut it off so take plenty of water for your time there and check it out if you need more) If you continue past the middle campsite to the upper site, you’ll have plenty of space for tents and hammocks just no view due to the trees on the edge. If you continue on that trail for another 3 miles i believe, you’ll get to idlehour campground. It’s a small site right next to a creek, you can continue on to Mt Lowe campground and inspiration point. Back to Henninger, plenty of trees for hammocks and sometimes they have firewood collected. At the museum you can buy soda cans so take some change. Hauling a 24 pack of cold Modelos in my pack was not fun at all, but boy did they taste good at the top hahaha. Bugs can get annoying so carry some bug spray, hang your food and PACK IT OUT!!! Leave no trace behind.